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Tidbits 35–Autism: Elaine Interviews CEASE Therapist Gina Tyler

CEASE Therapy and Autism

 Gina Tyler

Gina, CEASE stands for, what?  Wait…don’t tell me, don’t tell me…Tell me!

Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression

I suppose we have to define what autism is.  Autism is a spectrum of mental and physical disorders, often including seizures, obstinate behavior, stubborn adherence to rituals, fixations, violent behavior, screaming, tantrums, hyperactivity, inappropriate or lack of communication with others, developmental delay, and so on, caused by inflammation of the brain.  Would you agree?  As I understand it, according to the CDC, 1 in 68 children in the United States is autistic and 1 in 6 has a learning disability.

Do you know what the figure was for the mid ’70’s?  I have heard it was 1 in 2,500, I have also heard 1 in 5,000.  What does the medical profession say is causing this bizarre outbreak among children?

The allopathic medical profession has no clue what is causing autism; it’s either that or they just have their head in the sand and don’t want to know.  Each time a parent questions them they get a generic answer, “It’s in your genetics, your child was born with the gene.”

That’s exactly what I’ve heard, “You have the gene!”  But, this is their answer for everything including high blood pressure, cancer and almost any other disease you bring up to them! “It’s your genes, you have the gene!”  This shields them from ever having to take responsibility for their own role in these diseases, their toxic treatments for everything under the sun; or, the role played by their corporate allies in the processed food industry, the bio-tech industry, etc.

From the perspective of a homeopath, it is beyond obvious!  Homeopaths search to find a “causal factor” in every case they treat, and it often points to a drug or vaccine.  “Never been well since vaccination.”

Not sure of the numbers of autistic kids in the 70’s but it increased by leaps and bounds when they added more vaccines to the schedule around 1986.

That’s because in 1986, the pharmaceutical industry won immunity from prosecution with regard to vaccines!  They successfully lobbied Congress, the result being that they CAN’T BE SUED.  The government covers Big Pharma’s a** with tax-payer dollars.  After this major coup, the vaccine schedule increased by leaps and bounds, because, again, they can’t be sued, and hence, the vaccine schedule is now off the charts!  (If you are injured by a vaccine, you have to go to “vaccine court”, part of Health and Human Services.  If you are deemed to have been injured, the drug company is held harmless and the government pays for your injuries.  So far, “vaccine court” has paid out over 3 billion dollars in damages!)

Autism Spectrum Disorder covers everything you mentioned above and I believe it’s one in every 37 kids at the moment. The planet is toxic: environmentally, the soil, the sky, the air we breathe, the water we drink and all the pharma pills swallowed, and inevitably, the immune system is failing.  The nail in the coffin are the highly toxic vaccinations.  Elaine, here’s a vaccine insert naming autism as a side-effect of the DTaP shot, aka, “Tripedia”:

“Adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia (diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and acellular pertussis vaccine) include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea”


Is this as close as the medical profession gets to admitting autism is a side-effect of vaccines?  Well, there it is!  Meanwhile, let’s look at this whole list of horrendous “adverse events” and ask ourselves how these vaccines can possibly be labeled as “safe”?  Aside from autism, we have: Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP)–another disease on the rise in children that never used to exist on a mass scale.  (You have no IDEA how many parents of ITP children contact me); SIDS–that’s sudden infant death!  Anaphylaxis–that’s a life-threatening allergic reaction.  Cellulitis–that’s a very painful skin infection!  Convulsions–I think we all know what they are… Encephalopathy–that’s brain damage; Neuropathy (nerve damage)…. It’s insane!  How does this get appoved by the FDA, on what basis?

OK, so let me ask you, CEASE therapy is based on the book Autism, Beyond Despair: CEASE Therapy by Tinus Smits, MD.  He postulates that it’s not just vaccines causing autism, as we originally thought, but rather any number of drugs the child has taken, even drugs the mother got during childbirth, isn’t that right?  Dr. Smits is saying, you have to “antidote” all these drugs by giving them back to the child as homeopathic remedies.  Do I have it right so far?  My question is, your average child has been given sooooo many drugs and soooo many vaccines, where do you start?!  Do you do “reverse order”, a la Hering’s Law, i.e., last drug comes first?

Yes it’s the same.  Work in reverse order but only if a pharma drug or vaccination is showing symptoms.

That’s just it, Gina, no one knows which drug or vaccine is responsible for the symptoms because kids are given drugs all the time!  Typical situation: mother brings autistic 4 year old to you.  He’s had all the vaccines, Tylenol for fevers, antibiotics for ear infections, seizure drugs for seizures, some of these kids are on anti-psychotics, then there’s the epidural and Demerol the mother had during labor, not to mention all the ultrasounds…

Yes all these drugs are prescribed in potency from 30C to 10M.  By careful casetaking the homeopath can weave her way through the Maze of toxins taken by these children, and that’s why not just anyone can be certified.  I have had many parents ask me “can I take the CEASE certification course?”….. It’s not as simple as just taking the course; a trained background of classical homeopathy is a must.  The constitutional remedy of the patient is used in the cease protocol too.

Is there some trick to weaving your way through the maze of toxins taken by these children? (And as you know, in some cases, they’re still taking them!)  I have personally heard parents say, “Everything went bad after the MMR.” I tell them to order MMR 30C, the parent gives the remedy, and nothing happens; which, of course, is disheartening!  Then you’re thinking, what does this mean?  Was MMR 30 given “out of order”?  Do we literally need to go backwards from the last drug taken?  Was MMR just the straw that broke the camel’s back? Or, should we assume that 30C was too low a potency?  Or do you need to give the constitutional remedy first?  In other words, how often is getting results just a matter of luck in these cases?

A loaded question: firstly the potency has to be correct and has to be given for as long as there are still symptoms, then a “clearing” is given by using the next highest potency, this also should be given until symptoms stop, it may be one week it may be two months everyone is different .  The lower potencies normally address the physical symptoms, higher potencies address the mentals so all 4 potencies are used in the cease protocol.  Not just one used one time but repeatedly; a trained classical homeopath knows what to look for if and when these aggravations stop.  

The potentized vaccine that should be used to detox has to be the exact batch from the same country, as not all MMR vaccines are the same.  The parent has to go back to the doctor and ask for the specific lot number.  A specialist homeopathic pharmacy makes these CEASE remedies, it’s not the same vaccine Isodes that you get at, say, Hahnemann Labs in California.  Totally different!  Before I was a CEASE therapist, I tried using “generic” isopathic remedies ….. it was a useless waste of time.

Mama mia!  You need the lot-number?  Do doctors even make a note of that in your chart? Will they even give you that information if you ask for it?  So you’re saying that if I order DPT 30C from Ainsworths or Helios Pharmacy in England, it might not even help?

Yes that is what I am saying, Elaine!  The exact energetic imprint has to be similar not sort of the same.  And yes all parents have access to their own children’s health records it’s the law. Also what is important is to open the elimination channels prior to isopathics (the vaccine/drug remedies).  This means via the bowels, via skin the toxins locked in the body need a path out, most kids that are vaccine damaged have some sort of skin imbalance and digestive issues, I am sure you have noticed this.  It comes down to this: if the elimination paths are not wide open, the child will not detox.

Holy cow!  Yes, I’ve noticed they all have digestive issues, they’re all addicted to junk food or have the worst diets imaginable and are very rigid and you can’t steer them towards healthier foods.  How do you open the elimination channels?

How the elimination channels are opened is via bentonite clay baths (which the child can stay in for as long as the water feels comfortable for him) or epsom salts, this pulls toxins out via the skin and a bath each night is a must for these toxic children.  Taking supplements like vitamin C, zinc, magnesium and omega 3’s daily will repair brain and muscle tissues. Bentonite clay taken internally pulls out gut toxin with each bowel movement.

So, the best omega 3 in my opinion is cod liver oil, which comes in flavors and isn’t as horrible as you might think.  Gina, how important is diet?


Because you know how rigid these kids are!  Everything has to be the same with them each day, they’re routinized.  Most of them are eating nonsense.  And I doubt they can swallow pills.  How is this managed?

Dietary overhauls for all homeopathic patients are always problematic especially with children but as you well know it has to be part of the process as their faulty diet may be a maintaining cause.

No doubt.

The child does not buy the groceries.  I had spoken to a mother yesterday who ran into this problem; she buys only organic, no sugar no gluten no wheat foods for her son but when he stays with his father, anything goes, and the kid returns home severely sick!  Gut problems, headaches, trouble breathing, anger issues, irritable.  So then mom calls and books an appointment for homeopathy to fix all his imbalances – yes it’s all about the diet.

Just don’t make things worse than they already are by adding to the toxic load the child is carrying around; so, no junk, everything should be organic, made from scratch, no processed food, and remember: sugar and white flour are very bad, very acidic, causes the child to lose Vitamin C, magnesium, zinc and the B vitamins which he desperately needs. Sugar is a poison.  So are GMO’s.  Milk is another problem.  Supermarket dairy is a processed food–pasteurization and homogenization change the molecular structure of the milk, destroy the friendly bacteria and most of the vitamins, so, try almond milk, etc., but, read the labels and make sure there are no unnecessary ingredients like sugar, guar gum and carrageenan added.  Always read labels!

I want to add that you can “stealth” vegetables into smoothies and your child will not taste them!  I will give you an example.  I have a Nutribullet (high-speed blender) and here are the ingredients I use: a cup of raw milk but you can use coconut or almond, etc. milk instead if you want.  To that I add: a frozen banana, frozen organic mixed berries (they come in packages in the freezer section of your health food market but if fruit is in season, use any fruit you want), grapes to add sweetness, baby spinach, baby kale, a raw organic egg and blend it all up for about a minute.  It is sinfully delicious!  And nutritious!  And it’s what these kids need–super nutrition; and stop giving your kid drugs–that’s what homeopathy is for!

Gina, are there any simple, easy fixes you can lay on us?

You ask about “easy fixes”… No such thing, especially not the removal of an iatrogenic toxin (drug).  There are lots of aggravations when each detox or “clearing” occurs, this is why it’s not a “do it yourself” project (I am talking about moms doing this without seeing a homeopath/certified CEASE practitioner) as each case requires months of follow up, sometimes a few years.

It sounds like it’s easier to prevent this disorder than cure it once it’s established.  What can parents do to prevent autism?

Don’t vaccinate.  And that goes for adults too because whatever is in your system, you pass on to your child in utero.

What about other drugs?  I’ve heard that the Tylenol they’re giving routinely with vaccinations to stop the fever (which may be protective–the fever, not the Tylenol) is as much to blame as the vaccines themselves.

Yes, there is a long list of iatrogenic toxins that may add to the problem of brain damage, it all should be addressed, it’s not as simple as “just the vaccines.”

Gina, I’m sure people reading this will be wanting to see you.  Do you do Skype cases?

I haven’t up to now but I think I’m going to start doing that because there are not enough CEASE therapists to go around.

Here are some successful CEASE cases, click below:

CEASE cases from cease-therapy.com

Thanks Gina!


Gina Tyler, D.Hom.

Visit Gina here: www.GinaTyler.com

and here: www.HomeopathTyler.wordpress.com

Write to her at [email protected]

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Gina Tyler (DHOM) is a homeopath living and working in California. She has travelled the world to study homeopathy including clinic work in India with Dr. Banerjea. A Reiki practitioner, she also makes use of herbs, essential oils, reflexology and kinesiology. After the Tsunami hit Sumatra in 2004, she made a number of trips to Indonesia, bringing homeopathic remedies and books and teaching homeopathy to local doctors, midwives and health care workers.


  • Very interesting, very very important. Now, I wonder why not all the vaccinated children are affected in such a way. Thank you.

  • Roberto, keep in mind that Autism is at the extreme end of a spectrum. At the other end are learning disabilities which according to the CDC consist of 1 in 6 children in the US. That’s a ridiculously high number. Then you look at all the less obvious impairments that children suffer from nowadays, the number of ear infections, allergies, even cancer in children (which should be unheard of, by the way) and what you have to conclude is, our children are not healthy!

  • Elaine and Gina,

    You both have given out the real facts in a crystal clear manner. I pity the kids of nowadays. Too many vaccines on the rise, is the cause of the autoimmune disorders nowadays.
    You both should publish this article in a newspaper, an eye opener for many parents.

    Elaine, Thanks a billion and appreciate your insight.

  • I thought the elimination pathways was a very salient point for any population, not just those on the spectrum. Our skin, our digestive system, etc all try to “show” us what toxins our bodies are trying to remove… Unfortunate that we are generally schooled by allopathic traditions to suppress symptoms (i.e. signs) of this toxin-elimination effort by the body, instead of treating it as a major message that it is for the balance our own health.

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