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Tidbits 46–Homeopathy and Uro-Genital Disorders (Somebody’s Gotta Talk About It!)

Written by Elaine Lewis

Bladder infections, prostatitis, herpes, gonorrhea–oh my!

Bladder Infections (aka Cystitis)

Well, what can possibly be worse than a bladder infection?  They can range from a minor annoyance to a major emergency!  And you never know when it’s going to surge from one to the other!  Women get these things more often than men; and basically, here’s the situation:  All of a sudden you find yourself having to urinate frequently, very little comes out, and you never feel like you’re done!  It’s a terrible experience.  There’s a constant feeling of having to “go” even though there’s nothing there, and there can be pain before, during or after–or all 3.

Having to go to the doctor becomes a necessity, and yet, an impossibility because you are virtually tied to the bathroom!  What a shame that people know of no other way of dealing with this besides antibiotics!  Homeopathy is ideal for this situation; but, I have to tell you, nowhere does Vitamin C shine more brightly than in the cure of bladder infections!  I’ll tell you about my first experience with this.  It was many years ago.  I had a bladder infection.  I called the doctor and he prescribed Azo Gantanol; I believe it was 3 times a day for 3 days.  It worked, then I relapsed.  I got a refill of the prescription.  It worked, then I relapsed.  The doctor said, “Now you have to go to a “lab” and give a urine sample.”  I was like, huh?  Go to a “lab”?  What’s that?  I have a bladder infection, I can’t go anywhere!  I called another doctor.  Got a prescription for Bactrim.  It worked, then I relapsed.  The doctor said, “Now you have to go to a lab….”  I said, “OMG!  There’s no end to this!”  This was when I remembered that I had read about Vitamin C.  Luckily, I had One-Gram C here.  That’s vitamin C in one thousand milligram capsules.  I took 6 of them at once!  An hour later I took 4.  An hour later, 4 more, and an hour later, 2.  That was it.  The infection was gone and never came back!  The next bladder infection I had, I woke up with it in the middle of the night, I took the 6 grams right away, an hour later the 4 grams, then I fell asleep, in the morning it was gone.

The brand of Vitamin C that I use now is Sufficient-C.

It was created by fellow-homeopath Caralyn Vessal; it’s a powder that you mix with a little bit of water, tastes very mild, it’s all natural, contains no sugar, no GMO’s, not made in China; and the great thing is, you mix a tsp. into half a glass of water, stir, drink, and minutes later, the bladder infection is GONE!  I’ve proved this on myself the last time I got a bladder infection.  It was unusual, a disturbing sensation in my bladder area, I didn’t wait around to find out what it was or how bad it was going to be, I immediately took 2,000 mg. of Sufficient-C and within minutes the disturbing sensation was gone! 

I like that with Sufficient-C, there are no pills to swallow.   But if you have no Vitamin C in your house (big mistake!), here are the homeopathic remedies for cystitis:


Severe cystits, burning, urine is hot, constant urging, intolerable urging, scanty urination, blood in the urine, mucus in the urine, crying and screaming in pain.  Cystitis that goes to the kidneys.  Pain before, during and after urination.  May or may not have a fever.  The closest remedy to Cantharis is…


Severe cystitis.  Urine is offensive with blood and pus in it.  Cutting and burning pains before, during and after.  Bloody, greenish discharge.  Scanty urine.


Apis is the #1 remedy for not being able to urinate; urinary retention.  Sore, stinging pains.  Urethra is swollen shut.  Urine smarts and burns.  Involuntary urination.  Scanty high-colored urine–bright yellow.  Last drops burn.  Foul smelling.  Bladder infections that go to the kidneys with thirstlessness.  Edema–hands, feet, face.

Equisetum Tincture

Burning at the end of urination.  Passes large amounts of pale urine without relief.  Fullness of bladder not relieved by urination.  Frequent urging.  Urinary retention.  Burning, cutting pain during urination.  Worse at the end of urination.  Mucus in urine.  Bedwetting.  Weak kidneys.  Gets up several times a night to urinate.  Tonic for weak kidneys.  Put 5 drops in 3 ounces of water, drink it all down, 3 times a day.  Give to high blood pressure patients instead of water pills.


Weak sphincter, loss of bladder control, incontinence (MS patients may benefit from it).  Burning and cutting pain during urination.  Numbness and tingling in urethra.  Loses urine when coughing or sneezing.  Dribbling of urine.  Bedwetting in children caused by children holding their urine all day for whatever reason.  Slow stream.  Feeble stream.


“Honeymoon Cystitis”.  Basically, cystitis due to too much sex.  Burning and cutting pains.  Cystitis from catheters and suppressed anger.


Urine is dark-colored, feels grainy.  Pain at the end of urination.  Never-get-done feeling.  Pain at opening of urethra.  Foul smelling urine like Thuja.


Weak bladder after childbirth.  Cystitis after childbirth.  Urging and burning.  Bearing-down sensation.  I once had a bladder infection where at the end of urination, it felt like all my insides were going to fall out!  That was surely Sepia; but, too bad I knew nothing about homeopathy at the time!


Full feeling in the bladder.  Thirstless.  Usual Pulsatilla picture: pathetic, pitiful, please-help-me look about them, crying, etc.


Backache with cystitis.  Usual Lycopodium picture–gas and bloating, better warm drinks, worse 4-8 pm, etc.


When the etiology is sweets, alcohol (wine), acid foods (citrus) and coffee.

Benzoic Acid

Urine is hot, brown, smells really bad!

Nitric Acid

Urine offensive, dark, scanty, feels cold coming out.  Burning and stinging.  Sensation as if splinter in the urethra.


Petroselinum is homeopathic parsley.  You probably don’t have this remedy but you can either order it or buy parsley, soak it in water, and make a 6C remedy out of the water (see “How To Make Your Own Remedy”) and take it every 15 minutes, with 5 succussions before each dose, until you feel relief.  Sudden, irresistible urge to urinate with a variety of possible sensations including burning, cutting, biting, tingling, itching and/or crawling.  I should add that this remedy is in BOLD in the Materia Medica for both Cystitis and Gonorrhea!  



This is the main one.  Yellow-green urethral discharge, aching prostate, burning on urination, forked stream, dribbling.  There may have been a history of gonorrhea.  There may have been a bladder infection that was suppressed to the prostate with drugs.  Thuja is to men as Sepia is to women.  Thuja has a weak prostate, Sepia has a weak uterus.

Cannabis Sativa

Sensation of a ball in the anal region (also a keynote of Sepia).  Backache after sex.  Dribbling of urine, strains to urinate with a feeble stream.  Gonorrhea.  Very close to Thuja and Medorrhinum.


See Cantharis above, it’s the same thing.  Blood in urine, pain before, during and after, history of suppressed cystitis.  Every drop of urine feels hot or burns.


Organ remedy for the prostate and testicles.  Enlarged prostate with interrupted flow.  Urethra feels constricted and tight.  Bruised, achy feeling in the testicles.  This is a poison ivy remedy also.

Phosphoric Acid

Prostate infection with severe exhaustion.  There may be a thirst for cold drinks and refreshing things like sodas.  Impotency with history of gonorrhea, sexual excesses or recurring prostatitis.

Saw Palmetto Tincture

Organ remedy for the prostate, a prostate tonic.  Five drops in half a cup of water, drink it down–three times a day.


Looks like Thuja.  Weak prostate, dribbling of urine.  Impotency.


Prostate enlargement, inflammation, cutting pains, burning when not urinating, emission of prostatic fluid.  Prostatitis after sex.


Abscess of the prostate gland.  Urinating pus.  Burning and soreness.

Nitric Acid

Frequent urination, sharp sticking pains in the urethra.  See Nitric acid under “bladder infections” above for more symptoms.


The signs of the gonorrhea (sycotic) miasm (ailments from suppressed gonorrhea) are: warts, cysts, benign growths, moles, mucus discharges especially from the sinuses, lungs, vagina; plus, sensitivity to damp weather.

Cannabis Sativa

Painful urging to urinate.  Split stream (often because of dried mucus).  Milky white prostatic discharge.    Must strain to urinate.  Exhaustion.  Tingling, numbness, zig-zag pains in urethra.  Spasmodic closure of urethra.


Profuse yellow or green thick discharge.  Painless.  Venereal warts.  Allens Keynotes says:

“Patient feels every change from dry to wet; cannot tolerate sea air, nor eat plants that thrive near water; a constitution in which the gonorrheal poison is most pernicious; recovers slowly from every sickness.”


Yellow-green discharge, venereal warts.  Rainy weather aggravates.  For all fungi and warts, fig-warts, polyps, incontinence of urine in people with warts.  Gonorrhea when complicated with warts.  See above Thuja under “Prostatitis”.

Nitric Acid

Venereal warts that are sensitive and bleed.  Sticking pains.  Discharges: thin, offensive, acrid; brown or dirty yellowish green.  Urine: Scanty, dark brown, strong smelling, feels cold.

Phosphoric Acid

Extreme exhaustion.  Constant dribbling of a creamy discharge especially due to excessive sex.  Frequent urination.  Up all night urinating.  Urine is cloudy, milky.


Interrupted urine.  Thick, yellow discharge.  Can spread to uterus in women or prostate in men.  Profuse, bland vaginal discharge.  Changeable discharge.  Thirstless.


Spermatorrhea, constant dribbling.  Similar to Thuja: oily skin, warts and moles, perspiration in the groin area, weak prostate, impotence.


Here are your top 3 remedies: Medorrhinum, Thuja, Cann-s.  Soreness in the urethra.  Frequent urging.  Painful urination, scalding urine.  Recurring urinary tract infections.  When well-indicated remedies don’t hold or keep relapsing.  Incontinence.  Frequent sex.


Herpes Simplex 1 and 2 (oral and genital) are the same remedies.  When the sore has dried up, stop dosing.  Put Calendula cream on it.  And by the way, Calendula cream or “Hypercal” or Nelson’s “Cuts and Scrapes” should be your go-to first aid cream or lotion.  Hopefully you’ve got it; if not, get it!


Eruptions are fluid-filled, worse heat, better cold applications, with stinging pain.


Tingly/numbness sensation preceeds the outbreak.


Comes on after sweets, citrus or acid foods.

Rhus tox

Yellowish fluid.  Burning.  Better hot applications.  Babies, when their whole mouth is filled with herpes sores.  Yellow vesicles.  Sores around the mouth.  Scabs over.


Cold sores around the mouth that leave cracks or scarring with severe itching.

Mercurius viv. or sol.

Sores inside the mouth, inside the cheek, mouth ulcers.


Apthous ulcers–white fuzzy appearance.  Oral candida/thrush (Merc., Nat-mur)

Arsenicum alb.

If Rhus tox doesn’t work, think of Arsenicum: burning pain, better hot applications.


Chronic, recurring herpes.  Herpes is part of the sycotic miasm.  History of gonorrhea, vaginitis, urethritis, herpes.  Tendency toward vaginitis, herpes in general especially for herpes that occurs in the perineum and around the anus.


Big painful blister with burning pains.  Yellowish discharge.  Fever, muscle aches, viral infection.


Gonorrhea with intense biting, itching, deep in urethra.  Milky fluid, albuminous yellow discharge from urethra.  Orifice of urethra agglutinated with mucus.  Sudden irresistible urge to urinate.


I have to go now.  I hope this helped you.  As for me, my oven beeped hours ago!  So, I’ll see you again next time with another thrilling and hopefully informative episode of “Tidbits”!  Bye-bye!!!!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases! Write to her at [email protected]

Visit her website: elaineLewis.hpathy.com

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Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • DEAR DR,

    • Dear Dr. Gupta, Of course, this is for bladder infections. The infection is going to eat up the vitamin. You may not even need 10,000 mg. 2,000 may be plenty. When the infection is gone, no more need to keep dosing and possibly causing a problem with acid, as you say. Also, Vit. C doesn’t accumulate in the body, it’s water soluble, so, leaves the body within a few hours of ingestion. All you need to know is, if your stomach starts gurgling, or you get diarrhea, stop dosing; other than that, you’re fine.

  • Elaine has such a down to earth writing style and economy of words. She gets you to the main points right away. Read and learn!

  • My son aged 16years weighing 190pound almost cal.carb.constitution is found to have raised blood sugar 162fbs.he is shy fat fair flabby likes to eat sweets spicy fast food,cold water, cold beverages,cold air,craves coffee his height is 180cm.has warts,what should I go for cal.carb.or baryta carb.,or anything else.

  • Dr iam 25 years old i have urine problem so the doctor did a urodynamic test and found out i have detrusor sphincter dysserngia which means i have very tight urethral external sphincter which doesnt let me release urine completely i have forked stream urine double stream a tight feeling in urethra pinching when trying to release urine slow stream of urine urine retention please tell me a remedy

    • Split stream is a well-known symptom of Thuja. If you want to try 1 dose of Thuja 200C and wait for up to a month for results, you can try that. However, it would be better if you actually saw a homeopath who could take a complete case.

      • Also, did you see this?


        Organ remedy for the prostate and testicles. Enlarged prostate with interrupted flow. Urethra feels constricted and tight. Bruised, achy feeling in the testicles. This is a poison ivy remedy also.

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