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The Aggravation Zapper

   Black ink = Elaine  



Blue ink = Diane    



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Diane!  Imagine running into you here in cyberspace!  What was the likelihood!?  Who would have ever guessed?

That’s strange, because when I saw you this morning you said something like, “One day I will come for you. It may not be today.  It may not be tomorrow.  It could be when you least expect it…  Or whatever’s good for you, who cares.”

I said that?  What was I on?!  Well, anyway, as you may remember, I interviewed you for the Aug. 2004 issue of the ezine, and buried in that interview was a gem: your priceless “Aggravation Zapper!”  Ever since then, my clients have been swearing by it!  Clearly, it should not be buried in an interview but should have its own title and its own space so that people can find it!  So, without further ado, I’d like to show you why we need to get this out in the open and spreading like wildfire!

A colleague once told me she gave her husband Phosphorus 30C for an illness, and he had an aggravation, he doubled over in pain and cried!  Of course, she antidoted the remedy right away!  When she told her practitioner that, he said, “What did you do that for, the remedy was working!”  What????? 

I seriously have to wonder if anybody has read The Organon of Medicine by Samuel Hahnemann!

Let me explain what an aggravation is:

Picture world heavy-weight boxing champion, Muhammad Ali, getting knocked down in the ring by “high potency”, Sonny Liston.  That’s an aggravation!

But Ali recovers, gets up, and comes back swinging!  Down goes the “illness” (Sonny) and that’s the curative response!!!!

Now, what happens if you keep knocking Ali down?  How’s he ever going to get up???    Well, that’s what happens if you tell a patient who’s aggravating to keep taking the remedy! 

Similarly, if you knock him down too hard (with too-high a potency) such that he can never get up, how does that help him?  Is this in any way curative?  But that’s how many of us are prescribing!  And then if the patient says, “I’m worse now than before!” we make up excuses!  “Oh, it’s good for you!” or, “That’s a good sign, keep taking it!”  It’s horrifying to know that people prescribe this way.  Some will blame the patient or just stop taking their calls because they’re out of excuses, out of ideas, and the patient is making them “look bad”!

We have to have some theory, some concept about potency and repetition, and it’s all in Hahnemann’s Organon if we just take the time to read it!  Meanwhile, at the very least, we now have Diane Fuller’s “Aggravation Zapper” to stop the suffering!  Diane, the floor is all yours! 

Thanks, Elaine for that marvelous–and long– introduction!  I am still getting emails about our 2004 interview – many of them wanting to know how to antidote a remedy.
homeopathic remedies [1] is such a simple process and it can save so much needless suffering on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, etc. –  that I’d like to begin by telling you about one of my first tries at antidoting an aggravation.

I don’t remember exactly where I read about this method, but…

It was in 1994, and I had given a woman 2 granules of Phosphorus 1M which matched her symptoms very well indeed.  She was very pleased with the results. There was only one problem.  The diarrhea that she had experienced with the cholera she contracted while in India 10 years previously, returned.  That was a good sign, we thought, because of Hering’s Law of Cure (“return of old symptoms”).  She was going back through her past illnesses and was feeling much better in every way.  But after a month, the diarrhea was still there and she was becoming weak from it.

I decided that I had better do something to stop the diarrhea at that point.  So, I put 2 granules of Phosphorus 1M into a dropper bottle with some distilled water and vodka and told her to put 1 drop from the dropper bottle into a glass of water and take 1 teaspoon once daily (succussing the dropper bottle before each dose) until the diarrhea stopped.  Within hours, she noticed a difference, and by the third day, the diarrhea had gone completely.

Well, Diane, that wasn’t confusing at all!

I’ve simplified it greatly since then.

Thank goodness!

In fact, one of the most wonderful discoveries I have made during those years is that this method is not only useful for homeopathic remedies [1], but for “aggravations” from ANY SUBSTANCE (including toxins and allergens) as well.

For example, I have seen people who have had reactions to medications, take a tiny amount of that medication (scratch a few grains from the pill) and after diluting it in a large glass of water and dumping and refilling the glass several times (which is similar to diluting and succussing a homeopathic remedy) before taking a sip, will usually find relief from the reaction.  But I am getting ahead of myself, aren’t I?

It doesn’t matter cuz it’s all very interesting!

But, let’s quickly give some specific instructions!

Good idea!

To antidote a remedy, I usually put a granule or pellet of the potency that aggravated into a glass of water (about 10 oz) and then dump and immediately refill the glass, continuing this dumping and refilling until the desired glass is reached.  (Yes, the granule will be dumped out of the glass the first time – you don’t have to wait for it to dissolve – the remedy is already in the water as soon as the granule hits it.)  Then, take a sip.

Let’s just clarify that the patient is standing at the sink with the cold water running.  He has a large cup of water (I would suggest a disposable cup, Diane, don’t use the good glassware for remedies!)

So, again, to be clear, you’re standing at the sink, cold water on, fill up the cup, drop in a remedy pellet, dump out the cup, refill with water, dump out, refill….stop somewhere and take a sip!  It could be the 6th cup, it could be the 12th cup or the 10th cup, pick one, probably any one of those will work!

Diane, what if you aggravated on a water potency?

Then 1 drop instead of 1 pellet.  (Do NOT succuss or shake the bottle first, I cannot emphasize this enough!) and continue in the same way as above.

If the remedy is in powder form, put a tiny amount – less than 1/8 tsp of the powder into the cup of water.  The idea is to put a tiny amount of the substance into a large amount of water, dump out and refill a number of times, then take a sip.

I tell people to “turn the tap on full blast”–but not so much that you get water all over the place.  When they are making an antidote in this way, the force of the water coming into the cup “succusses” the substance while the continued refilling of the cup dilutes the substance.  As you know Elaine, to make a homeopathic remedy, you have to dilute and succuss.

I’ll take your word for it.

Now, the best way to decide how many times to dump and refill the cup is by muscle testing!  Otherwise, you must guess at how many cups you need.  You could try the 6th, the 12th or 16th cup, etc.  If you can’t do muscle testing, just take one dose and see what happens, wait an hour, and then decide if another dose should be taken.  We can’t know these things in advance and every person is different.

I hasten to add that 99% of the time, the remedy is antidoted after one sip, but give it an hour.

That’s what I’ve seen too–that one dose is enough.

If nothing happens after the first sip, you might want to double the number of cups and try again.  For example, if you have antidoted in the 6th cup and nothing happened after an hour, try going to the 12th cup next time.  I usually wait at least 1 hour before diluting the remedy again in this way.

This method also works if you have eaten something that you are reacting to.

Can you give us an example?

One woman had eaten some bread that for some reason did not agree with her and she felt very ill almost immediately!  She put a crumb of the bread into a glass of water and continued dumping and refilling the glass until she reached the 12th cup and then took a sip.  Almost immediately, the symptoms went away.

Amazing!!!!  No one would believe it in a million years!

Sometimes people feel sick after eating out or just eating a meal consisting of several ingredients, and are not sure what it was that has caused the problem.  I have often seen the symptoms go away very quickly if they just “spit in a glass” of water, and then dump and refill the glass several times to make a remedy.  Whatever is causing the problem is in the saliva and a small amount of it will make a homeopathic remedy to antidote the symptoms.

Diane, I know this is a fact because I tried it!  I hasten to add though, that on another occasion, it didn’t work, but the indicated remedy–Pulsatilla (ailments from fat)–did; so, don’t throw your remedies away!  Nonetheless, I think what you’re saying here is truly revelational!

Now, here’s a scenario for you: After antidoting in the 12th cup, the person feels a little bit better. Should he wait?  Should he go to cup-24 or stay with cup 12 and take it three times a day for three days, stirring the cup before each dose?  In other words, how would you manage a partial improvement?

This is where a knowledge of muscle testing saves so much worry and uncertainty.  I wish everyone would learn to muscle test – not just remedies, but everything – herbs, vitamins, food etc.

Well, I’ll tell you, Diane, let’s have you back in April and you can explain this to us in detail! 

UPDATE: click below for “Diane Fuller on Homeopathy and Muscle Testing”:

https://hpathy.com/homeopathy-interviews/diane-fuller-2/ [2]

So, if after the 12th cup, the person feels a bit better, he might want to wait 3 or so hours and take another dose from cup 12.

Would you stir or do anything like that first or just take another sip from the same cup?

Yes, it would be good to give it a good brisk stir before taking another dose.  If you are going to need more than one dose, using a spoon is better than taking a sip because you are introducing whatever is in your mouth into the remedy.  If you are using a spoon, use a clean spoon for each dose.

(Good point, but, use a plastic spoon–and paper or plastic cups!  I always tell everyone, the remedy sticks to whatever you put it in!  If the remedy didn’t stick to things, it wouldn’t stick to the blank sugar pellets in your remedy bottles!  You don’t want all your good glassware and silverware turning into remedies every time you fill them with up water, do you?)

If, after another hour, he still isn’t any better, he might try taking a dose from cup 24.

In my experience, these are all worse-case scenarios because it isn’t usually a problem as the first dose of the dilution generally does the trick.

I’ve found that when repeated attempts at antidoting don’t work, it usually indicates that the person is not aggravating at all, that he either has an acute illness or has moved into a new remedy layer or experiencing return of old symptoms.

Diane, I think our work here is done. Hopefully no one will ever let a patient suffer needlessly again!

And Elaine, I should add that this antidoting method only antidotes the aggravation, the good work of the remedy goes on!

Really!?  I think that about puts the lid on it!

I’m going to end with a case.  My friend, Shobi’s, mother, who was reasonably new to homeopathy had successfully taken Arnica for a chronic foot problem with a very long name which was very painful and too painful for me to remember.

Now, flying to London to visit her son (Shobi’s brother), she was worried about jet lag.  We told her to take Arnica on the plane with her.  Yes, Arnica is a good jet lag remedy too!  I’m going to let Shobi tell the rest of it:

Elaine, FYI, she was told she couldn’t take the Arnica water bottle on the plane with her – as you can’t apparently take opened (unsealed) water bottles on the plane these days for safety reasons.  So she panicked and decided to take two doses from the water before she got on the flight hoping that would “cover” her until she got to London.

Well….After the second dose the pain in her foot flared up–which had been previously healed!  So she waited over an hour with no improvement in the pain, so she went in the ladies room and did the Aggravation Zapper right then and there.  Your antidoting method helped!!  I can’t believe she remembered how to do it because you only showed her once!  And she took the flight with no pain – and says she fell into a deep, deep sleep on the flight.

Did I tell you that she says she has been sleeping better than ever after the Arnica – she can’t believe it.  She is now trying to get my dad into homeopathy!!!  The first thing she did when she got to London was go to Ainsworth’s and get herself an Emergency Kit – normally she would have been sick for days with jet lag and wouldn’t have been able to leave the house – amazing!

In terms of her foot, no pain since the antidoting!!  Her foot seems like it really is on the way to being totally healed.

Thanks for sharing that Shobi, so many lessons in that one story!

Oh, we’re in luck; this just in from Tracy:

Hi, Elaine –

Just letting you know that I just got off the phone with “D”, and he is doing MUCH, much better, and was even in a good mood!!

Earlier this morning I had spoken with him and he had taken one dose of the Bryonia 200C and had started coughing MORE, had to blow his nose MORE than usual, but had felt a little better in general; so, I shared with him your secret of diluting and pouring out the cups, and asked him to try that (boy, was he skeptical of THAT).  But he did it anyway and took a sip, and reported that the positive effect on all his symptoms was AMAZING.

You see?  I told you my clients were doing this, this is so much a part of what I’m doing that I can’t imagine how homeopaths are managing without it!  End of story.  Now, pass it on to everyone you know!


Diane Fuller is a former Registered Nurse who studied homeopathy with Misha Norland from The School of Homeopathy and completed Lou Klein’s Master Clinician course. She practices in Prince George, B.C. Canada and can be reached at [email protected] [3](This is Diane’s up-to-date email address.  Ignore the one farther down.)

Elaine Lewis is a graduate of Robin Murphy’s Hahnemann Academy of North America.  Elaine takes online cases, visit her website at https://elaineLewis.hpathy.com [4] or email her at [email protected] [5]

[6] [7]