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The Function in Sarcodes

In this article we are going to discuss “sarcode themes” with the help of repertory rubrics and then we’ll look at two interesting cases by Dr. Meeta Nihlani.

My repertory work on sarcodes

To find the common themes between sarcode remedies I selected the following seven remedies and compared them in my computer program with the help of the Complete Repertory. Seventeen rubrics appear which have less than 50 remedies. Out of those 17 rubrics, 7 rubrics had commonality. Let’s see them…

(A) 7 Medicines…

  1. Corticotropinum (cortico)
  2. Cortisonum (cortiso)
  3. Deoxy-ribonucleic acid (des-ac)
  4. Follicullinum (foll)
  5. Histaminum(hist)
  6. Thalamus (thal)
  7. Thyroidinum (thyr)

(B) Rubrics from Complete Repertory

  1. Mind; MEMORY, WEAKNESS, NAMES, FOR PROPER (47) 1 cortico, 1 hist
  2. Generals; DEVELOPMENT, ARRESTED (24) 1 des-ac, 1 thyr
  3. Generals; HYPOTENSION (25) 1 cortico, 1 hist
  4. Generals; INJURIES, BONES SLOW REPAIR OF BROKEN BONES (24) 1 des-ac, 2 thyr
  5. Generals; MYXEDEMA (6) 1 cortico, 2 thyr
  6. Generals; OLD, AGE, PREMATURE (34) 1 cortico, 1 des-ac
  7. Female Sexual; MENSES, ABSENT, GIRLS IN (5)1 cortico, 1 cortiso, 1 thala

All rubrics are related to function, because they all are related to memory (mental functioning), physical development and hypo or hyper physiological functions, so now my confidence increases. Now I try to examine each remedy individually. This time I narrow down the remedies which appeared in the rubrics. I select only the rubrics which have 10, or less than 10 remedies. The list is:

(a) Corticotropinum (cortico)

(b) Cortisonum (cortiso)

(c) Deoxy-ribonucleic acid (des-ac)

(d) Follicullinum (foll)

(e) Histaminum (hist)

(f) Thalamus (thala)

(g) Thyroidinum (thyr)

I try to see the pattern in small remedies also. The list is…

Cholesterinum (chol)

Hypothalamus (hypoth)

Ovinum (ov)

Pitutaria posterior (pitu-p)

RNA (rib-ac)

Urea (urea)

The repertory search (above) using computer software helps to find the “function” (memory/mental functioning, physical development , pre-mature development, arrested development, issues of stages of development like menopause/climacteric period, menarche etc. and hypo or hyper physiological functions), so the ‘function’ is the obvious thing for sarcodes and now we can easily see some pattern in all the rubrics and what they are related to…”

  1. Physiological function… test, smell, menses, ovary, pregnancy, puberty, menopause, old- age, child age.
  2. Hyper or hypo function… Hypotension, Hypertension, Extrasystole, Myxedema, Hypothyreoidism, Hyperfolliculinia, Hyperplasy, Paralysis, Hypertrophy, Atrophy, Impotency.

Case-1 by Dr. Meeta

(The purpose of presenting these cases is tohelp you understand the “themes of sarcodes”, so it has a little explanation about the selected remedy and the follow up of the case. The cases are taken and analyzed by the sensation method of Rajan Sankaran.)

A case of a 27 year old lady who had complained of Dysmenorrhea.

[D: = doctor, P: = patient, HG = Hand gesture, my comment is in (parentheses).]

D: Whatever experience you have ‘right now’,please tell me, without thinking whether it is it right or absurd.

I feel like flying, right now I am feeling that I am constantly running.

D: Explain flying?

P: Does not feel like stopping anywhere.

D: How’s the feeling?

P: To feel alive energy is required.

D: Experience of being alive?

P: Energy; you cannot understand anything until it breaks into smaller particles, and before the energy is released; something joins and makes it feel that something’s going on. When I am alone I don’t feel that Iexist. But when someone’s around me I am able to sense things. Things change when someone’s around, feels like something’s going on.

D: What changes within you?

P: When someone joins me, I feel like I have to do certain things for them, I give away all my positivity in that process. When I do something for someone, I give them everything I have with my 100% effort. At that time I don’t really care about what is going away from here. (me). There is a kind of emptiness on my side.

D: How is the emptiness on your side?

P: I give away everything but after that there is emptiness. After that I cannot give anything to anyone. Though I can receive, I can receive the negativity from them. They take away all the positive and good things and leave the remaining stuff good or bad for me. Hence I receive their negativity and all I had before is now gone.

D: Explain that emptiness.

P: Zero, like after eating food energy is produced then it is all consumed, taken away, so it’s emptied for some time. Then again the raw material goes inside, the same process takes place and it produces energy as the end product. The emptiness there is so extreme that the thing which has to maintain life is gone. But its duty is to give energy it has to do it.

D: What is the raw material which comes inside?

P: It’s a kind of energy conversion, like the food stuff we eat, say mango, if we eat that, that mango does not gives the energy, the food stuff breaks into smaller particles and then it produces energy.

D: What are those smaller particles?

P: It is the energy which gives and maintains life. If we see it in a bigger picture, the energy inside it has a shape, size, quality and a particular structure. That breaks into simpler and smaller forms. So it goes simple from its complex form. And after that you cannot tell its shape, size, quality and chemical formula. It is that small.

That is definitely the driving process of your life, but its structure, color and size cannot be seen. It only runs your life.

D: How is it when it’s shapeless and size less?

P: It becomes something that is required for life.

D: What is required for life?

P: ENERGY is required. You’re alive, breathing, moving.That means that energy is working within you. But you cannot say which energy is running your life.

The energy comes from somewhere to your body, travels inside you and keeps you alive.

And after that it goes away, the process continues in the same way, it is the most essential thing in your life. If it stops you’re dead.

D: How is the pattern of that energy?

P: Pattern is the same, it comes from somewhere, then it breaks into smaller pieces, and the cycle goes on. Like that of a clock. It has no pauses, but if the clock stops showing time for some hours that does not mean that it’s not working, the process is still going on inside, continuously. Even though it’s not visible outside, it keeps on working continuously.

D: How is the experience of that process?

P: That energy is extremely LIVE, it is essential for life, and that energy is extremely positive. That energy has no shape, size , color, formula, but when it is there you can feel it and sense it from different kinds of processes, that there is something behind them., and when you go deep inside you find that energy there. But you cannot see or touch it you just know that it’s there..

D: How is the experience of being there?

P: The experience is really very pleasant. Like one is standing in front of God, there are just you and God, but between you two something happens which you can just feel, human actually does not believes in God, but the thing which comes from there. When you experience that yourself then you’ll be able to understand actually how it is, the interaction between two people is because of that special thing.

D: Experience of that special thing.

P: Extremely positive and LIVE, it’s so live; I cannot explain it, the person who can receive that energy, can only understand it. It can’t be explained and showed, it can just be felt.

The experience is very pleasant. It is like an emotional interaction, between two individuals, full of love, which is so pure; some one can only understand it, if the love between two people is so pure. If you carry that purelove within you, then you’ll be able to understand it. The love that comes from that person has no shape and structure; there is a kind of vibration in that love between two persons.

D: Experience of those vibrations.

P: Very good, like the vibrations you get when you hear a sound like OM, very pure, divine, and peaceful.

D: Experience of that peace.

P: If someone achieves that peace then there is no negativity left inside him, it is so pure that no negativity can touch it. That peace cannot be explained, it is immaterial.

It’s like when we breathe and air goes inside, there is something which is essential for life, and you are receiving it within you. But you cannot tell that this is that particular air which is going inside you, it’s invisible.

Several things are mixed in it you cannot tell what exactly you are taking inside.

D: Explain that purity.

P: In which all the things are mixed up, it has no structure.

D: How is its smell and color?

P: It has no smell, but color is like if something adds to it, then that thing can be seen, but if it adds to something it could not be identified.


Slight HEAT is also felt, when that process is going on, and the energy is released. That heat is continuously emitted in that process.

D: Experience of that heat?

P: That heat is not harmful, it feels good instead, there is a warmth in that, its pleasant like love, its constant and continuous, that heat increases with the increase in energy, and reduces when the process slows down, MAN DIES IN THE ABSENCE OF THAT HEAT.

D: How is the experience of death?

P: I don’t know, its function is to give energy how can it die. The process is necessary for life, it’s the continuity and base of the life, and it cannot stop.

It is structure less and scattered all over, its present in everything, you cannot count it; it is everywhere in the world, and in all possible directions.

It looks like it has shape, but it is shapeless, it has no boundaries, no beginning and no end, but if something comes in its contact, it can be felt, it is so pleasant.

D: How is the experience of that?

P: Positive, the person in contact of it feels very good, because it is all that he needs for his life, he will receive it and release all his negativity.

But that thing would not become negative because of that.

It gives life force, which is essential for human life.

D: What is that life force?


Analysis of the case

Human life, process, function –

So these all points are expressing the themes of the process which is present in our body, after some functionality in our body the process goes on and that gives the life. So ultimately every phenomenon occurs in the body, so we can think of any SARCODE remedy.

Now we have to understand the process exactly and their specific physiological pattern and its functionality, that will give us clues to the functionality of any particular Sarcode remedy.


So these points above give us the idea of the process, we take the food, then it is converted into small particles and then smaller and finally it emits the heat and gives the energy that will govern the life. Now we have to find out the exact remedy from the Sarcode kingdom in which we have this process.

Functions of the ENERGY

We have to look for the ENERGY (substance or process) in our body which is created by food that we eat and then converted into heat and energy, which has certain qualities like- it makes us alive, it’s constantly running, which gives us life and maintains the life force and it is present everywhere.

Now we have to enlighten our homeopathic ‘Energy’ (Knowledge) and try to find out the exact physiological process. The first time I thought about this case I was reminded of my school days, where we had to study different ‘cycles’ like Kreb’s cycle, Glycogen cycle, ADP-ATP cycle etc. When we look into the ADP-ATP cycle, then it has the same kind of functionality (something converted from big particles into small particles) that we see in our case, so now it is obvious for us that we have to think about ATP (Adenosine tri-phosphate) for this case.

Some points that misguide us to think of Imponderabilia

All the points above are nothing but analogues of the “ENERGY”. A further explanation of the energy will clear our doubt about the kingdom. Here the energy described is not something from the universe, but from the body. It is created from the food and then converted into heat and energy and then that energy governs life.

Prescription: Adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) 1m, one dose


I gave her ATP 1M 2 doses in the follow up span of 10 months. She is much better. No pain andno dysmenorrhea, her energy level is better. No dose since 3 months.


Case-2 by Dr. Meeta

(A case of Polycystic Ovaries.,Married since 1 year, but had no child yet. She was in acute distress at the General level.)

D: What are you experiencing right now?
P: A
pressure. A compression. (HG- compressing both hands).I’m burdened with some weight. A heavy load. The heart is compressed! It is expanded it has been flattened. (She Takes deep breath in between).As if heart wants to pump but is not able to (HG). Its function is stopped! The heart does not have the capacity to pump. It can feel the pressure. It does not have any energy. As if the heart is below. There are layers of weight and the heart is not able to pump.

D: What is the experience?

P: Burdened. Compressed. My body feels full. (HG). It has stopped. No movement. Stable at a point. I am not able to breathe. A kind of congestion.(HG)Packed. (HG). It does not have any space. High density. As if you drawn something and you have packed it with many lines. Khach khach khach… (HG- She draws a rectangular and draws many horizontal and vertical lines in the air)

D: Explain this. (I made the same HG)

P- Dense. Like condensed milk. It becomes heavy. It will become congested. It will want to release and become light. A big stone is broken in to small stones. It will become lighter. A heavy stone settles down in the bottom. (HG- Pressing her hands towards ground)It is heavy and it is not able to function.

D: Explain this. (I made the same HG)

P: like a boat. If you put some heavy stones, it will drown. It will not be able to function. It will be depressed. That one is trying to function and giving life and soul to it.But is not able to function. Like I work hard professionally, but I don’t get results. I feel the same depression. I want to leave everything. Uselessness. Aimlessness. I am not able to anything. But I have such a desire that I try again. I don’t want to lose. I feel like this is the end. Heaviness. Like a stone. And many layers piled on. Like if we go to coal mines. There we have something in the core of the earth. As we go down towards the core, one feels the pressure and compression.

D: Explain that pressure and compression.

P: (HG-Both hands coming together). Congested and tight. We have a banana tree, it was overloaded with bananas. I was experiencing the same.

(Till this stage we are observing the pressure, congestion, restriction running throughout the case. We don’t know what pressure means for her but it is obvious for her. Let’s try to expose its opposite that way we may get some more info!)

D: Opposite?

P: When I feel energetic, I can work well.I am able to manage everything properly. I can fulfill the responsibilities. A kind of satisfaction. I could do so many things. Nothing should remain. I should be able to do. You are doing things which you are born for. I am this way only. I feel my life is worth. Otherwise it is useless. I feel like dying. I don’t have any energy.

D: What was the best time of your life.

P: I felt energetic. I use to top my school and my town. I did not feel any weakness. One could study till you desire. If you get a heavy project, you can work consistently, work till you get results! Consistently.

(It’s totally out of blue… Pressure’s opposite is energetic! Working/ functioning consistently!)

D: Explain Consistently.

P: One which does not stop.

D: Explain something in nature which does not stop.

P- Like air, Sun, light, water. They work consistently. They have energy. If they stop everything will come to an end. Like air is flowing, it is flowing consistently. How can others breathe without it? Sun has to work. It is giving light. For it everything is one and it has to give.

D: Explain more.

P: It is giving energy and the world is working.Everything is alive due to its energy. All trees, leaves all forms of life. It has power

D: Explain Power.

P: It has the capacity. Energy to do things. It has so much energy that it can give life to the world.

D: Explain the word “Function”

P: Doing an action. It is work of water to give life, air to give breath, sun to give light.

D: Explain action.

P: It is important. Even if you look at a cell, it has to function. If you switch on a fan, it functions. But only if it gets power. Every cell has a mitochondria, ATP is made and energy is released and the cell functions. I don’t know that much of chemistry and physics. Like this current is coming and this is functioning.

(This reminds me of the functioning quality of cell/ mitochondria. So the case becomes clear, but still we don’t know the meaning or role of congestion, load and pressure in the functioning of the cell.)

D: In general what is functioning?

P: It is living. Living is functioning.

D: What is your opinion about Living?

P: If you are not able to do anything for others, your life has no meaning. Like a tree, it gives fruits to others. It does not eat its own fruits. It does not think who will eat. Whoever needs it, it will have it. It will get whatever it requires. Basic needs air, water, sun. Most important is the Sun energy. It gives life. It is the basic energy. First trees, then other forms.

D: Basic?

P: It is the source. It is the origin. (HG- something coming out from fingers).It originates and spreads.It is starting from there and spreading. It is not restricted. You will spread even if you don’t want to. Like a hole. Like a light spreads through a hole. . Spreading. Gesture is its quality. It has to spread. Like a light. This is covering the whole room.

D: Explain more.

P: (She Paused and Closes her eyes.)When something spreads it is not seen. Like through a hole it can be seen. Later it cannot be seen. I can feel as if put a light from a small place, (What I am talking about!! She smiles).Like water is flowing from a restricted place, there it will feel condensed.Because its quality is to flow and you are restricting its flow.It should spread, it can irrigate only in that particular area. If allowed to flow it can help in irrigation in a broader area.

D: Explain irrigation.

P: You will give life and crops will grow. If we put seeds and it will not get water and sunlight, it will not transform from a seed to plant.

D: Explain that Transformation.

P This is life. This is becoming a sprout. A seed to a plant. (HG).

(Oh, now the congestion has become clear as an opposite of functioning quality of mitochondria which is ‘spreading’.)

D: What if this transformation does not happen?

P: It dies. Death

D: Explain death

P There is no energy. Only body remains. Dead body, IT is only there, no Function !

D: Your experience in Dysmenrrhoea

P: Congestion and a lot of blood is there. Pain in back. Weakness. I feel like sleeping. I feel like blood should flow.

D: Your desires in food?

P- I like potatoes and sago. More of starch. I feel like I am getting energy. I have a tendency to suffer from hypoglycemia. I want to eat. Otherwise I will faint. My B.P will become low. I can’t eat much at a time.

D: I don’t like boundaries. Explain this.

P: I like meeting everybody. I can’t stay in a restricted area. I don’t like being differentiated by castes and creed. A doctor can never stop treating because of the cast! A teacher cannot differentiate by cast. It has to give unconditionally, without any discrimination. Everything is same for you. You are a teacher, you do your work. Whatever work you are destined to, you work accordingly. If you are a doctor, you should take care of the students. I don’t like a division. A separation. Not looking with oneness!


Compressed/Pressed/ Loaded/ Restricted

Opposite of congested/pressured/restricted

In the initial part of the case we have expressions which are obvious in the case but we don’t know their meaning. But as the case is exposed it becomes clearer. Congestion restricts the ‘functioning’. So let’s see what is ‘functioning’ in the case…

Work/ Function/ Energy

Now it is clear that ‘function’ is related to physiological function of the body or cell, so the case belongs to “Sarcodes”. So our next target to find out is the pattern or quality of function. You have to work consistently and for that you need energy and the result of ‘functioning’ is getting ‘life’, so this is the quality of ‘cellular function’. And she beautifully correlates with function of the cell and mitochondria. So the case becomes clear…

Other qualities about the function of mitochondria:

Spreading/ flowing and opposite restriction/ congestion

Prescription: Mitochondria 1m, one dose


I gave her Mitochondria 1M, 7 doses whenever she required in the follow up span of one and half years. Now she is much better. She is now a lot more stable mentally and her energy level is much improved. She delivered a beautiful and healthy baby. No doses required since 5 months.


There is one question in my mind. What is the difference between ATP and mitochondria as a remedy? I see one basic difference and that is in their pattern of ‘functioning’. ATP is the bio-chemical compound from the process of the ATP cycle, while mitochondria is the structure and the very basic ‘functioning unit’ of the cell. So this basic difference between these remedies we can clearly see in the cases. The ATP case has total emphasis on the ‘process’ while the mitochondria case has emphasis on the ‘functioning’.


After reading this article I hope you can understand the basic themes of sarcodes and what ‘The function in sarcode’ is. I tried to explain these themes in my previous articles also. You can find those here:



Key words: Sarcodes, Function, Sensation method, Imponderbilia, Adenosine tri-phosphate, Mitochondria

Meeta Nihlani

Meeta Nihlani