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Buying Remedies From Amazon – Questions patients and students ask about homeopathy and natural healing.

Buying Remedies From Amazon

Hi Elaine,
I’m very frustrated to see a Homeopath recommending Amazon.
Don’t you know that they behave like one of the worst cancers?

They are trying to eliminate all the good convenience stores by sometimes underbidding their prices and, a good trick, offering fast delivery service, which is easily done, based on the fact that Amazon pays less tax than a normal shop, and nevertheless you can often find identical things elsewhere cheaper than at Amazon’s.

Their trick is that you have to buy this service in a way of flat rate, means once you have bought it you get the next services for free, which induces the impression for buyers to get a good deal.

As a matter of fact, Amazon causes many shops to close down, many people to loose their work, and in reality you get many things cheaper by thorough comparison.

And at the end of the day, Amazon will hold a dominating role and dictate prices, you have no chance to escape.  Please change your recommendations a.s.a.p., means already yesterday.

Kind regards

Hello John, you are right about Amazon.  There is no doubt that we have lost many cherished businesses (bookstores, video stores, etc.), because of Amazon, and even the internet in general and the ease of ordering a product and having it delivered right to your door rather than going to get it, and often traveling long distances at that!

The retail landscape looks like the ghost towns of the Old West at this point!  There’s a shopping center in South Philly with nothing in it but a line of empty store-fronts except for Staples, the only business left standing.  I’m sure that’s the rule and not the exception.  It’s possible the pandemic contributed to this too, the perfect storm, as they say, but your point is well-taken.

However, and you’re going to hate me for this, I can’t stop recommending Amazon as a possible remedy source when it is often the ONLY remedy source for certain remedies!  Natural Health Supply, my favorite homeopathy pharmacy for many years, especially for buying Emergency Kits, recently closed due to Jim Klemmer’s retirement.  A real blow to homeopathy.  But as I was saying, you can often get a remedy at Amazon that you can’t find anywhere else!  I recently had to buy Galphimia 200C for Shana; I could only find it on Amazon!

We can’t practice without certain key remedies like Pyrogen, Carcinosin, Opium, Calendula-in-Potency, Cannabis indica and Medorrhinum, but, only Amazon has them!  Try getting them anywhere else!  In fact, Pam recently ordered Pyrogen from from Washington Homeopathics.  They contacted her afterwards and said she should throw it out, that it was “contaminated” (then quickly added, “Well, not really.”)  I said, “Pam, there was probably absolutely nothing wrong with that remedy, they’re just not allowed to sell it because it’s a nosode!”

I have probably said, God only knows how many times, that Amazon has been a gift!  You know, it’s like that classic opening to A Tale Of Two Cities: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”  That certainly encapsulates the internet, does it not?  The absolute best, and the absolute worst—for the reasons you mentioned, and more.


When Is A Virus Over?

Elaine, the phantom smell from the virus came back just a few hours ago, but only for a little while.  It happened when I bent down to coil up the vacuum cleaner cord.  Again, it is happening upon exertion.  Today was the first day I have really done a full house cleaning since being sick.

Yeesh!  Pam, it looks like you over-did it, like so many people when they recover from a virus.  Viruses are very aggressive, and actually, when you “recover”, you should assume you still have it and go very slow, don’t over-exert yourself all at once because the virus will bounce back in a nano-second if you do!

Robin Murphy used to liken it to those cliche endings of the old cowboy movies from the ’50’s where the good guy shoots the bad guy and rescues the damsel in distress; the two rejoice in their victory, they take their eyes off the bad guy laying on the ground who is presumed dead, but who, in fact, is slowly reaching for his gun, and then, POW!  He shoots!

In other words, make sure the bad guy is dead!!!!  If it’s your first day of feeling 100% well, act like you’re still sick and stay at home and rest!  In fact, you might want to be on a maintenance dose of the remedy that cured you for a while!


Simple “Plussing” Instructions

Elaine, should I bump up to 7C this morning?

That would be a good idea.

Do I pour a small amount in a new bottle and just succuss 40 times again?

Pour out 90% of your bottle, refill half way with bottled water (you can’t succuss a full bottle), succuss 40 times.  Succuss means pound the bottle into your opposite palm.  Now your potency is one degree higher.


Should I start with 30C or 200C?

Elaine, remember when I asked you if a 200C remedy could be “plussed” to a higher potency?  And you said:

“Why not?  What’s so special about the 200C?”

And then I replied:

“I’m about to run out of COVID 200c today!  We have only discussed plussing 30c and lower potencies.”

The reason I said that is because you wrote in one of your articles that one should not first go to a 200c in an acute case because then you have nowhere else to go from there, you sort of paint yourself into a corner.  I took that to mean the 200c could not be plussed! Because if it could be, then you would NOT be painting yourself into a corner!  Don’t you see?

OK. If you got a cold, let’s say, and you have your cold remedy there in a 30C AND a 200C potency, you would try the 30C first, knowing you could always go up to the 200C if need be; but, if you start at 200C, and it stops working and you don’t have the 1M there, you have nothing to go up to! Now you’re a sitting duck!  But where does it say you can’t plus a 200C bottle?  You can plus any bottle, who’s going to stop you?

But why would you be a sitting duck if you can simply plus your 200C bottle?  Why does one need to begin with 30c if you can, in fact, just plus the 200C bottle if it stops working?  That is why I thought you couldn’t plus a 200c!

Oy vey!  OK, Pam, let me spell this out for you.  Because, by the time you’ve reached a point where the 200C stops working and you don’t have the 1M to go up to, you might have to plus your 200C bottle a lot more times than you would have needed to plus your 30C or your 6C to get it working again!  Why?  Look at it this way, when you plus a 6C bottle three times to get to 9C, you’ve actually increased your potency by 50%!  That’s 50%!!!!!  Imagine that!  But if you plus a 200C bottle 3 times to 203C, have you increased the potency by 50%?  I don’t think so!!!!  Not even close!  Not even by 5%!  Will the remedy work now?  Well, you can try it, but, you might conceivably have to plus that bottle at least 10 times to make it strong enough to kick in again!  And you know, that means having an awful lot of extra bottled water in your house that most people just don’t have!

That’s why I always say, if a remedy you’re on is working, order the next potency right away, so when the current potency wears off, if it does, you’ll be ready, you’ll be prepared!  You always want to be one step ahead of a virus, don’t let it get away from you!

OK, I got it.


Why Do We Have To Use Bottled Water to “Plus” (Raise the Potency) of a Remedy?

Now, to anybody who’s thinking, “Why bottled water?”  Because you don’t want to be potentizing tap water ingredients, like chlorine and who knows what else, and taking that, and possibly proving it!  That would really confuse the case, would it not?  If we’re taking Gelsemium, we only want to be raising the potency of Gelsemium and not anything else.  Right?


Do Pellets Have To Dissolve Before Dosing?

No!  Pellets do not have to dissolve!  I always hear people say, “OK, I dropped the pellet in water and I’m waiting for it to dissolve….”  This is  NOT necessary!  The remedy is on the OUTSIDE of the pellet, it is not on the inside!  Therefore, the remedy becomes part of the water as soon as the pellet hits it, you can take your sip right away, nothing to wait for!

Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom
Elaine takes online cases.  Write to her at [email protected]
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