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The Role of Hippozaenium 200C in COVID-19 Pandemic A Nosode par Excellence!

Dr. Arup Bhattacharya shares his experience with the nosode Hippozaenium in treating Covid -19. He also discusses the use of Variolinum and Tuberculinum for Covid.

As the pandemic rages, homeopaths have been collecting and sharing their observations. While most agree on many genus epidemicus remedies, few have been found to be using nosodes that can potentially reduce fatality and make patients less dependent on ICU care, including the need for oxygen life support.

This article delves into some observations about the use of a not so well-known nosode in the role of savior from the progressive viral pneumonia with its’ accompanied ground glass appearances that has caused a veritable nightmare in the patient and the medical community.

SARS-CoV-2 usually targets type II lung cells which coat membranes lining the nose, throat and sinuses, and deep into the lungs. The virus pries these cells open with its’ spike protein that it uses like a crowbar to force entry after locking onto the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 or ACE-2 receptor, which typically regulates a protein that increases blood pressure and inflammation.

Once inside these cells, the virus has a rare ability to silence alarms that would normally set off the immune system in mobilizing antibodies and virus-killing cells. The net result is a tug of war with the immune cells producing inflammatory proteins, causing damages and with clots resulting from repair of such damages leading to  severe lung damage with characteristic ground glass appearance which if not checked immediately, leads to immune storm with fatal consequences.

This is a simplified version as it does not discuss other complications and havoc that this new virus can cause in human physiology by targeting multiple pathways, cells and organs, though it suffices my point of discussion as to what would be a good homeopathic remedy that can possibly reverse this immune storm and thereby stimulate the vital force in regaining health.

Many homeopaths have been using Aspioderma quebracho in tincture or potency to counter the breathing issues, but while this can help some, it obviously plays a more  supportive role, rather than being a curative simillimum which is the need of the hour for stopping further lung damage while stimulating a quick rebalance and obviating the need for ICU care requiring external oxygen life support.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I was treating an 80 year old male patient for lungs issues that included paroxysmal coughs with difficult expectoration, using infrequent doses of Hippozaenium 200C.

The nosode resolved his issues quite quickly before we realized that he was COVID-19 positive. By the time the test was found to be positive, he was already asymptomatic. Since then, I have used this remedy when indicated and have been quite impressed with the fast recovery in patients, including pO2.

In one instance, a 55 year old woman from Florida got exposed to COVID-19 on Dec 18th 2020 and COVID-19 was confirmed with the disease on Dec 31st. By Jan. 6th 2021 her condition was quite severe – oximeter showed 87-89 which on deep breathing- would reach 90.

She had fever, severe vomiting, congestion, myalgia, headaches, chest pain, exhaustion, palpitation and very soon her pO2 level was down to 77. She went to emergency care in a hospital setting where the characteristic ground glass appearance of her lungs and pneumonia were confirmed.

She was put on oxygen support, and 2 IV doses of antiviral medications, antibiotics and steroids. She was hospitalized for 4 days. While her oxygen level increased and she was still on oxygen support, she did not like the care and decided to return home.

Her breathing was terrible from any movement, and walking and climbing stairs aggravated so that she could not get her breath back easily. After the first dose of Hippozaenium 200C, she felt better instantaneously and after 3 doses on 3 consecutive nights, she was much improved with her oxymeter reading going up from 88 to 96-97.

I have used this nosode in many cases of COVID-19 with ground glass lungs appearance and so far, I am happy to confirm not a single case needed to be hospitalized. This powerful nosode was introduced by Dr. J.J. Garth Wilkinson and covers symptoms which suggest integral parts of consumption, cancer and syphilis and promises useful service in the treatment of ozaena, scrofulous swellings, pyemia, erysipelas, chronic rhinitis and sanious secretions.

Its specific seat of action is the lungs. As a nosode, it can trigger a quick immune rebalancing where the virus fails in its intent to cause further damage and rapid recovery ensues in patients with COVID-19

I have also seen some discussion of the use of homeopathic COVID-19 nosode in covid-19 cases. I strongly doubt it will be beneficial in severe cases, since the system is already overwhelmed with COVID-19 pathogenesis and the benefit of giving the COVID-19 nosode is questionable in stimulating a healthy balance.

Instead, I have used with great benefit the small pox nosode – Variolinum 200C both as a preventative and curative in COVID-19. The result has been gratifying since it was even found to protect individuals with definite daily exposure to COVID-19 patients (such as taking care of a spouse with COVID-19 who did not really isolate and quarantine himself fully at home from others).

In cases receiving Variolinum 200C as a preventative, where later exposure did lead to COVID-19, it generally tends to give a milder disease picture that quickly resolves with the genus epidemicus of Gelsemium or Bryonia or Lycopodium etc.

I have also had the good fortune of treating COVID-19 long haulers with various symptoms including loss of taste and smell and in such cases, intermittent doses of Tuberculinum bovinum 1M has been very salacious in getting their sensory apparatus working normally again within few weeks.

So in short, this article attempts to raise awareness in the homeopathic community of the use of Hippozaenium, a wonderful nosode that can provide yeoman service in allowing fast and expeditious recovery from lung damage and oxygen deprivation and thereby freeing up more ICU spaces for those who have been more severely damaged.

Besides Hippozaenium, do look at Variolinum and Tuberculinum bovinum and share your experiences in warding off the COVID-19 pandemic and its long hauler consequences!

About the author

Arup Bhattacharya

Dr. Arup B Bhattacharya PhD, DHM, MS (Biophysics), MA(Psychology), DHM, Hom(ON), RSHom (NA), DHPh, PGDG studied homeopathy at the British Institute of Homeopathy and the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy. From 1992 to 1999, he was Director and the main spirit behind the Centre for Homoeopathic Cure, Dombivili, near Mumbai. He was involved in training and teaching homeopathy and now continues that passion in North America since 1999. Currently he lives in Buffalo, NY, USA and he teaches and practices classical homeopathy. He conducts regular seminars with live case taking for beginners and advanced practitioners. He was a faculty till his voluntary retirement in Sept 2018 in the Department of Cancer Chemoprevention and later in Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at one of the oldest NCI accredited top rated cancer centers in WNY – Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center where he was also an advisor and Steering Committee Member for Wellness and Integrative Medicine Center. After retirement, he was requested to re-join and help with the ongoing effort to further the path breaking translational research involving the anticancer efficacy of the human protein prolidase. Arup regularly contributes to various prestigious scientific and homeopathic meetings and his work is published in prestigious peer reviewed scientific journals More details on him can be seen at www.homeopathichealers.com


  • You can get it from Helios in England and they do mail it to USA – you can get it in any form you want – pills dilutions or medicating potencies

    • I got from Helios
      Thank you for the post, I used a handful of homeopathic remedies for my Lung viral/infection but this remedy has a strong place in my healing, it elevated my o2 sats from 86-96 % on air in 6 hours.
      I took differently to what you have used it at, as I usually feel the body knows when and how if you can tune in, and I’ve fully recovered faster than any one I’ve treated or known (Post intubation) with what I had. Even X-rays of my lungs are unbelievable.
      Thanks for bringing this remedy to light a huge covid remedy I feel.

  • I am allopathic The pathology here is microambuli at alveolar capillaries not pneumonic consolidation Any thing which dissolves
    this will help origination So pl think of some remidies in that direction

    • Hippozaenium may work for microambuli at alveolar capillarie – do try and see. And Pneumonic consolidation is easy to understand and hence used in the article as not many would know the knitty gritty of an ambolic event. And so do excuse the semantics. Thanks for sharing

      • Thank you, I have worked with a new approach based on specificity of homeopathic medicines and their affinities for accupuncture meridians. The meridians serve as the dimmer switch to the area they traverse. The lung has an affinity for several segments the median portion is served by the kidney, ie may be supplemented with cal carb. The apex and lateral portions are subserved by the gallbladder and may be benefited by iodine, sage. The base of the lung is subserved by the liver meridian. The anterior portion is subserved by the stomach meridian, oregano, garlic, juniper. The back is subserved by the bladder meridian and may be strengthened by lycopodium and cal carb. Arnica is usefull. I was curious as to any thoughts you had about using Lachesis which was the original source for the isolation of ace inhibitors and acts as a soporific, anticoagulant and antifebrile. Reverses sleep apnea.
        Also given the lung is related to sadness, or domination or becoming dependent are there are any other remedies you might consider. Curiously the larynx is regulated by the large intestine and Argentinium or Kali sulf has an affinity for it. Be curious to hear your comments!

        • Yes, Acupuncture works with the etheric body meridians while homeopathy works deeper – Dr Anton Jayasuriya was a big proponent of homeopuncture where the indicated remedy was dipped in an acupuncture needle and applied to the indicated points. Unfortunately, using acupuncture blindly without deeper understanding can also antidote good homeopathy work as I have seen in some of my clients. It is a bigger topic to delve in right here!

  • hi i purchase your class on covid 19 vaccination seminar
    what is the recommendation per day to take variolinum 200mg as a preventive for covid19

    • In general, taking it once every 3 -5 days is fine unless you know the risk of direct exposure is definitely there and then up it to twice daily. And in many cases it has prevented the disease despit direct exposure but remember I have patients who despite having the variolinum still got the disease though much milder. In 2 cases with underlying health conditions it lingered a while longer and resolved with other homeopathic medicines etc. I think this virus is such that considewring immunization is a good option especially the mRNA as it has a robust protection and also low risk as it is prepared without any egg or serum involved
      Thanks Sandy

      • Dear Dr. Arup, if one decides to vaccinate with an mRNA, do you have any suggestions for a remedy to take preventively to handle possible side effects beyond thuja? Especially with possibly referred impacts to heart, blood and ovaries.

  • A beatiful summary of treatments and happenings! Very useful at this hot hit time of Covid19.Thank you for your efforts to write this article.

  • Doctor, could you please suggest dosage of variolinum and how to take… I am from india.. Here all doctors are giving ars alb30

    • I normally recommend taking it once every 3 days as preventative but if you are more at risk, increae it to one dose daily and if you know of any real exposure risk then twice daily. And if you are symptomatic you can take that along with other indicated remedies including Hippozaenium as needed. Variolinum possibly mount a non specific antiviral immune response to other viruses

  • To,
    Dr.Arup Bhattacharya.
    I have gone through you case as tretaed with nosode.
    Encouraging and inspiring one.
    I want to organize a webinar with you for Graduate and Under graduate Students of India.

    Hope i will get a line of reply from your end in the interest of Homoeopathic academy.

    Thanking you


  • Dr Arup, Thank you for the informative article. What is your basis of prescribing Variolinum for prevention of covid?

    • Variolinum is the nosode from the small pox variola virus, extremely potent virus to face humanity in the past. And when given it activates non-specific anti viral immunity which possibly mitigates other viral pathogen from establishing and flourishing. I have used it in the past for many different virulent viruses and have also seen its magical effect in warding off chicke pox

      • Respected Sir,

        Based upon your extensive experience with Variolinum, do you think it will have any efficacy against Hepatitis B too ??

    • I know for sure it is available in Mumbai and am sure it is available at other places – make sure it it Hippozaenium and not Hippomanes which is a different remedy that pharmacies often will give when you ask for Hippozaenium

    • Sir
      I have purchased Hipppzaenia 200 from a local homoeopathy shop at Vadodara.I inquired from shop owner multiple times,he told Hipppzaenia 200 is same Hipppzaenium 200.Since the medicine is not available anywhere,I purchased the medicine.
      Pl clarify whether Hippozaenia 200 or Hipppzaenium 200 are same


  • Thank you doctor! Would repeated dosage of Variolinum 200c cause any side effects or provings if taken as preventative?
    Or can we increase the potency and take it infrequently? say 10M once every few weeks?

  • Normally with nosodes one need to use infrequently but my experience with Variolinum is that it does not cause any miasmatic aggravation. And 200C is fine – I would not go higher as then there should be more of a Similimum to justify that. Hope this clarifies

  • Thank you Dr Arup Bhattacharya for your valuable article at such a crisis period. In last 6 months I do have opportunities to prescribe Variolinum 200, with 3 to 5 doses , thrice daily. My choice was based on “high fever with severe backache”. But not able to confirm COVID-19, as patients get better so they avoid test. I also got good response by Senega Q or 6C , frequent repetition in patient discharged from hospital or taken treatment at home but their HRCT CHEST- report shows CT severity 15/25 to 19/25. Having cough and breathlessness on slightest exertion with sensation of heaviness in chest.(In absence of any other indications for selecting any other remedy.)

  • Hello sir
    I have just contracted with covid and my symptoms was one day fever with chill my vitals are good
    Only complain remain is mild coughing
    No sputum no breathlessness
    But this cough is making me anxious
    Please help

  • Bhattacharya Sir
    Influenzinum 200 is also prescribed widely in India as prophylaxis to Covid19.Do you concur with the views of homoeopath over here in India.

    • Unfortunately, the strain used as homeopathic influenzinum can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy plus it is generally not as virulent as the small pox wass and so Variolinum gives a robust response to viral acute infection as has been my observation for the last 25 y. Anas barb (Oscillococcinum) which is not generally available in INdia – is a better otpion than Influenzinum as it has possible multiple strinas of virus in its preparation source. But I have seen Variolinum giving a robust response in severe viral infections that the body responds with an acute immunological response like the cytokine storms in COVID-19

  • Sir here in Mumbai and Gujarat,the medicine available is Hippozaenia 200 manufacturer Medisynth.
    Whether Hippozaenium 200 &Hippozaenia 200 is same.

  • Dear Dr Bhattacharya,
    Thanking you for your detailed and informative article on the role of Hippozaenium 200C in COVID-19 Pandemic a nosode par excellence. Unfortunately this medicine Hippozaenium 200 is not available in India. Could you please suggest the source/ Firm from which we can obtain it.

    • If you look to eafrlier comments above – seems like you do get it though they spell it differently as ‘Hippozaenia’ – Manufacturer Medicynth. You can call the manufacturer to check the origins. The only source I do know is Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy in Elngland who do ship worldwide but I know were not shipping to Indian in the past. Try contacting Helios and see if they can ship. Thanks

  • Hippozaenium is available with different spelling i.e.Hippozaenia.Manufacturer Medicynth.I have inquired with many homoeopathy shops across Mumbai and Gujarat, they say it’s same.I finally purchased.

  • Thanks Jerry. Yes, those are good points. Interestingly, I had trained as an acupuncturist in 1995 at Kalubowila hospital in Colombo where I was doing hand on training for 2 months. But when we use homeopathic medicines they work more as nanomedicines and hence the considerations are somewhat different and more holistic. And while the underlying emotional aspects when they appear as strong keynotes (like suspicious, jealous with loquaciousness in Lachesis), that remedy can be used; I have used lachesis often as an immune enhancer where the immune system has to be trigerred to combat infections including in impetigo etc.
    And as you may be aware, even in meridians, the best practitioners amongst acupuncturist have to decide the net sum of all the imbalances in yin and yang in the meridians before deciding on 3-4 needles with excellent results while most would use multiple needles with some response and then the healing process is long drawn. So, inshort, it is an issue of gestalt and each healer has to develop that aspect to be more effective in healing, no matter what the modlaity (including conventional approaches)
    Thanks for sharing!


  • 10M is a hit and miss dose and many things can antidote plus you are limited using just 1 dose or using 2-3 doses 15 min apart as a split dose. Best is to try the 200C or 1M (which can possibly be adminstered once at bedtime for three nights in a row) as that will allow the vital force to build an immunity response that will also surmount and or avoid the cytokine storm and help regain health faster. And for 10M t=if the vital force is weak, often the response can be unpredictable. Thanks

  • Dear Sir,
    Could you please tell me,
    Which medicines be given with frequency
    Stage 1
    Stage 2
    Stage 3
    And preventing black fungus

    • Those will need individualization of each case and possibly come up with Gelsemium or Lycopodium or Bryonia, Variolinum is good for all stages while Hippozaenium can be used also at any stage but will be of great benefit in stage 2 or 3. As for fungal infection, if one uses primarily or predominantly only homeopathy, then fungus will not be an issue. It is an issue only when one uses, steroid and other immune suppressing medication/s which is often used in conventional approaches in order to tamp down the cytokine storm. Homeopathically, one with black or white fungus may need Lycopodium, corticotropinum and additional help with Gemmotherapy remedies such as Juglans regia D1 etc. But will need to individualise wherein age and other status will be of importance too
      Hope this helps. Thanks

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    When: Sunday, 20 June, 2021, 19:00 (2 hrs) India Standard Time GMT+05:30


    • Hello, Dr. Bhattacharya, Is there a recording of the webinar from June 20th? If so, how does one access it?
      Thank you very much for your article on Hippozaenium, and your responses to comments and questions.

  • The recording can be accessed at:
    Recording of WEBINAR as invited speaker ON “ROLE OF GENUS EPIDEMICUS IN HOMOEOPATHY DURING THE WAVE OF COVID-19 ” on 20/06/2021 AT 7:00 PM (IST)-20210620 1359-1
    Sunday, June 20, 2021
    9:04 PM | (UTC+05:30) Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi
    Play recording (59 mins)
    Recording password: Dpxpaei2

  • For COVID-19 vaccine – LEdum 30 taken 4-6 times immediately after the vaccination in 24h period followed by 3 doses of SIlicea 200C taken 2h apart should prevent any untowards effects from manifesting. That said there will still be few issues where Tuberculinum 1M has been found to be useful such as in inflammation heart muscles seen in young male adults post vaccination. This is in response to the query on August 6th

    • I’ve been taught that silica should only be given in low doses because you don’t want to pull toxins from the body/lungs too quickly. My son works with some toxic materials but wears protective masks. Would Silicea 6c also be effective after ledum 30c to detox from the vaccine? Also do you have a recommendation on which Covid vax would be safest overall?

      • Novavax has probably a better safety profile since it releases a known quantity of the spike protein which has been pre-packaged and has 90% efficacy in avoiding serious illness from COVID-19. And in my experience Silicea 200C is actually safer than Silecea 6c. Thanks

  • Dear Doctor
    You talk about the sars-cov2 Virus in a way, that makes me assume, that you have isolated and confirmed it.
    Here is my question:
    do you hold a sample of the actual virus?

    This would be great!

    You would be the first person in this world who has it isolated and confirmed, and if you share it you will be a very rich man.

    Meanwhile these are my own conclusions:

    To date, a DNA has been created and published which is claimed to be of this virus.
    There is ONE problem with it: the counter experiment has not been carried out and published which would show: this DNA been found on or in the human body,
    So far all attempts have failed. And as long as there is no positive confirmation of its existence in or on the human body, leaves one with the conclusion: this virus does not exist in reality.

    Another Problem is: the 3 genomes where the sequencing is based on can be found in samples of healthy people in the same way. The 3 genomes are a normal by-product of cell death, as it is initiated, when tissue is quickly killed.

    @ sequencing: it gives a possible DNA structure, but not a necessary one. Only because this hypothetical DNA is similar to SARS1, does not warrant the claim. SARS-1 has not been isolated and confirmed either.

    Without having the virus, one cannot claim to have made a nosode of it, nor a vaccine nor a test.
    Without having the virus, one cannot claim the cause of a disease or symptoms being associated to it.

    From these facts, all remedy suggestions remain hypothetical, as long as they are not based on the disease-symptom-picture of the individual case.


    • In this new era of personal self-empowerment and easy self-expression of opinions on social media etc, one must be extremely careful in forming opinions that foment a problematic belief system which can lead to misinformation that can spread fast and manifest the increasingly flawed cult like behavior in different humans with varying belief systems based on incorrect knowledge. As homeopaths or any medical or paramedic, today more than ever, we owe it to ourselves and our patients, and, students, to be careful in stating a so called ‘fact’ only after delineating and digesting what is out there in the peer reviewed publications in the real scientific world.
      On January 20, 2020, CDC received a clinical specimen collected from the first reported U.S. patient infected with SARS-CoV-2 and was able to grow and isolate the virus for further study. Also, fyi SARS-CoV-2 is an RNA virus and not a DNA virus. So many of the statement made by Hans are erroneous and flawed and poses the risk of some readers believing in these baseless statements. Further, Variolinum which I had mentioned of, is made from the smallpox virus and not SARS-CoV-2 and the reason was explained earlier. And while using the symptom similimum, we use misamatic nosodes to stimulate the vital force in regaining early balance.

  • Dear Doctor
    I fully agree to your introduction:
    >> In this new era of personal self-empowerment and easy self-expression of opinions on social media etc, one must be extremely careful in forming opinions that foment a problematic belief system which can lead to misinformation that can spread fast and manifest the increasingly flawed cult like behavior in different humans with varying belief systems based on incorrect knowledge. As homeopaths or any medical or paramedic, today more than ever, we owe it to ourselves and our patients, and, students, to be careful in stating a so called ‘fact’ only after delineating and digesting what is out there in the peer reviewed publications in the real scientific world.<>On January 20, 2020, CDC received a clinical specimen collected from the first reported U.S. patient infected with SARS-CoV-2 and was able to grow and isolate the virus for further study. In this context I want to draw your attention to the following<<
    In this context I want to draw your attention to the following:

    We asked the four leading studies the following simple question: Does your electronmicrospical picture show the ISOLATED, cleaned virus?

    Study one: Leo L. M. Poon, Malick Peiris: Emergence of a novel human corona virus threatening human health. (nature medicine march 2020) *
    Answer by Malick Peiris: ( 12th may 2020): The picture is a virus budding from the infected cell. It is not purified Virus.

    study two: myung-guk han et al.: "Identification of a corona Virus isolated from a patient in Korea with COVID-19". Osong public health and research perspectives, February 2020 **

    Answer by myung-guk han ( 06 May 2020): We could not estimate the degree of purification because we do not purify and concentrate the virus cultured in cells.

    study three: wan myom park et al.: Virus isolation from the first patient with SARS-COV-2 in Korea. (JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE February24th, 2020)***

    Answer Wan Beom Park ( 19/05/2020): We did not obtain a micrograph showing the grade of purification.

    study 4: Nah zu et al.: A novel corona virus from patients with pneumonia in china 2019 ( New England Journal of Medicine February 2020)
    Answer: We show a picture of sedimented virus particles not of purified.

    Result of this is that none of the leading scientists in sars-cov-2 has isolated the virus.


    This result is further confirmed by CDC, and the Spanish high court.
    They unanimously state, that they don't have the corona virus isolated.

    You may correct your bearings and abstain from further false statements.

    Regards, Hans Weitbrecht Consultant homeopath

    * nature.com/articles/s41591-020-0796-5
    ** ncbi.nilm.nlih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7045880

  • I received the following response to my first comment from above doctor:

    Thanks Hans.

    In this new era of personal self-empowerment and easy self-expression of opinions on social media etc, one must be extremely careful in forming opinions that foment a problematic belief system which can lead to misinformation that can spread fast and manifest the increasingly flawed cult like behavior in different humans with varying belief systems based on incorrect knowledge. As homeopaths or any medical or paramedic, today more than ever, we owe it to ourselves and our patients, and, students, to be careful in stating a so called ‘fact’ only after delineating and digesting what is out there in the peer reviewed publications in the real scientific world.
    On January 20, 2020, CDC received a clinical specimen collected from the first reported U.S. patient infected with SARS-CoV-2 and was able to grow and isolate the virus for further study. Also, fyi SARS-CoV-2 is an RNA virus and not a DNA virus. So many of the statement made by Hans are erroneous and flawed and poses the risk of some readers believing in these baseless statements. Further, Variolinum which I had mentioned of, is made from the smallpox virus and not SARS-CoV-2 and the reason was explained earlier. And while using the symptom similimum, we use misamatic nosodes to stimulate the vital force in regaining early balance.

    Arup Bhattacharya, PhD, DHM, Hom(ON), RSHom (NA)

    Comment: I invite mutual exchange and healthy debate between colleques.

  • Here is more back-up information to support my claims.

    I. The existence claims of the SARS-CoV-2 genetic strand.

    On Jan. 10, 2020, Prof. Zhang’s research group in Shanghai published a genetic
    sequence, which was later named SARS-CoV-2, on a website accessible to virologists.
    This sequence alignment was published in the science journal Nature on Feb. 3, 2020
    (citation at end). After the announcement of this sequence sequence ALL following
    virologists repeated this once given construction manual for the purely mathematical
    creation of a sequence and came to similar results. This aroused in the public and
    obviously also with you the impression that this result is a scientifically proven fact, the
    proof of the existence of a genetic strand of an alleged new virus, the SARS-Cov-2.
    From reading this and all other publications that confirm the sequence strand once
    given, three facts clearly emerge:

    1. A genetic strand that would correspond to the published sequence has never been
    detected. No genetic strand of a virus was found in the mixture of nucleic acids
    obtained from a human with pneumonia (and later from other humans). Even after the
    3 first round of artificial, extremely strong and non-specific propagation by PCR technique
    of millions of short fragments of nucleic acids, no sequences were ever discovered that,
    when put together, would match the sequence of a genetic strand of a virus finally
    presented to the public.

    2. Based on the sequence data generated in the first round of nucleic acid propagation,
    short pieces of nucleic acids are biochemically generated for the propagation of nucleic
    acids by PCR, so-called primers. These artificially generated primers themselves yield,
    depending on the protocol, approximately 4-20% of the sequence alignment of what is
    ultimately presented, after this second step of PCR propagation, as the sequence
    alignment of SARS-CoV-2. This second PCR propagation step for the subsequent
    mathematical, called bioinformatic formation of the sequence is called, among other
    things, deep meta-transcriptomic sequencing. The fact that an extremely unscientifically
    high number of cycles of PCR is applied here (35-45, so-called Ct value), in which
    artificial nucleic acid sequences are automatically generated that do not exist in reality,
    is further proof of the anti-scientific nature of virology, but plays no role in the
    argumentation presented here.

    It is evident from points 1. and 2. that no genetic strand of a virus was ever found.

    Instead, existing fragments of nucleic acids were first multiplied biochemically, by
    means of double PCR, strongly and with an extremely high error rate. The sequences of
    these millionfold artificially generated nucleic acids were determined, subsequently
    subdivided mathematically into even much shorter sequences, and these were
    arbitrarily combined with each other. From the multitude of these arbitrary combination
    products, special software programs are used to select those that match a nucleic acid
    once it has been specified. The resulting mathematical construct is output as the
    genetic strand of a virus.

    This proves that it has never been possible to mathematically construct the alleged
    genetic strand of the alleged virus from actually existing sequences of nucleic acids.
    The mathematical construction of the alleged genetic strand of the alleged SARS-Cov-2
    succeeds only after two rounds of unspecific and extreme propagation by PCR

    3. The anti-scientificness of all involved virologists is proven by the fact that in the very
    publication of Prof. Yong-Zhen Zhang from Shanghai, who together with his co-workers
    discovered and specified the alleged sequence of the viral genome of the alleged
    SARS-CoV-2, the compelling control experiments are missing and this striking omission
    was and is tolerated. The compelling control experiments here are the attempt to
    construct the sequence of a genetic strand of claimed or suspected new viruses using
    nucleic acids from healthy humans and a wide variety of organisms. They are the
    requirement to be allowed to call a statement scientific. They also have the duty to
    recognize and avoid misinterpretations.
    In none of the following publications, with which the sequence given by Prof. Yong-
    Zhen Zhang was repeated, control experiments are found, even the words “control” or
    “negative control” are missing. Not only have the virologists disproved themselves with
    their actions, they themselves have proven their anti-scientific nature and documented it
    in each of their numerous publications.

    II. Verdict Oberlandesgericht Stuttgart, AZ: 12 U 63/15, 16.2.2016 in measles virus trial
    The measles virus trial, initiated by Stefan Lanka in 2011, achieved in 2017 the goal to generate a
    legally effective proof that the entire virology, not only measles virology, acts antiscientifically.
    Since 2017, it has been part of German jurisprudence that all virology
    lacks scientific basis. Within the measles virus trial it has been documented that the
    mandatory control experiments in science have never been performed and documented
    since 1954. Therefore, all virologists involved have overlooked the fact that they
    themselves create effects they interpret as viral by means of applied techniques. Thus,
    as exemplified by SARS-Cov-2, typical bio-molecules are mentally assembled into virus
    models that do not exist in reality.

    In the lawsuit, a medical doctor claimed the €100,000 prize money offered for scientific
    proof of the measles virus. His claim was upheld in 2014 because he submitted six
    publications, each of which claimed to prove the existence of the measles virus. The
    forensic expert appointed by the court of first instance, the ruling court, the Ravensburg
    Regional Court, found that none of the publications submitted contained evidence of the
    existence of a virus. This fact was confirmed by the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart
    in its judgment of February 16, 2016, which became final in 2017 and by which Dr. Stefan Lanka was
    acquitted of having to pay the plaintiff the €100,000 that had been awarded.

    In the protocol of the hearing of the first court level at the Landgericht Ravensburg of
    12.3.2015, AZ: 4 O 346/13 is documented that the court-appointed expert states that
    none of the six publications contains the control experiments mandatory in science,
    which are also called negative controls. Thus, the court-appointed expert has proven –
    which has also been confirmed by four other expert reports that Dr. Stefan Lanka submitted – that the
    entire field of virology is acting in an anti-scientific manner. The logical conclusion: All
    statements of virology are neither practically nor legally usable, but must be rejected as
    self-deception and deception of others.

    In addition, the oldest of the six publications, which was submitted and which was
    legally established as containing no evidence for the existence of a virus, has become
    the exclusive basis of the entire virology since 1954.

    This means that with the verdict of
    the Oberlandesgericht Stuttgart of 16.2.2016, which has become final, the entire
    virology, which claims the existence of disease-causing viruses, is deprived of its
    scientific and legal basis.
    The details of this can be found in Dr. Stefan Lanka’s article “The Federal Court of Justice lets the
    belief in viruses perish” in the magazine w+ 2/2017, which is in your files since
    17.3.2020 and can be found freely on the Internet, and also on Dr. Stefan Lanka’s site:
    http://www.wissenschafftplus.de under “Important texts”.

    Let us se what those whoproclaim the existence of a C-virus bring to the discueeion table.

  • Hello! Wonderful article!
    I noticed the cases were from early on in 2020. Do you have any info on recent cases with Delta and these remedies

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