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Proving of Chanel # 5 –Fourth Year Student Project

During this meeting the rest of the Provers and supervisors met and they were able to share the most striking symptoms and experiences during this proving.  Afterwards we went over each body part to see the totality of the remedies action. After we told them what the remedy was we showed them a power point presentation and advertisement containing some information on CHANEL NO.5 the perfume and life of Coco Chanel. (To see this power-point see Appendix 4 or log into our website www.equilibrium-healing, under the proving icon). And we continued with the informal proving.


After the discussion we proceeded to do an informal proving with the group where we applied some drops of CHANEL NO.5 on the inside of their wrists, we asked them to sit quietly and just smell the perfume for some minutes and share what they were feeling or the thoughts and emotions that came to them.(See appendix 4)  The journals were left with the master Provers for the extraction.

The criteria used to include a symptom were as follows:

  • If in serious doubt, leave it out
  • If the prover is seen to be under the influence of the remedy (as can be seen by the general appearance of the symptoms), then ALL other new symptoms belong to the proving
  • Any symptoms that are usual or current for the prover should be excluded unless intensified

To a marked degree, in which case it should be noted as such.

  • Symptoms should not be included if they have occurred in recent history (note such

Symptoms RS), meaning that if the prover has experienced the same symptom within a year or less, do not record the symptom. How recent depend on the totality of the circumstances of the case. We should discard symptoms that may have appeared naturally or spontaneously during the proving. For example if a prover gets running nose due to allergies from tree pollen every year, the running nose is not to be considered a symptom of the proving as it occurred regularly in the past.

A symptom that is current but that has been modified or altered should be included while clearly describing the current and modified components and marked with (AS Altered symptom). For example, in the annual symptom of running nose due to allergies as above, if during the proving eyes were also streaming and there was also sinus congestion, which were symptoms never experienced before, then the symptom is accepted and noted as AS. Any symptom that has occurred a long time previously, especially longer than 5 years, and that would seem to have no reason to repeat itself naturally at the time of the proving should be included. As Hahnemann writes in aphorism #181

.... All the suffering, accidents and changes, of health of the prover… must be regarded and

registered and belonging peculiarly to this medicine, as symptoms of this medicine, even though the experimenter has obverse d, a considerable time previously, the spontaneous occurrence of similar phenomena in himself. The reappearance of these during the proving of the medicine only shows that this individual is, by virtue of his peculiar constitution, particularly disposed to have such symptoms excited in him. In this case, they are the effect of the medicine”

This is the reason that old symptoms should be marked as OS.   Accidents that occurred during the proving are valid proving symptoms as Hahnemann mentioned in aphorism 139 with the word “Zufall” meaning “to fall upon one”. Therefore, accident or coincidences that arise during the proving should be recorded. For example “I cut the third finger of my left hand with a knife” or “I had a fender bender while driving” are to be included.

If a present symptom has disappeared during the proving, it should be made clear that this is a Cured symptom, CS. The precise nature of the symptom previous to the proving should be fully noted. This should include both sensations and function. So, instead of “my sleeplessness was much improved during the proving” should be more written in a more specific manner for example “my sleeplessness which had been due to repetition of thoughts or events of the day, has improved. I previously would lie awake for up to 2 hours, but have been falling off to sleep within 10 minutes of my head hitting the pillow.”

Cured symptoms were not included in the Materia Medica, but are presented in the Potential cured symptom section.

  • If you have a slight doubt to whether include a symptom or not, include it in brackets, and it will become clear during collating, the symptom will only be included if it is also present in other prover(s).
  • Intensity and frequency are also important. If a symptom is particularly intense and it occurs daily, it is likely to be a proving symptom, unless the intensity was present before the proving. If the frequency of a symptom is strongly increased or greatly decreased, these are notable symptoms. These symptoms belonging to the Altered symptoms category and classified as AS.
  • The inner knowledge and conviction of the prover that these symptoms do not belong to him/her and therefore belong to the proving state, is a definite and reliable consideration that the symptom should be included.

Finally, all the above factors may still never give us 100% certainty until the final proof from clinical verification.



Sandra Benassini/ 604 968 61 76/ sandra9@shaw.ca

Lorrelaine Besserer/ 604 461 97 44 /shalombesserer@hotmail.com



Sandra Benassini/ 604 968 61 76/ sandra9@shaw.ca

Lorrelaine Besserer/ 604 461 97 44 /shalombesserer@hotmail.com


The program used for inputting and analyzing data can be visited at


Signing up as either patient or practitioner.



This was done the same day the final meeting for the proving took place. After talking with all the supervisors and provers about what their experience had been and revealing the remedy, we proceeded to apply some drops of Chanel No.5  on the inside of the wrists of each person, and asked them to sit quietly and let the fragrance envelope them. These are some of the words and sensations that the provers and supervisors experienced:

softness and comfort

vibrates as it goes, expands

really tired, calm, nice, it is ok to be on me, the connection, calming

grounded on me on, light ease, grounded with the ease. Dreamy about it. Feel in Lalaland.

Strong heavy,  feel I cannot breathe , angry, too strong, like a strong  personality, too heavy, something that I push away, not in tune with me, strong heavy, controlling, gets into my nose and cannot get rid of it. A successful woman can wear it. An active, strong woman. Seems that nobody can stop her for whatever she wants to do. I hate that smell. It is aggressive, strong, heavy, gives me a headache, can hardly smell it. dizzy,  overpowering I don’t like anything taking over me. I have to be above, I have to have the upper hand, makes me uncomfortable. Uneasiness.  Too strong, makes me feel like i don’t have control, makes me nervous. I usually am in control. Anxious.  Angry, someone who need that to make herself strong and confident, someone who has that confidence would not need to wear a perfume so strong. would not stand close to the person who has the fragrance. I relate it to mu grandmother . She was very controlling. It smells old to me. Uncomfortable.not repulsed at all, I like it on me. Calming, tired, I like it. Calming, brushes your shoulders off tranquility, it will be okay, it’s ok. It happened and it will be okay.

grounded, unconditional, everything that happens is ok. We can all share, we are accepting about it. It gives me a headache.

comforting ,  it is okay and it will pass. Lightness ethereal quality, not mind is escaping me, not at the mercy. Big perspective on this, ( aerial perspective), when I went back there was all this sadness but it is okay, it is going to be okay.

No constriction in throat,  sharing, important to share, not stay in the bottle, meant to be shared, spreads. Has to go out.  Experience it in a different way. Has to spread and vibrates, happy energy.  Something needs to be covered up.

overwhelming tiredness, – it is okay. Relate it with mother and grandmother. elegant

melancholy, deep sadness, not go back to that place. Let go and move forward, keep going.

Very romantic live now, she got rid of the corsets. No constriction.

Constriction and being bold. Perfume. Marilyn Monroe: needed to feel that, felt lonely, and sadness.

Leave behind, it is okay.

This makes us stuck if we cannot go forward.


Symptoms presented by more than 1 prover

Symptoms presented by 3 or more provers



 AIR-; in open-amel

 ANCIENT- feeling,

 ANGER-followed by- tranquility

ANXIETY-constriction; from-chest, in

-money matter, about

-pressure; from-Chest, on

  AVERSION – husband, to


About the author

Sandra Benassini

Sandra Benassini

Sandra Benassini, DCH, HMC, has a bachelor’s degree in psychology having studied in Mexico City, a diploma in the treatment of addictions and is certified in the Holistic Natural approach for ADHD from Vancouver BC. Sandra studied in a 4-year degree program at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy and also graduated from a 3 year Homeopathic Master Clinician course. Sandra participated in the provings of two new homeopathic remedies. She was also the Co-Master Prover in the homeopathic proving of a perfume. She is a member of the Canadian Society of Homeopaths and the West Coast Homeopathic Society. Sandra is also a certified Neuro-linguistic programmer and a Mindfulness practitioner.

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