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The Fight for Liberty

Homeopath Brenda Goldstein discusses the new vaccine law in California which removed exemptions for school age children.

vaccine-shot.jpgCalifornia recently passed SB277, a law that requires pupils to receive all required vaccinations in order to get into a public or private school, day care, family day care home, developmental center or nursery. Schools and other facilities will no longer accept personal belief or religious exemptions once the law takes effect in July 2016, causing a mad dash of parents getting their children’s vaccination waivers filed prior to the January 1, 2016, deadline. Schools and other centers will only accept medical exemptions from that point on, though the personal belief and religious exemptions filed before January 1 will cover students for several grades. Certain Senate committees voted on the bill, and Governor Jerry Brown signed it into law on June 30. However, the people of California, whom this law would affect, never had the opportunity to vote on SB277.

Many people hope SB277, in addition to any other mandatory vaccination bill that threatens to come down the pike, will never see the light of day. In July, former California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly started a referendum to overturn the law through popular vote, which Donnelly calls “the People’s Veto.” Enough signatures in favor of the people of California voting on the referendum in the November 2016 election will nullify SB277 until that time. California would repeal the law entirely if enough people vote for the referendum.

…I feel like it’s more than just [un]Constitutional, it is truly an act against human rights …” says Elaine, Los Angeles mother of four. She points out that this law is an example of “allowing the government to own our bodies” and goes on to comment that people make much of the “fight against abortion and the woman’s right to choose, but what about … my right to choose a vaccine?

Parents in a position to homeschool their children can do so with no repercussions from the vaccine law, as SB277 exempts students enrolled in a home-based private school or in a home-based independent study program.

I wanted to homeschool,” says L.A. mom and nurse Maya Nicole Calida. “I am pretty much forced to now [that SB277 has passed]. Not everyone has that as an option, and that’s not right. As a parent, I should have options. I don’t feel I live in a democracy anymore, and that’s really sad.”

Many feel that vaccines are not safe. Some choose to enhnace their children’s immune systems with homeopathic nosodes, or homeoprophylaxis. “I’m obviously a big advocate of homeoprophylaxis,” says homeopath, CEASE therapist and homeoprophylaxis supervisor Tania Jedian. I believe there are alternatives.”

In illustrating the ineffectiveness of vaccines, Jedian explains how her daughter caught the Pertussis virus from a girl who received the Pertussis vaccination. Leah, also of Los Angeles, experienced the same thing when her son caught Pertussis from a child who had recently received the vaccination.

There’s one percent of the population that is not vaccinating, and that’s not really causing anything,” Jedian continues. “I really believe…that this is a big fraud. The pharmaceuticals [companies] are making tons of money on this. They make 14 billion dollars a year. As a CEASE therapist, I spend a lot of time detoxing families, anywhere from Pitocin to DTap. It is so scary [to think] about what is going to happen if this [law] is enforced.

Long considered one of the most liberal states in the union, California has now passed a law akin to something out of George Orwell’s 1949 classic sci-fi novel, 1984, about a futuristic totalitarian state. In explaining our fight for liberty, Elaine sums it up best: “Liberty in choosing our methods of healthcare for ourselves and our children is fundamental to the Constitution and [to our right to] freedom of choice that makes our country one of the best places to live in the world.”

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Brenda Goldstein

Brenda Goldstein lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two sons and cat. She is a certified homeopath and homeoprophylaxis supervisor, in addition to being a published writer. Brenda is a frequent contributor to Homeopathy 4 Everyone.

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