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Teleosis School of Homeopathy

Teleosis School of Homeopathy

Teleosis School of Homeopathy in Boston, Mass., USA is a collaborative effort among four women – Begabati Lennihan, Loretta Butehorn, Peris Gumz and Kim Kalina – who collectively are as well versed in education as in homeopathy. Teleosis classes meet at a distinguished university in the heart of Boston’s medical area. The school is founded on these basic principles:• active learning: the students practice each skill they are taught until they have mastered it constructive feedback from individual tutors focus on the student’s thought process rather than “finding the right remedy” respect for different methods of prescribing creating community among homeopaths reverence for the natural world and the healing substances it provides us a strong foundation in classical homeopathy followed by an introduction to the exciting new developments in homeopathy a student clinic in which students take the cases and make the decisions, under the watchful guidance of experienced homeopaths.

Teleosis was founded by Dr. Joel Kreisberg in New York in 1996. A teacher before he became a chiropractor, herbalist and homeopath, Joel based his school on the most progressive educational methods. After moving to California, he passed Teleosis to Begabati Lennihan in 2003. Joel then founded the Teleosis Institute for Ecologically Sustainable Medicine. From Joel we learned an appreciation for the healing herbs from which most remedies are derived; an eclectic approach to classical homeopathy; and an appreciation for the spiritual underpinnings of compassionate healing practice.Begabati brought the school to Boston with the support of two other homeopaths who had studied with Dr. Luc De Schepper – Loretta Butehorn and Peris Gumz. From Dr. Luc we learned classical homeopathy strongly grounded in the great old masters of the past; a fluency with LM prescribing following the 6th edition of the Organon; and the effective use of classical miasmatic prescribing.We have more recently been joined by Kim Kalina, one of the founding members of the Teleosis teaching clinic in New York, who is now bringing her experience to enhance our Clinical Program.

Teleosis currently incorporates several programs:

– A two-year Professional Program followed by a two-year Clinical Program, both meeting one weekend per month, and providing preparation for the CCH exam
– The Elements of Homeopathy, a year-long introduction to home prescribing
– Seminars open to the homeopathic community featuring nationally and internationally-distinguished homeopaths
– A teaching clinic for low-income clients
– Weekend seminars in acute prescribing for the general public
– Satellite clinics run by Dr. Loretta Butehorn providing clinical experience for advanced students and alumnae (described in her article)

Americans and Canadians interested in studying with us – including those who would like to transfer into our program to take advantage of our teaching clinic and/or CCH prep curriculum – are welcome to contact us.

Foreign students please note: we regret that we are unable to provide visas for students or green cards for homeopaths from abroad. Graduation from this program does not provide a license or legal protection to practice homeopathy (this is true for all schools of homeopathy in the U.S. at this time).

Teleosis School of Homeopathy
(617) 547-8500 [email protected]
777 Concord Ave., Suite 301
Cambridge, MA 02138 USA

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Begabati Lennihan

Begabati Lennihan is director of Teleosis School of Homeopathy in Cambridge, MA. A Harvard alumna, she practices homeopathy at the Lydian Center for Innovative Medicine and teaches meditation at Harvard Health Services"™ center for mind-body medicine. She is an Adjunct Instructor in homeopathy at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and has edited several textbooks of homeopathy.

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