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Tidbits 28: Lies Your Doctor Tells

Are they “lying” or do they just know which side their bread is buttered on?

 Dr. Hibbert smiling

“You need to be on a cholesterol-lowering drug!”

People have been obsessing about cholesterol and saturated fat for 60 years!  One out of 4 Americans over 45 is on a cholesterol-lowering drug.  If there’s anything your doctor is sure of, it’s that too much cholesterol and saturated fat can kill you!  I can promise you there’s a Crestor prescription waiting for you, with your name on it, at your doctor’s office, all ready to go!  I guess your doctor has never heard of the Framingham Study which has been going on for 70 years, one of the longest studies ever done in the history of medicine!  What this study concluded was that the lower your cholesterol was, the more likely you were to die of heart disease!  It also found that eating saturated fat didn’t raise your cholesterol levels at all!  Needless to say, this study is almost never talked about.1/

“You need a yearly mammogram to prevent breast cancer!”

Dr. Hibbert and Marge

You need to get a mammogram every year like you need a hole in the head!  According to the LA Times: 


“For every 10-percentage-point increase in screening rates, the incidence of breast cancer rose by 16 percent…” 

Sounds to me like mammograms CAUSE breast cancer!  The British Medical Journal reported on the largest mammography study done in recent years, which concluded that mammography had no advantage over annual breast exams!2/

Plus, here’s something else you should know about mammography, something called “over-diagnosis”.  Apparently 25% of diagnosed tumors, even though meeting the criteria for “cancer”, never grow and never materialize into anything, and if you hadn’t gotten a mammogram, you never would have known about them; but because you’ve been “diagnosed”, now you are aggressively treated with surgery, chemo and radiation and endure needless suffering and disfiguring.  

False-positives is another problem.  They occur 20 to 56% of the time according to the Archives of Internal Medicine. The Cochrane Database Review says that mammography leads to a 30% rate of over-diagnosis and over-treatment.3/

The Lancet Oncology in 2011 reported on a study that showed that the more mammograms women got, the more breast cancer they developed in later years compared to the controls.4/

Is it really hard to believe that radiation causes cancer?  (But these are big expensive machines, and somebody’s gotta pay for them!)


“Unfortunately, our time is up.”

“Why is my doctor always in such a hurry to get me in and out?  Why do I always have to wait so long in the waiting room?  Why is the waiting room always so over-crowded?”  While lawyers are paid by the hour, doctors are paid by the diagnosis and the procedure.  It makes absolutely no financial sense for the doctor to drag out your appointment when the more patients he sees, the more money he makes. A doctor’s appointment in the United States tends to last only 10 to 16 minutes.5/

“But the United States has the best medical care in the world!!!”

I don’t think so.  Americans are in the worst health compared to other industrialized nations.  We have the highest rates of: obesity, diabetes, cancer, chronic lung disease, teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, injuries and homicides compared to 17 other developed nations, such as Italy, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, England, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Sweden, etc.6/

(We’re number-one!  We’re number-one!)


“You need the full battery of diagnostic tests!”

Dr Nick in scrubs

This is what happens to people with good insurance; not only are they over-tested, they’re over-medicated; in other words, anything the insurance company will cover, they’re getting!   Insurance will only pay a doctor X-amount of dollars for each diagnosis.  But this number can be enhanced by ordering all the tests for which the insurance company is willing to pay!  The more tests, the more opportunity to make a “diagnosis”, and the more diagnoses, the bigger the pay-day and the more drugs you can be put on.  This works especially well if the doctor is performing the tests himself in his own office.  Unfortunately, some of these tests can actually be stressful and harmful to the patient.  For example, having to fast before the test, having to drink barium, having to drink glucose, having to undergo CAT scans which expose you to 1,000 times more radiation than a chest X-ray…. What I’m saying to you is, you can’t assume that all the tests you’re in line for are actually needed.

“An infant can safely receive up to 10,000 vaccinations at once.”

Dr. Hibbert with lolly

So says “Mr. Vaccine”, Dr. Paul Offit (aka, “For-Profit Offit”), who holds a 1.5 million dollar research chair at Philadelphia’s Childrens Hospital, paid for by none other than vaccine-maker Merck Pharmaceuticals.  According to Philadelphia Magazine, “Offit is the world’s number-one vaccine pundit.  He writes opinion articles about vaccines.  He writes books about vaccines.  Offit just published his fifth book, Autism’s False Prophets.  He recently helped convince a famous Hollywood actress, Amanda Peet, to become a spokesperson for vaccines.  He even invented a vaccine. … The vaccine he co-invented now sells as RotaTeq. It’s a prevention for a diarrheal disease called rotavirus … CHOP [Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia] sold its royalty stake in RotaTeq for $182 million, and Offit received an unspecified chunk: his share of the intellectual property, ‘in the millions,’ a life-changing windfall. Offit discussed the patent money with me on several occasions … To Offit, getting the money felt like winning the lottery…”7/

Paul Offit sat on the CDC committee that makes recommendations for the vaccine schedule, in other words, he got to vote on his own vaccine!!!  (Can anybody hear The O’Jays singing “Money money money mon-ey….MONEY!”  or is it just me?)  The moral of the story is, you can’t be the spokesperson for the safety and efficacy of a product if you make millions of dollars from it!  Oh, you can try, but your credibility is shot!  And notice that Children’s Hospital, itself, made almost $200,000,000.00 from selling its interest in this one vaccine!  It makes you wonder to what extent hospitals in general have vested interests in pharmaceutical patents, and is this the reason why no natural treatment is available in any hospital?


“It doesn’t matter what you eat.”

Dr. Nick's nutrition pyramid

So say doctors who get next to no nutritional training in medical school!  But what can you expect from a profession that allows the hospital cafeteria to be replaced by McDonalds? How indifferent to food do you have to be to let this happen?  Here is some of the misinformation doctors are passing on:

1) Saturated fat puts you at risk for obesity and heart disease.  Actually…no.  The correct answer to that is sugar, and white flour, which turns to sugar in your stomach, high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oil.  In that context, most of what people are eating these days is nothing but sugar and unhealthy fats.  This is where your heart disease comes in.8/

2) If you’re diabetic, replace sugar with artificial sweeteners.  Really?  They’re neurotoxins! Originally, Aspartame, aka “NutraSweet”, was rejected by the FDA.  But the drug company, G.D. Searle, was determined to get artificial sweetener, Aspartame, approved by hook or by crook.  In 1977, the FDA issued a report that blew the lid off G.D. Searle’s criminally flawed Aspartame studies.  Here’s what the report found:

  • Deceased lab animals were not immediately autopsied, some not for an entire year after death. Decomposition rendered any data from them inaccurate.
  • Tumors found in lab animals were reportedly cut out and thrown away.
  • Animals from whom tumors were removed were labeled “normal,” and obvious tumors were deemed to be “normal swelling.”9/  

aspartame 2

Yes, I know this is shocking but, par for the course, as I’ve come to realize.  So what did G.D. Searle do?  They offered the US Attorney who had them under investigation, a job!  So of course, the investigation stopped!  In 1977, Searle was taken over by none other than Donald Rumsfeld, famed for instigating the invasion of Iraq as George W. Bush’s secretary of defense.  Rumsfeld, not surprisingly, was a friend of Ronald Reagan’s.  When Reagan became president in 1981, he convinced Reagan to replace the head of the FDA with the friendlier Dr. Arthur Hayes.  Hayes approved Aspartame and then resigned.  He was immediately hired by the manufacturer of Aspartame!  All I can say is, if you see the word “diet” on a food package or soda, drop it and run like a rabbit!

3) Eggs will raise your cholesterol.  No, they won’t.  Eggs are very good for you.  According to Science Daily, eggs can help prevent heart disease and even cancer.  Of course, this only applies if you’re eating organic, free-range eggs.10/

4) Drink your milk, milk is good for you.  Unless it’s raw milk, no it isn’t.  Pasteurizing and homogenizing milk changes its molecular structure.  As such, it’s a processed food and can lead to allergies and immune disorders, and on top of that, it contains bovine growth hormone, antibiotics, veterinary drugs, the cows are housed inhumanely, they are over-crowded and often sick…  Try to find raw milk if you’re going to drink milk.  Check with your health food store to see if they carry it.

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at LEWRA@aol.com
Elaine is a graduate of Robin Murphy's Hahnemann Academy of North America and author of many articles on homeopathy including her monthly feature in the Hpathy ezine, "The Quiz". Visit her website at:
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  • Thank you, thank you! And then Alan’s editorial this month? The drug companies hired fake “women’s groups” to “demand” that some fake “female Viagra” be put on the market? What level of dishonesty won’t they sink to? I should have ended the article with “see editorial”!

  • Elaine, your intrepid declaration of facts was mind blowing. I just feel your article should be spread in the newspapers on the main headlines.

    Drug industry is creating a havoc in the market, but when the world is towards destruction ( called Kaliyug in india ) we would be seeing such scenarios only…….

    Yes, I also do agree with the scans of mammography and other scans. Its the radiation from these
    hi-tech instruments creating cancers more than scanning one.You take for example, even the cell phone( a time bomb in our hands ) and even the electronic gadgets can cause cancer as they spread radiation.

    I strongly believe, any electronic gadget, which has a “silica chip” ( Silicea in homeopathy ) if exposed in crude form, causes cancers and abscesses. “What causes also cures..in homeopathy” …so potentised Silicea is used to cure abscesses ………That’s one of the reason why cancers are on the rise…

  • The car mechanic analogy is spot on; and I will add, in that scenario of course any average person would be very angry and take their car and their business elsewhere. That car is valuable and it’s their only way to get around and… oh wait a minute. But people don’t get angry and take their bodies elsewhere to find ways to truly heal. Where’s the anger that motivates a person to find a better answer? Or an answer at all??

    Great article for riling people up because people should get riled up and come to the defense of their own health!

  • Thanks Claire! And speaking of getting angry, doctors do get quite snappish, like a scolding parent, if you question them at all! If you say you don’t want your child vaccinated, they’ll tell you not to come back again. We have all the tolerance in the world for them but it’s not a 2-way street.