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Questions Patients Ask–11

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A Dispute Over Combination Remedies

Elaine, why is Samuel Hahnemann and the Organon seen as absolute authority?

If not him, then who?

I mean yes, he created homeopathy, and we should be grateful, but why does the way we practice have to have been approved by him?

Why should people make the mistakes of “brash beginners”, as he called them, when he’s already made them and learned from them and passed the knowledge on to us so that we don’t do dumb things?  I so often see homeopaths damaging the reputation of our profession by making mistakes they never would have made if they had read the Organon.  Hahnemann clearly says not to do certain things that everyone seems comfortable doing, like starting off a chronic case with the highest possible potency.

If combinations work for example, and many say they do, then why does it matter what the Organon says? Combinations are big in Germany, the country Hahnemann came from. If they can’t work, because in provings only one remedy is used, how can we explain that?  Why can’t different remedies work together to address an illness?

Leaving aside the scientific method, namely that in any experiment there can be only one independent variable, let’s say you’ve got a combination remedy for arthritis pain–Rhus tox, Bryonia, Calc-carb, Kali carb, Lac caninum, etc. and the combo remedy aggravates.  Which remedy in the combo aggravated?  All of them?  Or was it only Kali carb?  But the whole combo now has to be stopped because of the aggravation.  Maybe Rhus tox by itself would have worked! 

This combination remedy is only of value to the person who has no homeopath but wants to try “something” for his arthritis, so he goes to the health food store and finds a homeopathic preparation labeled “Arthritis Pain”.  It’s not of any value to the homeopath at all, it’s for the consumer.  Surely a homeopath would never confuse Rhus tox with Bryonia, they’re opposites!

Furthermore, the Organon contradicts itself!


It is a flawed document.

Which aphorism is wrong?

Hahnemann, despite spending much of his life researching homeopathy, could not try all the ways of using homeopathy that people have since then or may in the future. Also, wasn’t the idea that remedies match up to certain personalities something Kent came up with?

No, it’s actually in The Organon; for example, Aph. 211: “This is so important that the psychic condition of the patient is often the decisive factor in choosing a homeopathic remedy because it is a particularly characteristic symptom and one that can least of all remain hidden from the carefully observant physician.”

Hahnemann was influenced by the politics and flaws of medicine of his time in his rejection of combinations.

It seems to me that your main objection with Hahnemann revolves around combination remedies, is that true?  Combinations are for the general public, people who don’t know how to select a remedy, and yet they have a cold or sore throat and want help.  What are they to do?  But if you were to come to me for help with a cold and I said, “Take Nat-mur, Arsenicum, Rhus tox, Spongia, Rumex, Phosphorus, Allium cepa, Euphrasia, Mercury, Nux vomica and Pulsatilla 30C and tell me how you feel tomorrow.”…  How much of an idiot would I have to be to do that?  “Forgive me but I don’t know how to take a case and I don’t know how to find your remedy, plus I’m in a hurry; so…..  Good luck.”  How far would our profession have to degenerate to get to that point?

This limited mind-set of seeing him as a final authority is like saying we can’t accept evolution because it’s not in the Bible or Quran.

The Bible, for one, is filled with glaring inaccuracies (like the sea creatures being created last in the Creation Story).  But The Organon?  You should try actually reading it.  Read Kunzli’s translation, it’s really easy, there are no run-on sentences, and it’s cheap.  You know, the interesting thing is, 200 years after it was written, you can read Hahnemann’s materia medica on any remedy and it’s still true today!  If you want to find out what Pulsatilla is for, read Hahnemann!


Well I just used combination remedies as an example. There might be other ways of using homeopathy that no one is aware of yet. My point was simply that we should remain open minded and not be held back by the past, (which I see so many people doing, in all fields) It’s important to learn from the wisdom of people, but I think we shouldn’t be limited by what they had to say. Fear of change prevents progress.

First, before you decide you’re against Hahnemann as an authority in this field, wouldn’t it be good to know exactly what it was you were against?  I asked you which aphorism was wrong. I asked you which parts of the Organon contradicted the other parts….

Why do you need one central authority? Why not just do experiments and see what works and what doesn’t? The disagreement in homeopathy I actually see as a good thing, as it shows people are thinking outside the box and trying new stuff, what if that leads to a more effective way to use remedies?

Have you ever heard the expression that it’s a waste of time to reinvent the wheel over and over again?  You don’t even know what you don’t approve of, all you have is an opinion about combination remedies, that’s all I’ve heard so far.

Wouldn’t taking the combo remedy in an increased water dilution help the aggravation? If it does, why would it matter which one is responsible?

Actually, I have true story to relate to you.  A patient contacted me because an “alternative medicine doctor”–whatever that is–gave her a combination remedy for IBS.  In my opinion, it was the wrong combination as it appeared to be for muscle spasms.  She took it for 2 days. She didn’t stop it when she started to get worse.  Anyway, get this: she proved EVERY REMEDY in the combo!!!!  I am not kidding!  I mean, proving one remedy is bad enough, right?  But proving 5 to 10 remedies at once?  And of course we tried “zapping” in the 12th cup–and it made her worse!!!!!  Maybe because a month had gone by before she contacted me?  So then we tried increasing the potency to roughly 20C, and she got worse again!  This patient is absolutely suicidal as you can well imagine, because her health is ruined!  She’s in constant pain, diarrhea, sweating, muscle spasms; and this combo had some very low potencies in it, inconsistent potencies too: 6X’s, 4X’s, 3X’s…  I don’t think people know what they’re doing; there’s no justification for this, no science or experimentation that says this is OK, this will work with no problem, everyone will be fine….  No, it’s just done because someone thought of it!

If combination remedies are only used by amateurs, why are they used by homeopaths in Germany, France, Britain, and so on?

They must be idiots!  Tell me one homeopath who uses them so I can email that person and find out why he or she can’t distinguish between a thirstless Pulsatilla and a thirsty Phosphorus!  And here’s another problem with combination remedies, when the potency wears out, you can’t buy the next potency!  

Of all the articles I’ve read, there are many patients who state that combinations helped their chronic disease when many single remedies failed!

I can’t answer you.  Maybe the single remedies were the wrong remedy or wrong potency or wrong dosing instructions.  I’m not saying they can’t work, I’ve already acknowledged that they’re a necessary part of homeopathy if you’re going to market to the public.  But is this the level of knowledge you want your homeopath to have?  “I’m not very good, and I’m also too busy to take your case; so, here, take all of these remedies, one of them is bound to work; see ya!  And don’t forget to pay on your way out!”

Well it’s not a matter of “I’ll just take a bunch of stuff and maybe something will work”.  The idea is that some remedies are complementary, and may work together. One example is Silicea and Thuja, which are always listed as complementary in all the remedy relationship records I’ve seen.  If certain remedies do indeed increase each other’s healing power, it’s perfectly reasonable to combine them, if needed.

I’ve seen these combination remedies, and they don’t contain remedies that complement each other, they contain the common remedies for a diagnosis–like sore throat, or cough.

How can we even know if remedies are compatible or complementary?

It doesn’t matter!  Let’s say you know a remedy’s complement, it doesn’t mean it’s needed in that particular complaint!  Take “ailments from fatty rich food” for example.  The main remedy is Pulsatilla.  Silica is the complement of Pulsatilla.  Does Silica have any place in a “diarrhea from fatty, rich food” case, just because it’s Pulsatilla’s complement?  And, in fact, the combination remedy for this would probably be called, “Diarrhea”, and would include such remedies as Arsenicum, Veratrum, China, Podophyllum…and then what?  Do all the complements of these remedies have to be added in too?  And what if a remedy has more than one complement?  Which one do you pick?  Or would you pick all of them?  Do you see how untenable this is? 

We don’t fully understand how these remedies work with our energy bodies to heal.  Given that fact, I think it’s reasonable to be open minded to other ways of using them.  We don’t even understand what the energy body is, what it’s made of exactly, and how it can be influenced.  Energy healers for example, (of which there are some that have genuine power) can’t explain how they do what they do.

There is no way one person can know everything about one subject.

And you’re saying this to say what?

It seems to me people want there to be a perfect book that they can refer to.

You should try actually reading The Organon.  Read Kunzli’s translation.

Yes I’ll read it. Thanks for the lively discussion!  Hope I didn’t offend in any way, just trying to question stuff and learn 🙂


Elaine, I just ordered the Organon Kunzli translation.  I’ll read it and get back to you.



You’ll love it.  We really owe Jost Kunzli a debt of thanks for giving us such an easy-to-read translation!


Homeopathic Vaccinations?

Dear Elaine
I saw a post you wrote and you invited people to contact you with their questions about homeopathic tinctures. I have some questions about homeopathic drops as an alternative to current vaccinations. I am writing from Queensland Australia, and was wondering if you would kindly spare me some of your valuable time and help me out. This is for my 6 week old twin girls. Thank you so much and look forward to hearing from you to discuss my concerns
Much love to you

Hi Veronica, did you read my article on vaccinations?


I don’t know what the laws are in Australia, I can only tell you that your daughters do not need to be vaccinated!  Nor do they need the allopathic vaccination schedule replicated in homeopathic form!  For one thing, the government won’t accept it as a substitute for the “real thing”, and secondly, because we don’t treat what’s not there, we don’t give remedies for diseases that children don’t have!  If there is no epidemic of whooping cough going around, giving homeopathic Pertussin would be pointless.  Only when you hear that there is some communicable disease going around in your area is it appropriate to give the “vaccination” in homeopathic form to prevent it.


This is Pertussin 30C. Note that it is not a tincture.  Tincture means an herbal preparation in alcohol.  Homeopathy is not herbal medicine. You wouldn’t need this remedy unless you heard that there was whooping cough in the school or surrounding area.  Then there would be a reason for giving it; otherwise, it would be as pointless as giving your child a remedy for Tuberculosis on the off-chance that she might get it at some point!  Is anybody doing that?  Plus, it’s important to get the childhood diseases during childhood where they are much safer and then you are immune for life, rather than risk contracting them in adulthood.  Vaccinations do not confer life-time immunity and it’s not even clear to what extent they protect a person at all as I explain in my article linked above.

I hope this helps.



Acutes vs. Chronics

Elaine, I got the remedy in a 30D (that was all they had) and within a few minutes the pain lessened and in 2 hours the pain was completely gone!


I wish the constutional remedies worked as quickly as they do in Acutes.

Well, “Mary”, I’ll tell you.  It’s like this. The only thing you can really bank on in homeopathy is acute prescribing.  Even in a chronic patient, you can be assured that any acute they come down with can be swiftly taken care of with the right remedy.  The problem with chronic disease is that the longer a complaint is allowed to sit, the more the body just sort of makes room for it and accepts it.  It’s like with cigarettes.  At first your body goes ballistic and says, “Stop smoking, you idiot!!!”  But if you keep smoking, all of that coughing, etc. just goes away, and your body says, “OK, you can smoke now; in fact, I insist on it!”  And then years later when you do try to quit, just the opposite happens!  Your body says, “Hey, where do you think you’re going without a cigarette?  You know that life’s not worth living without smoking!  Aren’t cigarettes the best?”

So, in a perverse way, your body turns on you and says that all your chronic diseases are welcome and they ain’t goin’ nowhere!  So, a patient comes to a homeopath with a bunch of chronic complaints, and instead of just going away quietly with a well-chosen remedy, they’re fighting you every step of the way!  They’re gone for a day and then they’re back again!  Homeopaths who say, “I don’t treat acutes,” make no sense to me!  And patients who wait days to treat something, or don’t think they have to take their remedy right away, or won’t buy an emergency kit because they think they have plenty of time to go to the health food store “tomorrow” to pick up their remedy, I have to tell you: you’ve got one clear shot at an acute complaint, and you have to take it–then!  Not later, because later your stuffy nose could turn into a chest cold, and that Nat-mur prescription you got will be no longer applicable!  If you know your remedy, take it NOW!

I took one pellet dry as I had no water. If I should awaken in the morning with another headache should I put it in water or take another dose dry?

You can take another dose dry, but if it doesn’t work, or doesn’t work as well, then put it in water.


Hi Elaine.  The headache came back with a vengeance at 10:30 a.m. so I took another dose dry. It is starting to subside now 45 minutes later and I’m still feeling good.

Now see, here is where the average person usually gives up and says, “Homeopathy doesn’t work, my headache came back!” or “The remedy doesn’t work,” or “I need to try a different remedy,” and never thinks to simply repeat the remedy!  I don’t know how many times I’ve said, “Why wasn’t the remedy repeated?”  Thank goodness you repeated it right away and didn’t let the headache get a foothold!



Dear Elaine,

I was wondering when (or even if) I should redose? Once a month seems like a good idea….

No, there are no good “ideas”!  You don’t redose based on an “idea”; you redose based on NEED.  If there is no need, there’s no point.  Not only is there no point, but you could actually antidote a working remedy by repeating for no reason!

So, if I still feel the remedy effects, there’s no need to dose again?


All the potencies are either 6c or 6x. Those usually don’t last as long as a 30c.

They last as long as they last!

But they can, depending on the individual.


So I’ve essentially come to the conclusion that as long as I still feel the remedy effects, I won’t redose, even if months pass. Is that right?





The “Well-Baby Visit” Scam–and vaccinations


I took my child for her well-baby visit today….

OMG!  The “well child visit” is the biggest scam going in pediatrics, it’s a way to force people to bring their healthy children to the doctor for absolutely no reason and collect a fee!

I got a lecture about vaccinations. Some of these vaccinations are for life threatening viral diseases.

Have you read my article on vaccinations?


My understanding is that in Homeopathy or the holistic approach, they say don’t vaccinate.

Right.  Vaccination is nothing but ineptly, inartfully, and crudely done homeopathy!  “What something causes, it can cure in small doses.”  That’s homeopathy!  But it’s also the premise of vaccinations!  If you needed surgery, would you want it done by a homeopath who “sort of” knew how to do surgery?  No, I think you’d want to go to a real surgeon!  Similarly, if you wanted protection from a virus based on the law of similars (Like cures Like), wouldn’t you rather go to a real homeopath?  Vaccination is giving a small amount of a disease to protect against the disease. That’s what WE do!  So, here’s the thing, you can do this two ways.  If you know a disease is in your area, like if it’s flu season, you can give your child Influenzinum 30C once a month during flu season. The other option is to do nothing, and if your child gets the flu, see your homeopath, get a remedy, and the flu will end shortly, even possibly in minutes or hours.

Here is the reality of the situation: The medical profession wants you to become alarmed over certain rare viruses like whooping cough and diphtheria, when the reality is that every pre-school is absolutely teeming with horrible viruses your child will contract and give to you as well, and the medical profession has nothing, absolutely nothing to say about these viruses, and no way to help you!  Heaven help the parent who doesn’t know about homeopathy!  Why is it “OK” to get these viruses at pre-school, but not OK to get mumps, measles and chicken pox?  Why?  Someone please tell me!  

I got the mumps, chicken pox and German measles growing up and I got over them with no trouble!  And now I have life-time immunity, which vaccinations don’t confer, by the way!  Here’s something that most people don’t know: Tetanus is extremely rare and has been declining due to improvement in wound hygiene for decades.  For example, in the American Civil War, 205 cases of tetanus per 100,000 wounds were reported.  In World War II, 80 years later, .44 cases of tetanus per 100,000 wounds were reported (that’s less than 1 case in 100,000!), making this a nearly non-existent disease; yet, tetanus vaccine side-effects include: fever, shock, nerve damage, abscess formation, pain, inner ear damage, loss of consciousness….and, finally, all you really need to know is, if you get a puncture wound or animal bite, take Ledum 30C three times a day for three days or one dose of Ledum 200C!  (And, as always, any time you’re going to repeat a remedy, put 2 pellets in a bottle of water and succuss [pound the bottle into your opposite palm] 5 times before each dose/sip, as per Hahnemann’s instructions in The Organon, aph. 247.)  So the question is, why are we putting our kids at risk to defend against Tetanus, a nearly non-existent disease?  Clearly, the greater risk is the vaccine itself, and the same can be said of Polio!

and if you get it then???–would one use homeopathy to treat it?

Yes, that’s what one would do.

How would one know it is one of these serious diseases…

An infectious disease is an infectious disease.  They’re trying to scare you to make you believe that there are viruses that are perfectly OK for you to get, like the ones swirling around your child’s kindergarten class, and others which you MUST be vaccinated against because they are SOOOOO, apparently, dangerous….. and I have to tell you, I was never so sick in my life as I was when Shana was in pre-K and Kindergarten and she came home with all these viruses and gave them to me!  And it was never one of the “vaccination viruses” either, just viruses.  So why is it OK to get them but not the measles, that’s what I’d like a pediatrician to explain to me!  If you want to give my child a dangerous vaccine, you have to be able to explain why virus-X going around kindergarten is in no need of a vaccination but measles is! 

…and not just a flu/fever that is taking time to go?

You see, there is no distinction. This is the fear-tactic, the propaganda, that has people believing that there are the “good” viruses that are “OK”, and then there are the “bad” viruses, for which you should receive vaccinations or heaven help you; and, I have to tell you, when I got the mumps, the German Measles and Chicken Pox, they were so minor, that I can’t imagine what people are so worked up about!   But now that I know homeopathy?  There’s no reason to fear any virus at all, in fact, they are very easy to find a remedy for! 

And one would need to act very fast on these right?

One should act fast regardless of what’s wrong.

I am worried about that Elaine

Then they have you right where they want you!  Buy that book I told you about by Dr. Mendelsohn, How to Raise a Healthy Child In Spite Of Your Doctor.   You can find it on www.Amazon.com.

…i don’t understand these diseases,

That’s what they’re counting on!

I don’t know what symptoms to look for,

They’re just viruses! They’re all the same–headache, body aches, sore throat, possibly a rash, runny nose, fever, chills, etc.

wouldn’t know what remedy to give

You give the case to me like you always do!  In time, you’ll catch on just like I did.

….and time is very critical here right…

That’s just what they want you to think.  They want you to be so full of fear that you can’t even think to ask even the most basic questions, like, “What’s the likelihood that my child will get mumps in the first place?  Is that even in the population anymore?  Where is it?”  Believe me, he doesn’t know!

…can’t spend days to figure it out…

That wouldn’t happen because you would contact me as soon as your child got sick like you already do.

We will be going to India in Dec/Jan….My husband is worried about Polio,

We have remedies for polio.

whooping cough, measles, etc…and so said the doctor too

she also said something about DTaP

That’s the tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough.  It’s an extremely dangerous vaccine!!!  All of these illnesses can be cured homeopathically and have been.  Have a nice time in India and stop worrying!

I feel good after reading your email:)

Really?  No one ever says that to me!  I’ll have to put that in my email Hall of Fame!

And I am so glad to see that you will always be there for me 🙂

That is sooo true!  And now if you’ll excuse me, I have a plane to catch!

I am going to talk to my husband. Hope he will support me on this.

Yeah, well, good luck with that!

He has till now. But since we are talking about the trip to India, he keeps suggesting we give them…

Vaccinations are badly-done homeopathy!  Why, when you have a homeopath, would you have homeopathy done on your child by someone who doesn’t even believe in homeopathy and doesn’t know how to do it?

Look, there is no precedent for this kind of treatment in nature.  It has no foundation. The idea, the concept, of injecting foreign substances into the blood stream as a kind of preventive medicine, actually makes no sense!  First of all, the immune system abhors a puncture!  It reacts in a heightened, urgent fashion, because, well, it’s been punctured, which means all the alarm bells go off in the body!  Then, toxic animal material gets deposited in your blood stream; this causes the immune system to become even more alarmed!  It’s actually no different than a rat bite or a dog bite: there’s a puncture, and then material from another species goes into your blood stream–this is actually the worst thing that can happen to you!  On top of that, there are all the chemicals that are added–mercury, formaldehyde, MSG, antibiotics…. What you have here is a full-frontal assault on the human body!  You can’t justify it!  It makes no sense!  You certainly can’t justify doing this to babies!  Neurotoxins like mercury and aluminum have no place in the human blood stream!  And furthermore, these viruses, in a natural setting, are communicated through the nose, eyes and mouth, that’s where all the antibodies are that need to be informed of the disease, they’re not in the bloodstream!  It’s just ill-conceived!

I don’t think Jenner ever could have imagined that his observation that cow pox protected milk maids from smallpox would or could be so thoroughly misapplied! 



Elaine, I feel like I am possibly dealing with some “consitutional-type” Silicea issues even though I don’t think I am a Silicea person.

But you may be Silica for the moment, and that’s what matters, what you are now; not what were you at some other point in time, or “usually”.


LM’s and Aggravations

Dear Elaine,

I have two questions that I’ve been wondering about.

1. How are liquid (LM) doses given more frequently without aggravations? Many cases that I’ve looked into, liquid doses were given daily for a longer period of time. (Several months for chronic disease) Why don’t those patients suffer aggravations as easily as someone using X or C liquid dilutions?

They do!  First of all, liquid doesn’t = LM’s.  Any potency type can be put into a water bottle and, according to Hahnemann, SHOULD be in a water bottle if more than one dose is to be taken because in order to avoid aggravations and unintended antidotes, a remedy should be succussed a number of times before each dose, and you can’t do that unless the remedy is in water. The rule is always: a striking improvement precludes further dosing, an aggravation means stop dosing. Someone just wrote to me because her first dose of LM2 aggravated and had to be antidoted.  She didn’t have LM1 so she started her case with LM2 and it aggravated on the first dose.  I said, after the “zapping” dose, “Don’t take anymore.  Wait and see what happens.”  So, the idea that you HAVE to take LM’s every day isn’t true.  It’s more like that they CAN be taken every day, if needed, if progress in the case is slow.

2. Has anyone tried freezing homeopathy into ice,

I’m sure that would work, but, the value of it isn’t apparent to me at the moment.  If a person can’t swallow liquids, one can always put the liquid dose on a cotton ball and pat the person’s lips with it, it doesn’t have to be swallowed, it just has to touch a mucus membrane.

and taking it orally or dissolving it on the skin?

Any mucus membrane.

Boiling hot water neutralizes the remedy energy, so could ice enhance it?

I don’t know about “enhance” but I doubt that freezing would destroy it.




Dangers of Electric Blankets

October 6, 2013


Are you of the belief that all these things antidote the homeopathic remedies? I am just wondering. I drink coffee, but I notice no reaction, I do always keep all of my remedies separate from anything with smells of any kind. I read that electric heating pad would antidote the remedies. For a long time before my abdomen was smooth to get relief I would put castor oil on my abdomen and put cloth over it and sleep with the heating pad over it and it really helped and I still do that to a much lesser degree. Do you think I antidoted the remedy.

You never have to guess about this.  If your remedy is antidoted, you’ll be the first to know!

I was on a site that has a long list of things that antidote the remedies and then I have read that there is nothing that antidotes the remedies because they work on different levels.

Can you tell me what you have experienced.


At least one person has told me that they drank coffee and it antidoted their remedy.  They then repeated the remedy and it worked again.  I have also heard that electric blankets antidote remedies so I guess that would go for heating pads as well?  Not sure, I only know that hot water bottles are preferable because exposing yourself to electricity like that is not a good idea.  For instance, when I used to put my laptop directly on my lap, I would get strange, uncomfortable sensations in my legs.  I would take Phosphorus, our “ailments from electricity” remedy, and I’d be alright again.  Now my laptop is on a table, not my lap anymore.

When Shana sits at the computer for too long, she gets a headache.  Again, I give her Phosphorus for ailments from electricity, and it goes away.  What it means is, clearly, getting too close to electrical appliances is a bad idea; so, if you’re using a heating pad, I would suggest switching to a hot water bottle instead. I’m hearing electric blankets cause leukemia.  This is from Dr. Mercola’s article, “Is Your Electric Blanket Safe?”

Specific Risks Linked to Electric Blanket EMFs

Electric blankets create a magnetic field that penetrates about 6-7 inches into your body — for hours at a time. This qualifies as chronic exposure.

Epidemiological studies have linked electric blankets with miscarriages and childhood leukemia.

Recent data reported in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests that regular use…may increase breast cancer risk in some women, and according to a 2007 report…in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, using electric blankets was associated with a 15 percent higher prevalence of endometrial cancer than never having used one. … Other studies have shown that the EMFs generated by electric blankets suppress melatonin production. Melatonin is the most important detox agent for your brain and is also an anti-inflammatory. … Research included in the BioInitiative Report mentioned above have also found links between melatonin disruption and the promotion of breast cancer.


Anyway, your question about antidoting remedies. What I’ve seen antidote remedies reliably is repetition of the same remedy while the first dose is still working, especially if you’re repeating the exact same potency; in other words, an unsuccussed, unstirred dose.  If a remedy is working in an obvious way, stop taking it.  When your case starts to relapse, you can succuss your bottle and take it again.  Yes, this means you should put two pellets of your remedy into a bottle of water if you’re going to take repeat doses.  A sip is a dose.


Why You Need An Emergency Kit

I ordered Bryonia so it will be here tomorrow. I’ll follow back up with you when he gets the dose.

It sounds like you don’t have a first aid kit at home.  This is not good.  Go to www.a2zhomeopathy.com and order the 30C emergency kit.


Bryonia is a major first aid/emergency remedy.  Generally what happens is, you have a window of opportunity in which to give a remedy and that’s when you have to give it.  Anything can happen after that, the picture can change to some other remedy, or the damage calcifies or “sets” and now you give the remedy and it aggravates.  To not have Bryonia is a little bit like not having Arnica. 


Appropriate Potencies for Acutes


I’ve been taking some time all morning to review your articles (which are very informative and I’m extremely thankful for!). As previously mentioned, you are going to be the third homeopath that we’ve worked with, all of which have practiced completely differently. Our last homeopath was pretty much teaching me the exact opposite of what you teach. She basically said that acute issues respond best to lower potency because they work more on the physical level and chronic (deeper problems) require higher potency as they work more on deeper energy.  Long story short, I find it very frustrating that there are so many homeopaths practicing completely differently out there with no standardization.

Believe me, I don’t like it any better than you do!  Acute complaints, as a rule, most certainly do not respond better to low potencies!  I once had an incident with eating bad food.  I was at a friend’s party.  One of the party foods was acting badly on me.  I took a whole bunch of remedies in the 30C potency, including Arsenicum, to no avail.  Finally my friend, a homeopath, offered me Arsenicum 200C in water and it worked immediately!  Conclusion?  Arsenicum 30C was too low a potency to stop the complaint!  Now, according to your last homeopath, 200C, as a high potency, shouldn’t have worked at all because ailments from bad food, being physical, is so shallow that apparently 6C would have been the ideal potency!  It’s just absurd!  Is this the homeopath who caused one aggravation after another with you?  Well, I guess now we know why, she’s got everything backwards! 

As I have explained many times, potency = power.  The more intense the complaint is, the higher the potency should be.  Let’s take pneumonia for example, would you be comfortable giving Phosphorus 6C to a pneumonia patient?  Not me!  That would be a real joke!  I would want to give at least a 200C.  The question is not, “Is this case physical or mental?”  The question is, “Is this case intense and recent or dull and chronic?”  That determines the potency; that, and is this patient hypersensitive and over-reactive?  I’d be very careful about potency in that case.


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

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