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Tidbits 41–What You May Not Have Known About …

homeopathic remedies for slipped disk or intervertbral disc prolapse

Homeopathic Remedy News Flash!

Rescue Remedy


You should always have this with you.  It’s a remedy you can give when you just don’t know what to do!  Maybe there’s too much confusion around you, or the patient is too upset to give symptoms; or maybe you just need time to think but want to give the person something in the interim–give Rescue Remedy!  Not only is it supposed to calm a person down but I’ve actually seen it cure the case!  I may have told this story before but, I always have this fear of stopping to eat at one of those highway restaurants!  It has happened to me more than once that what I ate sent me running to the bathroom!  And so it was that on a trip back from South Carolina 6 years ago, I innocently stopped somewhere to eat and OMG, it happened again!  So, I’m sitting in the parking lot, in my car, and I had taken Arsenicum, but I didn’t feel 100% and I was afraid to leave!  Running out of ideas, it actually occurred to me to take Rescue Remedy; I don’t know why I thought of it but thank God I did, because it actually cured me completely, that unmistakable calm that comes over you when you’re well and you know you’re safe and I finally was able to move on down the highway!

Here’s what you can use Rescue Remedy for:

Emotional shock or panic


Acute grief

Children or dogs or cats afraid to go to the doctor or dentist

Broken bones


…and obviously for just about any complaint at all when you’ve run out of ideas!

You can drop a dropperful in water and pour it on the wound; or, if you have the spray bottle, spray it on the wound.

You can also buy Rescue Remedy Cream and rub it into sprained knees, ankles, bruises, cuts and so on.  And remember, in any emergency when you’re not sure what to do, give Rescue Remedy!



Do you have Calendula in potency?

I think we all know that Calendula Cream is our go-to remedy for cuts and scrapes.  Buy Calendula Cream and use it in place of Neosporin!  This our our main first-aid cream!  But what about Calendula 30C or 200?  Do you have that?  Well, you really should order it!  Robin Murphy says it’s more powerful than Morphine!  Think of it for post-surgery pains, stab wounds, “road rash”, cuts that won’t heal, won’t stop bleeding and so on.  Drop a remedy pellet in water and pour it into the wound to clean it.  Germs are repelled by Calendula.  Remember our two big guns: Arnica for blunt trauma, and Calendula for cuts and scrapes!  You’re not fully protected in first-aid if you don’t have Calendula in potency and as a cream!

And by the way, eye injuries!  This is another reason you need Calendula!  Scratched cornea, snowblindness, eye surgery, foreign objects in the eye, think of both Aconite and Calendula!

Carbo veg.


I think we all know that Carbo veg is for any condition where gas and bloating and burping is present as a concomitant.  But, did you also know that Carbo veg is an end-of-life remedy?  In fact, they call Carbo veg “the corpse reviver”.  That’s right!  If a person looks dead?  Give Carbo veg!  Here’s what Nash had to say about it:

“Vital force nearly exhausted; complete collapse. Blood stagnates in the capillaries; venous turgescence; surface cold and blue.  In the last stages of disease, with copious cold sweat, cold breath, cold tongue, voice lost, this remedy will save a life.”

It’s worth a try!  Oh, and here’s another clue for you all:  Carbo veg may be cold but, they want to be fanned!  They want the fan blowing directly on them.  They have what’s called “air hunger”, which makes Carbo veg a great remedy for altitude sickness in mountainous regions where the air is very thin.  In fact, a little story: Andre Saine has a case he often shares where the patient was in a uremic coma.  He gave the patient Opium CM.  The patient regained consciousness.  Andre says, “Do you need air?”  The patient nods “yes” and Andre gives Carbo veg!  To make a long story short, more states rapidly ensued (“Healing takes place in reverse order”—Hering) and for each state, Andre had to be ready with a remedy!  He couldn’t leave!  That’s how fast these states unwind!  He says this is how it is for end-stage patients so be prepared!  Yes, I know, it’s quite daunting.  As you can imagine, the case ended with Apis—our kidney failure remedy.

Here’s a case from Margaret Tyler:

“It was a small girl with heart disease, and an acute exacerbation supervening that was abruptly ending her young life. She had a pneumonia with pleural effusion, an endocarditis with pericardial effusion, and one morning, when the Physician was going his round accompanied by several other doctors, she was found lying forward on the supports that had had to be provided, because she could not rest otherwise, cold, white, unconscious; just alive, because she was still giving the infrequent sharp gasps of the dying. Carbo veg. (I think 200) was quickly administered, while one of the doctors of wide experience exclaimed, ‘I’ll eat my hat if that child lives!’  But before the ward round was finished she had regained warmth and consciousness–death had passed on! And, under Kali carb. (the complementary remedy, by the way!) she got well, so far as the damaged heart would permit. It is such experiences that have gained for Carbo veg. the name ‘corpse reviver’.  It is curious and important to note that these Carbo veg. patients even in extremis, with the coldness of death already present, have air-hunger, and want to be fanned.”

So, there you have it, Carbo veg.!  It’s not just for burping anymore!


I think everyone knows that Phosphorus is the first remedy we think of in Pneumonia, Bronchitis, dry coughs, and colds that go to the lungs; and we may also know that Phosphorus is our main remedy for hemorrhaging of bright red blood as in nosebleeds; but, did you know that Phosphorus is the first remedy you should think of for ailments from electricity?  Yes!  Electricity and radiation!  Ailments from electric shock, lightning strike, ailments from too much time in front of the computer screen, ailments from putting the computer on your lap….  Oh yeah, don’t put your laptop on your lap!  I used to do that but I got strange, unpleasant sensations in my legs.  I took Phosphorus and put my laptop on the table!  So remember, when the etiology is electricity, think of Phosphorus! 

Another famous phosphorus symptom:  Ailments from Anesthesia after surgery, nausea and vomiting after surgery, it antidotes the anesthesia; and oh, just one more thing: Ailments from too much salt, and any ailment where burning thirst for ice cold drinks is part of the case.


I don’t think anyone’s even heard of this remedy.  It’s homeopathic ginger and it’s really valuable in food poisoning, or a virus that feels like food poisoning, especially ailments from bad water!  If you’re traveling anywhere in the world where the water is notoriously suspect, you’d better have this remedy with you!

Ledum and Hypericum


What a pair these two are!  Almost the only two remedies you need to know about in terms of puncture wounds, animal bites, insect bites, acute vaccination reaction, prophylaxis before vaccination…but how do you tell the 2 apart?  Well, Hypericum is better known for its extreme shooting pain in all complaints, nerve pains, numbness and tingling, electrical sensations, sharp, shooting pains and pains that shoot upwards; also, think of Hypericum for injections into the spine and spinal tap headaches and spinal tap meningitis; tail bone injuries, septic wounds–rat bites, dog bites, snake bites, etc. with shooting pains.  Septic wounds, the area becomes discolored, bluish, hypersensitive to the touch.

With Ledum, discoloration is even more bluish, injury site is cold but patient desires cold applications.  Aching pains.  Think of Ledum for those black and blue marks from IV’s, also think of Ledum for bed sores and black eyes.  Ledum prevents tetanus.  Think of Ledum for patients with Lyme Disease.  Why?  “Ailments From Insect Bites”!  I had a Lyme patient once, I actually switched back and forth between Ledum and Hypericum and I think I also gave one dose of the Lyme nosode; it was one of my first clients, 2003, a really awful case of Lyme Disease, but she recovered!



I’d be willing to bet most of you don’t have this remedy either.  There aren’t too many emergency kits that stock it; but, this remedy is really important!  It’s for septic fevers.  What’s a septic fever?  Fever, and chills with shaking, confusion, delirium, muscle aches, joint pains, bad odors, low blood pressure, often the result of a bacterial infection.  (It’s the opposite of the “clean” fevers of Belladonna and Aconite where you don’t have the bad smells, confusion, and muscle and joint pains.)  

Fevers with muscle aches and bad odors.  It’s for blood poisoning; so, definitely a remedy you’d think of for a burst appendix.  Here’s a keynote:  All discharges are horribly offensive, including the breath.  When your patient has really bad breath, of course you will think of Mercury; but, also think of Baptisia and Pyrogen.  One time about 15 years ago, Shana had strep throat.  I thought it was Mercury because she was drooling and had bad breath.  I took her to my homeopathic doctor, Dr. Sarah Fisher, because Mercury wasn’t working and I was stumped.  She gave Pyrogen and explained the drooling was because Shana couldn’t swallow due to the sore throat.  Less than a minute after Pyrogen 200C was given, Shana swallowed!  Fastest case of Strep Throat ever!

I had a Pyrogen flu once.  I hadn’t been able to find a remedy until I actually made the statement to myself, “The bed feels too hard!”  Yes, Arnica has that but so does Pyrogen!  I took Pyrogen right away and recovered fast!

I’ve found this is a great remedy for gum abscesses, and think of it also for fevers after surgery.  I went to take my friend Margie home from the hospital about a year ago.  She was running a fever.  I said, “They’re going to release you with a fever???!!!  Yikes!”  Yeah, well, this is “modern” medicine for you!  I gave her Pyrogen 1M and she was fine after that, fever all gone.



It’s homeopathic Yarrow.  By all rights, this should be the ideal remedy in car accidents because it combines Phosphorus and Arnica; in other words, Millefolium has both bleeding and bruising!  Hemorrhage from trauma, coughing up blood,  clots from blows.  Internal bleeding from trauma.  It seems like a remedy that should be in everyone’s car.



We all know that Apis is for bee stings, and some of us may know that Apis is for hives resulting from an allergic reaction; but more than this, Apis can actually be a life-saver!  Apis is our #1 allergic reaction remedy and our #1 remedy for anaphylactic shock!  In anaphylaxis, you might have one or more of the following symptoms due to an allergic reaction:

Vomiting, diarrhea, or cramps

Weak pulse, paleness

Coughing; wheezing; and pain, itching, or tightness in your chest

Fainting, dizziness, confusion, or weakness

Hives; a rash; and itchy, swollen, or red skin

Runny or stuffy nose and sneezing

Shortness of breath or trouble breathing and rapid heartbeat

Swollen or itchy lips or tongue

Swollen or itchy throat, hoarse voice, trouble swallowing, tightness in your throat

In fact, swelling is a key word: swelling of eyes and face, eyes swell shut, head swells up, throat swells shut, whole body swells up.

If this happens to you, pop an Apis 30 or 200C as fast as you can!

One of our Quiz cases in 2014 was an Apis 200C anaphylaxis case called “Attacked By Almonds”:


You may want to see it again to get the full flavor of Apis.  Oh, and by the way, if after a vaccination you hear the “brain cry”?  A high-pitched scream showing that the brain has swelled up?  That’s Apis!  Give it right away!  (But, hey, at least you won’t get the measles, so, well worth it, right?  Not!)

Cadmium Sulph.


This is a really important remedy in cancer treatment, especially for people who can’t be talked out of Chemotherapy and Radiation!  Give Cadmium sulph right before treatments and again after as needed for the horrendous side effects.  Cadmium sulph is a cancer remedy in general, especially stomach cancer.  It’s a remedy for toxic poisonings in general.  You can also give it for morning sickness in pregnancy.  Any sort of severe illness and you’ve tried everything else and there’s severe vomiting in the case, this is the remedy to have on hand!  I wrote an article on all the Cadmiums, which is here if you want to see it:

The Cadmiums and Cancer

I really have to go now, it’s late, and it’s time for my snack!  Don’t forget to try and solve this month’s Quiz! 

See you next year!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases! Write to her at [email protected]

Visit her website: elaineLewis.hpathy.com

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Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • These are very handy tips, if not for oneself, then to keep on hand if you are in a situation where someone else needs help! I, too, can confirm the useful application of Rescue Remedy (Five Flower Formula is the name of the identical essence blend produced by FES), in “lifting the veil” of anxiety, panic or shock following some upset, so that you can see more clearly what remedy you may need (if any!) Speaking for myself, I find it more difficult to treat in a clearheaded manner if I myself am affected (self-treating), or if I am treating someone that I am worried about. Rescue Remedy clears and calms, which makes it easier to keep a steady mind while administering homeopathic aid. Great tips!

  • Hallo Elaine,

    I’ve read that some people had issues with arrhythmias after taking RESCUE; as my husband is suffering from paroxysmal afib (MI), I wonder if I might probably cause problems administering RESCUE to him (only in case I don’t know what to do, he of course takes his “constitutional”, but occasionally – at night or outside the house – I tend to panic a bit when arrhythmias start, so perhaps on such occasions RESCUE might be taken into account).

    Best regards

    (your “lizard” Email partner!)

      • I know your article very well and we lay great store in regimen; unfortunately my husband is an extremely anxious person and quickly exploits all his vital powers by unnecessary fears (trifles…),
        he “takes the sin of the world upon himself” (?).

        Yesterday I for the first time gave him RESCUE (arrhythmias, anxieties), which calmed him down, now I’m climbing up the constitutional ladder of Pulsatilla, right now we’ve reached 98 C.

        Many thanks and a Happy New Year!


          • Last night I gave him RR night for slight arrhythmias and restlessness, which immediately put him to sleep till morning; this morning even the arrhythmias were gone!!



  • Excellent article. Almighty bless you. As and when the magazine is released on the website, I see the article tidbits first. It is very, very good article.
    Thank you.

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