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The Periodic Shuffle

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Delivering the promise
Iridium child of heaven,
radiates angelic light
which prisms into seven

She leaves half-sister Platina
confined by her division,
to step into stepmother’s house
with laughter and derision

While old King Aurum, sadly
grasps his golden crown,
and yearns for unattainables
on the long climb down,

commanding General Mercury,
messenger on wings:
‘repulse the enemy without,
cause tyranny within,

force poor Thallium’s dissident
to gross emaciation,
with torture and electric shocks
deep degeneration’

While Plumbum the dull fugitive
evades assassination,
by fleeing from lead bullets and
avoiding toxication

And in the shelter, Bismuth
devoid of all protection,
clings tightly to his mother
feeling very threatened,

by the shadow of his
nuclear neighbour,
deep under the ground,
stalking shades of dead at night
hunting with his hound

So take me back Iridium
seven times eleven,
colour Plumbum’s heavy grey
with rainbows from the heaven,
kiss poor Thallium’s balding head,
turn Mercury to mild,
heal Platina’s division
cuddle Bismuth’s child

Raise King Aurum’s
self esteem,
turn him upside down,
to realise that
in his heart
lies the real crown

For every kingdom’s
bound to fall
through Life’s degeneration,
the only peace
lies in the noble
moment of mutation

From sunny Helium’s
Neon sky,
To Argon’s peter pan,
From Krypton stars
and Xenon beasts
to Radon’s upright man,
and all the way
to Luciferium
deep below the ground,
between the breath
of night and day
a shaft of truth is found

Never changing ever still
pivot of true life,
until the moment comes to start
the periodic slide,
a sharp electric current
turns on the noble light,
illuminating dark desires
stillness into strife

Carbon mother
in her taxi
riding up the mound,
four arms clutching
her organics
one for every child;
Hydrogen, Nitrogen
Oxygen, big C,
it’s relatives like Adamas
who make it clear to see;
the motto for us carbons is
it’s all to do with me,
no matter your significance
but how you are perceived

Then all the way
up to Iridium
starts the weary climb,
if only we could realise
we’re climbing upside down,
and driving grimly forward
via mirror in reverse,
with each electron we acquire
comes a blessed curse.
Like a moth
into a flame
our proton takes a dive,
the mirror that we’re living through
reflects our own desire

To live life in the here and now
noble and upright,
let go that extra atom
see the other side,
expensive metals end in rust
elements decline,
it’s not the outer
but our soul
that will forever shine.
It’s not what we can gain in life
but what we leave behind,
while winding back to Hydrogen
the universal mind.


About the author

Jeremy Sherr

Jeremy Sherr

Jeremy Sherr was born in South Africa and grew up in Israel. He has taught in most of the British schools of homeopathy and began the Dynamis School in 1986. Jeremy has also taught in Spain, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, China, Russia, India, Japan, South Africa, and Australia. He maintains busy practices in London, Tel Aviv, and New York. He was awarded a fellowship from the Society of Homoeopaths in 1991 and a Ph.D. from Medicina Alternativa. He was also awarded an honorary PhD from Pioneer University and an associate Professor at University Candegabe for Homoeopathy, Argentina. He is the author of numerous homeopathy textbooks and journal articles and has proved 32 new homeopathic remedies. His latest book is Dynamic Materia Medica: Syphilis, a Study of the Syphilitic Miasm through Remedies. He is currently working on a book on the Noble gases. Recently, he released The Dynamic Case Taker, a new software program for homeopaths to assist in everything from casetaking to perceiving what is to be cured in a case, analysis, synthesis and case management. He is also the Author of Q-Rep, the repertory of Mental Qualities.

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