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Tidbits 47–What To Feed Your Kids So They Won’t Wind Up Sick, Or Stupid!

Now, I mentioned a multigrain English Muffin, but what are you going to put on it?  “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”?  Margarine?  Commercial butter?  No to all three!  You want butter from grass-fed cows!  Look, there are very few real farms left in the United States and we’ve got to support them!

Is this a farm?

Corporations think so!  Give me a break!!!!!!  This is why I go out of my way to shop at the farmer’s market, Whole Foods, the health food store, etc. because otherwise, you’re just enabling the “people” who think this is a “farm”!  What’s going to be the quality of the dairy products from these “places”?  Don’t even think about it!  

This is a raw milk dairy; specifically, Windy Acres Dairy in Oregon:

Notice that it’s a real farm!  More on Raw Milk in a few minutes.  But notice that the animals are allowed to graze and eat grass, their natural food.

Now, back to our English Muffin, what else can we put on it?  Most kids like jelly, which, as we know, is basically nothing but sugar!  So what’s the alternative?

Preserves!  Preserves are fruit in jars:

And this reminds me that kids also like peanut butter and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!  But now, instead of jelly, you’re going to use the preserves, and the peanut butter, of course, will be real peanut butter, not Peter Pan Peanut Butter or Skippy, because, have you read the ingredients on these jars?

What a disaster!  Why are they adding oil and sugar to peanut butter?  Do you see why you have to read labels?  Here’s a jar of real peanut butter:

Do you know what’s in it?  Brace yourself!  Peanuts.  That’s it.  Peanuts.  Just peanuts!!!!  By the way, in a jar of real peanut butter, the oil rises to the top and you have to stir it.  But you only have to stir it once because after you put it in the refrigerator, the oil won’t rise to the top again, it only does that at room temperature.  If you see a jar of peanut butter that you don’t have to stir?  Don’t buy it!

And finally you’ll be making that PP&J sandwich on–not white bread!  Because white bread is nothing but sugar!  White flour turns to white sugar in your stomach–I can’t say that enough times–and white sugar is not a real food, it exists nowhere in nature!  Buy whole grain bread.

And kids usually like to eat their peanut butter sandwiches with milk; but, again, just like with the juice, I hate to break it to you, but the milk in the supermarket is not real milk!  I know that’s hard to accept; but, it’s been boiled and homogenized, the cows come from factory farms, they’re very unhealthy…when you drink their milk you’re getting antibiotics and female hormones added to fatten up the cow, so….  Don’t buy it!  Buy Real milk; real milk is RAW MILK–that means milk as it comes from the cow, no processing, no additives.  Here it is:

Look for it at your health food store or farmer’s market.

And listen, if you can’t breast-feed your baby, which is essential for your baby’s health, don’t buy “formula” (did you ever even wonder what “formula” is?)  Buy raw goat’s milk!  Goats milk is very close to our own milk.  And don’t be shocked!  Haven’t you ever heard of an abandoned kitten being given to a nursing dog and vice-versa?  We’re all mammals!  Have a look at one such example–a cat adopts a baby squirrel:


One of my clients had a child with eczema.  They were feeding him formula.  I said, “OMG!!!  Go out and buy raw goats milk!”  They did, and the baby thrived!  The eczema went away.  Yes, you can heat it up, but, don’t boil it!!!!!  This is supposed to be RAW milk, as it comes from the animal, not interfered with in any way.

You know, I used to drive all the way to Lancaster County, a 90 minute drive, every other week, just to get raw milk!  Now, thank heavens, it’s at my local health food store.  Real food is worth traveling for!

And, News Flash: you’re going to have to do the same thing for your child’s doctor!  You might have to drive for an hour to get to a “holistic” practitioner but it is essential that you do that!  Doctors have entirely too much power–at least in this country!  If you decide you want to decline a medicine or a “therapy” they want your child to have, you might find out that you have no rights!  They can call Child Protective Services and have your child taken away from you and then force the therapy on him; it’s outrageous!  Who does your child belong to anyway?  Is it yours or is it government property?

So you drive as far as you need to, to get your child into the hands of a safe doctor who will respect your wishes!  OK?  And the truth is, if you feed your child right, the only reason he’ll need to see a doctor anyway is to have those irritating forms filled out for school; and by the way, don’t fall for the “Well Child Visit”!  If your child is Well, he doesn’t need to see a doctor, right?  Do YOU see a doctor when you’re not sick?  If you do, please have your head examined!  A doctor can always find something “wrong”!  Did you hear me?  It goes to the fundamental defect of mainstream medicine: its all-consuming profit motive–which often compels the doctor to twist and turn facts to suit the needs of his practice and the pharmaceutical industry in general. 

For example, according to “How To Determine Your Cardiovascular Health” by Brian Vonk, MD, the normal range of cholesterol levels was lowered 20 points by the very industry that makes the cholesterol-lowering drugs!  Shouldn’t that be construed as a conflict of interest?  The result is that millions more people get swept up in the “high cholesterol” diagnosis and get to be put on the very drugs… in other words, “Let’s lower the standard for ‘normal’ so we can make more money!”  That’s how corrupt medicine-for-profit is!  You simply can’t put your health in the hands of people who are making decisions based on money rather than what’s best for you!

Just remember, if you eat right, chances are very good that you won’t get sick, and your doctor has no cure for the common cold or any other virus anyway; so, you’re pretty much on your own whether you like it or not!  Get some Vitamin C and a homeopathy Emergency Kit and an Acute Prescribing Book and learn to take care of your child’s health the natural way! 


OK, back to food that promotes health.

Sometimes kids like peanut butter crackers, or even cheese and crackers.  Well, you know, you can buy Whole Wheat Crackers and turn this junk food snack into something really healthy:

Kids like Tortilla Chips and Salsa but buy whole grain and organic.

Why is that important?  Because tortilla chips are made from corn, and most of the corn in the United States nowadays is GMO!  (Genetically modified corn–it’s as bad as it sounds!)  You’re only safe if you buy organic!  I buy my corn only from the Amish farmers, also known as the Pennsylvania Dutch, at the farmer’s market.

Here’s the corn now, this is the exact corn that I buy, and it’s as delicious as it looks!  Oh and the tomatoes too!  Have you noticed how tasteless the tomatoes are from the supermarket?  No wonder your kids don’t like vegetables!  Give them some of this stuff from a real farm!

And by the way, the peaches at the farmer’s market?  They are to die for!

I think the reason your kids don’t like fruit is because the fruit at the supermarket has to be picked before it’s ripe in order to be shipped all over the world!  If it’s picked too soon, it’s not going to taste good!  Make the effort to find your nearest farmer’s market!  Here’s mine, the Reading Terminal Market at 12th and Arch; Philadelphia, PA:

What do we have here?

This is a canary melon.  So delicious!  Cut it in half, scoop out the seeds, and drop some vanilla yogurt in the center.  The yogurt I buy is below:

Let me show you how to select a melon.  If the skin is smooth and dry, it’s under-ripe.  Don’t buy it.  It should be shiny and waxy.  If your child simply must have ice cream, put some vanilla ice cream in the center of the melon, but, make sure the ice cream is organic!

No factory farm ice cream, please!  And here we’re introducing the concept of “mitigating damages”.  When possible, if your child has to have something “junky”, balance it out with a real food.  For example, above, the ice cream is balanced out by the melon which is a whole food.  Another example: instead of buying strawberry ice cream, buy organic vanilla ice cream and balance it out with REAL strawberries on the side!  And if the strawberries are from the farmer’s market, they will be delicious!

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom. Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at LEWRA@aol.com Elaine is a graduate of Robin Murphy's Hahnemann Academy of North America and author of many articles on homeopathy including her monthly feature in the Hpathy ezine, "The Quiz". Visit her website at: http://elainelewis.hpathy.com/ and TheSilhouettes.org

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  • My son 14yrs having behaviour disorder , relactent to go school,tutions . he used to sleep 10 hrs,taking almost regular fuchkas,momos and other outside foods in night. Not interest his studies not giving his exam in class8 now he is in class 9 .I am in anxiety what to do ? Pl let me know the remedies———debasish,

  • Another interesting and entertaining Tidbit by Elaine. Before I begin I want to wish you a happy birthday. Secondly, every school district has a Facebook page and this article needs to make its way on each one. Just to add a little information regarding vitamin C… when consumed in the presence of sugar, the absorption rate is dangerously low! It is a major no-no to for example have a cookie or a sugary drink with a vitamin C capsule or pill. For those that really care to boost their immune system this important fact well worth noting! Also to heal the body from candida which in some cases is the root of many problems, even whole grain breads and so forth may temporarily need to be taken out of the diet. Thank you Elaine. Keep your editorials coming please 😊

    • Hi Elaine!

      Have you heard of Moringa….would love to know your thoughts about it…. It’s being touted as “The Superfood.”

  • Six children, one income and a mother who insisted on quality foods… no one thought we could manage. We made food management and preparation a priority in our house. Much of our together time was around making cookies, muffins and cakes (no store bought, if you wanted them you had to make them, that was the rule). Coming up with healthy and tasty recipes was our competition. Involving the children made them love the food. Our sense of adventure, camaraderie and unity came from eating. Our sports, entertainment and travelling were all complimentary to this. Our children are accomplished, curious, outspoken and all very handy in the kitchen (one even became a chef). I agree wholly with Elaine Lewis, if you want smart and healthy children you have to put quality food into their bodies. Thank you for the great advice and tips on foods.