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Spiders In Homoeopathy

Brown Recluse Spider- A Lesser Known Spider Remedy
Written by Shrikant Talari

Dr. Shrikant Talari discusses indications for spider remedies and references cases to illustrate.

Spiders are one of the most interesting and wonderful animals on earth. A lot of spider remedies are a huge part of our daily practice, and today I would like to share with you my experiences in using spider remedies. I am going to give the mental themes, physical generals, physical particulars and pathologies in which it is useful.

To understand mental themes, I find this video “Peacock Spider Mating Dance” on YouTube very interesting and a good reference point to observe the behaviour and mind set of a patient needing a spider remedy


Following are the Salient features:


If you have seen the video you will observe the spider has constant threat from everything outside; it can get killed any moment, even mating is a threat to life.

One of my first patients from practice was a small child who was very restless, moving about, playing a lot in the clinic. Brought to me by his grandmother. She was very concerned that the child was so busy playing he hardly eats anything; he does not even come home to eat even a single meal the whole day.

I asked her how does she manage so much activity without food and she replied , “ I observed him eating mud and chalk”

She continues, “ I bring him home to eat food, and he will not eat just refuses”

I asked the child, “ Why do you not eat ?”

He replied, “Ah, none of your business; do you want to get hit?”

I was surprised by his answer and his threat to hit me, when I asked a reasonable question. I took the rubrics-

Generalities – Food and Drinks – Sand – desires – TARENT, Sil
Threatening – TARENT, hepar, stram
Restlessness, hyperactivity is a known feature of Tarentula H.

I gave the child – Tarentula Hispanica 1M One dose. The grand mother called me. Immediately after reaching home, the child said “I am hungry, can you give me food.”

Spider remedies use a lot of threat in their language and behaviour, I will hit you, strike you, do not interfere or talk to me or question me. Spider remedies just like to contradict for the sake of it, any interference is perceived as a threat even if it is a reasonable question. Therefore, another important rubric for this group in CONTRARY.

CONTRARY is someone who opposes, goes against without reason. Contradiction has some reason.  Getting into arguments, fights with others is a common feature of spider behaviour.

Constant Restlessness

Another important aspect is constant relentless in threat or restlessness or hyperactivity. It’s like if you rest you are dead, it’s the end of your life, like we see in the mating video.

They have to do something that is attractive, colourful and rhythmic, dance, to constantly have the opposite persons attention, to keep him entertained and engaged or else you are dead. You have to dance for your life.

Unrequited love

One of the important symptoms of spiders is ailments from unrequited love – Tarentula, H.  It means I put a lot of effort to seek the love and attention of the other person but I get completely ignored, neglected.

Agony of death approaching :

I once saw an 11-year- old child with medulloblastoma, operated twice with relapse of cancer. He was not ready to meet me and when I met him he was very angry at me and started kicking me, hitting  and used swear words. He said, “ You dog get lost from here”.

The parents said, “ We are sorry doctor but he keeps using these swear words in fever, in fact for hours he will constantly keep uttering abusive swear words.”

I kept the child under my observation for one full day to see what happens. He got a fever spike of 104F in an hour and started shouting loudly all kinds of bad words non-stop for 2 hours.

There was one more thing he was saying in between, “I am dead now, I am going to die, I am going to die.”

Rubrics I took :

Abusive, insulting (113) (Complete repertory)
Mind; CURSING, swearing, desires; threatening destruction and death (2) : 2tarent., culx-p. (Complete repertory)
Mind; CURSES; threatening destruction and death (1) : tarent. (Kneer’s repertory)
M; Mind; AGONY, anguish; death, agony before (12) : 3Acon., alum., 3Ars., 2carc., cocc., cupr., 3Lat-m., puls., 2rhus-t., 3Tarent., 2tarent-c., 2verat. ( Murphy’s Repertory)

What I want to highlight here is constant hectic activity in the form of abuse, cursing, hitting, striking, violence along with the the feeling of death approaching  . It’s like the spider even after mating knew it’s going to die and death was always in front of it.

With other symptoms like teasing and laughing at others this child got the remedy – Aranea Ixobola.  There was a drastic improvement in his suffering and pain, his fear disappeared, he become conscious, started eating food. The remedy gave him a good palliative relief for 1 month. It was a very advanced pathology with very little hope.

Spiders are very important remedies for advanced pathologies like cancer, gangrenous ulcers with very little hopes for survival where death is imminent. Good remedies for euthanasia.

Mischievousness, Hiding, Trickery, Feigning sick

The same child with medulloblastoma had other aspects like teasing, making fun of his friends and laughing at them. When the mother of other children would come he would run and hide himself in the house and act as if he did nothing.

He was very jealous that other kids have a bicycle, and he wanted his father to buy one for him immediately on that very day, he just wouldn’t wait. He kept crying till he got the bicycle.

He would never like his mother giving food to his friends when they come home. He would cry, throw tantrums about it. He felt this was very unfair and wrong for them to receive anything from his mother. He would get really angry and cry.

Jealousy, competition, comparison and impulsive. Impulsive in a way to hit, abuse, want or desire something now in this very moment are other important aspects. Impulsive laughter where the mother of this child would laugh about  serious matters too. This she said was impulsive, she just could not control herself from giggling, laughing about everything.

He loved playing but when it was school time he would have stomachache, start crying, yelling. Once the school bus was gone the pain was also gone. If parents became angry, he would say there is pain but would later sit in a corner and laugh hiding his face, but give the parents an impression as if he is crying. These kind of tricks, fun that he fooled someone is very spider like.

Feigning sickness, trickery, mischievousness, teasing, making fun of others.

As remedies in daily practice 

I find these remedies very useful in daily paediatric practice for conditions like autism, ADHD, atopic dermatitis. You will find the above behaviour in the child. Here I would like to highlight the symptoms during fever.

FEVER :- The fever is generally very slow to develop and it will reach high grade of 102 – 104F in 2 days of the child starting to develop symptoms. It may start with cold, cough, feverish feeling, the fever will hit high grade 102-104F in 2 days, but then the main thing the mother will complain of is complete loss of appetite. The child does not want to even breast feed. The only thing the child will have is fruits and fruit juices.

Desires for Fruits and fruit drinks during fever is a very strong symptom of spiders.

We already discussed the desire for sand, mud etc.

CONSTIPATION – Very severe constipation where the patient does not pass stools for days together. After 2-3 days the child has to pass stool with a lot of pain. He sits in the corner, hiding under a table trying to strain and pass stool. This I find is again a keynote symptom of Tarentula H.

HEADACHE – Another symptom is headache better by smoking.

HYPERSENSITIVE – All spider remedies are hypersensitive to all external stimuli like noise, light, touch, smell.

I remember a case of a 28 year old boy who had headache from the noise of someone fighting or loud music, light on his eyes. He would get up and start hitting people or shouting at them in anger due to headache. This headache was better by smoking. He was significantly better by the remedy Aranea Diadema.


We already discussed its role in irreversible pathologies like cancer, gangrenous ulcers. They are also very useful in chorea, twitching, convulsions, Parkinsons etc.

CONVULSIONS – where the patient is getting convulsion only when people are present, and gets intense as people start giving attention along with complete loss of appetite. This is very peculiar to spiders. Convulsions where the patient says he loses consciousness but is aware of things that happened when they were unconscious. (feigning sickness). Convulsions with backache or spine disorders.

PARKINSON’s or other irreversible neurological disorders  – where there is constant talking by the patient, non stop day and night. That is spider remedies. Mygale Lasidora is a very important remedy chorea, Parkinson’s.

HEART – Congenital disorders like septal defects in heart. I remember one child who did really well of the remedy Latrodectus Mactans for this condition. One symptom I found peculiar in him and other spiders is wanting to sit on corners or put his hand and feet under things. While sleeping the child would burrow his hands under the mother or father. This aspect of finding corners is also a feature in spiders.

VERTIGO : We all know Theridion for this condition. The following rubrics have at least 3 spider remedies in each of them.

RUBRICS with at least 3 spider remedies– (Complete Repertory 2012)
vertigo; CLOSING eyes; agg.; nausea, with (5)
mind; DANCING; amel. (14)
mind; DELUSIONS, imaginations; heavy, is (21)
mind; DREAMS; clothing (13)
mind; DREAMS; eyes (16)
mind; DREAMS; hiding (28)
mind; DREAMS; hiding; danger, from (19)
mind; FEAR; panic attacks, overpowering; death, before (16)
mind; GESTURES, makes; wringing hands (20)
head; INTERNAL; sleep; falling asleep, on (24)
abdomen; PAIN; hypogastrium; stool; amel. after (13)
speech & voice; DIFFICULT speech; chorea, from (15)
cough; DRINKING; amel. (27)
blood; LEUKOCYTS; increased; number, in (26)
extremities; MOTION, motions; control lost (16)
extremities; MOTION, motions; irregular (22)
skin; CARIES, necrosis (8)
generalities; INTOXICATION, after; anesthetics, antidote to (17)
generalities; SMOKING; amel. (35)
generalities; TOBACCO; amel. (39)
clinical; EUTHANASIA, for (23)

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Shrikant Talari

Dr. Shrikant Talari is a dedicated young homoeopath practicing in Pune. He has earned good repute for his work in rural and urban India especially in the acute management of cases. He has organised various educational seminars and workshops for students and practitioners. Presently he is working in the field of oncology, at Prana Pune. Prana is world's first homoeopathy yoga centre, with world class infrastructure. He also has worked at cancer clinics in kolkata and is in charge of the Gastroenterology and Cancer Clinic at Prana.At Prana he is responsible for the various courses run by "the other song” academy.

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