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School of Homeopathy, Devon, UK

School of Homeopathy, Devon, UK

The School of Homeopathy was founded in England in 1981 by Misha Norland. This makes us one of the longest running homeopathy colleges in the UK. The School is renowned for its approach to self-development, clinical practice, homeopathic philosophy and ethos of enquiry. We are proud of the number of students we have trained who go on to become successful homeopaths. The School was the first to be fully recognised by The Society of Homeopaths in 1994. Recognition means: UK students, upon receiving their Practitioner’s Advanced Diploma of the School of Homeopathy, are automatically eligible for registration with The Society of Homeopaths; it is also a stamp of quality giving reassurance to those new to homeopathy that all our courses are of the highest standard.

We offer five consecutive courses that can be taken by attendance or anywhere in the world through Open University-style home study.

First Aid Course

Taster Course

Year one : Foundation Diploma Course

Year two : Introduction into Practice Diploma Course

Years three & four : Practitioner Advanced Diploma Course

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The School is partnered with Alternative Training (, who help in many ways, especially organising enrollments, managing the home study courses and book supplies.

Misha Norland is my dear friend and valued colleague for over two decades. He has a solid foundation in classical homeopathy, both in its philosophy and practice. Yet, he has the openness and creativity to explore new avenues and the latest advances. His school is a reflection of this beautiful blend, where students are taught the science systematically and also encouraged to explore and enjoy the process.

Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Homeopath, Lecturer, Tutor, Author, Software Developer

Our Approach

Heart and soul

We have a vision of an open, shared, experience of homeopathy, where asking ‘how and why’ is valued as highly as knowing the answers to questions. Your personal mode of learning is taken into account, whether your background is artistic, intellectual or scientific. We put our heart and soul into self-discovery, as well as into finding ways to heal others. To help this along, we provide a tranquil environment where compassion and self-awareness are practised.

Many years of experience

We are proud of the quality, knowledge and diversity of our faculty. Teachers, mentors, tutors and supervisors are all experienced and practising homeopaths of long standing, offering you their wealth of personal experience. They provide you with a coherent healing philosophy validated by results. We demonstrate homeopathic healing through clinical application time and time again.

Healing method

The healing method we teach is the ‘classical’ homeopathy of Samuel Hahnemann, as described in his ‘Organon of Medicine’, elaborated upon by Kent and current practitioners at the forefront of homeopathic development. Our teaching team is motivated to bring innovative methods into clinical practice. We have incorporated the insights of Jan Scholten and continue to be inspired by Rajan Sankaran. This enthusiasm for new insights will keep you abreast with current thinking as you learn the time-tested approaches alongside the newest discoveries.

Thinking and feeling

The School’s approach to the study of homeopathy is experiential. In the initial stages of learning, particularly of medicinal substances, this involves a blend of detailed academic study and insights derived from being in tune with the dynamic ‘vital being’ of the medicines. Latterly, the empathetic approach is championed in casework. This is because a homeopath’s art depends upon understanding the dynamic disturbance in the suffering individual and matching this with the dynamic energy of the medicine.

As you progress through the course, you will be guided in techniques of synthesis, using diverse sources of information to form a coherent understanding. We blend many ideas with homeopathy from science, mythology, psychology, biology, zoology and much more. In this work, you will be inspired by Misha Norland’s approach, which artistically exemplifies synthesis: the blending together of many elements to deepen understanding.

Helping you grow

There are no exams. We use a continuous assessment methodology that is designed to stimulate your creativity and gathers feedback from a range of sources. These include assignments as well as individual feedback from mentors, tutors and supervisors. This person-to-person contact provides you with educational support as well as evaluation. As you proceed in the course, the emphasis becomes increasingly patient-oriented. Once you begin in practice your personal clinical supervisor plays an integral role in your development as a healer and prescriber of homeopathic medicines. By carrying out the academic work to a sufficient depth and by going on to practice under supervision, you demonstrate your growing skills and can progress to receiving your diploma and registering. Then, quite naturally, you will build your own practice with confidence. Our encouragement for self-reflection throughout the course also provides a formula for your continuing professional development.

Our Independent Status

We have been approached by universities in the past, but we have decided to remain independent. A few colleges in the UK have turned to a university campus for degree status. However you do not need a degree to practice homeopathy. Our independence ensures we maintain creative control of our course keeping us free to develop and change so you receive the best education and are kept up-to-date with the latest homeopathic developments. Plus for our students, the informal, natural and healing atmosphere of the course and School, with its small classes and home study, is a blessing that cannot be replicated in the institutional setting of a campus course. This also allows us, unhindered by institutional agendas, to continue in providing the forward-looking ethos and flexibility for which we are world renowned.

Misha Norland has a sixth sense regarding homeopathy. He knows his remedies very well and in their essence. His lectures are always bright and to the point

Jan Scholten, Homeopath, Lecturer, Tutor, Author

The School’s education progresses through five levels

There is much to be learned and understood as you become a homeopath, not only about the practice, but also about who you are, and how you may heal yourself as well as others. Study involves a combination of good teaching and support from us and appropriate commitment from you. Our part is to give you the best materials and personal encouragement to help you become the most effective practitioner.

Homeopathy First Aid Course & Remedy Kit

If you want to learn the basics about homeopathy from the comfort of your own home and be able to prescribe for your family but are not interested in becoming a practitioner then this course is for you. The course comes as a complete package with study manual, books, DVD, remedy kit and everything you need for first aid home prescribing.

Taster Course

If you are interested in homeopathy but not yet sure if it is for you or if you want to sample the quality of our material, then you can nibble at the first two units of our Foundation Course through our home study Taster Course.

Year one : Foundation Diploma Course

If you like the idea of studying homeopathy but are not yet sure that you want to go into practice, then you can enroll in our Foundation Diploma Course.

Year two : Introduction into Practice Diploma Course

If you want to learn more about case work and are inspired to become a homeopathic practitioner then you can carry on into the Introduction into Practice Diploma Course.

Years three & four : Practitioner Advanced Diploma Course

If you wish to become a professional, then after you have completed the Foundation Diploma Course and Introduction into Practice Diploma Course, you carry on into the Practitioner Advanced Diploma Course – one leads seamlessly into the next.

I have known Misha for nearly 30 years. His dedication to the Art and Spirit of homeopathy is manifest through his wonderful teachings and collaborations on both sides of the Atlantic. His courses are renowned for their excellence in homeopathic learning the world over.

Miranda Castro, Homeopath, Lecturer, Tutor, Author, Software Developer


A major strength of the School is the diversity and experience of its faculty. Many of the most knowledgeable homeopaths in the UK teach at the School. Their wide-ranging skills combine to provide you with the highest standards of teaching, assessment and support. They are all active homeopaths who continue to increase their already considerable expertise through many channels of continued professional development as well as their everyday practice. To see pictures and read more about them visit:

Students from the School of Homeopathy are enriched with the possibility to develop themselves as homeopaths and on a truely personal level. New Homeopaths coming from the school are advantaged as they have well integrated “mythos” and “logos” in their prescribing.

Alize Timmerman, Homeopath, Lecturer, Tutor, Author


Letter from Polly, graduated 2007

My study at the School of Homeopathy were the most precious years of learning I have ever received as a student. I looked at various prospectuses, and when I asked practicing homeopaths – or those well informed – where I should study, they all said The School of Homeopathy was the only place for me to go to. They were right. After four years of study, I was desperate to fly the nest to start my practice, a healthy result of a wonderfully solid, grounded and excellent tutorage by some of the best homeopaths from the U.K. I have in all honesty not looked back from when I graduated. I have two thriving practices, with a third about to start. Importantly, I am totally fulfilled by my career as a practitioner and delighted at how my clinics have established themselves. I am busy, and with each month I watch my clinics grow.

What is noticeable , when I meet recent graduates at seminars or lectures,  is how much we as students were exposed to very advanced forms of homeopathic theory and methodology at The School, and which I attribute to my confidence as a practitioner. The depth of my exposure and learning there (practical and philosophical) was instrumental in helping me create strong and healthy practices. And not just me…good friends I made at The School have equally thriving practices too. The four years whizzed past and I made some wonderful new friends, and I have flourished professionally and personally. I am just so glad when I decided, on that fateful day, to change careers, that I was guided to The School of Homeopathy. It is a day I won’t forget… life really did change!

Letter from Bill, graduated 1987

When I started out with my diploma in hand, I was unsure that I could put what I had learnt into practice. I so much wanted to be the best practitioner! But I soon found that what I had been taught at the School of Homeopathy held me steady and guided me. I realised that the education and the spirit which informed it was special. I had received a vision of what healing could achieve at the highest level and I was and am passing this on, helping people live at their full potential. This healing is more than just treating symptoms, it is inspirational and it has become an everyday part of my life.

Letter from Vanessa, graduated 1990

The School of Homeopathy will always have a very special place in my heart. Not only because of the beauty of the house and garden and the depth of our study of the healing art of Homeopathy, but also the love and the humour that we all shared. I know that what I gained from both you and the place and being part of our community of students transcends what can be learnt in any curriculum. It was the beginning of a journey for me that is, of course, still ongoing. It was not just Homeopathy that we were learning, it was healing itself and this has flowed into the very furthest reaches of my being.

Fortunately for me, Misha Norland was one of my first homeopathy teachers. He explores and navigates the deeper aspects of homeopathic philosophy and materia medica, gently reminding that there is more to homeopathy than merely matching symptoms. Misha is a wonderful and experienced teacher, full of playfulness, serenity, wisdom, and insight.

Jeremy Sherr, Homeopath, Lecturer, Tutor, Author, Software Developer

For more than twenty years Misha has been a central figure in our world of homeopathy, and rightly so. He’s a wonderful blend of a seeker’s yearning to understand this world in great depth and a practical dynamo who makes things happen. His home-study courses reflect this; they give a solid foundation of classical homeopathy, insights into the newest approaches and a step-by-step approach to consistently finding an effective remedy. I think most students will find that these courses can do more than give them skills and confidence as they discover the richness of homeopathy; they can change their lives.

David Warkentin, Founding Director, Kent homeopathic associates, creator of MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks

The School of Homoeopathy Alternative Training programme is by far best homoeopathic distance learning course I know of.

John Morgan, Director and Owner of Helios

Misha is a rare teacher with a remarkable view of the interconnectedness of all things that he applies to homeopathy with great depth and understanding. His seminars are inspirational, and a lot of fun.”

Joanna Daly, Homeopath, Lecturer, Tutor

Misha is a gentle-hearted teacher who cares about his students as much as his teaching. In a deft but unassuming way, he guides students into a deeper understanding of health and illness, remedies and case management, theory and provings. By the end of the seminar, students discover that they have evolved, almost without effort, to a higher level of understanding.

Tina Quirk, School of Homeopathy New York, Homeopath, Lecturer, Tutor

Misha Norland is an extraordinary teacher. His long experience and deep knowledge of homeopathy and life combined with a past life in filmmaking, leaves the listener with a feeling of having joined in a magic tour or having been part of a fairytale. In simple words you experience something rather than just receiving information. After having followed his lectures, the experience stays a life in your memory and becomes a part of your own being. I wish more teachers had this magic ability to give the listener the ownership of the knowledge.

Andreas N. Bjørndal, Principal of the Norwegian Academy of Natural Medicine

About the author

Misha Norland

The School"™s Director, Misha Norland is a Fellow and a founding member of The Society of Homeopaths. A practitioner now for over 30 years, he was head of Homeopathic Research at the first UK homeopathic college. Widely respected for his teaching and practice skills, over the years has taught many of the world"™s leading homeopaths. An international clinical facilitator, lecturer and author, he is well known for his contributions to journals, conferences and new materia medica. He also teaches and overviews the assessment standards at the School of Homeopathy, New York, and is the principal clinical teacher for the School"™s International Study programme.


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