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The World’s 1st Floating Homeopathic Dispensary

Written by Muhammad Rafeeque

Muhammed Rafeeque discusses the world’s 1st floating homeopathic dispensary, which project started in Kerala and can take a medical team to every household in the interiors of the area. It was inaugurated by Mr. V S Shivakumar, former health minister of Kerala.

 Reprinted with permission of the author from Homeopathy 360

The other day, I visited the Floating Homeopathic dispensary at Alappuzha with Dr Isaac Golden. Thanks to Dr Satheeshkumar, Honorable DMO of Alappuzha and Dr P J Alex for making it possible. Special thanks to Dr Leena for explaining the modus operandi of the Dispensary.

Story of the Floating Homeopathic Dispensary:

Alappuzha is a beautiful place in Kerala, full of backwaters and coconut lagoons. Overnight stay in the luxurious houseboat and enjoying the local food is another wonderful experience. You catch the fish and fry it on board! Even though the visitors enjoy it, living in this area is difficult for the permanent residents. There are no proper roads to the remote areas as this area is surrounded by water. Some areas like Kuttanadu are below the sea level. There are many small islands having no healthcare facility. There is poor sanitation and economic status, also lack of health awareness. As this is a popular tourist destination, many outsiders come and stay on a regular basis. All these factors make this area prone to many epidemics, hence mortality is a little higher.

Considering this, the Department of Homeopathy, Government of Kerala started a new project – The Floating Homeopathic Dispensary, which could take a medical team to every household in the interiors of the area. It was inaugurated on 29th December 2013 by Mr. V S Shivakumar, former health minister of Kerala in the presence of Dr Jamuna, the director of Homeopathy. It is the world’s first floating homeopathic dispensary as per the available information. This project was a real success, and then another two floating homeopathic dispensaries started in 2014 and 2015 respectively. At present there are three floating Homeopathic dispensaries serving the people in remote areas of Kuttanadu, Champakkulam and Harippad. Each boat has a Homeopathic medical officer, Pharmacist, Attender, field workers, and a team to manage the boat. They have provided a specific time to each area, so that people in one island can gather at one place as per the time schedule. They also manage to help when someone requests medicine along the way. Along with Homeopathic treatment, they distribute prophylaxis medicines during epidemics as per RAECH guidance (Rapid Action Epidemic Control cell – Homeopathy, Govt. of Kerala). There is great support from the State government, Homeopathy department, local government bodies, political leaders, and department staff and also from the general public.

This is an inspiration for the homeopathic community all over the world. I feel happy that Hahnemann’s medicine is serving the people even in remote areas who do not get many facilities. I take this opportunity to thank the Government, honorable ministers, political leaders, and the director of Homeopathy district medical officers and dispensary staff for making this a grand success.

This also sends a message to all of us – If there is a strong demand from the public, there is nothing impossible in Homeopathy!

Information and image courtesy: Dr P J Alex, Dr Leena (Medical officers)

©Dr Muhammed Rafeeque
Medical officer, Department of Homeopathy
Government of Kerala, India.

Pictured below:  Dr Isaac Golden, Dr Muhammed Rafeeque, Dr Leena, in charge Medical Officer of Floating Dispensary.

About the author

Muhammad Rafeeque

Dr Muhammed Rafeeque is Medical officer, Dept. Of Homoeopathy, Govt. of Kerala. He is the author of Be a Master of Materia Medica, Rapid prescribing, Drug Addiction and Its Side effects- A Homoeopathic Approach, and A Capsule of Materia Medica. He has authored over 100 articles and/or cured cases on Homeopathy. Dr. Rafeeque has presented papers at various National and International seminars, including the LIGA Conference at New Delhi, PPHM Seminar at Malaysia and Skoura International seminar, Morocco. He was the IRB member of the American Medical College of Homeopathy, and the advisor of ARHFC, Canada.

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