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A Review of Whole Health Now’s Teleconference with Dr. Luc De Schepper

Written by Elaine Lewis

A nosode is a homeopathic remedy made from diseased tissue or discharge. An example of a nosode would be the remedy Medorrhinum, which is made from a gonorrheal discharge. The strep nosode works in cardiac cases when strep is in the history.

Last month, Whole Health Now sponsored a free telephone conference with Dr. Luc De Schepper, who spoke on the use of the nosodes in homeopathic prescribing.

A nosode is a homeopathic remedy made from diseased tissue or discharge. An example of a nosode would be the remedy Medorrhinum, which is made from a gonorrheal discharge. OK, let’s not get flippy! Homeopathic remedies are more often than not made from poisons, but, the premise of homeopathy is that what a substance can cause, it can cure in small doses; so, if a substance can’t cause anything, then it can’t cure anything either! For those of you who are new to this, a poison, when prepared homeopathically, is diluted so many times (and shaken after each dilution) that by the time it is put before the public, there isn’t a single molecule of the poison left! What is left is a vibration; it works because we are vibrating ourselves, however imperceptively. In illness our vibration is “off”, and it is this mistunement that the remedy “resets”, with a resultant return to health. So, you don’t have to worry about the source of our remedies, they’re only vibrations.

Anyway, Dr. Luc De Schepper attempted to explain when a nosode is appropriate to prescribe:

1. When well-chosen remedies fail to act or hold.

2. When the case is unstable–a continuous change of symptoms.

3. When the correctly-chosen remedy stops working, and even raising the potency doesn’t work and the presentation of the disease hasn’t changed.

4. When a patient is never well since an acute affection such as the flu or mono.

5. When a patient is having a severe acute and remedies are poorly indicated.

6. When there are a lack of symptoms in the case, where the only symptoms presented are the common symptoms of the disease.

7. When several remedies seem to fit the case equally.

8. When an infectious disease is in the area, give the nosode–the homeopathically prepared “disease”–to “inoculate” yourself against it.

9. When the nosode is the same as the offending microorganism.

10. When the nosode is the patient’s constitutional remedy. (Some of these nosodes are well-established remedies that are used just like any other remedy that fits the case.)

Luc says that after the nosode, the patient might put out more symptoms, which is good, but it will be hard to convince him of that!

The strep nosode works in cardiac cases when strep is in the history and suppressed with antibiotics, such as strep throat.

Anthracinum, the anthrax nosode works for carbuncles that are blue and burning.

Carcinosin 30C, a nosode made from breast cancer, will prevent mono if you have been exposed.

Tuberculinum, the tuberculosis nosode, is indicated when there is a continuous change of picture at every follow-up. He says that Tuberculinum is more psoric than Psorinum, to consider when Sulphur doesn’t work, also, use it for a dying patient with the death rattle.

Psorinum, made from a scabies discharge, is for lack of reaction, meaning that a well-chosen remedy is given and the patient doesn’t respond. Also, a person needing Psorinum is usually sensitive to the cold, his skin may give a dirty appearance, there is often despair and bad odors.

Carcinosin: indications are ailments from rudeness, too much responsibility in childhood, and indignation. Complementary remedies to Carcinosin are: Causticum, Staphysagria, Natrum Muriaticum and Sepia.

The teleconference was only an hour long so this is obviously an incomplete treatment of the subject of nosodes, and it was often hard to hear as interference was coming from somewhere (and it sounded like someone was chopping an onion during the entire call!), but other than that, it was a thrill hearing someone whose books I have read.

Until next time….

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