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Tidbits 31–Asthma and Homeopathy

Asthma is reaching epidemic proportions. How to treat it naturally.


What Is Asthma?

It’s something that more and more people have!  In fact, asthma has increased 300% in the past 20 years and affects over 20 million Americans. 1/

It’s characterized by wheezing, coughing, breathlessness and tightness of the chest.

According to the CDC, as of 2013, 1 in 12 Americans has asthma. 2/

Why is there so much of it?

According to the British Medical Journal, September 25, 1999; 319:815-819, NOT BREASTFEEDING is a major factor in the cause of asthma and allergies in general:

“Introducing milk other than breast milk to infants younger than 4 months old increases the risk of asthma and atopy (a predisposition to certain allergies).  In the first study of its kind, the investigators followed over two thousand children from before birth through their 6th birthday, questioning their parents regarding various manifestations of asthma and allergy. Children who were fed milk other than breast milk before 4 months of age experienced higher rates of all indicators of asthma and allergy, the report indicates.”

What else causes asthma?  Wrong ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids!  The ratio is supposed to be 1:1 but with all the vegetable oil (like corn oil and soy oil) used to make fast food and processed food, and with all the processed food we consume, that ratio is now 1:40–totally out of wack!  And what does that lead to?  Inflammation!  Stop eating processed food, stop eating junk food, fast food and food made out of white flour and white sugar!  See my article, “Why Do We Have To Talk About Diet?”:


Take a tsp. of cod liver oil twice a day with meals to increase your Omega 3’s!  Cod liver oil is a super-food, it’s an anti-inflammatory like the popular asthma medicine Advair, but it won’t kill you, which is more than I can say for the deadly Advair–see below for more information on that.  Also, see my “Convalescence” article and learn what to eat to recover from any disease:


But what else is causing asthma to skyrocket?  Vaccinations and antibiotics!  See below from an article in Pulse:


Taken from: Pulse, 20/12/ 97

Children who are immunised against whooping cough are 50 per cent more likely to develop asthma, eczema and hay fever in later life, according to new unpublished study results from general practice.

The results also suggest these allergic diseases are three times more likely to occur in children who receive antibiotics in early life.


What else causes asthma?  Tylenol!  (Also known as Paracetamol.)  Here’s a headline for you:

Tylenol Once a Month Raises a Child’s Asthma Risk 540 Percent 3/

Yeesh!  So basically, stop eating junk food, start eating real food, and stay away from drugs except as a last resort!

What else?  According to my course notes from Robin Murphy, N.D., asthma is caused by suppression.  He calls it “the allergy-eczema-asthma complex”.  Hayfever gets suppressed and goes into asthma, diaper rash gets suppressed and goes into asthma, eczema gets suppressed and goes into asthma. How do we know this?  Because when we give a homeopathic remedy for asthma, the eczema comes back!  The diaper rash comes back!  The hayfever comes back!

When you take your child to the doctor to get a steroid cream for eczema, how much of a service is your doctor actually performing?  Doctors don’t relate to suppression.  I don’t think they even know what it is, to tell you the truth; because everything is a “local” phenomenon to them.  Eczema is a skin problem, as they see it.  They never think that it’s a systemic disturbance that the immune system consigns to the skin, far away from the vital organs.  So when the doctor uses a prescription to remove it from the skin, the immune system must now find another spot for this disturbance; unfortunately, its options are poor at this point.

When the doctor suppresses the asthma with steroids, where does it go then?  To colitis?  Or to some type of mental illness?  Dr. Vasillis Ghegas tells about a pneumonia case he had which he cured with homeopathy, but the patient relapsed.  He told the family, “If the patient relapses, you must come back to me.”  But they didn’t.  They went to see a “real” doctor instead.  The “real” doctor “cured” the case with antibiotics, which in this case meant he suppressed the disease to the mental plane, and the patient wound up in a mental hospital! The family returned to Dr. Ghegas.  He said, “I am giving the patient Veratrum alb., and when I do that, the pneumonia will come back, and then you must bring her back to me.”  Well…. It all happened just as Dr. Ghegas said it would. He cured the mental illness and the pneumonia came back.  The family then took the patient back to the hospital where they gave antibiotics and the patient wound up back in the mental hospital!  It’s just very hard to undo brainwashing.  Anyway, this is what all of standard medicine is based on–suppressive treatment.

Now, you can also wind up with asthma by suppressing a cold or sore throat and having it go to the lungs.  You can suppress sinusitis and have it go to the lungs.  Strong emotions or suppressed emotions can also lead to asthma.  Here are some Repertory rubrics (headings) you’ll find useful:

Lungs, asthma, children

Lungs, asthma, eruptions, suppressed

Lungs, asthma, alternating with eruptions

Lungs, asthma, hayfever, with

Lungs, asthma, spasmodic (which means sudden)

Lungs, asthma, anger, after

Lungs, asthma, emotions, after

Lungs, asthma, excitement, after

Lungs, asthma, vaccination, after

In fact, the subrubrics under “Lungs: asthma” are quite extensive; so, be sure to use them. Are there other causes of asthma?  Sure!  Air pollution, dust, physical exercise, smoking, even roaches!  (Ew!)  But let’s move on to how we get rid of it!  Getting rid of it is the important thing!

What is the cure?

It’s certainly not Advair!  A 2006 study found that regular use of Advair increased the severity of asthma attacks and contributed to approximately 5,000 asthma-related deaths per year in the U.S.  Advair and other conventional asthma medicines increase the risk for other diseases, including heart disease and osteoporosis. 3/

Here’s an idea, make food your medicine!  Look at it this way, eating processed food is leading to eczema, which leads to suppressive treatment with cortisone cream, which leads to asthma!  Be sure to read my article, “Why Do We Have To Talk About Diet?”  This is why we have to talk about it.

anti asthma foods

And, needless to say, for asthma attacks?  There’s homeopathy!


Ipecac  ip 30

There are lots of homeopathic remedies for asthma!  Why?  Because everyone has asthma differently as you are about to see!  For the patient needing Ipecac, unrelenting nausea is the main feature of the case.  Also, there’s mucus rattling in the lungs, suffocative cough, heat aggravates them, they’re better for fresh air and they need to sit up.  No thirst.  Cold perspiration and cold extremities but warm body; ears cold.  Cyanosis.  Wheezy/rattling cough with no expectoration unless or until vomiting occurs which relieves the cough and dyspnea.  Constant cough leads to gagging and vomiting.  Constriction of the chest and larynx, worse least motion.  All the complaints of Ipecac are made worse by motion.  Worse warm, damp weather.

Antimonium tart.

ant t    ant t 30

Antimony.  There may be a history of pneumonia suppressed with drugs.  Weak lungs. White, thick mucus.  Tongue almost always has a thick white coating; contrast this with Ipecac which has a clean, red tongue.  Also, Ant-t. is not worse for motion the way Ipecac is.  Mucus rattling in the lungs, but it can’t be coughed up!  They can’t breathe! Worse for lying down. Vomiting with cough, wants fresh air, worse heat, worse stuffy rooms.  More rattling than wheezing.  You can see that it’s similar to Ipecac, so, look at the tongue, and the nausea and worse for motion is much more pronounced in Ipecac.


bee  apis 30

The honey bee.  Expect to find swellings (edematous throat, lips, etc.) and maybe hives.  The apis patient is better for cold and worse from heat and warm drinks.  Tight, dry, painful wheezing.  Better open air.

Arsenicum alb.

  arsenicum 30

Clingy and afraid. Restless.  Look for attacks that come on between 12:00 and 2:00 in the morning.  Tight wheezes, oppression of the chest. Allergy to cats, dust or smoke.  Scant expectoration.  Worse lying down, better sitting up. Worse cold air, better warmth and warm drinks; thirst for only sips at a time, better bending forward, better rocking back and forth. Patient is chilly.


pulsatilla flowers   Puls 30

Asthma in children, worse evening; yellow, thick, creamy, bland mucus; rattling respiration; better open air, worse warm stuffy rooms; thirstless; clingy like Arsenicum but in a soft, pitiful way that makes you feel sorry for them and want to help them.  No one feels sorry for Arsenicum, that’s because they’re so intense, demanding and unrelenting in their neediness.


silica  Silica 30

Sand.  Silica patients are weak, frail, puny, short of breath; they catch every cold which then goes to asthma.  Worse for damp weather, exertion, climbing the stairs, worse for running–they get constriction and shortness of breath.

Calcarea carbonica

oyster shell  calc carb 30

Calcium.  Like Silica but the child is chubby.  Slow, sluggish, gets out of breath easily.  Perspires easily.  Susceptible to cold, takes cold easily.  Chilly.  Clammy feet.  Sour discharges.  Sore throats and colds that go to the lungs; worse exertion, worse climbing the stairs, shortness of breath, exhausted, worse cold/damp weather. Habitual cough.  Longing for fresh air.


phos  phos 30

Craves cold drinks.  When you have a patient with an unquenchable desire for ice cold drinks, you have to be thinking of Phosphorus.  Colds go to the chest.  Tightness of chest. Oppression of the chest.  Tight, suffocative breathing.  Hard, dry, tight, racking cough. Tickling cough.  Lungs congested, worse lying on left side.

Carbo veg.

carbo vegcarbo veg 30

Vegetable charcoal.  Worse lying down, better propped up, weakness and collapse.  Cold with hot head.  Much gas, flatulence, distended abdomen, burping ameliorates.  Must have air, must be fanned, must have the window open.  Faints easily and is worn out.  Spasmodic cough, blue in the face, long coughing attacks, wheezing and rattling of mucus in the chest, expectoration is thick, yellow, sticky, profuse, offensive; hemorrhage from lungs.  Asthma in elderly patients. The key to recognizing this remedy is that they must be fanned–vigorously.  They will probably want the fan blowing on them and will want the window open; and again, the belching and gas.


medorrhinum  med 200

Gonorrheal discharge made into a homeopathic remedy.  Child is a constitutional Medorrhinum–meaning warm body temperature, hot feet, throws the covers off at night, hyper-active, sleeps on the abdomen, loves to chew on ice cubes, loves oranges and orange juice, loves tart fruit like greenish bananas, green apples, loves the ocean, etc.  Asthma 2-4 a.m.  Better at the sea shore, better lying on stomach–you won’t see many other remedies with this characteristic (better lying on the stomach).  Air hunger.  Can’t exhale (Sambucus and Mephitis also).  Lungs feel like stuffed up with cotton.  Cough better lying on stomach.


copper  cupr 30

Homeopathic copper.  Severe spasmodic asthma, comes on suddenly.  Deep violent cough.  Better from bending head backwards, thumbs are clenched and face is blue.  The important thing here is that cold drinks ameliorate.  Worse anger, worse strong emotions. 

Blatta Orientalis

blatta oriental   blatta 30

Inhaling dust is often the etiology but also, ailments from dampness.  Rainy weather aggravates.  Worse middle of the night. Patient must sit up and lean forward.  Great accumulation of mucus with suffocation.  Cough with dyspnea. Expectoration ameliorates.  Mucus is yellow, tough, viscid.  What’s striking about Blatta is the dread of rainy weather.


Chamomilla  cham 30

Every time the child gets angry, upset or doesn’t get his way, he has an asthma attack!  Also gets an attack from dry winds and is worse in dry weather.  Better bending head backwards like Cuprum.  Worse 9-10 a.m. or p.m.  Dry, tickling cough, suffocative tightness of chest, cough during sleep does not wake the child.

Kali carbonicum

kali carb  kali carb 12

Potassium.  Dry hard cough between 2 and 4 a.m.  Sharp pains, wheezing, worse least motion, worse walking.  Patient must sit up and lean forward, as with Blatta and Arsenicum, but, notice that Arsenicum’s aggravation time is between 12 and 2 while Kali carb’s is between 2 and 4.  The expectoration is swallowed, not spit out.  Much worse for cold.  Desires warmth like Arsenicum but Arsenicum has burning pains, not sharp, stitching pains.  Incessant, choking, hard, futile cough, then vomiting.  Kali carb is chilly, frequently catches cold.        

Natrum sulphuricum

natrum sulph  nat-s 30

Sodium sulphate.  Nat-sulph. is likely to have an attack between 4-6 a.m.   Think of it if asthma comes on after a head injury or if the patient lives in a cold/damp space, or a moldy environment, like a basement or in a sea shore house.  Nat-sulph. is worse at the sea shore.  The remedy Thuja is also a “worse cold/damp” remedy but the etiology in Thuja is more likely to be vaccinations–asthma after vaccinations.  


There are hundreds of asthma remedies, but I’ve tried to give you the most popular ones here.  The important message is, though it may be common to have asthma, it’s not normal.  If you have it, you’re most likely doing something to harm yourself.  Look no further than processed food, drugs and vaccines, and remember to encourage breastfeeding.  Make a change.  I’ll leave you with an excerpt from “Research Shows Vaccinations Are Causing Surge Of Asthma In Children”, 7/11/11, compliments of www.vactruth.com:

Vaccinations which contain yeast however, are not the only vaccinations said to be causing asthma in children.  In a paper written by Dr. David L. Phillips entitled ‘Do DTP and Tetanus Vaccinations Cause Asthma?,’ Dr Phillips discusses a study which revealed that a child who has had the DTP and tetanus vaccination is 50% more likely to experience severe allergic reactions and is over 80% more susceptible to sinusitis.  They are also twice as likely to suffer from asthma.

The study which took place in 2000 was reported in PubMedorrhinumgov Abstract by Hurwitz EL, Morgenstern H, UCLA School of Public Health, Department of Epidemiology, Los Angeles. They reported a definite causal link between the DPT and Tetanus vaccines and asthma. They reported that:

“The odds of having a history of asthma was twice as great among vaccinated subjects than among unvaccinated”

In their conclusion they wrote:

“DTP or tetanus vaccination appears to increase the risk of allergies and related respiratory symptoms in children and adolescents”.

To read the abstract go to http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10714532

See you again next time!



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