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Save the Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital

Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital

Once upon a time during the 1800-1900s, there were at least fourteen homeopathic hospitals, as well as 107 homeopathic dispensaries. [1]

Sadly, bit by bit these have been closed down. The London Homeopathic Hospital has now become The Royal London Hospital for Integrative Medicine and has only very limited provision for homeopathic care. The Bristol Homeopathic Hospital has been moved out of its original building where it stood since 1925 but relegated as an out-patient clinic at the South Bristol Community Hospital. The Liverpool Homeopathic Hospital closed in 2011, though there is a homeopathic clinic operating from the Old Swan Health Centre. The Tunbridge Wells homeopathic hospital was closed in 2008 after West Kent PCT withdrew funding due to excessive pressure from skeptic groups.

The Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital, whose origins date back to 1849 [2], is therefore the last true homeopathic hospital left in Britain. Patients who have been treated there are full of praise for the doctors and the facilities. [3] It has 14 in-patient beds and so is still technically a hospital and is run by medical doctors who trained in homeopathic medicine. Many feel they enjoyed such a wonderful healing experience, that all hospitals should be modeled along the same lines.


Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital

Homeopathy has always been available through the NHS since its inauguration in 1948. However, there are those in high places who would like to see this end and for the last few years there has been incessant pressure to try to shut it down altogether. The cost of homeopathy on the NHS is miniscule compared to the overall budget, something like £152,000 a year for the medicines and four million pounds to keep the homeopathic hospitals running. However, since Glasgow is the only true remaining homeopathic hospital, the cost must be even lower now.

There is a campaign which has been set up to save the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital from being closed and for it to continue receiving funds from the NHS to keep it running. For those people interested in seeing this happen, please sign the Petition here. People have been signing from all over the world.


https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/nhs-greater-glasgow-and-clyde-save-the-glasgow-homoeopathic-hospital [5]


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