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Testimonies About The Other Song Academy


Testimonies About The Other Song Academy


Nadia Bakir “THANK YOU for an amazing learning experience! I speak on behalf of myself and all the participants to say that we will remember this experience for eternity. The educational component was outstanding and the best we have encountered so far in India (and maybe best anywhere). Also we felt so warmly welcomed and taken care of.  Everything was organized perfectly and our requests were met swiftly and perfectly.

It was beyond our expectation! Now you know you have made us addicted to India!  I look forward to more visits…

  Nadia Bakir

B.Sc., ND, FCAH, DHANP, HMC, CCH, M.Sc. (Cand.)

Nadia is a naturopathic doctor and a full-time faculty member at CCNM

Participant of Canadian customized course at ‘the other song’ February 2013


Alistair Gray‘It was a delight to be invited to visit and speak at the other song in December. I have to congratulate you on the extraordinary space you have created. I have had the good fortune to teach in many clinics and colleges around the world, but what you created at the other song is something very, very special.

The Academy and the intention behind it is such a valuable development. At this time, where there are some challenges, obstacles and pressures internationally on the profession of homeopathy, it is crucial that we have common direction and some inspired leadership. Again congratulations to all that have been able to achieve and all the best in the future.”

Alastair Gray

Program Leader – Homeopathy

Endeavour College of Natural Health

Visiting faculty at ‘the other song’


laurie dack“I am Laurie Dack, visiting fromVancouver academy to The Other Song Academy. It has been an amazing experience. It is an unbelievable environment, incredibly organized, and set up for dynamic learning opportunities in homoeopathy. I mean it is everything that you could ever want in terms of a structure to learn homoeopathy. State of the art equipment, incredible, the staff and the people involved are incredibly enthusiastic, excited, full of ideas and it is just bursting with homoeopathy, the growth of homoeopathy, and at this point, it is so inspiring. So anyone who is considering increasing their knowledge, to immerse themselves in a program – this is the place to come.”

 Laurie Dack

                                                                                      Vancouver, Canada


Jo Dally“I am Jo Daly from the USA near San Francisco. I am here visiting the other song academy. I am so impressed by what a beautiful place this is for both the patient to come and be treated in the clinic, and for students to learn.

It is a very beautiful healing environment for the patients. Students are having a unique opportunity to look at the healing work that is going on here – in an ongoing way and learn immediately from the practitioners about the case, case-taking, and their thoughts. It is a hive of learning and healing – so I recommend people to visit here, either as a patient or student of sensation homoeopathy. I learn from hearing how others are viewing the case, and seeing my own perspective of it, and then hearing the practitioner that took the case, hearing their thoughts from it. This is a very rich learning opportunity for me. Different approaches and tools to presenting this material is also very valuable to take back with me when I go home.”

                                                                                                          Jo Daly,



willie neuhold“I think the academy is a very good place to learn about homoeopathy, it is very well equipped. There is a good spirit here, to share many things. it is worth to come over and learn homeopathy and come together with nice people. All of them are very friendly and helpful and it was a very good experience for me.  We are all-together and involved in the process of learning and teaching.

This is a great learning place and unique opportunity that I have never seen before.”

                                                                                      Dr. Willi Neuhold,




Bart Simons“I’ve been a regular psychiatrist for more than thirty years. The shortcomings in the allopathic approach, especially the use of psychotropic drugs made me take up the study of homeopathy. That’s why I followed the 24 days Advanced course. I am very impressed by the quality and the level of the education in classical homeopathy at ‘The Other Song. The presentations by different teachers have taught me that there are different roads to the right prescription. Good case-taking as a start and a thoughtful application of the rules of the science. Dr. Sankaran and his collaborators have created a consistent and practical approach which can be learned and mastered by the diligent student. For me, one month was too short time to feel experienced, but long enough to get a clear picture of the basic elements in homeopathic prescribing. I am sure this will help me very much in my practice.”

                                                                                                          Dr.Bart Simons,

                                                                             MD, Psychiatrist, CX Netherlands



“This has definitely reflected in my practice. I feel more completeness and my prescriptions are more sure and balanced now. I have made the most satisfying decision by joining this course and I sincerely recommend that all senior practitioners of homoeopathy should do this once.”

                                                                             – Dr. Tejas Shah,

Practitioner, Mumbai (India)

Participant of Part time masters course



Dr. Supriya Roy“The Masters Part-Time course offered the best spread of Time investment. It is helping me to build & strengthen my foundation, deepening & widening my base. It helps to integrate the new developments of the systems approach with the old traditional symptoms & rubrics.”

                                       – Dr. Supriya Roy

Practitioner, Mumbai (India)

Participant of Part time masters course

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