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Tidbits 22 — Natural Treatments for ITP

Natural treatments for ITP

What is it?

I have had so many ITP cases, it’s insane!  This disease didn’t even exist when I was growing up.  No one had it!  (Except for possibly my friend Sandy, who always talked about her horrible experience as a child, hospitalized for something she called “Purpura”.  I never understood what she was talking about!  “How do you spell it?”  I would say.  It made no sense to me at all.  Everyone who knew Sandy heard her purpura story, but, that was the extent of my knowledge of this disease.)

Now it’s the talk of the town!  

ITP stands for Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura.  Let me break that down for you.  Idiopathic means, “Call us idiots but we don’t know why you have it!”  (More on that later!)  Thrombocytopenia means abnormally low platelets (the cells responsible for clotting); and, Purpura simply means “purple”, or a tendency to bruise, which would be inevitable if you had abnormally low platelets.

So here’s the scenario. Typically a child is brought to the ER because he or she has a nosebleed that just won’t stop.  It is at this point that the diagnosis of ITP is made.  The treatment?  Well, they don’t have one!  Bandaid measures like prednisone and intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) to raise the platelet count for a few days or weeks is all they can manage, then it goes right back to below normal where it was, necessitating more rounds of prednisone and IVIg.  When does it end?  There are horrible side effects associated with these “therapies”, including, nausea, vomiting and headaches.  At some point, out of desperation, doctors may remove the spleen but there is no guarantee that by doing so, the problem will be solved.

Natural Treatment

Vitamin C has shown promise as a study in the Japanese Journal of Hematology in the April 1990 issue has indicated. 1/  I recommend “Sufficient-C” (see below)

(www.SufficientC.com) as one tsp. of the powder mixed in half a glass of water gives you 2,000 mg. of Vitamin C and you can repeat that 3 times a day or as needed.  Stop if your stomach starts growling and then resume when the rumbling stops.  I just cured a bladder infection with just 2,000 mg. of Sufficient-C, so I know first-hand that it works!  And with no pills to swallow, no GMO’s, and no added sugar, Sufficient-C is a real blessing, and it has a very mild taste too.

Secondly, stop the junk food, for heaven’s sake!  Your body is malfunctioning, give it some support!  Don’t put it under more stress by filling up with garbage!  You can’t get well from this disease or any disease on a diet of 100% cooked food, processed food, fast food and food made from white flour and white sugar–like pizza, pasta and the ever-popular macaroni and cheese!  All these foods turn to sugar in your stomach so it’s really a diet of mostly sugar and occasionally some meat.  All you can expect on such a “diet” is one disease after another!

Do you know what you need?  Your parents and grandparents were right–you need vegetables!  And the easiest way to get vegetables effortlessly is by juicing them!  Raw vegetable juice!  Buy a juicer!  Eating 3 carrots is difficult, nearly impossible, but drinking them is easy!  And imagine all the concentrated vitamins and minerals you’re supplying to your cells!  Raw juices need no digesting, they are instantly bio-available!  Raw juices are a real shot in the arm!

You need apple/beet juice for the blood and spleen, plus carrot/apple juice and I hear Papaya Leaf extract or capsules has an affinity for this disease. So does Wheat Grass Juice. If you can get Papaya Leaves, that would be even better, juice them. Drink as much raw juice as you possibly can!  I understand that wheat grass juice also comes as a powder you can mix with water or juice or a smoothie.  

I know you’re thinking that you don’t like vegetables, but by adding an apple to the juice, all you taste is the apple!  Raw vegetables have no taste!  You can “stealth” them into smoothies if you have a Nutribullet.  

See my “Convalescence” article for details on what to eat to recover from any disease: https://hpathy.com/homeopathy-papers/tidbits-part-8-convalescence/.  And watch this video on juicing, it explains everything:

Basically, you need to start eating whole foods (not food that comes in a package and cooked by a corporation–processed food, in other words), you need lightly cooked vegetables.  Don’t over-cook your vegetables!  They lose all their flavor that way and the all-important enzymes too!  

Severely cut back on flour and sugar but if you must, the flour should be whole grain, and the rice should be brown rice.  If you can manage this much, with the addition of the raw juices stated above and Vitamin C, you should be on your way to perfect health!

Here’s an example of real food, food that supports health.  This is a stir-fry I made consisting of baby spinach, mushrooms, onions and bean sprouts to be served over brown rice with some tamari sauce:

Here is a similar dish served over brown rice pasta:

You can’t forget the salad…

This is what a sandwich should look like, there should be a ton of vegetables that go with it:

If your family can shift over to eating this way, you and your child will get well and stay well.

One woman with ITP said she got well from drinking Aloe juice every day, and I believe her!  I know it’s a miracle wound-healer.  I would start with 2 ounces a day and make sure you tolerate it well, and if you do, you can increase your amounts to 2 oz. twice a day, and so on.

Oh!  And one more important thing!  Cod Liver Oil!

Cod liver oil is an anti-inflammatory, which is what they give prednisone for!  Mix a tsp. of cod liver oil in an ounce of organic milk twice a day and stir vigorously and drink right away or else the oil and milk will separate.  Cod liver oil comes in flavors now and it really does NOT taste bad, I promise!

And speaking of milk, if there is any way you can get raw milk, that’s what you should buy!

Raw milk is a real food, a whole food.  Homogenized/pasteurized milk leads to allergies precisely because it is not natural.  Alternatives to raw milk would be coconut milk (unsweetened), almond milk, flax milk, hemp milk, but no soy milk please.  

Regular supermarket milk comes from cows raised in factory farms, fed antibiotics to fatten them up, fed female hormones for the same reason, fed junk food–for the same reason…nothing good can come from drinking this milk.  Besides, you don’t want to support this cruelty with your dollars.

Problem Parents

Even though the above-illustrated dietary change might seem simple and sensible, the children with this disease, I have found, are mostly addicted to junk food!  Maybe this is a problem across the board with everyone’s child; but, it makes it very difficult to help these kids!  And the parents are enablers because they don’t want to take their child’s favorite “foods” away “at a time like this”.

I find that these kids are eating utterly nonsensical things that can’t possibly support life–things like white bread, rolls, bisquits, pizza, Chicken McNuggets, French fries…and so on, but hardly any vegetables or fruit at all!  And the parents will say, “But he’s very picky, it’s very hard to get him to eat,” and “he’s very stubborn,” but, it’s the parents who are bringing this food home!


I have said to these parents, “You simply have to explain to the child that junk food is maintaining this disease, and remind him of how much he doesn’t like hospitals!”  

healthy food

My understanding is that kids don’t like being sick.  They don’t like needles and they don’t like doctors!  

Dr. Nick and Homer

They are only too happy to cooperate once you explain to them that junk food is keeping this disease going!  The trouble is, the parents are not, themselves, convinced that there is anything wrong with processed food!  After all, how can it possibly be bad?  Everyone else is eating it!   So, because they are not convinced, they convey mixed messages to their child, half-heartedly suggesting that the child shouldn’t eat French fries and should try this wonderful salad instead.  The child thinks he has some sort of choice and says NO!  The parents, of course, cave in because they want their child to be happy.

I have written articles on food and diet which will help educate the parents because it all starts with them!   Click here for “Food Fight!”, my articles on foods that harm and foods that cure (and by the way, microwave ovens harm too): https://elainelewis.hpathy.com/food-fight/  It all starts with the parents and how knowledgeable they are about food.

What Else Contributes to This Disease?

In a word, DRUGS.  Drugs and Vaccinations!

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • Dear Elaine,
    I like the most to read your articles here. As a pediatrician I must admit that you are very much right for the medicines, but, sometimes they are still necessary. By the way, diseases existed before the medicines. It is very important to do everything what you say not to be ill, but, if you have for ex. ITP with 5000 plateles, it is good to receive transfusion and IVIg before you get intracranial hemorrhage – for example. Thank you for your articles

  • Marija, I think the issue here is one of proportion. The fact that medicines may be needed “sometimes” leads us to ask what “sometimes” means. If Shana is any indication, “sometimes” is never, but in the average person’s experience, “sometimes” is “all the time”, and I think we’re seeing the results of that, with what should be a rare disease now being commonplace. I’ve tried to point out that blood diseases in general are too wide-spread. It’s time to take a new look at drugs, many of which are presumed to be harmless–like Tylenol and the MMR vaccine–and re-evaluate what constitutes health care. Thank you for commenting!

  • I completely agree with you, just saying that I would like the official medicine and homeopathy to find common interest in helping the patients. It would be fantastic if they can work together. Unfortunately, these days are the days when agreement between groups who think differently is almost impossible.

  • Yes, it would be fantastic if mainstream medicine would branch out to include us! Every hospital, by all rights, should have a department of homeopathy, herbal medicine, acupressure and acupuncture, chiropractic and raw juice therapy, wouldn’t that be amazing? They don’t do it because of the strangle-hold the pharmaceutical industry has on all of medicine, including medical schools, hospitals and doctors themselves. We’re talking about the rich and the powerful here. It’s all about money. It must be hard knowing your carefully constructed edifice could fold like a house of cards just on enough people finding out the truth–that your drugs cause disease, they don’t heal, they make your complaint worse… Under the circumstances, you can’t exactly open the door to therapies that actually work, knowing that what you offer would ultimately be shunned and discarded in the process.