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Prostate – Its Cure by Homeopathy

June  Aslam Sherwani
Written by aslamsherwani9999

Dr. Aslam Sherwani, starts his discussion on a condition known as Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH). Common amongst older gents, BPH is when the prostate gland significantly enlarges. Dr. Sherwani lays out the discussion to cover everything from symptoms and causes of BPH to homeopathic and conventional treatments, plus dietary changes. A solid grasp of BPH helps those at risk to better manage this condition, potentially even slowing its progress.

The prostate is a donut shaped male sex gland the size of a chestnut. It lies at the neck of the bladder, just behind the outlet of the urinary bladder, surrounding the urethra, which is a narrow tube through which the urine and sperms flow.  The prostate secretes white milky fluid (semen) that carries the sperm. It protects and transports the sperm. Nearly sixty percent of males 40 and older suffer with enlargement of prostate (Homeopathy for Prostate Enlargement). About half of all men have enlarged prostate and every eight of ten by the age of eighty have the problem (medically: benign prostatic hyperplasia). It is diagnosed by its symptoms. The enlargement previously was diagnosed by a surgeon by rectal exam but an ultra sound is now a better way to diagnose. It gives the exact size and weight of the gland. Normal weight of the gland is 25 to 28 grams.

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If it is considerably enlarged and not treated, the following symptoms may appear:

It slowly starts to strangulate the urethra causing increased desire to urinate and decreased flow and force of urine, and a feeling that the bladder is left un-emptied. Some men also suffer from continued dribbling.  It may constrict the urethra and stop the flow of Urine.  Urologists will recommend surgery and a new treatment of opening the blockage by inserting a balloon into the urethra and installing a stent. Allopathic treatments include giving Alpha blockers which have many side effects.

The cause of benign prostatic hypertrophy appears to be decreasing hormones levels. Stress can affect these levels and so stress reduction techniques can help a lot in relieving the symptoms.   Symptoms of BPH can increase with age and may include:

 Needing to go frequently or urgently

 Stopping or starting during urination

 Needing to push or strain during urination

 Having a weak urine stream

 Incomplete emptying of the bladder

 Nocturia, or needing to go excessively at night

BPH can easily be controlled by certain dietary changes and by remedies.


  1. Avoid all types of alcohol. Alcohol increases levels of prolactin, a pituitary hormone. A decrease of prolactin results in decreasing the symptoms.
  2. Try to eat a diet of whole-foods, as the amount of toxins in our food has caused an increase in the incidence of prostatic enlargement. A whole food diet contains vitamins, minerals, fibers, and nutrients that are natural detoxifiers.
  3. Food containing Zinc has shown to reduce the size of the prostate and lessen the symptoms in some men. Zinc deficiency is also linked with prostate cancer. A great source of Zinc is whole grain, pumpkin seeds, peas, pecans, ginger and carrots. Zinc is required in very small amounts. If taken in large amounts it favors prostate cancer.
  4. Vitamin B6 is involved with hormone metabolism and reducing prolactin levels along with Zincum met. Sources of this vitamin are cabbage, spinach, and turnip leaves.
  5. Essential fatty acids deficiency is linked with prostatic enlargement. Take pumpkin seeds or two spoons of flaxseeds (linseed) oil. Pumpkin seed can be taken as porridge.
  6. Omega 3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory. Salmon and flaxseed is rich in Omega 3 which reduces the size of the prostate.
  7. Foods that damage the heart also create prostate enlargement. It is found that men who are overweight, have high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar suffer with enlarged prostate.
  8. Corn silk strings that grow around an ear of corn are beneficial in reducing prostate size. It should be removed and put a few cups of boiling water for a few minutes and taken as tea two to three times a day.
  9. A teaspoonful of unrefined sesame oil taken in the morning on an empty stomach for at least a month will reduce the prostate to normal size.


Prostate cancer is more common in men living in Western society. It is not common in men under 40 years of age and the incidence increases by age. Luckily its growth is very slow and a wise physician advises to just wait and see. In the East where people eat fish and soy, red meat, fat and heavy dairy products are consumed, the cases of prostate cancer are lower. A moderate change in diet may avoid cancer and if it is present, its growth will be very slow. The diagnosis is by digital rectal examination, Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) and cancer screening. By improving diet, one can manage to live with it rather die from it.


  1. Tomato and tomato preparations. The pink and red color actually fights the growth of all cancers. Lycopene, an antioxidant helps prevent growth of the prostate. Lycopene prevents damage to cells and DNA inside. DNA damage causes cells to convert to a cancerous state.
  2. Water Melons, red guava and grape fruits are also good sources of Lycopene.
  3. Tofu, soy milk, and other Soy foods. These contain estrogen-like compounds called isoflovones which can delay growth of cancer.
  4. Green tea. The consumption of more than three cups of green tea per day may help inhibit growth of cancer of the prostate, colon, breast and stomach due to the presence of a compound called epigallocatechin gallate.  One Chinese study showed that consuming green tea inhibited cancer growth by 80%.
  5. Selenium is considered as preventive. Brazil nuta are a very good source of selenium.
  6. Low levels of Vitamin D may facilitate cancer growth.
  7. Cannabis oil is also said to inhibit cancer growth.


  1. Sabal Serulata is considered a leading remedy. It can be taken as 5 drops of mother tincture at least three times a day. Sabal Serulata in 3X potency is more preferable. It also has an effect on prostate cancer. It is known as a “homeopathic catheter.”
  1. Ferrum picricum 30C as an intermittent remedy six doses taken four hourly once a month.
  1. Staphisagaria 30C followed by Selenium 30C to be taken according to symptoms is found to be very effective. Staphisagaria is also a preventative remedy.
  1. Belladona 200 C helps in case of stranguary, i.e. stoppage of urine.
  1. Spongia tosta 30C can be used if other symptoms of Spongia are present.
  1. Clemetis erecta 30C is effective if the ultrasound image reveals that the mid lobe of prostate is enlarged.

I have cured several patients of BPH for whom I prescribed only Sabal serulata 3x and Ferrum pic 30C

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About the author


Aslam Sherwani is a science graduate B.Sc in Botany and Zoology. He is B.H.M.S., Registered Homeopathic practitioner and has been practicing classical homeopathy since 1988 to date. . He is also a certified CEASE practitioner. (Cease Organization USA}
Web site htps://www.holisticconsultantandceasetherapist.webstart.com


  • Very lucid and highly informative article giving simple homoeopathy remedies. Thanks to the doctor and the journal.

    • Thanks for the info-)
      I think I’m experiencing early signs of BPH and will try your protocol.
      I’m a little confused about the remedy info-

      Ferrum picricum 30C as an intermittent remedy six doses taken four hourly once a month.

      Do you mean 6 pellets 4 times a day , once a month?

      Also I can’t find the Sabal Serulata in 3X potency. Online in the USA. Any suggestions?

  • Is the ferrum dose to be six pills taken hourly four times in one day and then not taken again for at least a month?

    95 year old diabetic father has great trouble urinating due to enlarged prostrate, etc.

  • It is not a comment, will u recommend a. A home medicine for prostate non cancerous enlargement aged 57 years and enlarged prostate with volume 34 cc and a volume of urine stay back after urination is 138 cc kindly give a direction on my email

  • Dear Dr.
    I wanted to know about the homeopathic remedies that eradicate calcification of prostate gland. It is disturbing my sleep due to 2-3 times urination during sleep at night. I shall be grateful if you suggest some useful effective homeopathic remedies for eradication of ( tiny size) prostate calcification. I shall choose the medicine following the signs and symptoms associated with.

    thanking you in anticipation.
    Kazi Matiur Rahman.

    • You can use prostate massage and magnesium tablets.
      Also try pattarchatta or berberis vulgaris mother tincture
      If got relief in 2 to 3 months
      Please reply me.

  • Dear Sir
    Dr Aslam Sherwani Sahib
    Thanks for very informative and helpful article and remedies mentioned there-in.
    I have just a small question what was the dose alternation or repetition of Sabah 3x and picrum 30c.
    Would be highly grateful for an early response.
    With highest regards
    Muhammad Latif Mughal

  • Dr Sahab
    Assalaam U Alaikum
    My doctor told me avoid to use red meat and dairy products due to enlarged prostate.
    But I read here in east fish soya red meat and dairy products refrain from prostate cancer.
    Please kindly clearify this thing.
    Jazakum Ullah Khair

    • I don’t think any food item should be abonded. Take every thing of your choice and prostate remedies according to symptoms.
      Sabal serulata is a remedy which prevents, and controls Prostate cancer. An ultra sound image should be taken to see the size of prostate.

  • Thank you for your very informative article. I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. Recent PSA is 10. MRI results are: no lesions or other things for concern with a size of 4.8 x 4.1 x 5.7 = 55.88cc. My only symptom is slow urination and 3 trips to bathroom at night.
    Based on your article I’m on: Sesame seed oil in morning; Sabal Ser 30x in water (sip 5x / day); Prost-X from Standard Process (2 – 2x/day); Zinc Chelate from Standard Process (1 – 2x/day); Catalyn from Standard Process (3-2x/day). I’ve placed an order for: Belledonna 200c; Conium Mac 30c; Ferrum Pic 30c.
    My Dr is suggesting he does a ‘transrectal prostate ultrasound and biopsy, take 12 samples of my prostate, and send them to a lab for cancer screening. I told him I will think about it. Then he has ordered another PSA test which I will take Monday of next week.
    Any suggestions or recommendations are very appreciated!!!
    Thank you again,
    Dan Huber

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