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Tidbits 27–The High Blood Pressure Snow Job!

HBP treatment for seniors is a racket! Is HBP a “normal” part of aging? Are dangerous drugs and surgery the only answer?

So-called High Blood Pressure: A Goldmine for Drug Companies!

Just look at this graph of the most frequently prescribed prescription drugs in the United States and what do you find?

Rx drug chart

Prescriptions for high blood pressure and cholesterol for seniors are leaving the rest of them in the dust, making High Blood Pressure a veritable goldmine for the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession!

But a word of warning: These drugs are addictive, you can’t stop them, you’re told you will have high blood pressure (HBP) for the rest of your life, there is no known cause (supposedly) in 95% of cases (how convenient, since if there’s no cause, then there’s nothing you can do about it!) no cure, and you will have to come back endlessly for refills to keep your pressure under “control”!  (Too bad none of this is true–except for the part about the drugs being addictive, and that’s why you will be on them for the rest of your life!)

As I may have mentioned in previous articles, when the doctor tells you “there is no cure”, all he means is, “there is no drug“, because to him, there are only drugs in this world; but in reality, if you pull back and take a wider view, there are cures everywhere, including, first and foremost, changes in your diet.

cartoon we've exhausted all conventional measures

For example:


juicer 2

This is real medicine, folks!  This is the default cure for all disease, this and raw food in general. If you want results fast, buy a juicer!  Juicing will cure anything!  You know how your grandparents always told you to eat your vegetables?  Well, they were right; but, maybe they should have said, “Drink your vegetables!” because we’re destroying all the curative value of vegetables by cooking the life out of them; plus which, everyone pretty much hates cooked vegetables anyway, just ask your kids!  

Even eating them raw is not so easy, as you’d be lucky to finish even one carrot!  But, guess what?  Drinking them is easy!  Imagine this, juicing 3 carrots, an apple, some kale, a stick of celery and some parsley, and believe it or not, it would be delicious!  And you’d have all the nutrients that you could never, ever, in a million years, hope to acquire by eating! And what does this juice do besides giving the cells in your body all the nutrients they need?  It cleans out your arteries!  Why is that so important?  Because that’s why you have High Blood Pressure!!!!!  That and mineral deficiencies. 

High blood pressure is simply the body’s adaptation to clogged and inflamed arteries!  How does it help your body to meet its demands for oxygen and nutrients if you artificially slow down your heart rate with drugs, causing your cells and organs to become oxygen starved?  Shouldn’t the cause of this problem be addressed rather than the effect?  Because if the cause was corrected, the heart wouldn’t have to pump so hard to deliver nutrients through the bloodstream, and the pressure would automatically come down.  Doesn’t that make sense?  

But there’s no money in that!  

The cause of disease is almost always some lifestyle mistake–too much processed food, not enough fiber, not enough nutrients, lack of calcium, magnesium and potassium… who makes money correcting that end of the equation, the organic farmer?  How does that help the drug industry?  Oh, I guess you didn’t know: it’s all about the drug industry.  Sorry, I just assumed you knew.  This is a for-profit system, people!  Remember?  Capitalism?  You may have heard of it.  When we have a socialist revolution, I’ll let you know.  In the meantime, if your doctor tells you something, know that he learned it directly from a drug company rep who’s not even a doctor.  Your appointment may as well have been directly with GlaxoSmithKline.

Now, turning our attention back to something that actually works, some of you are going to ask why you can’t just go to the supermarket and buy a bottle of juice and save yourself a lot of trouble!  People, that is not real juice!  I don’t care that they’re posing next to oranges and apples, the bottles that you see in the picture below are simply impostors.

minute maid juice

Real juice goes bad!  It separates!  You have to shake the bottle.  You have to drink it right away and definitely within 2 days; it could never sit on the supermarket shelf for weeks at a time!  However, Whole Foods Market is making real juice fresh every day now, and maybe you’ve got a health food store near you doing the same thing.  If not, I’m afraid you’re going to have to buy a juicer–which, by the way, is not the end of the world!

Now, what else can you do for your health besides juicing?


Stop Poisoning Yourself!

If this is what you’re eating and “taking”, that’s exactly what you’re doing!

Rx drugs  junk food  more junk food

And why do I say that?  Because the “food” you see pictured above is full of white flour, white sugar (neither of which exists in nature), hydrogenated oils (another unnatural product), meat from factory farms (meaning sick and undernourished animals) and no fiber whatsoever, not to mention “vegetables” grown in mineral-poor soil.  So you can imagine that the side effect-laden drugs you see next to the food are being enlisted to… 1) manage constipation, 2) take the edge off headaches, 3) mollify depression and anxiety, 4) conquer insomnia, 6) correct an irregular heart beat, 7) deal with ADD and ADHD, 8) manage frequent colds and infections and 9) soothe painful joints, because these are common conditions associated with a diet of processed food.

What do people take for headaches?   Aspirin.  Tylenol.  Did you know that these drugs damage your kidneys?  And do you know what kidney disease leads to?  HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE!  What about a common antibiotic like Ciprofloxacin?  What’s included among its many side effects?  Brace yourself–HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE!

The truth is, if you’re eating the foods shown above, you’re inevitably and unavoidably also taking drugs and compromising your health in the process.  Drugs cause disease–that’s what all those side effects are, diseases.  But how could you have known that?  Everyone else is taking them!  So step-1 in lowering your blood pressure, obviously, is addressing the food.  You have to go from eating what you saw above to eating along the lines of this:

cheesburger 2

Let me explain what this is. It’s a cheeseburger made from grass-fed ground beef, cheese (made from raw milk), a whole wheat bun, and you can’t see the sauteed mushrooms and onions under the bun but they’re there; and notice half the meal is a salad!  It’s like night and day from the other stuff!  Of course, the previous “meal” pictured was made by a corporation, the second meal was made by ME, someone who took the trouble to shop for real food!  That makes all the difference.

“Are You Saying There’s No Place for Beta Blockers and Lasix in lowering blood pressure?”

Yes!  That’s what I’m saying!

Why Not?

Because like most of what the medical profession does, it’s got everything backwards; attacking the body’s adaptation to a problem while ignoring the problem itself–and in so-doing, ruining lives!


Let me count the ways!  These blood pressure drugs have you running to the bathroom all night with no regard to the importance of a good night’s sleep; they cause impotence in men, devastating marriages, relationships, and men’s self-esteem, all to the benefit of increased doctor visits and drug sales for the pharmaceutical industry!  High blood pressure, per se, is not the problem!  If having high blood pressure in and of itself was dangerous, then why aren’t weight-lifters and joggers all dropping dead from heart attacks?  Do you know what a weight-lifter’s blood pressure goes up to?  It’s been reported as high as 320/250! (http://www.livestrong.com/article/112465-weight-lifting-high-blood/)

weight lifter

Why isn’t this man dead?  In a study, “Blood Pressure During Exercise In Healthy Children” [European Journal of Applied Physiology (1988) 58: 62-67] the journal states, “Twenty-two of the subjects had a systolic blood pressure of 200 or more during exercise.”  Oh my gosh!  A blood pressure of 200 or more during exercise?  And they all lived to tell about it?  How is that possible?

A study reported in JAMA (11/8/06) titled, “Systolic Blood Pressure at Admission, Clinical Characteristics, and Outcomes in Patients Hospitalized With Acute Heart Failure”, found that the patients with the highest systolic blood pressure–over 161–had the lowest death rate (1.7%) while the patients with the lowest blood pressure, what we call “normal”, had the highest death rate (7.2%): “The in-hospital mortality rate was 3.8% in the entire cohort and the mean length of stay was 6.4 days.  Higher SBP [systolic blood pressure] at admission was associated with substantially lower in-hospital mortality: 7.2% (<120 mm Hg), 3.6% (120-139 mm Hg), 2.5% (140-161 mm Hg), and 1.7% (>161 mm Hg)” (http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=204038)

How is that possible?  As stated above, the patients with the highest blood pressure had the lowest death rate; and in fact, you can see if you look at the blood pressure numbers and the rate of death, as the blood pressure numbers increase, the death rate goes down!

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • Yes, of course, but I am serious about the official position on HBP being that there is no known cause in 95% of cases! That is basically them saying, “There is nothing you can do, there is no way out of this! All you can do is take these drugs and keep it under ‘control’.” Of course, it’s a lie; and every senior citizen is on this battery of drugs! They’re expensive, they’re dangerous, and people think they’re doomed without them! It’s a total snow-job, a scam, and causes much suffering.

  • A very well researched paper, and so readable! I shall be providing a link to this article on my website.

    A close relative of mine was getting hallucinations, nightmares, a cough that doesn’t go away, and suicidal thoughts under the influence of all and I’ve asked him to show this information to his allopath. I hope sanity will prevail and he’ll get off the drug load.