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The Cadmiums and Cancer

Cadmium is to cancer what Thuja is to Sycosis and Mercury is to the Syphilitic miasm. Virtually every advanced case of cancer needs one of the Cadmiums, says Arthur Grimmer MD, a student of Dr. James Tyler Kent.

According to Arthur Grimmer MD, a student of Dr. James Tyler Kent’s, the big cancer break-through in homeopathy is Cadmium Metallicum and the various Cadmium salts.

Grimmer says that Cadmium is to cancer what Thuja is to Sycosis and Mercury is to the Syphilitic miasm.  Before the Cadmiums, a lot of cancer cases were lost.  Virtually every advanced case of cancer needs one of the Cadmiums, says Grimmer.

(I had a friend who died of Hodgkin’s Disease many years ago; I knew nothing of homeopathy then, but looking back I always thought he should have had Arsenicum — and it might have actually helped; but now that I understand the Cadmiums, yes; I can see that too.)

Indeed, it’s quite easy to confuse the Cadmiums with Arsenicum.  Both have an absolute horror of being alone!  Both are chilly but Cadmium is freezing!  Both are thin, pale, tired and weak and both are irritable but Cadmium is tremendously irritable and angry and even hate-filled!  All the joy is gone.  The mental state is one of loathing.

There is not only the similarity to Arsenicum but to Lachesis as well:  Sleep aggravates.  Plus, there is a choking sensation, trouble swallowing, a constriction of the throat.  He may wake up suffocating, he may stop breathing on going to sleep, he may sleep with the eyes open, there may be insomnia for a prolonged period of time.  In general, all symptoms are worse after sleep.

Cadmium Sulph. is best known for its action on the gastro-intestinal tract.  This is the reason to give this remedy for anyone on radiation and chemotherapy, because it will prevent the vomiting and nausea and anorexia associated with these “therapies”.  The reason it is so effective is because Cadmium sulph. is a stomach cancer remedy in its own right and has the symptoms of burning and cutting pains in the stomach, severe nausea, in fact, everything causes nausea, even the slightest movement (it’s like Bryonia in this regard), even noise, music or odors cause nausea, almost any stimulus.  The regurgitation can be yellow or black; “coffee ground” as they say.  The face may be bathed in cold sweat. 

This is also a remedy for vomiting in alcoholics—due most likely to stomach ulcers; even vomiting of pregnancy that won’t respond to the usual remedies.  Cadmium sulph. has paralysis of single muscles, as in facial paralysis.  There is a tendency to necrosis and gangrene.  There’s some of the usual Sulphur symptoms–itching at night, worse warmth of the bed, better scratching, burning sensations, bad breath.

Cadmium Metallicum is more specific to bone cancer.  Cadmium may say or do the wrong things from poor concentration, such as putting salt in the coffee instead of sugar.  There’s vertigo–objects recede and return. 

There are neuralgic headaches, vomiting with headaches, numbness of feet and hands.  Cadmium met. is also an antidote to aluminum poisoning.  Alternation of heat and cold.  Hemorrhages of the bladder and rectum—usually dark but occasionally bright red.  Severe joint pains.

Cadmium Iodatum has glandular involvement—cervical glands of the neck, tonsils, thyroid, breasts, testicles, ovaries, liver, spleen, pancreas and the lymph system.  Cadmium i. is hateful and full of self-pity.  You can be sure it’s Cadmium i. if the patient is not so chilly as the other Cadmiums tend to be.

These are the three main Cadmium remedies.  If you see Phosphorus qualities, such as great thirst for cold drinks but vomited immediately, consider Cadmium Phos.  Grimmer recommends Cadmium Ars. for liver cancer.

To recap, the Cadmium patient: freezing, worse cold, can scarcely get warm even in front of the fire; thin, pale, nauseous, worse slightest movement, irritable, humorless, angry, very negative, advanced stages of disease, sleep aggravates.

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Source: Homeopathy and Cancer by Robin Murphy, ND

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