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Recovery From a Sick Headache

Written by Nooshin Azadi

Recovery From a Sick Headache

My husband woke up with a headache centered above his eyebrows accompanied with burning eyes and a soreness in his throat. Light and noise made him worse. He’d been a workaholic during the recent months; he’d been at home most of the time sitting at his computer doing his job.

Some nights he drank coffee so that he could be awake and continue his work. He is also fat and an over-eater. He gets drowsy after lunch and snores your head off at nights!

A medicine was chosen for him on the basis of following symptoms –

Headache, waking after

– Headache, frontal, eyebrows above

– Headache with burning eyes and sore throat.

– Headache, worse by noise and light

– Sedentary lifestyle

– Headache after night watching / drinking coffee

– Constitutionally fat and over-eater

– Drowsiness, lunch after

3 doses of Nux Vom. 30C put an end to his headache and sore throat in just no time. I wish he would visit a homeopath to get rid of his snores, obesity, etc. for ever .

Nooshin Azadi

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