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Tidbits 37: Let’s Look At Lachesis!

Mom, why do we have to look at Lachesis?

Because he gets bored if he’s not the center of attention!

He does?

Allow me to quote from Philip Bailey:  “The proud, extroverted Lachesis is pleasant as long as he is the center of attention, but will become bored when he has to take a passive role, and resentful if his own high opinion of himself is threatened.”  (Homeopathic Psychology, p. 106-107.)  

Shana, what are you doing here?

What, I can’t just randomly drop by an article?  I’m here to help you.

You are?

The first thing we have to do is find someone…someone famous, someone everybody knows, someone in the headlines, who fits the description of Lachesis.

Good idea, Shana; it’s much easier to explain materia medica when you’ve got illustrations. OK, let’s think.  We need someone who’s ego-centric, loves to hear himself talk, is exhilarated by his own “eloquence”, loves to make speeches, loves to hold court, thinks that everything he says is brilliant …


… someone who’s insulting, sarcastic and hates to be interrupted….


… someone who changes his beliefs at the drop of a hat…

Mom!  Could you stop talking for two seconds?  I think I’ve found our Lachesis!


Donald Trump!  Oh, and one more thing, You’re Fired!

Ha-ha!  Shana you are a riot!  Thanks for your Donald Trump impersonation!  And now, ladies and gentlemen, I want you to watch the video below, but while you’re watching, I want you to keep these Lachesis words in mind: Egotistical, Conceited, Self-promoting, Enthusiastic hatred, Vindictiveness, Cruelty, Loquacity, Animated, Intense, Narrow-minded, Insulting, Sarcastic, Malicious, Mocking, Combative, Energetic.

The Bushmaster Snake

    So let’s have a look at Lachesis.  First of all, if you have a Lachesis person in your family–a Lachesis husband, father or mother–my heart goes out to you.  You don’t have an easy life!  These are not easy people!  Now, as you know, Lachesis is the venom of the Bushmaster snake; it’s a snake remedy, so we have to talk about the snake.  The Bushmaster is the most aggressive snake in the world, he will not back down, he will chase you down if you come near his territory and he’s not afraid of confrontation.  In this sense, you will confuse Lachesis with Nux vomica who also wants to be number-1 at any cost and is similarly possessed of high energy.  (In fact, Donald Trump has been famous for accusing his rivals of being “low-energy” types.)

Far from fearing confrontation like so many of our remedies–Lycopodium, Silica, Pulsatilla, Staphysagria, etc.– Lachesis welcomes it, and the reason is because Lachesis has a very strong, intense, passionate emotional side; he’s not placid, not content to allow people to “just be themselves”.  And with such strong emotions, he needs something to be emotional about!  Maybe it’s religion, and if he’s religious, it’s not enough that HE should be religious, oh no; everybody has to be religious!  And if he’s an atheist, he can’t quietly be an atheist; EVERYONE has to be an atheist or everyone is stupid!  And he will let you know it!  So they have very strong views, very intense convictions, and they make them known!


Here’s another thing about snakes, they strike!  They strike with suddenness.  They lie in wait, quietly; you’re thinking all is well, and then without a word, they attack!  And it’s with such a suddenness that you never know what hit you!  So one of the things you will experience with Lachesis is their sudden and unwarranted attacks!  

Out of nowhere and for no good reason, all of a sudden, Mr. Lachesis is either yelling at you or threatening you in some way or even forcing his attentions on you.  Can you imagine?  Imagine living with such a person!  Can you ever feel safe?  You have to think of domestic abuse here or abuse in the workplace.  

Well, what does this have to do with Donald Trump?  Here’s what his butler of 60 years, Anthony Senecal, said about him in an interview with Inside Edition:

“A man of many moods, he could lose his cool at any moment. There’s the kind and generous Donald Trump, and then, all of a sudden, he’ll go off!  He’ll scream at you!  And there you are, seething!  But guess what?  He’s forgotten about it already!”


“A wicked tongue”, they say of Lachesis:  An ability to cut you down and leave nothing unsaid.  Possessed of an uncanny perception, he can penetrate your feelings and motives and anticipate your thoughts, finish your sentences, see clearly what you’re all about, grasp ideas so quickly that most people can’t follow.  He may be psychic, clairvoyant.  No one stands a chance in a confrontation with Lachesis!  Case in point:  Magazine writer, Natasha Stoynoff, doing a piece on Trump’s one-year wedding anniversary for People, writes:

We walked into that room alone, and Trump shut the door behind us. I turned around, and within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat.

Now, I’m a tall, strapping girl who grew up wrestling two giant brothers. I even once sparred with Mike Tyson. It takes a lot to push me. But Trump is much bigger — a looming figure — and he was fast, taking me by surprise and throwing me off balance. I was stunned. And I was grateful when Trump’s longtime butler burst into the room a minute later, as I tried to unpin myself.

Physically Attacked by Donald Trump – a PEOPLE Writer’s Own Harrowing Story

What’s Lachesis-like about this story?  Suddenness.  Fast.  A sudden strike, taking you by surprise, leaving you stunned, using his tongue as a weapon (“a wicked tongue”).  

I’m sure there are many ways to seduce a woman but this particular way involves: a desire to attack, violent behavior, a love of power, and lasciviousness.  If I repertorize these 4 rubrics, Lachesis comes out on top.  (I’m sorry for non-homeopaths reading this trying to figure out what the heck I’m talking about.)  In fact, Lachesis finds conflict energizing!  No, he will not agonize over your feelings; he will not cry in sympathy for you; in personal matters, he has no scruples.  But his scruples in matters of world affairs, Justice, Freedom, and other large concepts, are incorruptible.  You might call him a fanatic.


Look out, because Lachesis is made from poison, and as such, the Lachesis person may be drawn to poisons, such as alcohol, sugar, sweets, carbs, coffee and other drugs.  As you can imagine, an alcoholic Lachesis is the worst of all–belligerent, confrontational, attacking… (Drop a 30C pellet of Lachesis in his liquor bottle so he’ll drink and fall asleep instead of going after you.) 

[UPDATE:  Since this article was written, a book has come out on the Trump administration called Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff.  An article quoting from this book, titled, “Tiffany Trump Says President Wishes He Could Eat McDonalds In Bed Every Night”, says:  “Trump’s love of McDonald’s is well known. Wolff’s book says Trump eats McDonald’s often because he is afraid of being poisoned. ‘Long afraid of being poisoned, he would say that one reason why he liked to eat at McDonald’s was because nobody knew he was coming and the food was safely prepared,’ the book says.”


I am bringing this to your attention because “drawn to poisons” is but one way to interpret the “venom” theme of Lachesis, the other more obvious way is to point out that Lachesis has a fear of being poisoned!  It rates highest among all the remedies under “Fear of being poisoned” in the Homeopathic Repertory!  This is a great confirmatory for Lachesis as Trump’s likely constitutional remedy; also, “toxic in relationships” is also appropos.]


Maybe this should be the Lachesis Theme Song: “Suspicion” by Terry Stafford–everyone swore it was Elvis Presley; but, that’s another story.

Am I the only one who knows who Terry Stafford is?

Shana, are you still here?  Here’s the thing, Lachesis is toxic; snake venom is toxic, a Lachesis person is forever injecting poison into a relationship; and because of that, he assumes you’re doing the same thing!  “If I’m no good,” he wonders, “if I’m a cheat, and evil and manipulative, I assume others are too!”  So he is forever looking for evidence that you’re betraying him!  They are big-time STALKERS: following you, reading your mail, listening in on your phone conversations, suspecting your motives, fearing betrayal.  Because of this, the Lachesis husband will be very possessive!  He will be watching you like a hawk, suspecting every innocent remark you make about a man as proof that you’re having an affair with him!  In fact, on the most innocuous set of events, he will place the worst possible interpretation on each of them!  You will find yourself saying, “What????   What????  Are you insane????  What on earth are you talking about???  That’s not true!!!”

Liar, Liar!

When is Lachesis NOT lying?  To quote Catherine Coulter, “…Lachesis can also be an accomplished liar.  With a powerful and vivid imagination, he can get into positions where one falsehood leads irresistibly to another as he succumbs to an intellectual intoxication.” (p. 332, Portraits of Homeopathic Medicines)

The online magazine, Politico, undertook to actually count the number of times Donald Trump lied in a given week, fact-checking all his statements; they came up with “roughly one misstatement every five minutes.”



Forked Tongue, Shedding The Skin

We all know that snakes have forked tongues.  How does this manifest in the Lachesis person?  In a word, dualism.  Dualism and polarities.  Look for Lachesis to be a complete hypocrite!  Look for him being a Bible-thumping preacher in the afternoon and a carouser, gambler and drug-abuser at night.  Look for him going from politically liberal at one time in his life to the complete opposite a year or ten years later.  Donald Trump is a case in point.  He’s running for president as a Republican, meaning a right-wing conservative.  Who are the Republicans, you ask?  Stated simply, they’re against a lot of things, they like to assign blame, look for scapegoats, people they can get emotionally all worked up about– minority groups, the Jews, the Mexicans, the Muslims; they don’t like the government and they’re not too fond of women either…they’re against women’s rights, legal abortion, equal pay for women…they don’t much like the poor either, and their solution to every problem is, “More guns!” or, “Privatize it!” or, “Cut taxes!”  

Now, believe it or not, for most of his life, Donald Trump was a liberal!  However, recently, he got an endorsement from — are you ready? — former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke!  It’s the most racist endorsement you could possibly get!  When asked if he intended to renounce the endorsement, Trump claimed in an interview, “I don’t know who David Duke is, I never heard of him!”  Well, Trump is on video from the ’90’s saying what a horrible person David Duke is!  I mean, clearly, Donald Trump is two different people!  And a liar!  And for those of you who don’t know, the Ku Klux Klan is a terrorist organization of white supremacists.  The last thing in the world you need, as a candidate for president, is an endorsement from David Duke!

But this is what you will find in Lachesis:  Either the person has completely done an about-face on his beliefs, turned his whole life around and become something else, something opposite (perhaps “shedding his skin” is an apt analogy for this) or he is one person during the day, and another person at night.  Perhaps he is simply contradicting himself all the time, leading to confusion among those who live and work with him.  He’s indulgent, then restrained; he has faith, then he’s cynical; he’s arrogant, then he’s humble…  I think this is why Trump has such a wide following–because no one knows who he is!  If you want to, you can put blinders on and see only his “warm”, generous side, blocking everything else out, and get really caught up in him, believing he really “cares”!  You can imagine how hard this is for children of Lachesis parents, not knowing who the real mommy or the real daddy is; not being able to trust their perceptions about them because mommy and daddy are always changing!  And just when they think they’ve decided that daddy is a bad person, some friend comes over and says, “Your father is so wonderful!  Everyone in the building loves him!  You are so lucky to have him as a father!”

I’ll give you an example of Lachesis’ dual nature.  There was the famous event early in the campaign where Trump ejected a Latino reporter from the room for speaking out-of-turn with a question. “You, get out, you weren’t called.  Get out!  Get him out!” Trump yelled.  After he ejected the well-known news reporter, he said, “I feel bad, maybe we should invite him back in.  Go get him, bring him back.”  So there he went from arrogance and bluster to conciliation and compassion, all within minutes!

Darting Tongue

We all know that snakes’ tongues dart quickly in and out of their mouths.  What is the significance of that in the human being?  Lachesis people “dart” from one topic to another while talking, they cannot complete a sentence, they’re never finished with a thought, and they will not yield the floor to you because… they’re never finished!  They may also be fast talkers but not necessarily.

Senator Joe Lieberman…

does anybody remember him or remember anything about him?  He had a very irritating habit, he would NOT leave a space at the end of a sentence for you to jump in if you were of a mind to!  He would not let you interrupt and that’s exactly how Lachesis people are, they cannot be interrupted!  In the video clip above, you saw Donald Trump talk right over the debate moderators who were trying to get a word in edge-wise.

Talking is a big issue with Lachesis because the fact is, they LOVE to talk!  They are exhilarated by talking!!!  They are great orators–you know, Donald Trump uses no cue cards, no teleprompters when he’s giving a speech, which is another reason he’s so well-loved, because he’s unrehearsed!  People mistake that for “honesty”.  “Oh!  He’s so honest, he’s so real!”  

Lachesis has such passionate feelings, their oratory is usually about their strong opinions regarding some cause or person.  If they’re right-wingers, it will be all about the Muslims or the Mexicans and how we have to keep them out and so on.  And then, interestingly, as alluded to above under “Forked Tongue”, Donald Trump will turn around and say, “I love the Mexican people!  They are wonderful people!  I will get the Mexican vote, you watch.”  You see what I mean?  This is why he has the adoration he has, because he’s two people, and some are voting for one Donald Trump while the rest are voting for the other one!

Better Discharges

The homeopaths who are reading this know this famous keynote of Lachesis very well–better for discharges.  But what does that mean?  When you’re bitten by a snake, the venom causes hemorrhaging, so you bleed to death.  Hence, there is a lot of symbolism regarding hemorrhaging, or “flow” in Lachesis.  There are many kinds of “flow”, and Lachesis is always better with the “flow”, whether it’s a flow of tears, words, nasal discharge, menstrual bleeding, a flow of activity, a flow of spending (Lachesis can have a big problem with gambling and maxing out their credit cards on uncontrollable shopping binges)–all these examples of “flowing” ameliorate for Lachesis.  The worst thing you can do to Lachesis is stop the flow–stop him from talking, stop whatever the discharge is, stop him from crying and so on.

Worse Sleep

Another famous Lachesis keynote is worse from sleep or worse on going to sleep.  Lachesis has a lot of big issues around sleep!  Some are afraid to go to sleep because all their troubles start or get worse from there–pain is worse during sleep or on waking.  Some can’t fall asleep at all!  As soon as they drop off, they start to choke and wake up gasping for air! Some prefer not to go to bed and just sit in their chair all night.  Lachesis people are known for needing very little sleep.  Donald Trump says he sleeps only 2 hours a night!  His butler confirmed that, saying 3 hours a night.

Intolerance To Restriction

The snake can only be controlled or captured in one way–you have to grab him around his neck.  It’s the only chance you’ve got; otherwise, he’s got all the advantage over you! Because of this, Lachesis is very sensitive to anything relating to restricting the throat, or breathing, oxygen, choking, suffocating, heat–they hate heat and hot drinks–tight collars, confinement, restriction, being able to escape vs. not being able to escape, closed-in spaces, poorly oxygenated spaces like airplanes with their re-circulated air, and warm stuffy rooms, tight clothing… all of this is an issue for Lachesis.  ANYTHING that’s restricting is something they cannot stand.  They might even be disinclined to get married because they might equate it with restriction; if they do get married, there will most probably be cheating.  They won’t be able to work for someone else either, Lachesis has to be the boss!


We are all familiar with the term “snake charmer”; well, I know it’s hard to believe after reading this, but, Lachesis CAN be charming!  Just try and picture: who wouldn’t fall in love with a man who loves to talk, who’s very passionate about things, who’s imaginative, energetic, artistic, insightful, seemingly magical and sensual, who, as Trump’s butler pointed out, is very kind and generous and loves to spend money?  Wow!  In the beginning, even the well-known jealously and possessiveness of Lachesis might be seen as further proof of his love for you!  But holy cow, look out, is all I gotta say!  Remember, they are exhilarated by conflict!  Think of Trump’s show, “The Apprentice”; all the contestants–I don’t know what else to call them–are all in competition with each other; they’re all fighting over Donald Trump!  This is a show that cleverly stirs up rivalries to the point where people end up sniping at one another!  Mama mia!  

Who else do you think was a Lachesis?  What about Charles Manson?  How about Phoebe Tyler from “All My Children”–one of TV’s many day-time soap operas.

Mom, there are 2 m’s in Mamma.  

That’s too many m’s for me, Shana!  So let’s bid adieu to Donald Trump now, shall we?  Here he is cleverly inserted into an episode of “The Honeymooners”:

And to play us out, we’ve got the Lachesis Theme Song: Terry Stafford with “Suspicion” from American Bandstand in 1964, hosted by Dick Clark.  

Bye everybody!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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