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The Use of Pendulums in Homeopathy

Written by Arlene Ronis

Using the pendulum to find an appropriate remedy has worked for me. It is not necessarily the only way or the best way, just one way. I hope this paper may be of some help to a few brave souls. Always remember, there are many many ways to do anything in life.

Pendulums, crystals, tarot cards and all such divining devices are usually considered the province of gypsies, mystics, mediums and downright charlatans. In this new age of holistic medicine it is often difficult to discern what is valid and what is not. I will attempt here to describe how and why I use the pendulum and why I believe it works.

I am a practicing veterinarian who started out using conventional medicine as taught to me at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School of Medicine. I was introduced early in my career to the use of homeopathic remedies by Dr. Deva Kaur Khalsa. At that time I was practicing emergency medicine only and the acute remedies appeared very helpful. Years later when I opened a veterinary practice for small animals, I tried some chronic prescribing without much success. I even tried using the pendulum back then, again with little success. I finally started taking some veterinary homeopathy courses including a week long summer course at NCH.

The course at NCH was excellent. I learned a great deal of theory and had much practical experience using the repertory. In theory the techniques as taught by Hahnemann sounded good. However, I found its practical application in a busy veterinary practice impossible. The two major problems were the time it took and the very limited information obtainable from an animal and its owner for homeopathic prescribing. For instance, it was not unusual to have a cat presented with a complaint of several days of lethargy and anorexia and with no other obvious symptoms. A physical exam often revealed nothing out of the ordinary and questioning the client concerning the cat’s behavior and personality often resulted in “he is just a normal cat”! I did have some success with cases using my familiarity with remedies, but for the vast majority of my patients, I had no idea which remedy might be appropriate.

At this point, I almost gave up on the idea of treating the animals homeopathically. However, as so often happens when you need someone or something to point the way, I stumbled on a book by Machaelle Small Wright, entitled Co-creative Science. I’m going to have to digress here so you can see how I applied Machaelle’s ideas to the use of the pendulum in homeopathy.

Machaelle is a very interesting woman. She decided many years ago that she wanted to repeat the experiment that was done in Findhorn, Scotland in the early 1960s. Briefly, a gentleman named Peter Caddy, living in the coastal areas of Findhorn, Scotland with very barren soil, began growing an incredible vegetable garden. He worked the soil himself and began talking to the Devas of gardens. He eventually ended up growing vegetables that were not only bursting with good health, but were often 2-3 times their normal size, including incredible 40lb cabbages! It was so amazing that he became famous.

People came from all over the world to see his garden and books were written about it. (They have a website – Findhorn.org). Machaelle discovered the books about Findhorn and wanted to create a similar garden, and also to understand what it was all about. Thus she entered into a relationship with Nature and the various Devas. She has written many books as a result. I read all of her books and two of them were most helpful in my endeavors with homeopathy. One of these books is about healing with the assistance of Nature. It is entitled, “MAP – The Co-creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program”.

The other book is called “Garden Workbook – Co-creative Energy Processes for Gardening, Agriculture and Life”. In her work, Machaelle uses Kinesiology. I tried her method but had limited success. However since the pendulum is really another form of Kinesiology and one with which I was familiar, I decided to try using it to communicate with the various entities involved in healing. I took ideas from the above two books and combined them into a system that works for me. I would strongly suggest that anyone wishing to try my method, read these two books first.

1. Using a pendulum. This part is really very simple. You hold the pendulum in your dominant hand grasping the chain between your thumb and first finger. Hold your hand about chest high and say yes. The pendulum should rotate clockwise as viewed from above. Then say “no” and the pendulum should rotate counterclockwise. I use a rose quartz pendulum. I do not know if the type of crystal makes any difference. These pendulums are inexpensive and can be obtained easily online. I suggest that only you handle your pendulum and that you keep it in a safe place. A nice box will do.

2. Connecting with your team. First I announce out loud (it doesn’t have to be real loud!) that I wish to open a healing question session. I ask to connect with A. The Overlighting Deva of Healing, B. Pan, C. My Higher Self, D. The White Brotherhood Medical Team (I use the veterinary branch). After asking to connect to the Overlighting Deva of Healing, I ask if we are connected. If the pendulum indicates “yes”, I move on to the next, till all four are connected.

3. Asking the question. This would seem to be relatively easy, but in reality, it can be very tricky. What you are attempting to do is communicate with non-incarnate entities. They will understand English but will take you very literally. If you ask if you can do something, they will not understand that you mean “is that the best thing to do” but literally, ” are you able to do a certain thing”. You must be very precise and careful in you wording. This often takes much practice. In the beginning I used to get Yes Yes Yes Yes on everything I asked. Then NO NO NO on the same questions. I would get very frustrated and think that this technique would not work at all. It does take patience, practice and a lot of faith. If you are getting a lot of inconsistent answers, ask if you need to change your line of questioning. For example, I occasionally include the higher self of the patient in my group and ask if the patient wishes to be treated/healed. Sometimes the answer is no. Also remember that you can easily influence the Yes -No answers if you have very strong pre-conceived ideas about the answers. Try and keep you mind neutral when asking about remedies. I love it most when I receive a “no” answer to a remedy that I was sure was the correct one!

To find the appropriate remedy I have made up a list of the most commonly used remedies along with the most common potencies. I have two pages of remedies which cover nearly 80% of the needed remedies. I suspect that with people, the list would be much longer. I first ask if there is a homeopathic remedy suitable for that particular case. If yes, I then ask if it is on my list. If yes, the next question is, “Is it on the first page?”. If no, is it on the second page. If yes, I then ask which letter it starts with. Since you can only get a yes or no, this process is a bit laborious. If the second page begins with Kali Arsenicum, I would ask, “does the name of the remedy start with K?”. If it does not, I ask if the name starts with L and so on until I located the exact remedy. I then ask in the same manner for potency and frequency. If the remedy is not on my list, I then go to a full list of remedies from a textbook or other source and try and locate it there.

4. Ending the session. It is really important to disconnect from your group when you are finished. When opening a session you are connecting with a higher vibrational energy. If you do not disconnect you may feel very drained later on. To disconnect you simply state that you wish to close your session and disconnect from the Overlighting Deva of Healing. Then ask your pendulum if you are disconnected. If yes, go on to the next member of the group until all are disconnected. I always thank each one for their assistance as I know I could not achieve the good results I am getting would their aid.

How and why does this work? I am not sure I am going to be able to give a good answer in this short paper. I would definitely recommend reading Machaelle’s books. She often asks Nature these types of questions and gets very complicated answers. Firstly, I have to say that I don’t believe that human beings are the only intelligences in this Universe or that only three-dimensional physical beings exist. I suspect the Universe is full of an infinite variety of physical and non-physical beings. The key here is to ask the most appropriate entity your question. Machaelle Wright appears to have found a good source of information for all natural phenomena including healing. I also tried her technique with gardening and while I never got 40-pound cabbages, I did manage to get a bountiful garden, where I had failed in the previous 15 years!

I hope this paper may be of some help to a few brave souls. Always remember, there are many many ways to do anything in life. Using the pendulum to find an appropriate remedy has worked for me. It is not necessarily the only way or the best way, just one way.

Machaelle Wright’s books can be obtained from her website – Perelandra-ltd.com

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  • You said “I tried her method but had limited success. However since the pendulum is really another form of Kinesiology”

    I respectfully disagree. I have taken 400 hours of Applied Kinesiology taught by Doctors who have worked with Dr. Goodheart in his office. There is no mention of pendulums anywhere in the books, curriculum, or teaching. It is all about the muscle test, which has a physiologic basis.

  • I enjoyed the integrity of your sharing about your up and down experiences with pendulum use. I too, have experienced these frustrations as I learned to trust my self. I use my pendulum often for selecting homeopathic remedies for myself and my cats and my horse. I usually have 3-5 remedies I think are in the ballpark and hold them against the body of the being I am dowsing and simply “open” my connection to the cosmic lattice and ask if this remedy will restore balance? Yes or No?
    You’re right about the practice and wording of the question, but as you said we all develop our own system. I have been experiencing unbelievablely, remarkable accuracies about many other things as well. I dowsed for the date, time, sex, colour of a mini mare’s delivery even though we weren’t sure when she was bred…I was shocked at my results!

    Unfortunately, I also dowsed that my daughter was not pregnant 2 days before she miscarried. I discovered this while asking random questions about something else and just dowsed to “confirm” that she was pregnant. I was stunned that it said NO. I called her see if she was okay and she said she had been feeling glum for tha past 2-3 days.I also stopped using my pedulum because of doubt…we love to indulge in that don’t we? Regretablly,she did indeed miscarry 2 days after the pendulum said she was not pregnant. I hope you somehow read my post. Mary Chisholm (Canada)

  • I read all of yours experienses and I am very greatful to meet you and your concept.
    I believe in kinesiological healing. I also tried some of them. But now your paper resolve my confusion of pendulum use. Thank you very much to all

  • I will slightly disagree in just one area: rotating clockwise is not the only way for a pendulum to say “yes”. Better to say, “Show me your ‘yes’. Now, show me your ‘no’.” And there might be one more category you’d want to use, “Show me ‘need more information’,” because you may have asked an unanswerable question.

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