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Questions Patients Ask-25

Written by Elaine Lewis

Questions patients and students ask about homeopathy and natural healing.


Hello Elaine!  Please can you tell me if in case of adverse reactions to allopathic treatment, if it makes sense to treat them homeopathically?  On the other hand, if you take the case to treat it homeopathically and give up finally to allopathy, do you take into consideration these adverse reactions as totality of symptoms, too?

Are you asking me if a person comes in with side effects of a drug as their chief complaint, do you just add these symptoms into their “totality” and find a homeopathic remedy for them in that way?  Let me ask you, is it just one drug?  Do you have a particular case in mind?

Hello again, Elaine; and thank you for “listening”.

My dilemma is about some eye drops that caused hyperpigmentation around my eye, itching and a kind of eyelid desquamation in the inner angle and below the eye.  The eye drops are for glaucoma which was completely asymptomatic, discovered just randomly.  No pain even now.

Can you please tell me what to treat?  Is it a good idea to make a remedy from the eye drops?

Yes, that’s exactly what you have to do!  This is not a constitutional case!  See my article “How To Make Your Own Remedy”:


Stop taking the eye drops and stop going to doctors unless you’re in an emergency!  What is the point when this is what happens?  People regularly go to their doctor, not because there’s anything wrong with them but because they think they’re obligated to!  And invariably, the doctor finds a “disease” or a “disorder” that has no symptoms.  But now they can start you on a drug!  The drug has side-effects and now you’re sick for real.  Now you have to go back to the doctor again–how convenient!  This is total BS!  Try to find Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Eye Formula:

You can get it at Amazon, probably, or www.HerbsFirst.com.  You can make a tea out of it by emptying 2 capsules into a cup, pouring boiling water over it, letting it cool, and then using it in an eye cup to bathe your eyes, five mintues for each eye, every day, three times a day.  Also, take 2 capsules a day by mouth.  For more information and detailed instructions, click here:



Yeast Infection

 Elaine – what’s a good remedy for a yeast infection?

A hot washcloth.  Seriously.  Take a washcloth, run it under hot water, wring it out, fold it in half 3 times, hold it in both hands at opposite ends, run the center of it under very hot water, fold it over and wring it out, place it on the itchy area, hold it in place for as long as you can (the heat drives the infection out; it’s homeopathic in that way).  I know this may be a bit painful and a bit uncomfortable for a time, but, it really works.  At least, it works for me.


I Need Space!

 Just to update you. I felt pretty irritable tonight.  I have a short fuse with everyone and I feel touched out, like my kids are always grabbing at me or all over me and I’m kind of wanting space.

That’s Sepia.


Styes and Staphysagria

 Elaine, I was told to buy Staphysagria 200C for a stye that I was told I would need surgery for.  The Boiron tube says to take 3 doses a day for 3 days.  The stye went away but the IBS I used to have came back!  I am now in a complete anxiety state.  I’m really disappointed that Boiron has instructions on their label that cause one to overdose!

I can’t believe the 200C has instructions to take it 3 times a day for 3 days!  That is so clearly an overdose.  It’s too bad those remedy tubes are too small for nuanced instructions.  I am at least pleased to know that Staphysagria really does work for styes and saved you from eye surgery; that’s really big!  But from now on, one dose of a 200C is generally enough.  As for you, I would take one dose of Arsenicum 6C and then get back to me.  It’s a remedy for both anxiety and IBS.


Stiff Joints: Ledum or Rhus tox?

 Elaine, in stiff joints, how do you know if it’s Ledum or Rhus tox?

Very simple!  Rhus tox is always better for hot compresses, hot baths and hot showers.  Ledum is just the opposite: better cold!  Cold bathing, cold compresses.  If a person tells you they’re stiff or their joints are stiff, always ask what ameliorates: hot or cold?


Gelsemium Flu

Elaine, I’ve heard that the main remedy for flu is Gelsemium.  How do you know when you’ve got a Gelsemium flu?

I’ve had a Gelsemium flu.  The first thing I noticed was how cold I was!!!!  I immediately got into bed and under the covers.  The next thing I noticed was that I just wanted to sleep.  When I tried to talk, I was so dull, I couldn’t even finish a sentence.  I would say, “Can you….” and then nothing.  Gelsemium patients can appear confused, indifferent, apathetic.  They might want something but don’t ask for it.  Their eyes are droopy, they look besotted.  No doubt they will have a headache.  Gelsemium patients want to be left alone, they’re not clingy like Arsenicum patients with the flu.  They will be weak; find it hard to stand, hard to walk, unsteady, shaky.  They are disinclined to move.  Also, thirstless.


Cuts, Wounds

 Hello, Elaine.  What should I have on hand for cuts?  Is there anything better than Neosporin?

Yes!  Calendula!!!!  Calendula runs rings around Neosporin!  It’s the marigold flower and it repels germs.

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere without it!  I have it in my medicine cabinet, in the car and in my backpack.  Of course, don’t forget the 30C!  It heals from without and within.  I’ll never forget, about a month ago, I was crossing the street, tripped on the curb, landed badly on the sidewalk and scraped my knee.  Luckily, a kind lady was there and helped me up.  As I wasn’t home, I couldn’t wash my knee, which would have been the appropriate thing to do, but I did have Calendula with me!  I put it on the wound and thereafter I was fine, no infection took place, the pain went away, and I never had a problem.  Here’s what Dr. Dorothy Shepherd had to say about Calendula in her book, A Physician’s Posy:

“A working man, busy pulling down the wreckage of a bombed school opposite the dispensary came in with hemorrhage from a small spouting artery, all the capillaries on the back of the hand were oozing freely as well.  A few drops of Calendula tincture poured on and the spouting artery and the capillaries dried up at once and there was no return of the bleeding.  A First Aid dressing, plus pressure, had already beeen applied before he came to us, without any effect.  Calendula acted like magic.” (p. 40)

I hope you have Calendula at home!  You can always order it from Amazon.com.

I can’t believe we’re headed towards the holiday season already!  To all my American readers, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Bye, see you in December!

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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