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Questions Patients Ask -15

Questions Patients Ask -15
Written by Elaine Lewis

Questions about homeopathy and natural healing are answered.

Rash Gone But Itching Still There!

Hi Elaine,

My baby is 8 months old and she has had eczema since 2 months.

Was she or he vaccinated?  Did she have formula instead of breast milk?  When did you start feeding solid food?  All of these are factors in eczema.

We have worked with two different homeopaths. The rash is nearly gone, but the itch is still intense. I think her constitutional remedy is Aethusa. Recently we did a therapy on her which uses Biofeedback to test for sensitivities and cold-laser therapy (BAX therapy) to treat for these.

To treat the sensitivities?  What were they?  And how did that go, what was the result?

After the laser, a homeopathic remedy was made up of the sensitivities treated.

If they were “treated”, why was a remedy needed?

(bottle of liquid is placed on the machine and through the frequency of the machine the remedy goes into the bottle, I assume)

My question is this: we just redosed with Aethusa yesterday.

Why, for what reason?

Can I also give this other remedy simultaneously, should I hold off on it altogether, or wait to give it?

I can only say that if you just gave Aethusa, and you now give a second remedy, you won’t know the result of the Aethusa dose, you’ll have no way of evaluating results.  What potency of Aethusa, how are you giving it and how often and for how long?

We have used Aethusa since May.  We have seen improvements in her skin, spitting up, and dirty diapers, but not the itch.

Aethusa is a milk allergy remedy.  I can see how it would address digestive problems.  But I’m not happy that the rash is gone but not the itch!  Usually it’s the other way around, the itch stops, and the rash goes away last. Let me ask you, did the itch get WORSE?  If so, it could mean you’re over-dosing with Aethusa.  I see you’ve been giving it for months?  What potency and how often?  

Treatment with homeopathy is like a bell-shaped curve; at the bottom-left of the curve is where the treatment starts, when you get to the top of the curve–or bell– that’s the point of striking improvement. If you keep dosing at that point, the case will start going back down the other side of the curve until you’re right back down at ground level again–right back where you started from!  More and more dosing, after reaching a certain point, doesn’t just make you better and better and better.  When you see a striking improvement, stop dosing!  Of course you can resume if you see the case relapsing.  

So, the moral of the story is, when you hit the top of the bell curve, stop dosing and “coast” for as long as you can.  People think that if they’re doing well on a remedy, taking it again will make them do even better!  They are often shocked to find that instead, they’ve lost all their gains and wonder why!  They assume they’re on the wrong remedy and start looking for another one!  If you’ve experienced a striking improvement?  Stop dosing!

Thank you so much for your time and expertise!



Can You Give Medorrhinum in a 6C?

Hi Elaine!

Hi Maria!

I read your August article “Questions patient ask” about the doses.

I read some years ago about Medorrhinum that it should only be used in high potencies.  I can’t recall the source but I think it suggested 30C or higher.

So my question is this: is this correct?

I mean are there remedies that should not be used in low potencies and why?

Has this high potency suggestion anything to do with origins – a nosode for the Medorrhinum example above?

Well, Maria, it’s one more myth in homeopathy that ought to be expelled–don’t give nosodes below 30C.  Why? I suppose the fear is that they’re disease remedies so you could give the patient the disease.  If this is true, we shouldn’t give any remedy below 30C!

Look at all our remedies that are made out of deadly poisons!  Aconite used to be used as an arrow poison. We all know that Arsenic is a deadly poison.  Snake venom, well, it doesn’t get much worse than that…. They’re all available in 6C.  How is that possible?

A lot depends on what you’re using the nosode for.  A lot of our nosodes have provings and are constitutional remedies!  If Carcinosin is someone’s constitutional remedy, then I might want to start that person on a 12C once a day; but, if it’s for an acute sore throat that switches sides?  Then I would want to give a 30C or 200C for that.  In fact, for me, I know that if my sore throat starts switching sides?  That means it’s time for Carcinosin, which is known for that.

They’re just vibrations, Maria!

They’re energy signatures like any other remedy; so, the general rule is, chronic cases start with low potency (aphorism 270f) once or twice, maybe three times a day and then raise the potency and repetitions as needed; acute cases start with a 30C or 200C, repeat as needed. If there’s a striking improvement, stop and wait.  If there’s an aggravation, stop dosing. There ya go!

I thought so too! It is wonderful to have you enlightening us every month 🙂

Did you say you’re having a lightning storm every month?  OMG!  Don’t stand under a tree, Maria!


What does “inimical” mean?

Hello, Elaine; yes we have tried Rhus Tox for the restless legs, initially it worked then seemed to stop.

Did you raise the potency?  Have you seen my FAQ article where I explain how to plus the bottle (raise the potency)?


So, then the patient needed Apis for bladder infection and they are inimical so had to antidote Rhus tox.

What?  Why?  I can see I’m going to have to write an article called “Myths in Homeopathy”!  If you have two different diseases in your body, what Hahnemann called “complex disease”, and one calls for Apis and the other calls for Rhus tox, then you just give them at different times.  What makes two things “inimical” is the fact that they’re similar!  Rhus tox has eruptions, Apis has eruptions.  Rhus tox itches, Apis itches.  Rhus tox has burning, Apis has burning.  So, naturally, as similars, one might possibly antidote the other.

So, the worst case scenario is, you give Rhus tox for restless legs syndrome, and it antidotes the Apis you gave earlier for the bladder infection, and the bladder infection comes back!  So then, either repeat the Apis or give vitamin C for the bladder infection instead, or, see if Agaricus is a better match for the restless legs syndrome because it does match the tingling and sensation of cold needles you mentioned, better than Rhus tox does. But you don’t have to be antidoting remedies when there’s no evidence that an aggravation or proving has taken place!  I mean, just antidoting because of what it says in a book?  No. There has to be evidence that something bad or untoward has happened.


A Homeopathic Remedy for Ebola?

Hi, I’m the nursing student you helped pass graduating exams with homeopathy. I guess it is time to buy a homeopathic remedy for Ebola. Have you come up with any ideas for remedies to purchase yet? It is a “hemorrhagic fever.”

Thanks in advance,


I’m glad to hear I helped you pass some sort of exam!  Anyway, according to Robin Murphy, the remedy for Ebola is Crot. horridus.  However, the question is, can this disease be nipped in the bud when it just looks like a flu or a cold?  What about Ferrum phos or Oscillococcinum or Influenzinum?  I’d like to know what the early symptoms are.   But of course, whenever you start feeling like you’re coming down with something, give a remedy right away, don’t wait until it’s serious!  Maybe this disease can be caught early with ordinary remedies, just by taking the case.  By the way, Ebola is not air-borne, you have to exchange body fluids, making it less likely that you’ll catch it doing ordinary things.



How Can I Make A Remedy From Blank Pellets?

Hello Elaine!!!

How are you doing? I hope well. Hey Elaine, about a month or two ago Alan told someone to buy blank pellets and then told her how to make the remedy. Do you do that? I’m using Fragaria 30C for teeth plaque and I’m using them on me and my dogs. Getting expensive.

Knowing you, I’m sure you have instructions. 🙂 If you do, please send link.



Val, are you saying you’re worried about running out of your remedy?  Is that what this is all about?  Well, despair no more!  Don’t you know, you can NEVER run out of your remedy?  When you get down to your last pellet, just put the pellet into a small bottle of spring water, and the water is now the remedy, and a sip is a dose! (Don’t forget to succuss your bottle before each dose–5 times, approximately.)

Look, these remedies are like cassette tapes, you can copy them at will!  You can make as many copies as you want!  You can make 1,000 copies and they’ll all sound like the original!  The sugar pellets are just carriers, there’s nothing in them, the remedy is ON them! The pharmacies make remedies out of liquid (water or alcohol) and then when they get the potency they want, they put a few drops on sugar pellets and shake them up and let them dry.  So, there’s nothing “in” the pellets, the remedy is “on” the pellets!  And when you drop them into water, now the remedy is back in the water again where it came from originally!  See?  You don’t lose anything by dropping a remedy in water!  Just always remember to succuss your bottle a few times before each dose; or, if it’s in a cup, stir it then sip.


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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