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Tidbits 43: Repertory Round-up, part-3

It sounds like she’s saying that the first time she got this vertigo attack, there was a fever.  Now, however, there’s not much of a fever.  But you know what?  There’s no rubric “Vertigo: fever, with” anyway.  There is only the opposite, “Fever with vertigo”.  So we will ignore the fever question and move on.

  1. Sweating? Describe.

Sweating happens when I get those hot flashes but it doesn’t smell, I open the window for a while. I have taken Lachesis when this happens (It might not be related to the main complaint)

Then we should really not use it.  Maybe she’s starting menopause.  I’m going to take it out.

  1. Odors? Are odors an issue in the case, such as bad breath, foul or unusual odors of any sort? Any identifiable odors–like sulphur, onions, fish, etc.?


17. What is most striking, peculiar or identifying about your condition?

That it doesn’t go away and the ringing in the ears is constant

Again, I found out the ringing in the ears is chronic, so, we can’t use it to find the vertigo remedy.

  1. Diagnosis?

No, I went to try to have my ear checked before Christmas when it happened the first time but it was -45 C that day and the emergency was full…I also tried acupuncture but it was only mildly helpful

  1. Describe your energy–

I am prostrated, dull, stuporous at times, anguished

The “Mind: exhaustion” rubric has over 200 remedies in it, not very helpful.  Anguished–who wouldn’t be?  This is an awful complaint!  If the symptom makes sense and is normal given what’s wrong, it’s not a symptom.

  1. What does your tongue look like? (color/coating/pattern, crack/s, shape, etc.)

Silvery white

There are almost 250 remedies under “white tongue”, so, it’s not going to be very helpful in finding a remedy.

  1. If you have a cough, please tell what it sounds like

No cough


I think you can see that Phosphorus is in first place followed by Causticum and Calc-carb.  Because Gabi had already tried Phosphorus, she took Causticum.  Here’s what she said:

I am on the Causticum now. Of the three remedies it is the most effective so far. That means only that the headache is less painful and the vertigo is less but the ringing is still there…one dose of 1M so far. We’ll wait and see.

I asked Gabi if the room had stopped spinning.

The room is not spining anymore and the vertigo is almost gone…although I haven’t tried to lie down…I feel better all around. I ate a bit but am still not hungry and the headache is there but not as bad at all…

The ringing is a metallic, electrical sound and it is so loud that I can hear it constantly (left side), It’s been on for so long I don’t know…I think it might have started after I spent time at the lake this summer got water in my ear.

Thanks so much Elaine.  I can walk normally now.

The next day, Gabi writes a rather surprising letter:

Things have changed a bit in the sense that I would only get vertigo if I turned my head to the left in the morning.

I feel quite weak. The Causticum stopped working…I am back on Phosphorus which is now working! I don’t understand why but I thought i would go backwards and try and see what would happen and it was the right decision.

Still not hungry. Ringing is still there but I’ll deal with that after…

This to say that your determining these remedies has helped.

Thanks Elaine!


I asked if Phosphorus cured the “worse turning head to the left”.

Yes, Phos. cured the turning to the left. I chose it because of it’s left sided-ness and because the Causticum simply didn’t work anymore.

It was worse when I got up from bed and in the morning…it lasted a few minutes…I spent most of the day in bed.

I ate two small meals today so that’s better than before!

Right, getting the appetite back is a really good sign!  I asked Gabi, “Was this a new symptom–worse turning head to the left?  I’m trying to think of a reason going back to Phosphorus would have worked after it didn’t work before.  Did it also take away the excessive thirst?”

Yes it did take away the excessive thirst…and yes, vertigo on turning to the left was a new symptom, before it was everything that made me have vertigo. I feel WAY better right now.


So that’s the case, everybody.  Very unusual, don’t you think?  Remember the importance of the questionnaire.  It asks the questions homeopaths–not doctors–need answers to; so, be sure to have it with you!  I’m wondering if Gabi needs to make a remedy out of the lake water for her ringing in the ears…?  If she tries it, I’ll let you know what happens.

See you again next time!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • Great article Elaine! Thank you so much. The rubric selection procedure was very very helpful.
    Like the movie “Inside Elaine’s head” 🙂

    PS: I would try the remedy from lake water too for the ear.

  • Elaine, Very good presentation, Your style of case analysis and selection of rubrics is really amazing & an easy learning tool. Please keep it up.

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