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Southern College of Homeopathy

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The founders of Southern College of Homeopathy, Val Lawrence and Mary Ellis, discuss the school’s purpose, program and philosophy.

 Southern College of Homeopathy

The Southern College of Homeopathy was set up in October 2009, in Tonbridge by us, Val Lawrence and Mary Ellis, with a vision to provide high quality homeopathic education for people wishing to become professional homeopaths, and to raise the profile of homeopathy by providing low cost consultations and short courses. Along with our homeopathic knowledge and experience we bring with us a wealth of business and marketing skills to pass onto our students, an area that is often lacking in homeopathic training.

We began the college with a first year and expected to grow year by year until we had all four year groups by October 2011. However in 2010, we had some students transfer from other colleges, so we found ourselves looking for larger premises. We knew we wanted someplace special, a place that the students would look forward to coming to, not just for the lectures but for the atmosphere also. We were delighted to be able to move to Salomons Conference Centre, near Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

New Career

There are a variety of reasons for people wishing to train as homeopaths; a desire to change career to one that is more fulfilling; to further develop as a complementary therapist; looking to return to work in a vocational career. Whatever their reasons, our students have one thing in common, they see the benefits of and have a passion for homeopathy. The college’s four year part time course is for people interested in helping others reach and maintain their best possible level of health, using a natural method of healing and learning the skills needed to qualify and practice as a homeopath.

Professional three and four year courses

The three and four year courses aim to educate and support the student to professional practitioner level. In return, we expect commitment and application on the part of the student.

The course offers training in all aspects of homeopathy, from philosophy and theory to practical clinical application. Integrated Human Science is included. The level of competence demonstrated on completion of the three and four year courses is sufficient for graduates to apply for inclusion into one of several professional registers of homeopaths.

The first year is a Foundation Year, by the end of which students will have gained a basic understanding of the principles of homeopathic philosophy, and a working knowledge of how to select and administer homeopathic remedies in acute situations. The following two or three years focus on developing students’ skills as professional homeopaths and beginning to build up their practices.

The two professional part time courses run concurrently with all students doing the foundation year, then two or three more years depending on whether they choose the three year or four year course. The curriculum for both courses is the same. The difference is that students on the three year course must complete and pass all criteria to be awarded Licentiate of the college by the end of their third year, whereas students choosing to carry on into the fourth year have an extra year to do so. At the end of the second year, a decision is made by both student and the principals, as to which course is appropriate.

Post Graduate Course

We also offer a one year post graduate course for homeopaths wishing to further develop their homeopathic knowledge, and to learn business and marketing skills that will help them to create momentum in growing their practices.

Homeopathic Clinic

An important aspect of the professional course is the clinical training our students receive. This is where the students integrate the theory learnt at the college weekends with the practical application of seeing real patients. Students have to start attending clinics from the beginning of their second year; however, from the moment a student joins the professional course they are welcome to attend our student clinics, held one Saturday a month at the Ananda Clinic, Tonbridge. We find that most students choose to begin attending clinics early in their first year.

The clinic is supervised by an experienced qualified homeopath, with each patient being seen by their designated student practitioner and observer before the case is discussed with the supervisor and the other students attending clinic. Students new to the clinic participate in the group discussions around case analysis and prescribing, then as they gain experience, progress to being an observer and when ready they will have their own clinic patients.

It is the combination of theory learnt at college weekends and through completing their homework, with the experience gained at clinic that builds their skills as a competent homeopath. By seeing real patients whilst under supervision, students develop ability in case taking, case management and dealing with complex/difficult cases . We find that students progress quickly by studying in this way, so that by the time they graduate they are confident, professional practitioners.

The clinic also supports our aim to raise the profile of homeopathy by offering low cost homeopathic consultations without making any compromises on time or quality.


About the author

Val Lawrence

Val Lawrence MCPH MARH qualified from the College of Practical Homeopathy in 1995 and has been involved in homeopathic education and supervision since 1998, being one of the core team members of the South East College of Homeopathy, receiving a Fellowship from the college in recognition of her commitment to the college and their students. In 2009 Val along with Mary Ellis started the Southern College of Homeopathy in Kent, UK. She runs a thriving practice in Bexhill, East Sussex. Val has considerable experience working with the elderly, plus an in depth knowledge of homeopathy for pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period with her background as an antenatal teacher for the National Childbirth Trust.
Email:[email protected]

About the author

Mary Ellis

Mary began her homeopathic training at the College of Practical
Homeopathy then due to relocation finished her studies at the South East
College of Homeopathy. She has practices in Surrey and Kent. Mary is
Co-Principal at the Southern College of Homeopathy, she also teaches
homeopathic first aid courses and holds tutorials for student
homeopaths.Mary is passionate about giving students the ability to
practise confidently upon completion of their course.

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