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Sleep Easy

If the New Year’s brought lots of new patients who are having difficulty sleeping, homeopathy can offer a wide range of benefits including an excellent speed of action, ease of use and low risk of drug interaction. Following are a few remedy suggestions that may help people who need sleep a little easier. Note: This is not an exhaustive list and anyone with chronic insomnia should have a full case taken.


Differentiating Symptoms


Insomnia related to anxiety, shock, fright or grief. The sufferer is frequently troubled by nightmares and insomnia accompanied by physical and mental restlessness. Symptoms are worse from pressure of bedding, during menses and in a warm room. Better in open air.


Insomnia associated with jet lag and overwork, the sufferer’s bed feels too hard and uncomfortable, and they may be overtired. Also useful for insomnia related to recent injury. Worse from least touch or wine. Better for lying with the head low or lying outstretched.

Baryta carb

Often used for senile insomnia.


Often used for insomnia of cardiac origin.

ChamomillaInsomnia related to restlessness, irritability, anger or the overuse of coffee. This is a well-used remedy for children suffering from insomnia who refuse to be calmed. Also handy for insomnia and restlessness during the first part of the night and insomnia related to nightmares. Worse for being covered but better for sweating.
CocculusDifficulty sleeping due to being overtired or exhausted. People needing this remedy are often emotionally sensitive, suffer from motion sickness and/ or depression. Symptoms are worse for touch, noise or cold, worse during menses and better for lying on the side.
Coffea c.This is an excellent remedy for insomnia, particularly where the person is troubled by unwanted thoughts and the nervous system is over-excited, causing an over activity of the mind and body. Worse for cold and noise and better for warmth. Also useful for insomnia during pregnancy.
Insomnia associated with anxiety related to impending events such as stage fright in people who tend to be dull and drowsy, who cannot get fully to sleep, or have a restless or overly heavy sleep. Worse in damp, humid weather or in spring and better for reclining with the head held high.
IgnatiaSleepless from grief or sadness. Those who’ll benefit from this remedy are very light sleepers who often whimper while sleeping and have re-occurring bad dreams. Worse for cold open air and touch and better from pressure and warmth.
Kali phosInsomnia related to anxiety, mental strain, muscular fatigue, night terrors, restlessness or sleepwalking. Worse for touch, cold or fatigue and better for leaning against something.
Nux vomInsomnia associated with irritability, anger and gastrointestinal complaints in people who are impatient, fastidious and competitive. The person who’ll benefit from this remedy often wakes at around 3am, is worse for cold, dry weather, worse from eating and better for strong pressure and damp, wet weather.
PulsatillaThe Pulsatilla type is restless in the first part of sleep and can’t decide if they’re too hot or too cold and they may wake up too early.  Insomnia may be related to sadness, fear or irritability. Symptoms are worse from eating bread, fatty or rich food before sleep, and symptoms are worse before or during menses. Better in the open air or cool weather.
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