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The Reason to Use Sound Remedies

Written by Peter Chappell

Peter Chappell reverse engineered homeopathic remedies and then converted those remedies into audio frequencies. Here he discusses how these can be used.

During the first decade of the second millennium there were many scares about viruses which could rapidly fly around the world and kill millions. The fear was about viruses similar to the influenza of 1918 that killed 20 to 50 million people in a matter of 12 weeks.

When I looked into it, I realised that if this happened again, there was no possibility that drugs could be made in time to help. If the time frame was a matter of just a few weeks, the 1918 catastrophe could be repeated. The lead time for making an appropriate drug is too long. The symptoms would start in a week or two, the virus spreading around the world in a matter of days, and panic would set in. People would raid the supermarkets and go home and shut their doors, but the virus would be indoors to. Homeopaths would come up with solutions, but the postal service would be down, so they couldn’t be delivered. The same situation is true for the expected super bugs which the World Health Organisation predicts will be unstoppable because of the abuse and overuse of antibiotics. It even turns out that hospitals are well designed to incubate superbugs. If you read the history of the plague, the situation looks really similar to the present.

This analysis made me realise that the only possible means of distributing remedies, in such a situation, would be via the internet. I reasoned that if I could make my PC remedies in pellets and bottles, I could also make them in MP3 files, short pieces of sound, a few seconds or a few minutes long. The PC remedies in sound form could be distributed worldwide in a matter of hours. I started making remedies for the totality of the disease using music as the carrier, in exactly the same way that milk sugar is used as the carrier for a homeopathic remedy. There’s nothing particularly relevant about the carrier sound, because it’s only the embedded healing frequency that matters. It could be dogs barking! We have used jazz, drumming, the sound of waves breaking on the seashore, violins, wind chimes, bird songs, et cetera. This sounds only serves the purpose of having something to listen to and is in no way relevant to the healing process.

I was completely convinced this would work from day one, but I found a lot of resistance from colleagues who had pills on the brain so to speak. They have been conditioned to think of pills for diseases. Fortunately I was trained as an electronics engineer and I understood that chemistry was based on electromagnetism. I equipped one friend, a doctor working in Africa, with some MP3 players programmed for malaria and AIDS, but he found it impossible to use them. I flew out to Africa and persuaded him to use them in a case of AIDS and in a case of malaria and they worked just the same as the pills.

I created a website called healingdownloads.com and thousands of people used these downloads for a variety of diseases, especially epidemic diseases, with significant success. This website is morphing into detox.zone.

I’ve tried a lots of e-remedies out over a period of almost a decade now and the system works. So, if an outbreak of an epidemic disease does occur, you can go to detox.zone and the download will be freely available for the epidemic.

Obviously in the general panic, this will get overlooked by the great majority and ridiculed by the scientific community. But you can tell your friends about it. It’s a no lose situation! If it works, great, and if it doesn’t you’ve only listened to a piece of music for one minute. From our experience, the sound download will be both prophylactic and curative.

A friend rang me up one morning and told me she couldn’t come to my talk in the evening because she was sick with a chest complaint. She explained her symptoms and I realised that she was heavily into the TB miasm. I immediately sent her the PC remedies for tuberculosis by email while we were talking. It was just a minute long and she started listening a few times that day. She came to the talk that night, and a week or so later she told me that listened to the remedy every day and processed a lot of grief.

I studied the work of Tinus Smits and others and realised that toxicity is a huge problem, and that there are many different types of toxicity. A lot of homeopathy I think comes down to detoxing trauma and detoxing chemicals. Lead for example is highly toxic, which is why it was withdrawn from petrol. There are 300+ chemicals measurable in our bloodstream according to the National Institute of Health in the USA. There’s also the effects of vaccinations, electro-smog, parasites, the toxic effects of medical and street drugs, and the toxic effects of epidemic and chronic diseases in the family history (which homeopaths refer to as miasms and scientists now understand as  epigenetic influences.) Add to all this the incredible range of traumas and you begin to get the full picture. To do anything like a systematic homeopathic detox might require 300 separate detoxes.

I realised that you can’t do this with pills in any practical way, whereas you can do it one toxin at a time, using sound. You only need three seconds between each detox, to register in the brain and set in motion a permanent or semi-permanent detox pattern. So you can detox 60 substances in three minutes. That’s eminently practical. I road tested it and saw amazing , life transforming results in about one third of the people. This is why I created detox.zone with my colleagues, to provide a practical way of homeopathic detox for the modern age.

Beyond downloads for diseases and trauma we have developed a number of applications of PC technology for enhancing performance for everyone from school children and Olympic level athletes, to people on spiritual quests. You can find these on amma-networks.com, naturalbuddhas.com and detox.zone.

Harry van der Zee MD and I have written a book, Homeopathy for Diseases, which you can get this through homeolinks.nl.

Alternatively we have an e-version of this book, which introduces many of the main ideas, and if you send me an email I will send you a copy: [email protected]

About the author

Peter Chappell

Peter Chappell was a founder and co-creator of the UK Society of Homeopaths, and prior to this an aircraft and then business machines research and development engineer, with patents in air navigation, word processors and the internet, before these latter two things became well known realities. He became a homeopath when he was around 30 and created/directed three significant clinics in London at various stages of his homeopathic practice. He made the first homoeopathic repertory computer, the Micropath, that worked effectively in the consulting room. In the 1990’s he directed homeopathic training programs in 20 countries where previously Homeopathy hardly existed. In celebration of his 60th birthday in 2001 he went to Ethiopia to start his work on AIDS, and at least 10,000 people are alive and well because of this. Peter lives on Dartmoorin, in the UK and has three children and eight grandchildren. You can access all his websites, organisation, blogs, remedies etc. through Amma-Networks.com. He does not run a practice.


  • Simply brilliant!! Thank you for making this alternative source of healing frequency available to us all!! For one who has studied BioAcoustics, this makes total sense and is such a valuable resource.

  • Thank you for your article. I’ve always had the feeling that this was possible and I am so glad to hear about it.

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