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The Function in Sarcodes


Compressed/Pressed/ Loaded/ Restricted

  • Pressure
  • Compression
  • I’m burdened with some weight
  • Heavy load
  • My body feels full
  • No movement
  • Packed
  • It does not have any space
  • High density
  • Dense, Like condensed milk
  • Like a boat, if you put some heavy stones, it will drown
  • Many layers piled on.
  • Congested and tight

Opposite of congested/pressured/restricted

  • Expanded
  • It will want to release and become light
  • A big stone is broken in to small stones and then it will become lighter

In the initial part of the case we have expressions which are obvious in the case but we don’t know their meaning. But as the case is exposed it becomes clearer. Congestion restricts the ‘functioning’. So let’s see what is ‘functioning’ in the case…

Work/ Function/ Energy

  • Energetic/ weakness
  • As if heart wants to pump but is not able to, its function is stopped; it does not have any energy
  • There are layers of weight and the heart is not able to pump, it is heavy and it is not able to function.
  • It will not be able to function. It will be depressed.
  • That one is trying to function and giving life and soul to it, but is not able to function.
  • When I feel energetic, I can work well. I could do so many things. Nothing should remain.
  • You are doing things which you are born for.
  • If you get a heavy project, you can work consistently, work till you get results!
  • Consistently- One which does not stop
  • If they stop everything will come to an end.
  • Sun has to work.
  • It is giving energy and the world is working.
  • Everything is alive due to its energy.
  • It has so much energy that it can give life to the world.
  • Function Doing an action. It is work of water to give life, air to give breath, sun to give light.
  • Even if you look at a cell, it has to function.
  • Every cell has mitochondria, ATP is made and energy is released and the cell functions.
  • It is living. Living is functioning.

Now it is clear that ‘function’ is related to physiological function of the body or cell, so the case belongs to “Sarcodes”. So our next target to find out is the pattern or quality of function. You have to work consistently and for that you need energy and the result of ‘functioning’ is getting ‘life’, so this is the quality of ‘cellular function’. And she beautifully correlates with function of the cell and mitochondria. So the case becomes clear…

Other qualities about the function of mitochondria:

Spreading/ flowing and opposite restriction/ congestion

  • It originates and spreads.
  • It is starting from there and spreading. It is not restricted.
  • You will spread even if you don’t want to, like a light spreads through a hole. Spreading is its quality.
  • It has to spread. Like a light.
  • When something spreads it is not seen
  • Like water is flowing from a restricted place, there it will feel condensed. Because its quality is to flow and you are restricting its flow.
  • It should spread, it can irrigate only in that particular area. If allowed to flow it can help in irrigation in a broader area.

Prescription: Mitochondria 1m, one dose


I gave her Mitochondria 1M, 7 doses whenever she required in the follow up span of one and half years. Now she is much better. She is now a lot more stable mentally and her energy level is much improved. She delivered a beautiful and healthy baby. No doses required since 5 months.


There is one question in my mind. What is the difference between ATP and mitochondria as a remedy? I see one basic difference and that is in their pattern of ‘functioning’. ATP is the bio-chemical compound from the process of the ATP cycle, while mitochondria is the structure and the very basic ‘functioning unit’ of the cell. So this basic difference between these remedies we can clearly see in the cases. The ATP case has total emphasis on the ‘process’ while the mitochondria case has emphasis on the ‘functioning’.


After reading this article I hope you can understand the basic themes of sarcodes and what ‘The function in sarcode’ is. I tried to explain these themes in my previous articles also. You can find those here:



Key words: Sarcodes, Function, Sensation method, Imponderbilia, Adenosine tri-phosphate, Mitochondria

Meeta Nihlani

Meeta Nihlani

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Ghanshyam Kalathia

Ghanshyam Kalathia

Ghanshyam Kalathia B.H.M.S is a classical homeopath, practicing homeopathy since 2004 at Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India, using Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s sensation approach. He has been published in homeopathic journals like ‘Homeopathic Links, ‘Homeopathy International, UK’, ‘Similia, Australia’, ‘www.hpathy.com’ and ‘www.interhomeopathy.com’. He is known worldwide for his work on sarcodes. He has taught abroad online for Homeohelp holistic school, Bulgaria for one year. His course on 'Kingdoms in Homeopathy' is just completed and is very successfully teaching 100 homeopaths from more than 20 countries! He did a second course 'Systematic Approach in Homeopathy' https://www.facebook.com/ghanshyam.kalathia

About the author

Meeta Nihlani

Meeta Nihlani

Dr. Meeta Nihlani is a classical homeopath, who has been practising homeopathy since 1991. She started the Research Institute of Classical Homeopathy (R.I.C.H) for teaching Classical Homeopathy in 2008. She now practices the Sensation Method which she says has opened many portals of healing. In her quest as a healer she integrated various healing modalities including meditation and Quantum healing. The Homeopathic Case Witnessing process also aids her case taking. This has given birth to The Anahata Healing Foundation, a venture where she conducts free meditation sessions and workshops in various dimensions of healing. Dr. Meeta Nihlani heads the Raipur satellite center of “The Other Song” academy, a world renowned homeopathic research and education institution. Dr. Nihlani has found success in treating autoimmune cases such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid, and also PCOD and many psychiatric ailments.


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