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Tapping Into the Universal with Mother’s Milk


Dr. Joel Kreisberg and Tim Owens share a new approach to experiencing the essence of Lac Maternum.

 I felt a wonderful floating sensation, not of my physical body – which always remained heavier and grounded, but of perhaps my inner lighter being. It was a joyful feeling, and I wanted to hang onto it for as long as possible. With the floating came a feeling of calm and peace. I found myself smiling. I felt safe, warm, protected, and a large sensation of unconditional LOVE came up.

For many familiar with homeopathic mother’s milk, the sensation of floating is a signpost for the remedy.  Yet, how many of you have experienced this floating?  Was it pleasant or unpleasant? As part of the Journey of Inspiring Homeopathy, the class we teach at Teleosis Institute, we directly experience the embodied states of each remedy.  To do this, we actively engage our imaginal self.  Not blinded and alone, like a traditional Hahnemannian proving, rather, we work together, in guided meditations, in partner sharing, in reflective journaling, and ongoing inquiry, to deeply and fully understand our relationship with each remedy. Rather than partitioning ourselves, alone with the experience, noting the changes in physical, emotional, and mental states for the sake of developing materia medica, we encourage dialogue and discourse in an eyes wide open stance enhancing our experience of the subtle nature of each remedy.  The italic passages in this piece are all written by fellow travelers on the journey with Lac maternum.

My experience involved a deep level of surrender into a womb-like state. I continually dissolved anything that arose. I dissolved tension, pain, thoughts, images, anything into deep darkness and warmth, a pulsing warmth that opened me to raw emotion.

As the group returns again and again to the silence of sitting with the remedy, we attend to finer and finer qualities essential to the nature of the substance. Rather than the proved constitutional picture of a remedy, we consider these experiences the universal nature of the substance. Universal nature is often expressed in dreams and subtle sensations.  With mother’s milk, this feeling of floating seems to be pleasant and safe with a quality of unconditional love.

I feel the energy connecting to all of us and stimulating thoughts, feelings, sensations like fireflies in the warm summer dusk air. 

Without the contextual framework of a homeopathic study group, these sensations and feelings might not offer such healing potential. A floating sensation that comes and goes may just be limiting.  Yet, in the quantum universe, all things are connected.  In the Journey of Inspiring Homeopathy, the container of the group provides necessary security to explore inner experiences that enhance our healing capacity.  How so?  By learning to explore altered states of experience with homeopathic remedies, not only are we better equipped to recognize and utilize these substances as healing medicaments, we begin to develop an ability to work directly with the healing nature of the substance in ourselves.

Then I saw all sorts of eyes looking down upon me, with a sense of a mother’s gaze, the eyes of many mothers who have provided me with the opportunity to live over and over and over again.

What happens when we remove the lens of pathology from our experiential filter? Homeopathic remedies move beyond like cures like, and become pure healing potential.  Rather than taken in response to symptoms to be cured, we cast a sacred circle in which we seek to embody the potential healing of each remedy.

My initial reaction was warmth, centered in my chest, solar plexus, went into my left arm.  Then I got a visual of a very sunny scene at a nearby park, but at the peak of summertime. Feeling was very up-beat, physically energetic, positive, and self-confidence enhancing.

To do this, we begin with a centering meditation.  It is essential that we create a veil that separates our daily consciousness, allowing each of us to refresh our internal sensory apparatus. After the opening meditation, we weave a container by each member of the journey checking in with a reflection as to how each member is showing up today.  With check in, we can be fully present to ourselves and one another.

There was this more generational connection to a universal feminine energy.  That was what I understood to be that intense feeling in my heart.  It was as if I was holding space for all these women, very tribal in feeling.

We commence upon our journey, each taking or holding the remedy.  With a guide, we settle into our internal landscape, opening up to the palate of sensations, thoughts, and feelings that light up our inner sensory screen.  Our guide gently takes us through familiar landscapes from previous journeys with the remedy.  We come in direct contact with the ally of the substance, opening up to the healing message that lies within.

I am watching a soul come into human incarnation through a silken tube that just barely embraces the soul – very light, very easy, very lovely.

Once the message is received, we bow in gratitude for the teachings and begin our return back to the physical realm and the supportive circle.  The finishing bell rings, we next move into pairs, each partner, in turn, sharing their experience, while the other listens.  When complete, the listener responds with acknowledgement and energetic embrace.  The pairings switch roles, thus each tells their story in detail.

In a spacious room with floor-to-ceiling windows, looking out over planet earth. In a spaceship? In heaven? I was with two blue-robed figures – could not see them clearly – but sensed they had an official capacity, like guides. We were talking very calmly about when would be a good time for me to leave my body. When the time came, it would be like turning off the TV or a movie projector – as easy as that, no pain. There was a sense that my real reality was up in the higher worlds, that my earthly existence was only a projection of it.

Given the business of contemporary life, there is little time to savor the richness of our experience in one evening.  As our circle closes, the experience of the substance continues to work through our layers of being.  Over the next week, each will return to the meditation with the substance several times, and each will write about their experiences in our online platform.  As members of the group share, the nature of the substance grows stronger and clearer.

It was like butterflies in my chest rather than my belly but like mini elephant butterflies, it was fluttering but also heavy.  It then spread across my chest and I really started feeling my mammary glands. 

We have taken to working directly with the energetic domain beyond the substance itself.  For the second week of each journey, each member of the group attunes to the subtle energy currents in their personal lives.  With Lac maternum, this means recognizing the relationship with feminine nourishment.  In what ways are we able to take in nourishment and how are we grounded by this energy?  Again we each share our reflections of the journey in writing.  By end of the second week, we are ready to start the journey again with the next universal remedy.

Lac maternum—mother’s milk, has been kind and generous with us. Our visions have been diverse.  The potential for celebration and grandeur of this remedy can be seen in the following experience.

Beginning with a wonderful scene of angels in long golden robes playing long golden trumpets, ascending in a spiral up a river of light, with joyful sounds of exultation, jubilation, celebration. Golden crowns; a crown of gold around my crown chakra; a rainbow-petaled lotus at my crown chakra; bubbles of golden light in my heart chakra.

Yet, mother’s milk may also birth us into the next realm. One that is both sad and remarkably open.  Our final share offers a glimpse of birth into infinite worlds.

I also held vague and then sharp memories of being on an island that was crumbling into the sea. I could see people desperately trying to get into boats to escape, but the island’s descent into the oceans was creating turbulent waves, or were the waves reaching up to swallow the island which was crumbling like a child’s sandcastle built too near the ocean’s lapping waves. I am an old man. I cannot move so easily. I do not feel the urgency that the younger people screaming in terror around me feel. I trust in the Great Mother. Then, all I could see was the galaxy of stars unfolding before me like the splash of mother’s milk as the ocean engulfed me and my extended family. Deep grief, followed by a remarkable sense of acceptance and wonder and awe… Then the sense of plunging into a swirl of silence and mystery.


The Journey of Inspiring Homeopathy

The healing archetypes of Inspiring Homeopathy offers the opportunity for both individual and interpersonal healing.  Studying these nine remedies provides essential growth for the 21st century homeopath.  Join Joel Kreisberg, DC, CCH and Tim Owens, MA, CCH as they facilitate direct experience of the subtle but powerful nature of the Inspiring Homeopathy system.

The Dates: September 24th, 2017- January 21st 2018 , 2017. every other Sunday from 11 am ET to 1 pm ET. Location:  All classes are online

Contact or Website for more information.:  www.inspiringhomeopathy.com

About the author

Joel Kreisberg

Dr. Joel Kreisberg, DC, CCH, PCC is the Executive Director of Teleosis Institute. Joel completed his training at Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in Berkeley, CA and at the Bengal-Allen Institute in Calcutta, India. After developing the Teleosis School of Homeopathy, he recently developed the Certificate Program in Narrative Health Coaching. He is the author of Homeopathic Handbook for Ivy and Poison Oak, and Coaching and Healing. www.inspiringhomeopathy.com

About the author

Tim Owens

Tim Owens, CCH began his teaching career in 1973 after studying with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Ontario, Canada. Having discovered homeopathy in 1990 and apprenticed with Joel Kreisberg, he co-developed the Teleosis School of Homeopathy in NYC. He completed the Inspiring Homeopathy course with Tinus Smits in 2007 in the Dordogne region of France and went on to co-edit two of Tinus’s books, Inspiring Homeopathy and Autism Beyond Despair.

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