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The Global Proving of Himalayan Crystal Salt

The Global Proving of Himalayan Crystal Salt

Drs. Chetna Shukla and Harry van der Zee share a proving of Himalayan Crystal Salt. This was part of a project was called ‘Global Proving’ started in 2005, which also proved Arizona Red Clay and Natural Silver.


Dr. Chetna Shukla                   Dr. Harry van der Zee


In 2005 a project was started called a Global Proving. Provers from around the world would simultaneously start proving the same substance. The project ultimately involved three substances, Himalayan Crystal Salt, Natural Silver and Arizona Clay (Terra Indiana), proven in respectively October 2005, January 2006 and April 2006. The results of the first substance, Himalayan crystal salt, are discussed in this article.

Keywords: Himalayan crystal salt, Global proving, Global events, Pakistan Earthquake, Avian flu, Borders (between religions, gender), Opening borders


This article is based on the premise that … in Nature everything is mutually interactive, inter-dependant and inter-linked. The minutest incredible little speck of sand particle on the remotest islands of Andaman and Nicobar is connected to the Rocky Mountains of U.S.A. The megaliths of Stonehenge are connected to the Red Stone of the Lal Quila of India. The marble of Connemara is connected to the marble of Jaipur. It is connected to one another in a way we are not able to perceive. It is the limited perception of our minds that divide the multitudes of interconnected events of the universe into chaos and pattern. We like to attach meanings, find laws that govern, give equations and find links.

Whether we find it or not!

Whether we know it or not!

Everything is linked in a way that is beyond the capacity of the thinking human mind but definitely known to our innate being. The whole of cosmos exists in the human being.

The concept of global proving

Thinking on how homeopathy could be used beyond the usual individual approach and in a transpersonal way to help humanity move through a dearly needed transition, Harry van der zee got the idea to experiment with a global proving. In 2005 at the LIGA congress in Berlin he discussed this idea with the late Jürgen Becker, from Germany, who had a fast experience in conducting provings, including C4 triturations. As they felt following the right course of action was crucial, they decided to consult a medium on which substance would be best to use in a proving intended to reach a global effect. Or in Hahnemann’s words, what needs to be cured on a global level. The medium mentioned not one but three substances that should be proven in a specific sequence and at specific times. This resulted in the following plan: Himalayan crystal salt at October 1 2005, Natural Silver at January 21 2006 and Clay held by a Native American (Terra Indiana) at April 8 2006 (Eileen Naumann, homeopath and Native American shaman, was invited to select this last substance). In each proving all provers took a dose of the same remedy at the same local time. As a result, starting in New Zealand the proving moved from East to West. The impact of proving these three substances the medium expected to have a healing influence on religious disharmony in the world. This article contains an analysis of the proving reports of the first substance, Himalayan crystal salt.

Organon § 135

“The complex of all disease elements which a medicine is capable of engendering is only brought near to completeness by means of multiple observations employed upon many differing qualified persons, both male and female. One can only be assured of having thoroughly proven a medicine for the disease states which it can arouse (i.e., for its pure powers in altering the human condition) when subsequent provers can notice little about the medicine that is new and they almost always perceive in themselves the same symptoms that have already been observed by others.”

The landmark proving that could qualify this criterion of Hahnemann (that his 99 provings don’t) is the Himalayan crystal salt. This miracle crystal salt has been the foundation of all life. It is believed that all life began in the ocean. The blood as well as the extra and intracellular liquids in the human body contains a mineral balance that strongly resembles seawater. The modern table salt that we are consuming is far from having the seawater qualities of the original crystal salt that got created by the Creator, the all-wise preserver of all health.

The Common table salt…

The refined table salt is 99.99% sodium chloride. It is combined with a number of additives; potassium iodide is added to ‘iodize’ it. However, iodine is volatile and oxidizes immediately when exposed to light. Therefore, dextrose is added to stabilize it. This turns the salt purple and it is not marketable therefore a little sodium bicarbonate is added to bleach it. Finally, it is coated with sodium-silico-aluminate to make it free flowing.

The famous statement ‘take it with a pinch of salt’ is apt for the modern table salt.

Natural Himalayan crystal salt…

Human research till date (that is far from being even close to match the science of the Creator) have found out that of the 84 elements found in the human body, 72 are believed to be essential ingredients of a healthy diet. Himalayan salt contains these 72 elements, some of which are only needed as trace minerals[1], as well as other elements whose importance for the human body is yet to be determined.

Dynamized Himalayan crystal salt…

Its reach: in total 46 reports were received. Several reports included the proving experience of groups that participated, so the number of provers was over 200 people. Also, several participants did take the remedy but never got to send in the report.

USA (7 reports), U.K (11 reports), Ireland (2 reports), Netherlands (4 reports), Finland (4 reports), Germany (7 reports), Scandinavia (1 report), Czech Republic (1 report), India (1 report) Australia (1 report), Switzerland (4 reports), Belgium (2 reports), Spain (1 report).

Analysis of themes of Himalayan Salt

Major themes

  1. Suicide/Homicide/Accident/Death/Rape
  2. One/Connection with everything/Cannot connect
  3. Comfortable with oneself/Confidence/Buoyancy
  4. Emotions: Grief/Sadness/Pain
  5. Moods: Irritable/Negative
  6. Mother-child theme
  7. Masculine/Feminine energy
  8. Homosexuality
  9. Lonely
  10. Old things/Memory
  11. Heart/Love

Minor themes of Himalayan salt

  1. Past Life
  2. Postponing
  3. Watched being
  4. Cobweb sensation


  1. Work in bathroom/Sink/Tap
  2. Cosmic events

The higher Self

  1. Spiritual side
  2. Meditation


  1. Food theme
  2. Food affinities

The cosmic projection

  1. Animals/Birds
  2. Ocean
  3. Flowers

Physical representation

  1. Physical: Eye
  2. Physical: Head
  3. Physical: Hips
  4. Physical: Lips: Herpetic eruptions
  5. Dental issues

A full description of all themes as also all repertory rubrics can be obtained by contacting the first author. In this article those themes and symptoms will be discussed that we have found to be meaningful in connection to global events around the time of the proving.

Global events and Global proving…

Which events were in the news around the time the global proving of Himalayan salt was conducted and how could these be meaningfully connected with the global proving?

Avian Flu

In the same time the proving started the possibility of an Avian flu pandemic came into the news (the last major one was in 1918-19).  On September 29, 2005, David Nabarro’s, the newly-appointed Senior United Nations System Coordinator for Avian and Human Influenza warned the world that an outbreak of avian influenza could kill anywhere between 5 million and 150 million people. The virus can remain viable at moderate temperatures for lengthy periods of time, and can survive indefinitely in frozen material – that includes frozen meat[2].

Over 100 million birds were killed by their keepers, trying to control the epidemic. The H5N1 strain remained largely in South-East Asia. Russia and Kazakhstan both reported outbreaks. Scientists feared it could be carried by migrating birds to Europe and Africa but said it is hard to prove a direct link with bird migration[3]. There were slightly more than a hundred confirmed cases of H5N1 infection in people causing about 60 deaths[4]. All these cases were in Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia, but many experts felt that China was hiding its avian flu deaths because China has a “reputation” for doing this). Most of the human cases have been linked directly to contact with poultry infected with H5N1. Avian Flu was hype and a genuine cause of concern. Virologists do not argue whether it will come but only when and how virulent (how many people it will kill) it will be.

The Pakistan Earthquake

The 2005 Kashmir Earthquake (also known as the South Asian earthquake or the Great Pakistan earthquake) was a major earthquake centred in Azad Kashmir (Pakistan-administered Kashmir) and in North West Frontier Province (NWFP[5]). It occurred at 08:52:37 Pakistan Standard Time (03:52:37 UTC) on 8 October 2005. As of 8 November, the government of Pakistan‘s[6] official death[7] toll was 79,000, while officials say nearly 1,400 people also died in Jammu and Kashmir (India) and four people in Afghanistan. The severity of the damage caused by the quake is attributed to severe up thrust, coupled with poor construction.

One impact of the earthquake was that five crossing points were opened on the Line of Control (LoC) between India and Pakistan to facilitate the flow of humanitarian and medical aid to the affected region, and international aid teams from around the world came to the region to assist in relief. This LoC is a line that is political but also and especially religious in nature. The earthquake did not only open this line between Islam and Hinduism. Especially Christian aid organisations entered the Islamic state of Pakistan to help the Muslim population. A Pakistani interviewed in the middle of the ruins wondered, “where are our Muslim brothers?”, as organisations from Islamic countries were in the minority. Another observation made was that in trying to save their lives and later in building up their homes again women wearing burkas were severely hindered by them and many took them off. By going against a religious rule, they crossed another artificial line between men and women.

Search for meaning

What is the possible link between the global proving of the Himalayan crystal salt and avian flu? There is a synchronicity that seems meaningful.

And what is the possible link between the global proving of Himalayan crystal salt and the Kashmir earthquake? Again, a synchronicity is there that needs to be analysed. And would there be a meaningful connection between bird flu and the earthquake?

An interesting observation is that like the proving started in the East and moved to the West, the bird flu is expected to migrate from East to West as well. Also, the earthquake took place west from the Himalayas, the source of the remedy.

This theme of East to West also occurs if we look at the three sources of the three substances proven. Himalayan crystal salt was followed by proving Natural Silver from a German mine, and the last proving substance was Clay from Arizona.

Chickens are the main birds being used for human consumption and the main bird to infect humans with avian flu. The scale on which poultry is consumed is incredible[8]. Hong Kong is in the lead with almost 60 kilos of chicken meat per capita per year. On a daily basis, millions of chickens are being slaughtered to feed an ever-growing number of humans. From the perspective of the chicken mankind is a plague. We often keep chickens in huge numbers under horrible conditions, feed them improperly, and add hormones and antibiotics to their food. An ideal situation for a bird virus to infect enormous amounts of chickens in a short span of time and to also infect humans. Once inside a human body together with a human flu virus, a mutation can occur that makes human-to-human infection possible with an effect that hardly can be imagined. If during the avian flu of 1918-19 an estimated 20-40 million people died in a matter of weeks, imagine what a similar pandemic could result in now. First of all, the world population has increased enormously, then not only birds but also humans now cross the skies in huge numbers and on top of that the human immune system has been suppressed and compromised by decades of antibiotics and vaccines, whereas for a bird flu with the exception of homeopathy still no proper medication exists.

Shamanic journeys to investigate the role and purpose of epidemic diseases have proved to be very valuable with AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis (Naumann 2005). To prepare a PC resonance for the avian flu, Eileen Naumann was asked by Peter Chappell to also make a journey to avian flu virus. April 2006 Eileen made this journey to find out the possible meaning of a human pandemic of bird flu. In response she was told “the air was so polluted and that humans were doing so much damage to the world and all species that the order went out for it to begin to change, so that it could move into human bodies and into their lungs. Air is the key to this virus.  It says it rules the air and everything in it.  Birds, air, lungs and breathing are all a part of this virus’ motif.”

It is a diseased state of mind that causes the way mankind is abusing planet earth and all life forms on it and the element of the mind is air. There are two ways for mankind to reduce its ecological footprint and that is by considerably reducing in number or by a revolution in thinking. An air born flu virus could be instrumental in both. From the shamanic journey it was clear that for the virus this was all a simple consequence of deranged human behaviour that simply needs correction.

The Global Proving at the Individual level across the world…

While five crossing points on the Line of Control (LoC) between India and Pakistan were opened to facilitate the flow of humanitarian and medical aid to the quake affected regions, at the individual level the global proving opened the heart chakra [felt very light hearted (P10), spreading warmth from heart outwards (P13) unblock the intimacy issues. (P14/4) it was a smooth flow; just I flowing (P24/B) heart as if expanding (P25); perfectly shaped heart-shaped stone, 3” high by 3” wide (P28); heart opening up/think about love (P32); tears and then my heart opens (P34); heart is free again (P39); happiness that comes from the heart (P46/1); being in love/romance/the energy around us, “heaven send”/feeling of love itself/love between people is just a manifestation (P47)].

This would allow the world to experience the taste of Oneness, of connection with everything, of having no boundaries that divide. [All is light, am one with everything (P1); staying connected in nature (P2); top of head open, was up to the heavens (P5); fulfilling of life purpose (P7); harmony between alkaline/acids, positive/negative, passive/active (P7); divine indifference/close to total unconditional love (P10); de-structuring to re-form in greater harmony (P13); feeling of secret love connected to Universal or God’s Plan, and therefore ‘I’, the ‘little I’, cannot do anything about it except be aware of it (P13); unification with earth, nature, the universe (P22); feel supple, connect to people more easily, no walls of defences (P24/C); oneness with Universe; calm is; spirituality (P25); ‘healthy connection between mother and child/son’ (P29); warmth and a feeling of connectedness (P39); I’m a little bit “high”. Somewhere between heaven and earth. My spirit, mind rushes up to this area and gets in contact – with? It feels like the live spending energy of the earth (P23).]

This divine connect and a feeling of oneness transpires at the individual level in feeling comfortable with oneself [balanced and bouncy; comfortable in my own skin (P1); chilled, relaxed and happy (P5); ‘in control’ and confident, very comfortable chatting and joking (P5); ‘don’t talk about it, just do it!’ (P5); positive, confident; if it needs doing, I will do it. Just get on and do it (P5) ©[9]; centred (P9); full of purpose and self contained (P10); insular, whatever happens will be the right thing for me (P10); spreading warmth from heart outwards; release of tension; relaxation (P13); increased sense of purpose (P14/5); amazing connections with men; not so focused on “being” in relationship as with being in life with them (P14/6); self contained (P28) not aggressive but effective; strong and independent (P43).]

This divine ‘Oneness’ or ‘Connect’ at the human level is witnessed and experienced only/primarily in its pure essence between mother and child. There is a direct link between the Sea and the life while we are in the womb of our mother. [Photos of ‘S’ (my son who died 18 months ago) (P1); horrible mother, sad giving away the baby things (P3); impatient with the children with their squabbling over what to eat (P6); Dream: Would I have enough water for both of me and mother? (P7); see Mother Amma; six hour wait (P9); *strong mother figure (P9); 6yr old son peaceful and snugly I felt such love for him. Thought how easy it would be to take a pillow and smother him and he wouldn’t know anything about it. He would die peacefully. Horrible, alarming thought (P13); *lion bites right upper arm when try to save daughter (P20); my children are like my mother. With both I quarrel. I criticize them secretly/ mummy: I feel disrespect and lovelessness? (P21); pain of separating the child and mother – Initially (P24/B); we hugged as mothers and sons do; but I felt isolated and rejected to my core in my role as mother (P26); a breastfeeding toddler; a male who could chat to me I was wet-nursing (P26); *girlfriend just lost her child. I tell her that I am sorry (P27); a ‘healthy connection between mother and child/son’ (P29); Men, who are not able to be independent from their mothers (Nat-m: left alone from the mother) (P35/Trituration C1 è C2); themes between man and woman as love mate (vs. woman as mother, i.e., Nat-m) (P39); incredible peace; feel Mother Earth here; being embraced with nurturing love abounded (P41); difficult week with my son being ill (fever) the first time in his life (he’s 13 months old) relieved but also shattered after looking after him and worrying (P46/1).]

This divine oneness, this connect that surfaced was defined with no boundaries. No boundaries of division between the most basic gender energy; the masculine and the feminine. [*Girl twins transformed into boys (P7); look masculine, accentuated by hair cut like a boy (P7); breasts feel smaller (wonderful!); asked if I looked like a man and she thought I was looking more feminine than usual (P7); film called “The Square Circle” about the balance of male and female (P10); *divine masculine energy; like a gold thread that is placed in your hand as you are born and all you have to do to find your way home is to look at the bundle of gold thread in your hand and gently unravel and follow it to source (P10); dreams/thoughts two sides of things the Yin and the Yang (P11); men making obscene movements and noises (P16♂); *Sven Wollter changes sex from man to woman; satisfied to be a woman (P20); fear of rape! What is the mental state of females who have been raped? Let this not happen to any female in this world! (P24/V); penis becoming long like a cord; carcinomatous; Fear? Fear of tumour? It feels like an elephant cord! (P24/A); breasts sore and heavy; veins quite marked and the breasts full like when newly pregnant; breastfeeding dream; I was wet-nursing (P26); *birthing couple gives birth to twins – a boy and a girl (P26); Collecting stones on the beach and we kept coming across large phallic looking ones (P28); man and woman as love mate (vs. woman as mother, i.e., Nat-m) (P39); female. Not sexually or as a mother; I am female because I know, because I remember (P40); women among the male masters – history has forgotten them; are as powerful as the male masters. They work in unison; no gender prejudice; integrated both male/female energies and are androgynous, anyway (P41).]

Love without division means love can, and is allowed to be expressed without boundaries allowing homosexuality to be just another form of expression of divine love [*with 5 or 6 homosexual men – very lewd in their talk and actions (P4); poignant as they are both gay so somehow he was not only a man but a man representing all men and she was not only a woman but also representing all women (P10); gay, male couple. One of them had married a very pale, young girl (P13); *with a gay man/ wants to marry me/ filled with his love but I am not attracted to him. He is studying how to be a good husband and provider (P15/7); I am working on a project for the AIDS community (gay community). With this work in EFP (Emotional freedom technique) we are working towards they becoming good public speakers, freeing themselves of a lot of burdening emotions (P24/B); *love situations between men and women (P46).]

When the expression of the quintessence of the divine state of the Himalayan crystal salt is resisted/restricted by the collective/individual mind because of its societal influences (teachers, parents, past experiences, up bringing, morals, rules and regulations that do not allow free expression of self) the opposite attitude comes to the fore in an automatic attempt to restore a balanced attitude[10]. To balance the state of oneness, connection with universe, unconditional love surfaces the opposite (opposite of love is death) Suicide/Homicide/Accident/Death/Rape [jumped out of a window; intention of committing suicide (P1); threw him over the balcony (P5); driver hit his head on the steering wheel; he was dead (P5); imminent danger of being hit by a lorry stopped in time (P6); slipped on mud three times (P7a); father who had Alzheimer’s died peacefully (P8); picture of sister’s son who died earlier this year. Son dead (her/her sister) (P10); shot! Bullet rip into me (P11); car being squashed by larger car (P11); nobody wanted to have my love – suicide (P18); what provoked this guy to commit suicide? (P24/V); homicidal impulses killed anyone close to me (P24/V); cold with suicidal feeling; better to die than to go through pain (P24/B); abortion, killing a child. All life coming is meant to be (P24/G); bomb hidden (P24/B); have an abortion done; criminal to abort (P24/G); hearing of accidents, all young people dying (P24/G); young boy stabbing himself (a case of para-suicide) (P24/C); car in the blind spot close to an accident; crashing airplanes; *blind spot (P27); someone could harm me, rape me, kill me, dispose of my body (P28); committing suicide on the same date (P31); boy intends to jump into it and drowns himself (P40); car exploded and however I knew that it did not disappear (P44); *father died of cancer 26 years ago; *actually just about to die (P46/1).]

The emotion that comes up because of resisting the free flow of divine oneness and connection and unconditional love is Loneliness [is feel ‘woe am I’ (in notes I write ‘woe am eye’) someone to give me a big hug and tell me ‘it’s all right ‘, be wrapped in a blanket give a cup of tea, incredibly alone, separated from my very being (P1); deep grief, depression and loneliness (P2); closed off from the world isolated in physical way; like soft flexible shell around me (P3); could not reach two close friends completely alone; able to forgive parents and move the feelings along (P8); opening my heart, melting sensation in heart; painful emotions and thoughts of being disappointed and alone (P10); isolated – alone – feel the kids are isolated here (P13); be in community, not be isolated; be surrounded by friends and family (P14/5); very alone, distant from others. A few tears (P15/6); fall deeper in a hole; nobody wanted to have my love; how to live. Also, I thought more often about suicide (P18); Nasty scene with son; it’s rocked – I felt totally isolated and rejected to my core in my role as mother (P26); *abandoned by friends; tried in vain to make contact (P37/1).]

This loneliness generates Grief, Sadness and Pain. [Son dead/photos: tears flowed out of me, didn’t feel any painful grief; just some form of release (P1); negative difficult energy, dark and foreboding, could feel the Earth’s pain and were grieving right along with her (P2); *having a termination, sensation of bleeding and felt grief and guilt. Sadness; comfort myself by cuddling the children (P3); Sad; made a conscious effort to laugh (P5); emotional, sad and sentimental; breaking down at the end of a sentimental film with sobs, lowness of spirit, which swept over me (P6); *black and white colours that different cultures wear when grieving (P7a) over-powering sadness (P13); sadness, feelings of rejection, not being important enough, Brought memories of feeling rejected by parents (P14/6); depressed – all the pain in the world, Katrina, War in Iraq (P15/3); deep into sad , heavy and dark black feeling (P18); mourning (P21); like ‘end this life’ so much of pain (P24/B); cutting your own body part; pain of separating the child and mother (P24/B); need to have a big cry (P26); *Being lost and grief (P27); immersed by grief, not able to divide the old and new feeling (P31); knot in the solar plexus expands and I get sad; a reason to cry, perhaps crying would dissolve the lump, feel cut off from life, heavy and sad, numb – don’t want to feel all this, numb, dull, irritated, tired. I withdraw into my inner world, lethargic, dissatisfied, bad mood, petulant, stupid (P34); boredom, emptiness, ennui, want to stop it, depression, this feels like depression, things look unattractive, no joy, lonely, sad, gray (P37/1); Happiness and love involves water; connects me with grief, the milky less solid part of myself (P40).]

This grief, sadness and pain is maintained and nurtured by playing the obsessive loop of thoughts and feelings attached to past occurrences. There is an element of Brooding, which is special to birds. In zoology, it is pattern of behaviour of certain egg-laying animals, especially birds, marked by cessation of egg laying and readiness to sit on and incubate eggs. Many birds develop a brood patch — an area of bare, featherless skin on the underbody — in preparation for incubation and brooding. A network of blood vessels in the skin of the brood patch raises the temperature locally. After the hatch, the parent birds brood their young, keeping them warm by spreading the feathers out, umbrella-like, so the young can maintain contact with the skin of the adult. In domestic fowl “broody hen” refers both to a sitting (incubating) bird and, later, to the same hen brooding her chicks[11]. It also means to dwell gloomily on a subject, to be in a state of depression. [Giggling triggered off by things from the past surfacing (P1); © playing this obsessive loop of thoughts and feelings attached to past occurrences; unable to move forward (P2); clearing my lofts and throwing away many old things, recklessly (P4); © turned around, not looking back but towards a very bright future (P7a); © back in the early 70’s; reconnecting with 70’s (P7); update clothes, felt old fashioned and from the past; sweep away everything from the past (P10); I wondered about the people who got rescued after days in the rubble. What they must have been going through not being able to move in the dark, possibly with little air, it must have been awful (P11); leaving things behind starting anew (P13); © let the past go and are more able to create my own future (P17); *clearing my bowels outside my clinic gate; have to clear before going to the cabin (P24/C); *on the toilet (P27); to break free and stop the contact, delete his phone number; been over for a while but somehow I was holding on, ‘dreaming’ that it was going to be different (P28); think about old events and memories of my life. I see how I used to be (P32); this remedy recalls old memories and totally absurd mental pictures (P43).]

Repertory of Himalayan Salt

To include the full repertorisation of this extensive proving would take up too many pages. Readers interested in receiving the complete proving notes as also all repertory rubrics for Himalayan crystal salt can contact the authors below.

Himalayan salt – a remedy for bird flu?

The main ingredient of Himalayan crystal salt is Natrum chloride (Natrum muriaticum). Natrum muriaticum we know is one of the main remedies for the loss of loved ones and in a bird flu pandemic we may expect millions of people will die and many millions more will be traumatised by the grief of losing loved ones. As the theme of avian flu comes up strongly in the proving it may be postulated that Himalayan crystal salt may be an even better match for the grief inflicted by bird flu pandemic. A question is whether it also would be a remedy to treat the symptoms of bird flu itself, and if it could be used as a prophylactic for it?  Many of the most prominent physical symptoms are similar to a typical flu-headache, fever, sore throat, and aching muscles. The most common complications of Bird Flu in humans are conjunctivitis, viral pneumonia, acute respiratory distress and inflammation of the brain and the heart. The same got reflected in the proving. Some physical repertory rubrics…

Head; cold extending, lower extremities from, upward to (P11)

Head; cold extending, lower extremities from, upwards to, 10.26 a.m. (P11)

Head; coldness, left (P45/24)

Head; congested; morning (P39)

Head; empty in (P27)

Head; energy, coning, temples at (P13)

Head; explode; skull, will (P34; C2)

Head; flashes; hot feet with (P34; C2)

Head; flat feeling (P27)

Head; fullness; morning (P32)

Head; heavy, bending forward (P38)

Head; heavy, occiput (P38)

Head; hollow feeling (P27)

Head; pressure; wearing a tight helmet, as if (P32: C0 →C1)

Head; pressure; left, pressing, somebody was, as if (P30)

Head; pressure; sleep lunch after (P34)

Head; pressure; temples, spiralling up (P13)

Head; sweat; occiput, hot, night in the

Head; thick feeling; forehead, in (P15)

Head; tightness in (P13)

Head; pain; morning (P39)

Head; pain; morning progressed, worse as (P5)

Head; pain; morning; wake up after (P1)

Head; pain; morning; waking up, eyes between (P4)

Head; pain; morning; waking up, eyes between; nausea with (P4)

Head; pain; morning; waking up, eyes between; vertigo with (P4)

Head; pain; night in the (P2)

Head; pain; left, radiating forward, intense (P14)

Head; pain; left, radiating forward, intense, incapacitating (P14)

Head; pain; right side (P1)

Head; pain (P1, P6, P21, P39-C1)

Head; pain; ache, left side (P35; C2→ C3)

Head; pain; brows; hammering (P32)

Head; pain; crown of (P13)

Head, pain; driving, > Perrier water (P26/2)

Head; pain; dull (P2, P6)

Head; pain; eye behind; left, needle like (P45/ 24)

Head; pain, eyes over, dull (P6)

Head; pain; hammering (P32)

Head; pain; heaviness, waking on, dream after (P24/A)

Head; pain; hit bus by, head on, after (P14)

Head; pain; lunchtime during (P5)

Head; pain; pulsating (P45/9)

Head; pain; RHS; expansion (P45/20)

Head; pain; spreading down to forehead, vertex from (P5)

Head; pain; stabbing (P15)

Head; pain; pressing pain (P22)

Head; pain; forehead; eyes behind, dull (P22)

Head; pain; forehead; eyes, between, pressing (P22)

Head; pain; forehead; hammering (P32)

Head; pain; forehead; pulsation (P46/2)

Head; pain; frontal; down the eyes (P46/2)

Head; pain; jaw (P7/A)

Head; pain, neck, right side, going down, head, turning on (P5)

Head; pain; occiput; constriction (P4)

Head; pain; occiput; compression (P4)

Head; pain; occiput; left, pressing inward (P31)

Head; pain; occiput; right, sharp, stabbing (P13)

Head; pain; temple (P7/A)

Head; pain; temples, forehead and (P22)

Head; pain; temple; right (P24/G)

Head; pain; temple; right, stabbing, garden in when

Head; pain; temple; right, liver headaches (P26/2)

Head; pain; temple; right, liver headaches, massage better by (P26/2)

Head; scalp; dandruff (P4)

Head; scalp; dandruff; crusty (P4)

Head; scalp; dandruff; dry (P4)

Head; scalp; dandruff; flaky (P4)

Head; scalp; dandruff; occiput (P4)

Head; scalp; dandruff; aggravated sugar after (P4)

Head; scalp; dandruff; white (P4

Head; scalp; itching (P4)

Head; scalp; tightness; showering after (P4)

Head; sensation; hole between, eyebrows; brain boring into (P4)

Head; sensation; skull; encased in (P45/23)

Head; vertex; energy; coning (P13)

Head; vertex; open heavens to (P5)

Head; vertex; pressure spiralling up (P13)

Eye; around, swollen (P46/2)

Eye; around, puffy (P46/2)

Eye; blind spot (P27)

Eye; burning (P32: C0 →C1)

Eye; burning, watery and (P32: C0 →C1)

Eye; closing; thoughts, recurrent reduces (P32: C2 →C3)

Eye; congestion, lower lid (P1)

Eye; dryness (P2)

Eye; heavy

Eye; hooded (P7/A)

Eye; itchy (P2)

Eye; itching; corners, inside (P1)

Eye; itching; corners, inside, (P1)

Eye; itching corner of (P37/3)

Eye; itching corner of, rubbing better (P37/3)

Eye; itching RHS (P45/15)

Eye; lachrymation (P45/15)

Eye; open; less wide open (P7/A)

Eye; sensation; sand or grit in it but daren’t rub it (P13)

Eye; sore

Eye; sore, right (P13)

Eye; sore, burning and (P13)

Eye; sore edge around (P13)

Eye; sore edge around the, lids and (P13)

Eye; sore right; swollen lid with (P13)

Eye; swelling; lid, lower (P1)

Eye; swollen as if

Eye; tears (P22)

Eye; tired

Eye; twitching, left (P22)

Eye; redness (P37/3)

Eyes; watery (P32: C0 →C1)

Eyes; watery, burning and (P32: C0 →C1)

Eye; swollen, morning, waking on (P32)

Eye; eyelashes; hair sensation on (P32)

Eye; eyelid; right; twitching (P37/3)

Eye; pupil; enlarged; sun in (P32)

Eye; pupil; enlarged; right, sun in (P32)

Eye; right; pain (P1)

Eye; right; pressure (P39, C1)

Eye; right; socket/bones, tender (old symptom)

Eye; right; sore, bruised as if (P13)

Eye; right; around; pressure (P39, C2)

Eye; left; lachrymation (P37/3)

Eye; left; oedematous swelling under (P37/3)

Eye; left; watering (P45/19)

Eye; upper lid; swollen (P39)

Eye; upper lid; varicose (P39)


Heart; arrhythmia (P27)

Heart; beat, irregular (P16) ©

Heart; beat irregular, dizziness with (P16) ©

Heart; pain in (P27)

Heart; palpitations; fast, fireworks from (P13)

Heart; palpitations; wake up with (P10)

Heart; palpitations; waking on, fear with (P10)

Heart; pressure, blood high (P10)


Chest; breath deep (P37/2)

Chest; breathing; difficult, cannot take enough air (P39, C2)

Chest; breathing difficult, diaphragm reach unable to (P39, C2)

Chest; breathing difficult, deep unable to (P39, C2)

Chest; congestion; mucous (P5)

Chest; cough (P7/B)

Chest; cough must (P37/2)

Chest; difficult; breathing (P11)

Chest; difficult; breathing; carpet from (P11)

Chest; difficult; breathing; smoking from (P11)

Chest; difficult; breathing; animals from (cats) (P11)

Chest; difficult; breathing; new moon (P11)

Chest; difficult breathing, night (P24/G)

Chest; heart; pain, constrictive (P45/21)

Chest; heaviness (P6)

Chest; heaviness, difficulty breathing (P6)

Chest; pain, burning, infection as if from (P13)

Chest; pain; heaviness; climbing (P24/A)

Chest; pain; load as if (P24/G)

Chest; palpitations; afternoon (P24/V)

Chest; palpitations; night (P24/V)

Chest; oppression; walking hill up when (P10)

Chest; oppression; walking hill down when (P10)

Chest; sweat; hot shoulders; night in the (P14)

Chest; sweat; hot, clavicle; night in the (P14)

Chest; suffocation in the chest while talking (P24/A)

Chest; tightness; full moon on (P26/2)

Chest; tightness; difficulty breathing (P26/2)


The global proving included three subsequently proven substances of which Himalayan crystal salt was the first. Publication of the third, Red clay from Arizona (Terra Indiana), is published as a two series article in in the April 2019 & May 2019 issue. The Natural Silver global proving will be in the forthcoming issue of  The idea of using a proving not only to get to know the substance but also and primarily to bring about a change in the collective is new in homeopathy and this global proving was a first experiment. Similar like Hahnemann already stated that participating in provings has positive effects for the prover we may assume that the participation of larger numbers of people in a proving may have positive effects on the collective. To analyse collective effects though is not easy and the number of provers needed to make an impact of any significance can at this point not yet be defined. For now, it may be sufficient to say that, like any cured case will have a positive effect on the collective, any proving whatever the size will create a ripple to which the collective will resonate. We hope this experiment will inspire others to organise similar projects. Adding intentional large-scale provings to the daily practice of healing the individual sick may shift gear in the application of homeopathy for healing the planet and its inhabitants.


The authors wish to thank all the provers around the globe that participated in this proving, and especially also those that sent us their reports and made it possible to analyse the proving in the traditional sense, so the substance can also be used in daily homeopathic practice. We also thank Jürgen Becker for resonating with the possibility of a global proving and for his help in selecting the substances, preparing the remedies and mailing them to all participants.


[1] Book: The Miracle of Krystal Salt by Christian Ovitz by Power Organics –  www.powerorganics .com

[2] Bird Flu’s Environmental Components


[4] The World Health Organization has said there have been at least 116 human cases of the current bird flu virus, including 60 deaths. All but a handful of cases were caused by direct contact with sick birds, indicating the virus is unable to move easily among humans[4].

[5] The province borders Afghanistan to the northwest, the Northern Areas to the northeast, Azad Kashmir to the east, Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) to the west and south, and Pakistani Punjab and Islamabad Capital Territory to the southeast.

[6] Himalayan salt is a marketing term for rock salt from Pakistan, which began being sold by various companies in Europe, North America, and Australia in the early 21st century. It is mined in the Khewra Salt Mines, the second largest salt mine in the world, located in Khewra, Jhelum District, Punjab, Pakistan, about 160 kilometres from Islamabad and 260 kilometres from Lahore, and in the foothills of the Salt Range.

[7] We, mortal human’s yearning for immortality find a negative meaning in death. Death is just another form of existence.


[9] © = cured symptom and * =dream symptom

[10] When a one sided attitude persists/or is resisted, inevitably the opposite attitude comes to the fore in an automatic attempt to restore a balanced attitude. This to and fro process, is called the rule of Enantiodromia. “Negative and positive when used together are valuable, apart they are valueless.”


About the author

Dr Chetna N shukla

Chetna N Shukla is a homeopath with over 30 years of experience. Evidence based homeopathy has been her path. ‘Provings’ as a tool to recognize and experience the quintessence and also the individualizing qualities of the source has been her forte. She has conducted 30 provings, Lac assinum, Pavo Cristatus (Peacock), Python, Oxygen, Cedrus odorata, Corvus Splendens (Indian Crow), Rose, Snow-flakes, Sea-horse, Python, Indian gray Mongoose, Mangifera Indica, Ayahuasca, Armadillo hide, Sacrs-Cov 2 Nososde (SCN) are but some of them. Most of her provings are included in the RadarOpus. She has been collating Global provings- Himalayan Salt, Natural Silver, and Terra Indiana, already published in Homeolinks and She has been working on the book on her concept of ‘Curability Quotient’ in homeopathy. She has published her book on Food Similia: Individualized Diet that is about advising an individualized diet to a patient in alignment with their disposition to ensure rapid restoration to health along with the Simillimum.

About the author

Harry van der Zee

Harry van der Zee MD is an international teacher and has presented seminars world-wide. From 1996 to 2018 he was editor-in- chief of Homœopathic Links. He has investigated the importance of the birth experience in homeopathic case-taking and published two books on the subject – ‘Miasms in Labour’ (2000) and ‘Homeopathy for Birth Trauma’ (2007).. Together with Christopher Johannes, he published ‘Homeopathy and Mental Health Care’. Since 2004 Harry has been involved in projects in Africa to enhance the homeopathic treatment and prevention of epidemics for which in 2007 he co-founded the ARHF (Amma Resonance Healing Foundation). ARHF has trained health professionals in many African countries that now independently treat epidemics, trauma and chronic diseases using so-called Source Resonances. He co-edited and published Peter Chappell’s book ‘The Second Simillimum’ (2005), has written ‘Amma4Africa Manual’ (2009, 2014, 2018), ‘Amma4Trauma Manual’ (2013), ‘ARHF Volunteers Manual’ (2014, 2018) Together with Peter Chappell he wrote ‘Homeopathy for Diseases’, a book on how to treat epidemics, trauma and chronic diseases by integrating an individualised approach with a disease-specific approach (2012). In Africa he currently researches the efficacy of the Source Resonance PC1 for HIV/AIDS (2017-today) and the efficacy of the Source Resonance PC240m for malaria prevention (2014-today).


  • I am truly happy after reading this article of Himalayan salt .Within short time I will go through other articles also. To me this is what homeoapthy is . In reality a spiritual science – connection between everything existing with the energy of cosmos – the bliss. It’s very clearly stated in chapter vital force in organon.
    I am surprised to see such basic and tremedus work done – there are people who are not adulterated by an idea of integration and challenging doctrine of homeoapthy.
    Thank you very much.

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    I really enjoyed the article.
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