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Revisiting: Nitzie from Nowhere

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Elaine reveals and discusses the answer to last month’s case quiz.

Does anybody, per chance, remember last month’s quiz? Here it is again with the answer to follow:


To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – Nitzie From Nowhere




Carbo veg.-3







So, who was our big winner this month? Amazingly, NO ONE!!!!! I guess no one knew the famous Thuja “keynote”–the sensation that something is alive in the abdomen?  Without this symptom in the case? All we have are common symptoms, namely GAS! Here’s what Maria Theodorou wrote:

Hello! Well you gave me a hard time with quiz 😀

I already know that my choice wont be correct,since I worked with repertory only. Anyway here is what I thought:

Pulsatilla first, but she is not thirstless. Then I thought of sulphur but it wasnt in the rubric Loud flatulence. I thought Of bryonia but it was missing from some rubrics also. So I will vote for Carb-v. It came first in ranking and it covers all my rubrics.

(What struck me was the “every 3 minutes flatulence”)

You know, Maria, Carbo veg. came up #1 for me too. Yes, that was quite striking, wasn’t it; but, I couldn’t find anything like “frequent flatulence” in the repertory.

….and that it is happening mostly at night (arg-nit crossed my mind here).

Arg-n. would be a good choice.

I could also say that the sensation that something is living in abdomen also (Croc, Thuj in grade 3, cycl grade 2). Also Lycopodium in grade 1. Maybe the feeling that whole body feels toxic also but I cant find a proper rubric for this.

No, I couldn’t either. There’s “fear of infection” but I don’t think that rubric is an accurate fit for this case.

However, I went with (ta-da!) “something is alive in the abdomen”! None of the other symptoms are really characteristic of a remedy. We have our “gas” remedies–lyc., carbo veg–but gas isn’t a very characteristic symptom as a lot of people have gas–and a lot of remedies too! If I asked you to pick up a friend of mine at the airport and said, “You can’t miss him, he’ll be wearing pants and a shirt,” I’d have to do better than that, don’t you agree?

So, what stands out in this patient’s symptoms? Everything in this case is uncharacteristic except for, “It sounds like something is alive in there…” You know, your average person with gas is not going to tell you that! I don’t think I’ve ever said it, have you?

So, as soon as I hear this symptom, I think of Thuja! And as it happened, I repertorized and Thuja came up #3, tied with Arnica, behind Lycopodium and Carbo veg. And actually, I didn’t repertorize until now. When I heard the peculiar symptom, I just went with it. Interestingly, Thuja does have fear of infection. And the actual rubric for the peculiar symptom in this case is:


Intestines: noises in, crying of an animal, like.


She used the word “groaning” instead of crying; and “something alive” in place of “animal”; but, very close, I think you’ll agree.


There’s also another applicable rubric to this case:


Intestines: running, something alive, sensation in


In other words, it’s as if there’s an animal running about in my intestines, and she does make a point of saying there is great movement of the flatulence, that the movement is striking. All I could find was the word “wandering”, which I don’t think quite matches the energy she was describing. And again, there’s Thuja and Cyclamen in that rubric. In the “crying” rubric, there’s Thuja and Arg-n. So, in the two peculiar rubrics, we’ve got only Thuja covering both things.

Thuja is also consistent with the rest of the case as well–thuja is thirsty, thuja is aggravated in warm rooms…nothing really contraindicates Thuja.

So, there you have it!


Well, some of you THOUGHT of Thuja, anyway:

Maria Theodorou and Eva the Picklet!  Congratulations to the two of you! See you next time!

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