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The ‘Biophotonic Resonator’ A Synergetic Matrix (IV)

Ancient amulets were used to heal or protect people from negative influences or disease. A modern form of that device based on scientific research and using Biopotonic Resonation is described by the author.


In this article, Dr. Traian D. Stanciulescu describes and explains – from the original perspective of biophotonics – the very special properties of the Biophotonic Resonator to practically stimulate all types of living systems: plants, animals and humans. Theoretically, the structural and functional principles of this patented device are very relevant for a better understanding of Exogenous Homeopathy mechanisms.

The energo-informational stimulation of biological systems, an emergent application of Exogenous Homeopathy

In the context of verification and validation – with the help of science and top (bio) technology – the beneficial effects of some ancient therapeutic practices and their recuperation for the benefit of modern people, becomes not only possible, but also necessary.

In this way, procedures for stimulating the human health state are already known – through the previously defined mechanism of Exogenous Homeopathy (ExHo) [Stanciulescu: 2011a] – with the help of the traditional “medicine bag” hanging at the neck of Ötzi, the oldest man preserved in the ice of Alps mountains, or used by the American Indians as a system able to keep the memory of their body health, the amulets with stones and symbols of the old Celtic people, magically stimulating the human body energy, the “curing belt” of the Zamolxian medicine, containing “witchcraft plants” able to transmit their protective vibrations around the human being, etc. All these are adapted today – by using the privileges of modern (nano) technology – into “therapeutic pills” of extreme protection against viruses, “phytotherapeutic devices” for recharging the energetic equilibration of the human body, in technologic instruments for protection against the harmful emissions of electromagnetic radiation, etc.

Being a result of such a technologic recovery, the BIOPHOTONIC RESONATOR (“BR») is a device which stimulates and harmonizes the human health state, essentially based on:

– the interdisciplinary results of biophotonics, developed by a group of researchers at the National Inventics Institute of Iasi (Romania), and practically finalized through many invention patents, among them: the Biophotonic Resonator for the energo-informational stimulation of biological systems [1];

— the principles of therapy through bioresonance (belonging to quantum / vibration / informational medicine and implicit to Exogenous Homeopathy).

The BR is a trademark distributed and registered – among other specific realizations of the inventors – by the brand already known as:



In conclusion, we can say that the operating principle of «BR» has been known since the beginning of time, and cannot be claimed by any of the authors of the inventions mentioned above. However, the scientific substantiation of its structural-functional principles (from the perspective of Biophotonics and ExHo implicitly) and its technological manufacturing in accordance with these principles can be seen as an innovative reference contribution.

It is exactly this innovative contribution that made the connection of BR and many other biophotonic products – such as homeopathic health – stimulating clothing, utility products, architecture etc. – to be very well appreciated in the inventics salons and exhibitions.


Types of interconnected applications of ExHo: the „Biophotonic Resonator” and the „Biophotonic Clothing” complex, inventions recently (re)presented by Traian D. Stanciulescu at «EURO-INVENT EXHIBITION», International “SALON OF INVENTICS” and first INVENT-INVEST «SIR 20», 2010 (Iasi, Romania), where the inventions received the gold medals.



In order to justify this point of view, it is necessary to continue to present – as it is performed at the description of any invention – a series of dysfunctions / weaknesses of the already pre-existing systems, which the Biophotonic Resonator has managed to overcome.

As we have already suggested, all the practices of old and new (bio) resonator systems have as implicit:

  • The optimization of the “vital force” of the human body and of the immune system respectively, by amplification / release for proper behavior purposes, of the energy-information resources owned by the receiving system.

  • The body’s protection against the natural or artificial radiating sources, disruptive to human health (from the effects of the telluric waves, up to those of the electromagnetic transmitters and radioactivity, from the harmful vibration of the viruses up to the biophotonic emissions of the human being).

Through these common virtues, all the bioresonator types mentioned have been implicitly formed as ExHo type products, without someone being able to explain the phenomenon from the perspective of an integrating science, as Biophotonics is.

As a consequence, through an interdisciplinary study of the structure and operation of these systems and mechanisms, it was possible for me to discover that the pre-existing systems present some objective theoretical and / or practical disadvantages namely:

  • Their manufacturing and use is not based on a relevant scientific theory able to explain the vibrational unit (of resonance) of all living systems (plants, animals, humans), the interaction of the biological systems with other similar types of systems (of biological origin, as the “Biophotonic Resonator” is, for instance), to distinctly highlight the resonance mechanisms – of energy and information – through which the latent resources of the receiver system are stimulated, etc., – and, in this way, to control both the construction and the use of the proposed invention.
  • The preexisting stimulators have not been designed in a synergetic vision, namely:

a) On the one hand, such product types operate by stimulating a limited number of parts / a limited number of stimulating items (usually for their manufacturing, the composition of the active substance, natural or artificial, was taken into consideration especially, ignoring other structural features which could synergistically intensify / amplify the effects, such as form-shapes, colours, volumes, etc.).

b) On the other hand, the bioelectromagnetic effects generated could not be seen in the complementarity of their properties, namely, as being equally capable :

– to “positively” activate / stimulate certain energo-informational properties (EI) of the receptor system (for example, to stimulate / amplify the frequencies of the human body inhibited already by disease;

– to “negatively” act (through elimination / inhibition / reduction on the dysfunctional waveform aspects which are influencing the (EI) health state of the human.

  • The previous bioresonating systems were not designed to act both at the holistic level of the biofield determined by the whole biological system (at the auric level of the human body as a whole, for example), and at the specific level only of a certain subsystem of this (at the level of some organs of the human body, for instance). This made them unable to correlate the bio-resonance effects with the specific mechanisms of the therapeutic remedies already known and effectively used (such as those of homeopathy, for example), and therefore, unable to explain and control the manifestation, sometimes paradoxical of the optimizing EI mechanisms (for example, stimulation and not elimination of the symptoms of the disease, taking in view that that these symptoms are the sign that the human body triggered the self healing process).
  • Due to some ignored conditions / methodological and technological possibilities, the qualities of the existing bio-stimulating systems have not highlighted and objectively measured the interactions between the components of the active substance and the human receptor (but only subjective measurements, radiesthesic type, for example) due to the unavailability of such measuring devices, which makes the existing resonators effective only in certain situations (when between the resonators’ substance and the human receptor is a genetic correlation), but with no effect in other situations (for example, where the EI level of the person subject to the optimization is higher than that of the bioresonator).
  • Insufficient concern was given to the achievement of simple and effective strategies regarding the location / maintenance / replacement of the devices on the receiving system (the human body), the existing solutions being uncomfortable (adhesive plaster, for example);
  • Not all the possible states of aggregation of the active substance are exploited (solid, liquid, gas, plasma), but only one of them (the solid one, usually).
  • The synergetic possibilities for maintenance / activation and stimulation of the active substance EI properties are not taken into account and there is insufficient protection against degradation factors (such as water, heat, etc.) beginning with the proper encapsulation of the active substance for storage of resonators in an adequately protected box.
  • The correlation between the objectivity of the bioresonator EI effects is not exploited; correlation determined by the vibrational properties of the active substance, and the subjectivity of choosing other options (based on the “aesthetic criterium of pleasure”, for example), which will further contribute (by the “placebo” type effect to the beneficial effects).
  • A part of therapeutic optimizing products based on signal transmitters / resonance waves do not use natural sources of signals, but only artificial resonators of physical / mineral and / or electronic type, the interference between the waves of these resonators and those of the biological body being less effective, which diminishes the expected effects of the proper behavior from the very beginning;
  • The technology used in the manufacture of the equipment for diagnosis and treatment based on bio-resonance is very expensive, and does not allow wide access to its use. Some natural type bio-resonators are still sold on the market at high prices resulting from the recommendation to use a large number of devices (even up to 12, in cancer cases) so that they can be placed in different areas of the body and fixed by sufficient incommode system (us).


* *

In synthesis, it can be said that all these type of bioresonators systems have been designed mainly as a means of implicit regulation (the EI mechanism left un-explained, like that of homeopathy) of different dysfunctions by stimulating the auto-generative capacity of the receptor system, but:

– were not viewed, in the same time, as a mean of preserving the “connection / adjustment power” of the human being to the natural and / or artificial environment, this way ignoring the possibility of using the bio-resonance effect to optimize the relationship between man and (the objects from) the environment.

– were not conceived & designed to contribute in the same time to the optimization of bio-psycho-social relations between people, through energy-information mechanisms of resonance of inter and / transpersonal nature.

Finally, I appreciate that the characteristics of the «BR» patent which will be briefly presented in the next paragraphs, represent an innovative solution able to overpass all the above mentioned constraining or unsatisfactory aspects.

1.1. Structural characteristics of a functional

Biophotonic Resonator


As a relevant example from all the practical manufacturing possibilities of a BR, our patent has chosen the relatively simple variant that is presented as follows.

  • FROM THE STRUCTURAL POINT OF VIEW, the «BR» device in the proposed patent consists of:

The main structural elements of a Biophotonic Resonator complex

  • An active substance A, consisting of a composite of organic powder, produced by mixing a variable number of from 6 to 54 ingredients of plant or protein origin, extracted from medicinal plants (flowers, leaves, roots, etc..), from other organic substances of vegetal origin (bark, roots, industrial or food plants, etc.) or animal nature – proteins (such as animal hair, pollen, keratin or shell powder, etc.) -, biological substances characterized (in their natural state) by the general attributes of the laser active substance: the ability to absorb and emit stimulated light, frequency modulation, directionality / polarity etc.
  • A support container B, made of a transparent plastic material (which is permissive to light), having a quasi-rectangular shape, slightly rounded at the edges (a form closer to one of an organic cell), the container being provided with an empty resonating cavity and in its interior will be encapsulated the active substance with a white lid cover, specifically / biophotonically treated with (bio) laser or with polarized light, that perfectly sticks by using a special solution necessary for inner surface protection against the absorption of moisture. The plastic resonator box is provided with a hole for wearing it as a pendant.
  • A leather or textile fiber strap C, having variable length, is designed to hang the resonator on the neck and to be worn as a pendant, placed as needed on the top or bottom of the body, on the chest or even on the back of the human subject.
  • A set D of eight colored stickers D, having the same dimensions with the resonators’ cover lid (seven of the stickers having the colors of the rainbow spectrum and one of white color), with filtering role/energo-informational transformation of the incident light in the resonator and of the bioluminescence emitted by its’ active substance, by exploiting according to necessities the therapeutic effect of colors and the “wave forms”, each sticker having applied a geometric design (of “mandala” type) with the function to energo-informational focalization of the resonators’ emission toward one of the seven endocrine organic centers (chakras) of the human body.

In case it is needed, the device can be covered on both sides with the same type of color stickers and stimulating design, or stickers having two colors and different mandalas, orienting the frequencies of the biophotonic emission toward the frequency of one of the seven energy-information centers of the human body, on the one hand, or being covered with the white sticker and the adequate mandala, which directs the emission of the bioresonator to the biofield of the human body as a whole, on the other hand.

Photos of the three main types of BR’s (from left to right): a) stimulating, inhibiting, equilibrating; b) photos of the two faces of a general «BR1», equipped with white and violet colored mandalas, stimulating the whole auric field of the body and the cerebral (spiritual-emotional) one.

The healing / optimizing properties of the active substances used for realizing a certain type of «BR» are determined by some homeopathic aspects, involving the specific type of bioluminescence emitted by the active substance of the remedy, by its degree of dilution namely.

Spectro-photometric images of a homeopathic remedy (“pulsatilla”), in different degrees of dilution [cf. Jayasuryia, 1997: Paul J. Callinan, 1984] University Department of Engineering, Melbourne]. In a similar way, the frequencies of the elements used in the realization of the active substance of the Biophotonic Resonator are differentiated.

As regards the structural issues mentioned above, some additional statements are to be made:

1. Having in mind the structural analogy between the active substance of the ExHo, we formulated the hypothesis that the remedies of endogenous homeopathy could work in a ExHo way too. The actual study of our still developing research has already received the practical argument that such a hypothesis is experimentally justified. I am expressing, in this context, my gratitude to Alan V. Schmukler for his very suggestive and profitable message sent some time ago, as a confirmation of the above mentioned hypothesis. In this way, he wrote:

“My own homeopath often asks patients to put the remedy under their pillow or carry it with them, as she believes the effect is manifested even that way. Bringing the correct remedy near a person’s head is said to produce a brief dilatation of the pupil. These are distant effects, although small distances”.

And, Alan continued his message with a series of very pertinent questions concerning the structure and functionality of the «BR’s»:

“Are your Biophotonic Resonators designed to project or telegraph the frequency of the substance inside of them? Do they have the general effect of increasing someone’s life force or raising their frequency? Are they chosen for a particular person or health problem? I would love to see one”.

Having in mind the general information already presented till now about BR’s, we could say that all the above questions have a unique answer, namely: YES.

2. The vegetable and protein ingredients used to make the composite of the bio-resonators’ active substance are characterized by a maximum purity from the ecological point of view (are taken from unpolluted areas, ecologically pure, and from fully healthy biological sources), The areas and the sources of origin for the active substances, the conditions of their collection, preparation and conservation, represent one of the “trade secrets” of the patent, having in view that the same plants, for example, but coming from different areas, have different EI characteristics (frequencies and wavelengths, amplitudes, intensities etc.). Or, for the ExHo effects of the «BR», the knowledge of these characteristics is essential to achieve the desired ExHo effect.

3. The setting / determination of the active substances, chosen to achieve several different types of «BR», was established by means of two types of complementary measurements, namely: informational-radiant ones (using different unconventional bioresonance devices or systems) and substantial-energetic ones (involving energetic / biochemical type of analyses).

4. According to the nature of the elements used (the formula of the mixtures represents another very important “trade secret” of the patent), it is possible to put in evidence many types of bioresonant active substance, able to stimulate, to inhibit or to maintain the equilibrium of the receptive biological system.

Electrographies (realized by Dr. Cornelia Guja, Anthropology Center „C. I. Rainer” Bucharest) of different types of «BR»’s active substances (vegetal + protein powders, framed in a plastic box. As many different types of active substances, as many stimulating «BR»’s resulted, with different curing effects accorded different types of illnesses, namely: stimulating / energizing / conserving effects.

  • Determination and choice of the biologic referential involves a special measuring biotechnologythe “genetic bioresonance” device, namely – in order to establish the compatibility rate of the bioactive vegetal and protein substance with the energetic-informational types of DNA, which makes every type of «BR» become functional in every possible human way and not only to some particular categories of users.

The utilization of this genetic analysis technology for the emission generated by the DNA matrix of each component of the active substance in order to choose those active elements which go over the maximum value specific for the human being (having 5 major values on a scale between 5,2-6,2 u.m.) [Brasoveanu, 1998]. Thus, the functionality of the «BR» was ensured for each type of human subject that could use them, avoiding the risk – generally ignored – of functioning well only for certain categories of human subjects.

  • In addition, each substance used here was tested from the biochemical point of view by the experts from the PLANTAVOREL (Piatra Neamt, Romania) Involved in the pharmaceutical industry highlighting that [Ionescu, 2007]:

None of the substances used in the «BR» composition is harmful from the biochemical point of view, the nano-powders obtained from different vegetal or protein sources having properties of a homeopath remedy.

– The presence of some biological reference points out a double function:

a) the biophotonic function of optical stimulation of the processes of bioluminescence / holographic resonance from the «BR» level, on the one hand;

b) the biochemical function of generating some biochemical (and implicitly biophotonic) effects, with beneficial (phytotherapeutic) consequences for the human health, on the other hand.


  • BIOPHOTONIC PROPERTIES. Summarizing the information given by the specialists in phytotherapy, we can point out the aspects connected to the optic function, a function generally ignored, as follows:
  • THE CAROTENOID PIGMENTS (having an antioxidant biochemical action) represent the totality of vegetal carotenoids which have the capacity to absorb some luminous radiations, which favors the production of biophotons at the level of the active substance of the «BR». The activation of this function contributes to the maintenance of youth in the cells and tissues.
  • THE CHROMIC PIGMENTS (having an important role in the biochemical reactions of oxide-reduction) are substances that contain in their molecule a nucleus having chromophore properties, which permits their reversible passage (through reduction) from the state of colored pigments to the state of colorless pigments and the other way round. This property favors the processes of absorption and stimulated emission of the light / of the electromagnetic waves which penetrate the colored filters of the “BR», by selective transfer to the body of the information / frequency of these waves.
  • THE FLAVONOID PIGMENTS (with a biochemical action of antioxidants or vitamins) are yellow crystalline substances, soluble in water and alcohol, known as flavones , which have maximum values of absorption between 335-350 nm, respectively flavonols which have the absorption spectra between 360-380 nm. In accordance with the mentioned spectra, these pigments have the capacity of absorbing ultraviolet radiations, protecting thus the cellular cytoplasm from the harmful effects of this radiation.
  • THE GLYCOSIDES (made by two components – one that is glucide and another one that is not glucide, called aglycone) have therapeutic homeopath properties in small doses, like in the case of the active substance of the “BR», but in big doses (it is not the case with the «BR»), they can become toxic. The glycosides are crystalline, solid substances, colored or colorless (depending on the type of the aglycone) that display an optical activity. By doing so and being present in the active substance of the resonator, they mediate / amplify the already mentioned biophotonic phenomena.


  • BIOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES. A series of other components which make up the mass of the active substance of the «BR», do not have specific biophotonic properties, but are generators of bio-electromagnetism like any other biologic substance that keeps a part of its qualities activated in the presence of the light / bioluminescence of the human body. In these substances – with preponderant biochemical function – the specialists from PLANTAVOREL emphasized:
  • THE PORPHYRINIC PIGMENTS (chlorophyllin ones in the first place) have on the body – both internally and externally – an anti-infectious, disinfecting, deodorant action, being recommended in phytotherapy for their purifying, anti-anemic, tonic effect.
  • THE POLYSACCHARIDES (among which is insulin), widely spread in the vegetal and animal kingdom, contribute to the improvement of calcium absorption, to the regulation of the metabolism of the lipids and to the reduction of the risk of atherosclerosis.
  • THE ETHEREAL OILS are liquid, volatile substances, with an aromatic perfumed scent. They are volatile in water, soluble in organic solvents or fats, and have the role of a spice, antiseptic, antispasmodic, stomachic, etc.
  • THE LIGNINS are macromolecular substances which accompany celluloses in different organs and tissues of the plants, being spread in the vegetal kingdom, occupying the second place after celluloses, in the mass of the vegetal systems, fortifying the structure of and sustaining the biologic system.
  • THE VEGETAL (UN)-HYDROLISED TANNINS are substances known for their multiple therapeutic applications, due to their astringent qualities, used therapeutically as anti-diarrheic, anti-fungal substances, as antidote against ulcer, colitis or intoxications with alkaloids.

The official results received from the «LAREX» laboratory prove that, from a biochemical perspective, all the active substance used in the most complex «BR» are not at all harmful.

The presentation of the bio-chemical properties of these substances – available to specialists only (maybe, in this presentation homeopaths will find some profitable suggestions, for improving their Materia Medica) – is very important from two points of view, namely:

  • to reveal the fact that – in one form or another – all have therapeutic properties; their biophotonic emissions stimulate the therapeutic information, generating homeopathic type effects (ExHo);
  • the synergy of the substances used, determined by their mixture within any «BR» is deprived of any harm, as witnessed by the standard laboratory tests LAREX applied to the active parts of the most complex resonator (the one with 54 active ingredients).

In conclusion, we can consider that the biophotonic and biochemical properties with therapeutic effects of the active substance are implicitly generators of beneficial / vibratile / bioresonating manifestations through:

the functional correspondence between the wave and the corpuscle, having as effect the generation by the active substance of the “BR» of a biofield with undulating properties depending on the biochemical properties of the substantial substratum;

the interaction of the BEMPh (biochemical, electric, magnetic, photonic) processes in the human body, any biochemical process unleashing a biophotonic process in the body and the other way round.

  • FROM THE FUNCTIONAL POINT OF VIEW the synergy of therapeutic mechanisms of a certain «BR» of the (bio) electro-magnetic/ biophotonic type – is determined by a complex of complementary effects namely:
  • The effect of “Exogenous Homeopathy”: the vibration of the active substance (made up of a certain mixture of vegetal and protein nano-powders, differing according to the recipe used) is able to stimulate from the outside of the human body the latent energy-informational (EI) resources of the human body throughout the already presented mechanism of “holographic resonance” [Stanciulescu, 2011a,b], generated by the ultra-weak biophotonic emissions of the active substance. The objective presence of these emissions (“the aura”) can be emphasized through spectral, electrographic, biophotonic analysis, etc.
  • The effect of resonance / coherence, established between the human body and the biophotonic emissions of the protein and vegetal indicators, that make up the active substance of the «BR», involves a spectrum of frequencies varying between 6 and 54 distinctive values, a spectrum that depends on the number of ingredients used for the realization of different active substance types.

Electrographies of the simple active powder, realized without the protective plastic frame above presented, proving the different types of bioluminescent effects: stimulating, inhibitory, equilibrant.

All the biologic references used in this sense, being vegetal or animal, have a maximum purity from an ecologic point of view, coming from unpolluted areas, that is from completely healthy biologic (animal) sources; their vibration “reminds” the organs affected by the disease (disease = a loss of the biologic memory of vibration) the correct frequencies according to which they have to pulsate.

  • The bio-stimulating effects of the 2D and 3D “form waves” generated by:

– the figures (mandala type) printed on the clinging film / stickers placed on the body of the bioresonator, implying the specific focalization of the biophotonic emissions of the active substance;

– the different cavity / form of the resonator where the active substance is stored.


A comparative study of different types of forms: a) curved lines, able to limit (the circle case) or to amplify the waves of forms emission and intensity (the ellipse case); b) different types of black and white drawn mandalas – used for «BRs», proving that the ultra-low emission of light is following the details of shadows-forms [cf Guja, in: Stanciulescu,2008].


  • The effect of chromatic resonance (chromo-therapy) which doubles the effect of the form waves, orienting the (bio) photonic fluxes – emitted with different frequencies by the active substance – towards a certain area of the body, towards a certain organic complex, throughout the mainly monochromatic RAINBOW colors + WHITE filters of the clinging films placed (in accordance with necessities) on the «BR» body.

The synergetic effect of colors and “waves of forms” [Poenaru, in: Stanciulescu, 2008]: the associated electrographies are proving very clear informational aspects different for violet, red and green filters and mandalas, able to differently influence the biofield of human DNA, cells, organs.

All the above mentioned phenomena are supposing a double biophotonic / optical effect of the bioresonating complex, namely:

– the permanent penetration of external (bio) electromagnetic resonance, IR, UV, respectively of the bioluminescence of the human body, in the transparent cavity of the resonator, activating / amplifying thus the three types of active interior substance: hypoactive, equilibrating, hyperactive;

– the (re) transmission of the bioelectromagnetic emission amplified and stimulated, generated by the traces of the powder already activated as biolaser / “biologic laser” by the aura of the human body.


According to these effects, the stimulating principle of the “BR» activates the mechanism of holographic resonance / interference established with the human body and involving the stages already presented into a previous frame, namely:


The general mechanism of “holographic resonance”, extensively explained by BTEI (Biophotonic Theory of Energy-Information) [Stanciulescu, 2011a], specifically associated to a BR, as a polychrest homeopathic remedy.

– the waves / information are transferred from the “BR» level towards the specific waves of the human resonator (the cellular aura of the organs and of the organism as a whole);

– the interaction between the waves emitted by the “BR» and those generated by the receiving biologic system, through the “holographic resonance” mechanism;

– the transfer of information / frequencies at the level of the receiving biofield (cell, organ, organism), modified by the constant presence / behavior of the «BR» towards the liquids crystals of the membranes (the finest substantial biosensor known until now);

– as a consequence of this resonance mechanism, there is a modification in the structural-morphologic state of the liquid crystals of the cell membranes, of the different organs etc. and, implicitly the structural-functional modification of the systems affected by the illness.

As a consequence of all these effects and principles specific to its functionality, the beneficial consequence of the “BR» utilization will be seen in time as it follows [2]:

  • it will be possible to highlight them immediately (with the help of biophotonic devices) at the level of the bio-field (of human aura) as potential information / frequencies / colors, already present in the bio-field of the human subject;
  • they will generate at the level of the human receptor – after a relatively short period of wearing them – sensible effects of functional optimization;
  • after a longer period of wearing (its limit varying according to the bio- psycho-logic state of the individual, to the conditions of utilization, etc.), optimizing structural modifications will be noticed at the level of the structure of the physical body also.

In the terms of holistic medicine, long ago known by our ancestors, it is possible to assert that, throughout the therapeutic mechanism produced by the biophotonic resonator, “the soul” is the first to cure and only afterwards “the body”.

1.2. Types of Biophotonic Resonators: a synergy of the effects

The nature and the properties of the selected organic ingredients that make up the active substance composite of the resonator differentiates between the manufacture of the three categories of bioresonators (supposing about 7 formula of «BR’s», starting from «BR1» till «BR7», with different particular effects [3]), namely:

bioresonators with mainly informational effect, acting in the aura field, usually including a limited number of ingredients, strongly resonant (due to the increased intensity / level of the active substance), which are able to enhance the properties of the aura biofield and to implicitly reflect the stimulation of the immune system;

bioresonators with harmonizing energo-informational effect, able to normalize both disorders occurring in biofield (hypo-or hyper-function type) and in the organic substrate in various organs through the stimulation of the “third eye” (of the pineal-pituitary-hypothalamic complex) respectively;

bioresonators with mainly energetic effect, having a larger number of organic ingredients, with a broad spectrum of resonance, able to normalize a series of hyper- or hypo-functions of the human body by direct action – due to the colored filters applied on the «BR» faces – over the areas / organs involved.

It should be noted that all optimizing effects of the bioresonators are first detected at the functional level, being immediately manifested into the biofield structure, modifying the frequency and intensity of the auric field, on the one hand, yet the morphological and physiological effects were barely noticeable after a longer period of constant use, as an effect of the “holographic resonance” mechanism, on the other hand.

The highlight – with the help of the AURA STATION SYSTEM device – of the effects of holographic resonance of a bioresonator “BR”1 type: 1) the normal EI situation of a human subject: a) the value of the informational spectrum (the color of the aura: blue-violet); b) the intensity of the energetic field (70%); 2) the situation of the subject after wearing a bioresonator RB1, with 12 active ingredients; c) the increase of the intensity of the aura to 100% [Stanciulescu, 2008].

Such a relevant type of measurement proves that: in a few minutes only, a general stimulating «BR1» type was able to increase the values of all the auric parameters (chakras), potentially having a double effect: a) to directly stimulate the immune system of the human being; b) to indirectly / implicitly optimize the functionality of the body’s structural and functional components.

  • Every type of «BR» is conceived / designed in a synergetic vision, taking into account the following:

the correlated action of all structural components of the «BR»: a) the active substance, b) container / the resonator used for its storage, c) color filters / frequency modulators, d) “wave form” generating symbols which are energetically and / or informationally acting on the human receptor, at his / her biofield level, at the level of the EI centers of the human body (corresponding to the seven “chakras” of the Oriental medicine);

additional action of the effects generated by the Biophotonic resonator, i.e. the human body receives by means of bio-resonance the information / normal frequencies, of proper behavior, of the active substance, which acts as an operational “floppy disk back-up” system – when the body “forgot” the software, due to the illness – in a double sense, corresponding to allopathic and complementary (homeopathic) medicine both:

  1. For cancellation / neutralization / reduction by demodulation of the pathological frequency from the overactive areas of the body; this type of action is specific to the allopathic and energetic medicine too;

  2. For stimulation / reactivation / amplification (by coherent interference) of the emissions reduced from the hypoactive areas of the body, respectively to amplify the body immune system, by informationally increasing the defense resources of the organism (according the principle: similia similibur curantur); this mechanism is specific to alternative and complementary medicine (endogenous and exogenous homeopathy).

  • The BioPhotonic resonator is designed to work in both ways:

at the holistic level of the entire spectrum of frequencies, generated by the biophysical mental activity of human being (at the level of the “auric hologram”), driven by the white light frequency and the associated mandala form; at this level manifests the function of exceptional importance of «BR», regardless of its type: it causes the increase in frequency of the bioelectromagnetic / auric system of the human subject [4];

— at a level specific to a certain type EI center of the human body, of certain organs, resonating on the frequency of a particular color filter and its associated mandala.

It is, therefore, recommended that a human subject with health problems simultaneously wear two resonators, reasoning for which has been provided: one using the white mandala, designed for general optimizing/ toning of the aura, and one analytically chosen (from all the seven rainbow mandalas available), in accordance with the principles of a proper behavior SYNERGETIC DESIGN (when the nature / the EI affected area is well known) and intuitively chosen, by subjective option (in accordance with “Pleasure Principle”) when the nature of the disease is not very well known.

A measurement of the potential efficiency (with AURA VIDEO SYSTEM) of the RB1 & RB6 combination types, showing: a) the starting values of the subject (male, 42 years, healthy): green-yellow general level of auric field, 90% size, moderate intensity of the chakras; b) the aura modification after wearing BR1 & BR6 resonators: the blue coloured aura (higher frequency), a constantly maintained size, but with a more harmonious distribution of the chakras value (BR1), sensitively risen in the green-blue area.

Consequently, accorded to the presented example, the synergy of wearing both BR’s determines the increasing in frequency of the human body, generally (an essential BR’s effect) and particularly, by generating a more harmonious manifestation of the chakras’ amplitudes (a BR6 effect).

The mechanism involved in this metamorphoses is the general one already described: the normal frequencies spectrum of the bio-resonator (holographic pattern) is transmitted by the “holographic resonance” at the human aura level (in the body as a whole and / or specific to a particular EI center) and will optimize it from the informational point of view firstly (by changing the frequencies and the amplitudes, the wave pattern respectively) and secondly from the energetic-substantial point of view (by changing after that the form of the cells / organs accordingly).

  • The bio-resonanceeffectsgeneratedbya «BR» are correlated with the mechanisms of “therapy by light” [Stanciulescu, 2003b], among which the mechanism of homeopathy is the closest. The analogy with “exogenous homeopathic” therapy – transmitted through waves which are emitted from outside the body and not inside (through the informational support of the homeopathic remedy – requires a number of specific issues, such as for example the monitoring of the effect that the resonator has over the healthy state, initial homeopathic effect, manifested by enhancing of the symptom, followed by gradual establishment of the EI harmony state / health.

Seen on the electronographic device or by spectroscopy, the image of a resonator can be associated with one of a water drop or a homeopathic remedy granule, clearly showing the information component of the active substance, namely the spectrum of different frequencies (matrix / hologram / aura diverse colored) associated.

It should be noted that one of the most active and reliable supports through which the information of the biological field of the resonator is transmitted to the human body is the “biological water” (blood, plasma fluid, cellular and interstitial water, representing about 70% of the body weight), which is configured according to the information (including the bio-physical one) present in the aura of the body, translated / amplified by the biophotonic resonator, and targeted toward the (organic) water support, as Masaru Emoto’s experiments argue [2001].

The fact that the “active substance” could transfer its EI properties from the solid support to the liquid support (through various types of dilution), gas (through combustion), etc. enables the formulation of a number of applications in which the resonator acquires specific forms of conservation / use.


From the description of the structural and functional principles of the BR it is evident that our solution, proposed by our BR patent, surpasses the weaknesses of some previous achievements. Thus:

(1) From a theoretical perspective, we have to say that, unlike other technical devices, source and so on, for the optimizing of the human organism, the BIOPHOTONIC RESONATOR was based on the existence of a theoretical frame of great scientific value, namely on:

  • The new principles of BIOPHOTONICS, meant to originally explain – for the very first time – the “holographic resonance” principles which make possible the interaction of the biological systems of the world (vegetal, animal, human), and on the other hand [Constantinescu, Stanciulescu, (bio)photonic theory of the energy / information, 1993-1995 ], namely to clarify the mechanisms able to generate ultra-weak bioluminescent emissions of a “biological laser” nature [Stanciulescu, Manu, Fundaments of biophotonics, 1995-2002].

In this context, it should be briefly remembered that these two theories are complementary, as we remark that:

– the first one explains the type of interaction / distal therapy specific to the exogenous homeopathy;

– the last one clarifies the genesis of the bioluminescence specific to the biological organism, in its quality as “laser light”.

The mainmechanismthat the «BR» activates is that of the emission of(bio) luminescence specific to allbiological systems – plants,animalsandhumans – this being the mechanism through which the “language of living” is possible [Stanciulescu, 2003 b]. Such an interconnection – representing a starting point for «BR»’s explanation and realization – was possible by using the performant technical devices from the laboratory of the International Institute of Biophysics (Neuss, Germany), patented by Professor Fritz-Albert Popp, the “father” of biophotonics.

The “(bio)photons counter” devices from IIB (Neuss): a) during a BIOPHOTONICS SUMMER SCHOOL stage [Stanciulescu, 2003]; b) the graphic of the first experiment realized in August 26, 2003 with the French biologist Amodsen Shotia, proving that the distant interaction between two biological systems (a vegetal system stimulated from a distance of about 15-20 cm by human hands) are sensibly increasing their emission of bioluminescence / biophotons; this experiment could be considered a first essential validation of the ExHo.

As I have already mentioned in a previous article of this serial [Stanciulescu, 2011a,b], in accordance with the theory of “biological lasers” (BLT), the mechanism of the “biolaser” emission is determined by the conjunction between:

— the molecular complex semiconductor phosphate, bound water, molecular oxygen, activated by the presence of visible and infrared EM radiation, likely to absorb and emit stimulated the light;

– the cell type liquid crystal structures, which are present in the cell membranes and cytoplasm, which may allow the penetration of light inside the laser resonator (cellular) and pass it step by step, on a system of chained “biological lasers”, by activating an ignored optical function (nonlinear).

All these scientific contributions of BTEI (of exogenous homeopathy respectively, based on (bio) electromagnetic / biophotonic information transmission, firstly from the bioresonator level to the biofield of the human body, and then transmitted to:

– “EI traps “of the cellular system (stocks of electrons in the mitochondria and biophotons reserves between the DNA catenae, for example), resources which – through the over-radiance / over-energizing effect – are released and sent via the meridian systems to the affected areas of the body, contributing thus to the resettlement of the homeostasis state, and thus to optimize the health state;

– the liquid crystal cell of the receptor, which restructures their shape and position in the plane of the cell structure, capable of reconfiguring in this way the degraded form of the cell recovering its original healthy form.

This bio-resonance effect is perhaps the most important aspect of the invention, assuming both energy and information mechanisms, in that the effects of energy (the intensity and magnitude of biophotonic emissions) from the substantial level / cell level of the body is triggered / stimulates by means of the informational effects (harmonic frequencies) manifested firstly in the aura field, where there is initially manifested the health / disease state and then on the substantial substrate, at the physical body, capable of optimization (including morphological recovery).

The fact that these EI emissions are invisible and unobtrusive (unnoticeable by touch), is due to the two issues that Biophotonics has already defined:

a) the ultraweak nature of the bioluminescence emission (ultraweak bioluminescence) [Popp and others, 1989];

b) the frequency modulation of the incident light spectrum in the resonator biological system, moving it on to the UV (invisible) as a result of the effect of anti-Stokes and the successive passage of bio-electromagnetic waves through the liquid crystal membranes [Stanciulescu, Manu, 2002];

c) the existence of some subtle manifestations (informational) of the biological emissions are likely to be explained in terms of the integrating “fifth force” [Apostol (Apopei), 1998]. That is why we can say that bio-resonance therapy follows the medical precept of our ancestors, implicitly homeopathic, who firstly healed the invisible soul” and then the visible body. In this sense is clearly pointed out the fact that only through the information biophotonic effect of the harmonic frequencies which are generated by the active substance of the biophotonic resonator, the energetic effect (implicitly substantial) of the biophotonic resonator is also manifested at the human body level.

  • Use of the SYNERGETIC principles for a series of sanogenetic applications, specific to biophotonics – such as “biophotonic clothing” [Poenaru, Stanciulescu, 2006] -, has resulted in a series of patents for the complementary inventions.

– The analytical-scientific research trials to manufacture natural or technical bioresonators, in order to prove and overcome some functional and structural limits.

– The recording of measurements and presentation of a previously non-existent and large data set, based on the mechanisms of “double blind” trials, namely for the verification of the same prophylactic and therapeutic properties of the «BR», with the help of a set of devices recognized for their valuable testing abilities. The general conclusion reaches the norm of an obvious therapeutic function.

  • The application of the correlation between BIOPHOTONICS and SYNERGETICS to the field of complementary therapies, generally, and of homeopathic research in particular through [Stanciulescu, 2006]:

– the biophotonic explanation of the functional mechanisms of classical homeopathy (endogenous);

– the ingenious explanation of a new concept – that of “exogenous homeopathy” (ExHo) – referring to the informational influence of health through biophotonic emissions externally generated by the organism and not from its interior, as is the case in the “endogenous homeopathy”;

These fundaments made possible the manufacture and patenting of the first prototypes of Biophotonic Resonators, by the already mentioned synergic research team.

(2) From a practical perspective, among the objectively proven properties of these experiments and measuring procedures, we can conclude that the BIOPHOTONIC RESONATORS display a series of brand new STRUCTURAL and FUNCTIONAL advantages such as:

  • 100% biological quality of the active substance used in the BR manufacture (a selected complex of protein and vegetable powders), assured by the following facts:

– it doesn’t need any other physical ingredient (mineral, metallic, etc.) which could alter the natural attributes of the biophotonic emission, therefore influencing the state of the receiver;

– it does not contain any technological traces (electric sources, power accumulators and so on) which could become a source for levogyrate torsion; these fields are added to the noxious effects of the EM technology (TF, PC, TV), which becomes amplified through the natural effect of dextrogyrate torsion, generated by any biological system (including the one of the active substance in BR);

– through the exclusive biologic nature of the active substances used, the BR compatibility with the bioluminescent emission of the human organism is maximized from the beginning, based on the effect of holographic resonance.

  • Refined link of the BR bioelectromagnetic emissions to the frequencies of the BEMPh field specific to the human body becomes possible through the means of filters / associated frequency spectra (colored RAINBOW-ROYGBIV stickers). Thus, it generates the possibility of:

– personalizing a «BR» by adjusting it to some specific problems, of each beneficiary, at a given time;

– the appropriate modification of the «BR» functionality, through the simple change of the colored filter, along with the gradual change of the health parameters of the subject.

  • Through the means of the color filters an effect of “homeopathic chromotherapy” is assured, by the fact that every color filter is equipped with:

– a mandala able to generate – through specific waveforms – informational effects adjusted to the level of the referential chakra, “reminding” the chakra how it should be correctly functioning;

– the complementary colors to the dominant one, which generate the effect of “homeopathic color-therapy” already mentioned.

  • Through the nature of active substance and through the associated frequency filters, «BRs» are made to generate a double biophotonic effect:

general prophylactic, through the overall action on the aura for the amplification of the immune system («BR1» is mostly responsible for this);

specific therapeutic, through the focused action (with the help of color filters) on the solving of a specific dysfunction to the level of a certain organ or organic complex (chakra), by using one of the «BR2-7» devices.

  • The therapeutic-prophylactic function of a «BR» is doubled by the protective one against a noxious radiation generated by:

– natural earthly sources (pathogenic areas);

– technologic sources specific to the communication systems (cell phone, PC, TV, so on.).

This protection is achieved through the supplementary introduction, in a BR, of some special biologic elements, able to absorb / disperse the noxious radiations. By adding to the «BR5+» a special color filter (blue, violet, indigo) and a geometric figure + a special mandala we contribute to the augmentation of the protection effect of this «BR».

  • Making the «BR» as a medallion also allows it to be worn close to the central area of the organism, nearby the chest, on the vertical line of the chakras, which enables:

– a harmonious distribution of the bioelectromagnetic field to the level of the whole biofield of the body, closing therefore the discomfort of other manners of attaching a «BR», such as glue, stickers and so on.

– considering the holographic resonance effect generated by the BR, it is sufficient to wear two complementary resonators (a Br1 and a specific BR) to spontaneously install the information in the auric field, which also makes the need to buy many resonators obsolete.

  • Themanner of making a «BR» for technologic protection – usually manufactured as a small «IC» (Integrated Circuit) type, equipped with adequate color filters – allows a double protection of the beneficiary on:

(1) the level of the noxious radiations emitted, by simply placing of the «BR 5+» – of a «IC» type – on its canvas (cellphone, PC or TV), by sticking it with the glued support; at this level, the protective effect is a double one, supposing:

  1. a certain absorption / transformation of the noxious (components of) radiations / radioactive fluxes at the level of the «IC-BR» active substance, able to realize such a physical effect;
  2. a certain dispersion of the noxious radiation, due to the specific forms of the mandalas used: a graphical one – already known by the specialist in the field, supposing the image of some waves – innovatory combined with the specific mandalas of the three mentioned colors.

(2) the level of the beneficiary, by wearing a «BR1» with a function of general protection / stimulation of the immune system or at least of a extra-plate BR1 (an “IC” type of resonator), which can be easily taken into the wallets, pockets and so on.


Different type BRs for protection against technological and natural radiation, from left to right BRs for a) protecting cellular phone and PC, stimulating immunity system, protecting human body against natural / telluric radiations; b) the afferent filters, having two types of dimensions, for generating by their superposition a type of hologram (a Fourier spectrum).

By concluding, using the different types of IC-BRs type, the human organism is complementary protected, by diminishing the harmful effects of radiation at the level of generating or receiving technical source, on the one hand, and by amplifying the self-protective resources of the human organism, on the other hand.

  • Based on a “biologic laser” type mechanisms, the «BRs» can be stimulated from time to time by specific procedures with biologic and technological sources, which increase their viability with the condition that the active substance is protected from stimuli such as water / humidity or mechanical destruction.

In consideration of these augmented structural-functional complexities, the price of a BR is more affordable than any other marketed product; one or maximum two «BRs» (a general and a specific one) being enough to solve the complex task of human health improvement. Under these conditions the access to these BR’s can be assured for a large spectrum of the population.


* *

In addition to all these previously cited advantages of BR, this device displays a series of other practical benefits, arising from:

The achievement of some different and novel strategies of biophotonic verification and validation of the healthy effect of the “BR» was possible through:

the utilization of the Kirlian type technology, in the novel Romanian variant of the electro(no)graph (Dumitrescu-Guja) to highlight the emissions of the aura of the biologic – active systems on the photographic film;

the use of a “BIOPHOTON ANALYZER”, able to establish the degree of benefit of the photonic emissions of the active substance, related to the health state of the human being in general, and to that of an individual, in particular;

the determination of the compatibility effect between the bioresonator and the human body, with the help of some devices of quantum evaluation of the BIOPULSAR REPLEXIGRAPH, SCIO, PERESVET, IMEDIS, GDV, OBERON and METATRON etc., capable of evaluating the way in which – under the influence of the bioresonator – the electric charge specific for some points of the energetic meridians in the palms or in the feet of the tested subject, the biophotonic emissions, etc., are changed;

  • the highlight of the changes that are produced in the biofield of the human subject by the influence of “BR», with the help of a biophotonic integrating technology of the AURA STATION SYSTEM;
  • the determination of the changes with the help of a device of optic reflection in actual time – of the human aura and the computerized processing of the visual information with the help of a powerful software;
  • the experiments of highlighting the “BR» effects , by following the strong energo-informational effects of the resonators upon some vegetal biological systems;
  • the highlight of the activation effect of the bioresonator, throughout the interactive changes of EI with the human subject, made with the help of biophotonic technology at the International Biophysics Institute in Neuss / Germany;
  • the validation of the therapeutic effect of the “BR» on a great number of human subjects, who agreed to wear devices and presented subsequently sensible optimizations of the EI potential (within some affections such as: hepatic, digestive dysfunctions, circulatory and rheumatism problems, dystonia, etc.)

The extensive presentation of all these types of experiments and relevant cases will be realized in the next issue of this study.




Synthetically, we could assert that the practical benefits of BR’s are connected to the fact that:

  • they generate a non-aggressive holographic effect, which, at the level of the biologic structures of the organism, determines the harmonizing / normalizing of its homeostasis;
  • a maximum of two devices are necessary to obtain a real health benefit, which means that the price of the optimization of the health condition is much reduced, being accessible to any potential beneficiary;
  • the simplicity of use and functioning of the “BR», comes from the fact that, being conceived as a pendant and worn as one, the Biophotonic Resonator can act directly:

at the holistic level of the entire spectrum of frequencies generated by the bio-psychic activity of the man;

the specific level of a certain organ, compatible with the frequency of a certain color filter;

  • the vegetal and protein ingredients of the active substance are not harmful, having a maximum purity from an ecologic point of view, on the one hand and their presence in extremely small – homeopathic – quantities does not generate effects from a BEMP (biochemical, electric, magnetic, photonic) point of view, on the other hand;
  • given the capacity of individual harmonization of the “BR»s, it is natural that they should contribute indirectly to the harmonization of human interactions, an effect that could come as a source of optimization of the health state of a whole human community.

Based on such premises, we can say that – according to those explained above – the biophotonic resonators, in order to optimize the energetic and informational performances of the biological systems (plant, animal, human) can be used in a variety of practical options, including:

  • In the field of vegetal systems, the bioresonators can be stimulative and used to: increase agricultural production for different types of crops (cereals, vegetables, wine, fruit, etc..) by placing a number of well established biophotonic resonators in a certain state of aggregation (solid or liquid), in a few points / places well-defined, in relation to the specific agricultural crop, the quality of seeds, the agricultural land type and with the culture care strategy, etc.
  • In the animal systems, the bioresonators are useful: for optimizing the productivity and / or increase the working capacity by wearing individual devices or their location in the growth medium / care of animals (in cages, stalls, etc..).
  • In human health, the bioresonators can contribute effectively – as we have already seen – to optimize / stimulate the human health state by functional and morphological regulation of the body, due to different disorders / diseases through:

– direct wearing of the biophotonic resonators having the active substance (solid powder) placed in supports of various forms (spheroidal, cylindrical or pyramid, effectively valuing the effect of a “wave form”), made of various materials – , preferably made from transparent or organic ingredients – worn in different areas on the body, as various decorative / jewelry auxiliary articles etc.. or auxiliary clothing, as products (phyto-energizing belts, vests equipped with bioresonators or as annexes clothing (buttons, buckles, etc..), according to the indications made by the inventors;

– the transmission and reception of the active substance preserved in a state of aggregation other than the solid form:

a) liquid, as a food / diet supplement (in example soft drinks, homeopathic tincture etc.);

b) gaseous through combustion (in the form of flavor sticks, or in other forms of dispersion) etc.;

c) radiative-plasmatic, distance transmission using bioplasmatic transmitters or radiative biotechnologies;

– the indirect contact of the human subject with the biophotonic resonators, which were presented in different support forms and strategically located (as specified by the inventors) in different places of contact, at the level of the consumer goods : clothes and accessories such as jewelry, belts or leather handbags, etc.., bed linens and carpets, appliances and household items, furniture, decorative objects, or incorporated in architectural structures, as building and decorative elements of public or individual buildings etc.

— the use of biophotonic resonators as potential sources of protection against the harmful EI effects, of biological or technological origin (antennas, power EM sources, technical devices such as mobile phones or computers, various harmful sources of radioactivity, etc.), through the complementary effects of absorption and dispersion , in the same time, etc.

– the coupling of the resonators with the food resources of animal or vegetal nature by stimulating and preserving their nutritional properties, respectively their coupling with any type of drinking fluid, from water and various categories of juice up to the alcohol drinks, etc..

With regard to a part of these possible applications, a number of relevant experimental evidence will be presented in a second part of this study. On this occasion, will be presented also a number of therapeutic applications of other EI nature, already used and checked in practice, by using certain categories of «BR’s».


* *

In conclusion, as an extremely important challenge and it should be noted that the use of any chosen biophotonic resonator can effectively double any other medical treatment, allopathic or complementary, energy -substantial, but without replacing it.

In particular, it is essential to understand that a «BR» is considered as an exogenous homeopathic principle that effectively doubles the endogenous principle through two possible strategies:

(1) By playing the role of the organizing matrix for the substances / therapeutic remedies used by a patient according to the classic medical indications: In this situation «BR» will play the role of a magnet and its EI array will organize the substantial system of the “iron filings”, the equivalent of the membrane “liquid crystals”, of the water molecules or various types of vibratiles of the drugs used by the patient. The effect of these substantial complexes / plastics cannot be replaced by BR action [In cases of disease involving substantial substrate degradation, the presence of some organic active substances is absolutely necessary to the affected human body], but it essentially contributes to their correct arrangement / ordering in the various subsystems (organs) levels of the body.

2) By using a «BR» for the information / structuring of a particular liquid such as water (or even of the quasi-solid foods), by means of “holographic resonance” mechanism, which was put practically in evidence by Masaru Emoto. The ingestion of these informed substances – somewhat equivalent to the endogenous homeopathic remedies – would complete the homeopathic treatment through a dual action “external use” & “internal use” type.

Therefore, it may be considered that through the stimulative and non-invasive EI effects generated at the aura level of the entire body, through the effect of increasing frequency, the «BR» significantly favors the healing process, acting in accordance with the principle of holistic medicine already mentioned: first it heals the “soul”, the vital field / auric-informational, and then follows the energy- substantial component of the human body.


Finally, considering on the one hand the functioning mechanisms and the beneficial health effects which the «BR» unleashes, and the technologic simplicity of production and utilization of the «BR», on the other hand, the BIOPHOTONIC RESONATOR is a means of natural harmonization of the bio-psycho-logic health state, under the circumstances of an increasingly natural option of the human being for the integrative energy-informational medicine.

The „Biophotonic Resonator”, indeed, a synergetic matrix …

English translation and correction, by:

Sanda Romosan & Ann Simard


[1] The BR’s authors are: professor Dr. Traian D. Stanciulescu, architect-designer Dr. Aritia D. Poenaru, physicist Mihai Apopei, psychologist Mircea Brasoveanu. The patent was registered at OSIM (State Office for Inventions and Marks) in 2006 and finally patented in 2010, under the number RO: 122764 / 25.01.2010.

[2] Many more details and applied aspects concerning this subject will be formulated in the second part of this study, in a fulture issue of HOMEOPATHY 4 EVERYONE.

[3] It is probable that, in the future, the number of «BRs’» specific prescriptions will increase, being accorded to many other potential utilities, starting with BR’s for certain diseases till BR’s for better conserving the aliments and potable liquids, for protection against the natural telluric and cosmic radiation or against the technical radioactivity etc.

[4] Such a performance could be essential, if necessary, for accomplishing: a) the expected metamorphosis of the human being [starting in 2012 as claimed], which will be able to interact by resonance with different “hierarchies of light”; b) the main purpose of life and human (body, soul, spirit) activity, namely: the increase in frequency, under the power of “free arbiter”. The apparition of such a phenomenon was experimentally verified in many other different situations, with different human subjects, for proving its objective manifestation.



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