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Written by Anne Vervarcke

Anne Verwarcke reflects on her “Walk for Homeopathy”

Anne Vervarcke

Anne Vervarcke

Looking back at the previous year where I put a homeopathic footprint in 9 countries, walked about 2000 km, linked lots of people and could donate almost 10.000 euro to homeopathic projects, I can’t but have a feeling of accomplishment.  It was a Walk through homeopathy-land within and without myself. The latter is expressed in the facts just mentioned, the motto ‘Walk-Heal-Link’, in the actual trajectories followed, the efforts and joys of walking and the meetings and consultations along the way. There are the reports, articles, pictures and video clips: all together they make up for ‘the story’. But as homeopaths we always look for ‘the message in the story’ and whether this symbolic message was picked up I can’t estimate.

One healer claimed she could clearly see on the places I walked, lights being ignited and passed on in an ongoing ripple.  As the whole Walk was undertaken on the foundation of faith, I gladly accept this image. The impact could also be compared to sowing seeds, that later will start to germinate and become sweet smelling flowers or majestic trees.

Homeopathy-land out there occasionally appeared to be stuck in conservative reflexes while on the other end of the spectrum there seemed to be a lot of magic going on as well.  Let me explain this a little. What I would call the conservative reflex actually is the expression of the dominance of the masculine aspect that took place in homeopathy as it did in the rest of the world: homeopathy is not practiced on a distant island after all, to the contrary: Homeopathy is Everywhere!

http://issuu.com/carmencita.be/docs/homeopathyis-ls?e=6115197/2728660 ).

Although maybe 80%  of the practitioners are women, teachers and writers are almost always men. The reason for this is simple and known to all: we live in a world where the masculine aspect in men and women is developed and rewarded, at the expense of the female aspect. In the history of homeopathy this resulted in focusing on knowledge, system and structure. In itself this is absolutely indispensable but when unbalanced by the feminine aspect it also leads to competition, rigidity and adherence to rules and methods. This is what divides homeopathy-land and the community of healers in general. And by perceiving the problem usually the solution becomes obvious as well….

What I call’ the magic’ is the sum of all those rituals, devices and  methods homeopaths believe in and use together with their homeopathic knowledge. We use the word ‘magic’ for lack of understanding the natural laws in action. As soon as we will, they’ll be called ‘science’. But for the time being kinesiology, meditation provings, radionics, intuitive, inspirational and synchronistic phenomena belong to the realm of the unexplained. Therefore we have a hard time putting words on it, we lack a common language and most of the homeopaths are discrete about it out of fear to be ridiculed. This is the realm of the feminine aspect. I think we urgently need to honor and develop this in order to balance our dear homeopathy and save it from extinction

As I met people, walked and talked with them, it struck me that so many seemed to be touched by the Walk on a personal level. (From the ceremony at Hahnemann’s tomb in Paris: “if reality is not made of small parts but of stories, and all of you are parts of the Walk , then the Walk for Homeopathy has become part of reality”)
Pondering over this I found that the reason for this is that the Walk was motivated from the heart and the ones who were attracted to join or support it were the ones who understood this language. It thus became a meeting and linking from heart to heart.  And this is the real linking the Walk was all about.

The third leg was ‘Heal’. My hope is that giving the example of being in the ‘give modus’ rather than in the ‘get modus’ has contributed, not only to support the projects who received some money, but to the creation of ‘the world in our hearts we know is possible’ (http://www.amazon.com/Beautiful-Hearts-Possible-Sacred-Activism/dp/1583947248 ): a world that is not ruled by profit for the few to  the detriment of the many, of scarcity and competition but a world of connectedness, compassion and cooperation.  We can’t heal people if we haven’t healed this in ourselves. Every homeopath needs to be healed, then homeopathy will become healthy and then everybody who touches it will be healed.

These thoughts and conclusions developed while walking and talking with all those wonderful people in all those countries. Meanwhile the inner quest came more to the foreground in the second part of the Walk.

As revealed in the post ‘The Gift’ (http://annevervarcke.com/2012/12/30/the-gift/ ), since a few years with this ability I tried to find my way in the homeopathic landscape. It actually took a walk out of it to have a more distant view. I struggled to find a way to connect the methodological approach (which I call the Vital Approach) with the intuitive knowledge but couldn’t come to a solution yet. In the workshop ‘Bridge the Gap’ we came to conclude that the gap might be bridged halfway by expanding our knowledge but the other half possibly has its place in  the healer himself.  A comparison with music can clarify my point: imagine a musician who practices daily countless hours for many years. When he masters his instrument he can then invite music to happen but whether it does or not is an act of grace and is not in his hands.

Similarly: if we have the mission ‘to restore the sick to health’, we understood what is to be cured in disease and we gained knowledge about disease and medicines, we have to take away our ‘obstacles to cure’ and then all conditions are fulfilled.  The outcome we have to leave the rest to the higher self who knows the way.

True healers not only heal the body. All homeopaths know this, as we call homeopathy an energy or a holistic healing method. But there is a level ‘Beyond Mind and Body’ (ISBN: 978-90-810-0174-8 ; soon available in English)) yearning to be healed. You can call it a spiritual healing if you want, although he word is a bit contaminated by commerce, and I would rather call the similimum the’ Remedy for the Soul’.

In retrospective my own development went from the pathway of the mind, the development of knowledge and system towards an ever deeper delving into the essence of disease. I came to a point now that I think the remedy for the soul is the most important. Spiritual healing means transcending the dualistic opponents: good and evil, right and wrong, dark and light, me and you and lifts one to a higher level of existence. And isn’t it amazing that Hahnemann already pointed this out in his famous aphorism 9?

In line with the necessity to balance the masculine and the feminine, to combine the individual being with the awareness of oneness, I think we can encompass the idea of the one remedy with the many. Let me explain this more.
Homeopathy is a sophisticated healing method that operates on all levels which means on all our ‘bodies’ or envelopes if you want. Only the physical is tangible: it is the most dense but by no means as material as science stubbornly insists on (the Science Delusion). Nevertheless one can apply homeopathy for the body: we all know how miraculously acutes vanish or injuries heal when the right remedy is given. In the same way we can administer remedies for the energy (etheric) , the emotional, the mental and the vital level. In my understanding the vital level is the Level of the Soul. I’ve always been passionately searching for everybody who consulted me his similimum, convinced that there is only one remedy the best match for the essence or the blueprint of a person. You can only be one person at a lifetime. This relentless pursuit was rewarded one day with the realization that I can receive the remedy for one’s soul only by putting myself in a quiet state of mind and in receiving mode!
In the years that followed (where my heart sung a lot when I could give this remedy to people: http://www.thewhiteroom.be/ppt%20en%20doc/What%20makes%20my%20heart%20sing.pdf )  I observed that by no means everybody was promptly and deeply healed after this remedy. It made me investigate and realize that not everybody needs the remedy for his soul for all problems and in all periods in his life. Many other remedies may be required, to detox the body, to energize the etheric, to overcome trauma, to help take the mythical blockage in one biography, to clear miasms and so on. The problem the patient comes with might not be a call from the soul level but situated on one of the other levels. So it is as well ‘the one and the many’ and in this way transcends the duality there too.

We have no specialists in homeopathy but healers are drawn to treat what they are able to grasp and master. We have excellent acute prescribers, or people who tackle epidemics, emotional healers etc. In this way I could call my specialty: homeopathy for the Soul, since this extra intuition needed for it is granted to me.

Homeopathy is under attack in many countries where governments try to control it. In this mindset the Belgian law decided that homeopathy is a medical system and can only be executed by medical trained doctors. One of the consequences is I’m not allowed to continue my practice the way I did for the last 25 years.  But what I’m doing can’t be considered ‘allopathic medicine’ because I am a medium who channels the similimum and the remedies I give are radionics. Ironically enough I can continue doing what I was doing anyway if I, forced by legal restrictions, just openly admit. So far I’ve been reluctant to do this as not to compromise the homeopathic community or lose the trust from my colleagues. But as there are signals from all sides: the need the balance the masculine/feminine, the legal restrictions and the duty as a healer to be a person of integrity, my next step is as clear as inevitable. It fills my heart with joy and I feel grateful to have been taken on this quest which showed me the way.

About the author

Anne Vervarcke

Anne Vervarcke, born 15.10.1952 in Belgium, was originally trained in the arts, and graduated in Oriental Philology and Anthropology and took later courses in classical homoeopathy. She established ‘The Centre for Classical Homeopathy’ (CKH) in Leuven, Belgium, which organizes a five year training course, a Postgraduate course, a yearly seminar and an International Training. She created the programmes and was teacher and director for 15 years. She has been in private practice since 1989 and has published the two books in the above bibliography. Currently she is co-ordinating international trainings and gives seminars in many different countries, specialising in live case taking. This year will see the start of a Master Class and online training.

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