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The Immune System and Nosodes

Written by Julia Bronfman

Even within mainstream medicine, researchers believe that genes and environmental factors (such as viruses or toxic chemicals) are at the root of autistic spectrum disorders.

An interesting phenomenon is taking place in the world of autism.  Until quite recently, an extremely high percentage of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) children were showing clear signs of heavy metal toxicity.  Susceptible children, unable to detoxify, have held onto the lead, cadmium, antimony, arsenic, aluminum and mercury which they have been exposed to, whether it be from the mother’s amalgam fillings, or lead water pipes and paint dust (liberated during home renovations) or thimerosal in the childhood vaccines.

But as fewer childhood vaccines contain ethyl mercury, and as some ASD individuals are presenting with moderate, or even lower levels of toxic metals, an equally disturbing issue is poking up its head.  Antibodies found in the blood of autistic children suggest that at least some cases of autism are caused by a misguided immune response, triggered predominantly by exposure to pathogens.  And as a result, viral, fungal, bacterial and parasitical factors have become an extremely important and common problem in those with autistic spectrum disorders.

Current vaccine recommendations in Canada call for giving 38 vaccines (including two flu shots) to a child before his/her second birthday.  Proponents of such a schedule argue that the immune system of a child under two years is still immature, and renders the child more susceptible to succumb to these diseases as compared to older individuals.  They argue that these vaccines protect a child against pathogens to which their own immune systems is defenseless.

Those who argue against vaccinating a child under age two, however, feel that the immature immune system is the very reason why one would choose not to overwhelm it artificially with several different pathogens at once.  They argue that an immature immune system is incapable of properly defending the body from such heavy viral and bacterial loads, and for this very reason, vaccines should only be administered after the second birthday (or even later).

Immunologist Howard L. Weiner has found that if an individual has the inborn tendency to have a particular disease at a particular time in his/her development, then being vaccinated against this disease at an earlier time, would disrupt his/her immune system.  Furthermore, if an individual is fighting off an infection when he/she receives a vaccine, the immune system is already challenged, and may not be able to rise to the occasion of fighting off the new aggressors.  This could have serious consequences, as the pathogens could possibly take up residence in the recipient.  Research into the MMR vaccine has shown that the live measles virus (among others) has the potential to embed itself into the bowels of vulnerable individuals. This virus has been linked with inflammatory bowel disorders (such as Crohn’s disease) and autism.  Dr. Andrew Wakefield has contributed a great deal of research in this very controversial area.  Yet, considering that children, following Government’s recommendations, have already received as many as 24 vaccines before their inoculation with the first Mumps, Measles and Rubella vaccine, and considering that many of these children may have had several infections (including otitis) and may have possibly been on multiple rounds of antibiotics, it is not hard to see how these circumstances give us a very possible recipe for disaster! (or be dealing with toxicity and the consequences, such as dysbiosis and leaky gut).

In the world of autism, we refer to these children as viral kids, as opposed to heavy-metal kids (although most harbor a combination of many toxins, it is just that one tends to be predominant).  These children seem to have a dramatic improvement of their autism when they are sick and run a fever.  They also improve when taking natural antivirals, such as olive leaf extract, garlic, and oil of oregano.  These are the children with sore, swollen, lymph nodes or abdominal or joint pains, for example, but very little rash or fever.  They often have diarrhea; but many suffer from severe constipation as well.  Non-verbal children may be seen leaning over the arms of armchairs, or holding themselves in a fetal position, to put pressure on their tummies.  Some seem always to be sick, and some never get sick (as if their immune systems are not capable of responding appropriately).  You may find that these children are more emotional, or have poorer awareness, etc. during full moons (due to the cyclic nature of parasites).  And they will often present with dark circles under their eyes, and a thrush-like coating on their tongue.


Viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi are routinely sited as contributing to the toxic soup within ASD individuals.


Dietary changes together with herbal anti-parasitical protocols, supplements and homotoxicology for candida, clostridia, Lyme disease, herpes 6 virus, etc., have shown to make a substantial difference when treating a child on the autism spectrum.


Classical Homeopathy: MICH Method

In working with ASD patients and finding the remedy that expresses their deepest core, we found that nosodes play an important role. An individual who requires a nosode remedy expresses her deep inner experience as follows:

I have a problem and a weakness and I have to live with it and accept it.

Lacking resistance to invasion.

I am weak within to let this happen.

Something “wrong” within me allowed the invader in.


The need to correct and counteract the disease so that health can be regained.

The Nosode client personifies the situation of the disease tissue – feelings as if he or she were that tissue.

Polarities are expressed as Me versus It (the weakness, disease in me), a Fault that requires Correction, a Problem in need of Repair, or Error and Modification.

The state of a child with live attenuated measlesvirus in the gut, spinal fluid and blood (due to the live measles virus inoculation) might very well be what we know about the measles nosode.  A child who contracted Lyme disease, in utero, from his/her mother, might very well express the Lyme Disease nosode.


As we are seeking to understand the inner experience of our client, we cannot under-estimate the importance of the mother connection.

Throughout this journey into the world of healing autistic spectrum disorders (with homeopathy), it has become clear that one cannot fully separate child from mother, and one cannot fully understand the other song that lives within the ASD child, without understanding the mother’s experience.

Three years ago I took part in an international clinical trial using the opiate antagonist Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN).  The purpose of the study was to document LDN’s ability “to enhance a patient’s response to infection.”  Dr. McCandless, who introduced LDN to the autism community, after seeing its success with multiple sclerosis patients, decided to use the mothers of ASD children for the clinical trial, and not the child themselves.  Why?

What has come to light over the past few years is how closely the immune system of the child is related to that of the mother.  The mothers frequently have auto-immune problems, whether it be fibromyalgia, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. Also interesting to note is the fact that we see a high incidence of cancer in the mother.

We can only speculate as to the reasons behind this.  Certainly there is susceptibility on the part of mother and child, expressing itself as a hereditary pre-disposition to a compromised immune system.

True, the mothers do not necessarily have autism…..although a surprisingly high number fall somewhere under the umbrella.  Possibly one of the reasons why they do not have autistic spectrum disorders relates to the fact that they grew up in a less toxic world than the children today, and that they did not receive the staggering number of vaccinations that today’s child is subjected to.  The mother’s exposure to toxic substances, pathogens, and such, has taken place over a long period of time, and usually not abruptly during the first few years of life when the immune system is so immature.

Many believe that the hereditary pre-disposition to autism and attention deficit disorder, is the same as to Alzheimer’s disease.  It is speculated that the children who are diagnosed with ASD today, would have been the ones to develop certain forms of dementia later in life, had the “toxic brain syndrome” come on slowly, and arrived much later in life, rather than thrust upon a mere infant.

As for the susceptibility to cancer, we can certainly look to a hereditary predisposition.  There is a great deal of thought surrounding the relationship between viruses and cancer.  The impaired immune system, and its inability to properly handle viral infections, could lead us to believe that the same mechanism is at play as in the development of ASD.

And finally, we can observe the movement of the mother, and the other song that sings within her.  The high incidence of cancer could possibly be linked to the cancer miasm, and her need to control every aspect of her child’s life.  Here we see her great sense of responsibility or duty and her belief that her child’s destiny rests in her hands.

Carcinosin comes up so often as the mother expresses putting superhuman effort to find every detail and check every loophole and get hold over it and control over it, in order to fix her child.

One may be tempted to generalize and see the cancer movement in every mother completely controlling her child’s life.  Yet, when her case is taken, the depth and pace of her inner experience may not be one of the cancer miasm. In one case we saw, the mother’s miasm was psoric, despite her control of the youngster.  This case has been successfully followed at our MICH clinic and shows the importance of individualizing and perceiving the inner experience of the patient.




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About the author

Julia Bronfman

Julia Bronfman is the mother of a recovered child. She graduated from Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy in May 2009 and now specializes in working with individuals with neurological disorders and behavioral challenges. Julia also completed her Defeat Autism Now training in 2005 and CEASE certification in 2010.


  • Decades from now the newer generations will look at our current vaccination schedules and shake their heads in shame and disgust…

  • Maybe I am missing something here, but what precisely does viral infection(s) have to do with cancer (or susceptibility to cancer)? That is a completely new one to me.

    • Think that it has been mrdically confirmed that a female that receives human papilloma virus from a sexual encounter with a personl carrying said virus has a greatly increased risk of developing cancaer of her female organs,especially cervical cancer, as one example. Ob.viously, the more sexual partners she has,the greater the risk of her encounter with a carrier. William Fredric Vennard

  • It has always been a strange issue and fortunately some doctors are understanding that vaccines are not alwys needed. I witnessed the introduction of Hog cholera to a free zone in the Mexican state of Hidalgo after vaccination of a litter of pigs.
    Vaccines could be needed in epidemiologicallly succeptible populations (populations in risk areas) and in these areas for people with no antibodies. If they have, why then they should be vacinated?
    On the other hand, nosodes are capable of producing antibodies, as was demonstrated by Dr. Rosas-Landa from the National Politechnic Institute in Mexico.

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