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Research Activities in Classical Homeopathy at the ICR

Written by Prashant Tamboli

Research Activities in Classical Homeopathy at the ICR

The Dr. ML Dhawale Trust has been in the field of homeopathic care, research and education for the last 17 years. There has been enormous growth in clinical activity currently in three states of India. Approximately one lakh (one hundred thousand) patients per year seek medical help through various clinics and dispensaries. To serve this large number, we had to become more efficient and effective. There arose a need to develop effective medical strategies, so that results are achieved in the shortest possible time. Parallel to this, there are demands for scientific explanations of the effect of the homeopathic system of medicine. Thus the need for research was realized. The first research project on Leprosy was undertaken by Dr. Dilip Dixit way back in 1975, under the guidance of Dr. ML Dhawale, and since then the research activity has been ever expanding.

The main objective of our research activity is to evolve new, effective and reliable treatment strategies for different clinical conditions which would benefit both science and the community. The focus is to update our homeopathic science in a way that would directly benefit the community. The Action Research Programmes planned and launched, all aimed at promoting the health and welfare of the community. Apart from this, we review the fundamental principles of homeopathic science as per the Organon in the light of current scientific advances, so that a scientific explanation of the homeopathic system is possible.

When the Department of AYUSH (alternative systems), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India considered the work done by the trust, they granted us 4 research projects. Out of these, one on Diabetes mellitus is already over and has been published. Two others – Scabies, and Diarrhea, done in tribal areas, are in their last phases. A new project on learning disability has started this year. There are several smaller internal projects also going on in various research centers. A few joint projects are undertaken in association with other like-minded institutes such as Muskan, Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai.

All this research in not possible unless the young, enthusiastic, research oriented homeopaths are trained in basic research methodology. Hence the research department has developed various research training modules. These too were recognized by the department of AYUSH and they have included these as part of their reorientation and training programmes for teachers of homeopathic colleges from all over India.

In Pune, in the last year, multiple research activities are taking place in standardized ICR centers. Though we have been working in the field of Education and Clinical Services near Pune for over 20 years, the first hospital here, the ICR Specialty Hospital, was inaugurated on April 10, 2001. At this hospital, research in Diabetes, Ashtma, Rheumatology, Hypertension and Pediatrics is ongoing. An integrated research project : “Role of Homeopathy in Fracture Healing” has been undertaken jointly with the Deenath Mageshkar General Hospital in Pune and more are in the pipeline. All our research activities are under the guidance of the Institutional Ethics Committee.

We are finalizing plans to conduct a course in research methodology specially for our homeopaths. This will enable interested homeopaths to be qualified to carry out research projects at ours and other homeopathic institutions. We hope to be ready with those plans and details soon.

These achievements have only been possible with the support of our colleagues, patients and the community. We remain grateful to each person for their involvement, commitment and contribution.

Research Core Committee:
Dr. Shirish Phansalkar
Dr. Kumar Dhawale
Dr. Anoop Nigwekar
Dr. Navin Pawaskar
Dr. Prashant Tamboli

Research Advisory Committee
Dr. Sharad Shah
Dr. Dilip Dixit —————————————-

Dr. Prashant Tamboli is Co-ordinator, Research, ICR Group of Organizations

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Prashant Tamboli

Dr. Prashant Tamboli is Co-ordinator, Research, ICR Group of Organizations


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