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Tidbits 49: Everything You Know About Vaccination Is Wrong!

Written by Elaine Lewis

Setting the record straight about vaccines and a lot of other things! Elaine Lewis dissects the vaccine manufacturer’s claims of efficacy with hard hitting statistics. MUST READ!!

My friend Shobi Cooke, a homeopath from Sri Lanka, wrote and told me Dengue Fever was making its way through her area and that people were desperate to get the Dengue Fever vaccine!  She said, “Elaine, could you please write an article on why people shouldn’t vaccinate out of fear?”

Well, actually, literally everyone is vaccinating out of fear!  Take this conversation I had with a very fearful client from Oregon, whom I shall call “Lucy Ricardo” (no relation to any other “Lucy Ricardo” you may have heard of):

Medical Scams


I took my child for her well-baby visit today….

Why did you do that?  The “well-baby visit” is nothing but a scam!  It’s a way to get people to bring their healthy children to the doctor for no reason other than to incur a fee!  As Dr. Robert Mendelsohn has said, “You can’t diagnose a symptom-less disease in 10 minutes!”  You have to think about that for a minute.  Ten minutes is all the time you typically get with the doctor at a well-baby visit.  If your baby is well, meaning no symptoms, and your doctor is expected to find a disease?  That will take longer than ten minutes according to pediatrician Dr. Robert Mendelsohn–and it makes sense!

I got a lecture about vaccinations.

Yes, I’m sure you did!  That’s another scam to collect a fee: it’s time for your vaccination again–and again and again–for diseases you’re not likely to get or are already out of the population!  Look at this chart on the decline of measles, whooping cough and diphtheria outbreaks in the United States.  Notice that the vaccines were introduced at the end, when the epidemics were over!  And note that Scarlet Fever declined at the same time–with NO vaccination program!


Vaccines Perpetuating Diseases That Would Otherwise Be Gone

Any measles outbreak at the present might well be construed as being caused by the vaccine itself, which is what Jonas Salk said about polio, but more on that later!  Look at this account from an article entitled:

“Vaccine Strain of Measles Found in Measles Outbreaks”:

“There were several cases of measles outbreaks occurring in children who had just been vaccinated,” explained Dr. Humphries.

“They looked at, with DNA and genetic fingerprinting, what strains they were and it was the vaccine strain that they were infected with.  So not only did they become sick from measles from the strain that they were vaccinated with, but they were contagious.” [my emphasis]


 So, kids were passing on the vaccine strain of measles!  How long has this been going on?  Is measles in 2017 really just “Vaccine Measles”?   More proof that vaccines are actually spreading the disease they’re supposed to be eradicating.  Take, for example, the polio vaccine in India!  My colleague, Dr. Firuzi Mehta, wrote the following in the Comments section of one of my articles after someone claimed that polio was wiped out in India thanks to an aggressive oral polio vaccine program.  Firuzi stated that due to that massive polio vaccination campaign, polio is worse than ever in India, but it’s “vaccine polio”, and rates of childhood paralysis are sky-rocketing–they’re just not calling it “polio” anymore, see below:

Polio Wiped Out In India?

“Regarding the eradication of polio from India and maybe other developing countries where hygiene standards are still not top-class, do you know that India had 47,500 cases of Non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) in 2011 seen in children who had been vaccinated for polio?  Changing the terminology and name of a disease does not truly eradicate it.  NPAFP is believed to be brought on by the polio vaccinations and is much more dangerous than wild polio.

Do you think 47,500 cases is a small number?

 A recent report published in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics (IJME) explains that, clinically, NPAFP is indistinguishable from polio paralysis.  But according to the Office of Medical & Scientific Justice (OMSJ), NPAFP is twice as deadly as polio paralysis, and yet was not even an issue in India prior to the roll-out of the massive polio vaccine campaigns.

Far from being a success, in other words, India’s polio vaccine campaign appears to have induced a new epidemic of a much worse type of polio-related paralysis that is even more deadly than the first one. And based on the figures, overall rates of NPAFP in particular are now 12 times higher in India following the polio vaccine campaigns, with some areas of the country reporting rates as elevated as 35 times higher.”


“Lucy Ricardo”, continued… 

Some of these vaccinations are for life threatening viral diseases!

You think measles, mumps and chickenpox are life-threatening?  Well, who knows; based on the above-information, maybe now they are!  But more vaccinating certainly isn’t the answer–as it may well be the cause!

Is it true that in Homeopathy or the holistic approach, they say don’t vaccinate?

Yes, your understanding is correct.  Did you know that vaccination is nothing but crudely done homeopathy?  Think about it:  “What something can cause, it can cure in small doses.”  Right?  That’s homeopathy’s motto.  Well, isn’t that what your doctor is doing?  Injecting a small dose of disease in order to prevent the disease? How is that not homeopathy?  The word “homeopathy” is Greek for “same disease”, or, the cure and the disease are the same (or similar).  “Homeo” means same.  “Pathy” means disease.  Why would you go to an MD for what is essentially “homeopathy”?  They’re not homeopaths, they don’t know what they’re doing, they don’t believe in it, they don’t approve of it, they don’t know what it is, they don’t know anything about it, they don’t like it…and yet they’re practicing it–badly!



They’ve got the right idea but there is actually no rhyme or reason to what they’re doing!  Viruses are contracted through the mucus membranes of the body: the respiratory tract, the digestive tract, etc.  There is a virtual blanket of Immunoglobulin-A antibodies on the surface of the mucus membranes designed to capture and kill any virus on contact!  If you wanted to inoculate any part of the immune system against viral disease, it would have to be right there, the Ig-A antibodies!  This is your body’s first-line of defense! 

But no!!!!!  The doctor blithely injects the virus directly into the bloodstream where no virus is ever contracted! 

What the heck!!!!   Is that scientifically sound? 

What explanation do they give for that?  No virus finds its way into the body through the bloodstream!  In fact, your bloodstream is protected, closed, sealed off, from any foreign invasion, to remain pristine at all times!  Nothing’s supposed to get in there!  If the bloodstream is ever defiled or polluted, your health is in danger!  Septicemia! A very serious condition!  Is this why vaccination nearly always results in a fever?  And if you tell your doctor, “My child has a fever since the vaccination!”  “Oh, that’s perfectly normal!” he says.  Really?  I had no idea it was perfectly normal to have a fever!  Calm yourself with that thought the next time your child gets a fever:  “It’s perfectly normal!”


Animal Bites!

You get a vaccine, the injection site swells up and you get a fever just as if you had been bitten by a rat or a dog!  Why do I say that?  Because vaccines are grown on animal tissue!  A vaccination is a puncture wound with animal material entering into your bloodstream; there’s swelling, you feel sick, you get a fever–what’s the difference between that and an animal bite?  We believe that one is good because the doctor did it, the other sends us running to the Emergency Room because an animal did it–how are they different?  The body doesn’t know they’re different…  It only knows it was punctured and animal material entered the bloodstream which is never, ever supposed to happen, and it’s always an emergency!

But a vaccination is even worse than an animal bite because vaccinations contain all kinds of extraneous ingredients besides just a small amount of virus: toxic heavy metals like mercury and aluminum, chemicals, drugs, along with animal pus and animal viruses–a veritable assault on your child’s immature immune system!  If you really think any good can possibly come of this, think again!  And here’s another thing you might want to consider.  You know those prescription drug commercials on TV in the US?  The ones that list all the side effects of the drug including cancer, heart disease and even death itself?  They’re the same people who make the vaccines!  What are we to think?  That none of their drugs are safe–except for vaccines?  What’s the likelihood of that?


“Eye On The Flu Shot”

There’s a very funny youtube video called “Eye On The Flu Shot” where a man, looking like the a game show host, says, “What if there’s a shortage of vaccine?  You should know that you can easily make your own!” and to prove it, he collects all the ingredients from the flu vaccine, including mercury which he obtains by breaking open a thermometer, and dumps it all into a blender and says, “OK, now we need a volunteer, anyone here with the flu?”  A sick man in a bathrobe stumbles forward and then politely declines.  “But it’s government-recommended!” the host says.  Here’s the video:


Homeopaths give the flu nosode as a vaccine, it’s called “Influenzinum”; another such remedy is called Oscillococcinum (Oscillo, for short).  They’re in the form of little sugar pellets that melt in your mouth.

Doctors give the flu vaccine as an injection that goes right into your bloodstream, by-passing your Immunoglobulin-A antibodies, carrying with it the DNA of cows and chickens, plus preservatives like mercury and formaldehyde, causing fever and pain at the injection site, and maybe even worse problems like Guillain-Barre syndrome–a Central Nervous System disease.  The homeopathic version causes… nothing!  Which one would you prefer your child to have?  Remember, they’re both “homeopathy”!


How Does The Homeopathic “Vaccine” Work?

How does the homeopathic remedy work?  How do you know it works?  I remember our editor, Alan Schmukler, telling me once that he had taken homeopathic Benadryl and then weeks later when he tried to take real Benadryl, it wouldn’t take, it wouldn’t work!  The homeopathic Benadryl was blocking it!

Another person told me she had taken Arnica, our trauma remedy, before dental surgery, and the novocaine wouldn’t take!  (Because of this I always tell people, don’t take Arnica before surgery, take it AFTER!) 

How does homeopathy work?  Simple.  Similars repel!  You remember that from science class, right?  The magnets that repel each other?  Remember that experiment?  You can’t get the similar ends of two magnets to come together, they push each other away!  Well, yes, “similars repel”.  You can’t “catch” the disease, because you already “have” the disease!  But if you go to the doctor for his version of this treatment, his injection might just cause a disease for real!  And that’s what we’re seeing time and time again!  In the United States, the “Vaccine Court” has already paid out over 3 billion dollars in damages to parents with vaccine-injured children!

13. US “Vaccine Court” Has Paid over Three Billion Dollars to Vaccine-Injured Families

Scaring The Public Into Vaccinating

Here is the reality of the situation:  The medical profession wants you to become hyper-alarmed over certain viruses like whooping cough and diphtheria, etc. despite the reality that 100’s of viruses of varying degrees of severity are absolutely everywhere!  Every pre-school and kindergarten is absolutely swarming with horrible viruses your child can pick up and even pass on to you; and why isn’t that a problem for your doctor?  Why has he nothing to say about this?  Don’t you think it’s strange that out of all the viruses in the world, he only cares about 4 or 5 of them, many of which aren’t even in the population anymore?  And all the rest are OK, presumably?  Don’t you think that’s odd?

Someone please tell me why I’m not permitted to get the German Measles when I’m allowed to get any of the other hundreds of viruses the world has to offer?  I actually had the German Measles as a teenager, it was no big deal!  I had the Mumps as a child; again, nothing to it!  Same with Chicken Pox!

I have had parents tell me that they took their child to the doctor, with no intention of having him vaccinated, and came home with a vaccinated child!  “Why?” I asked.  “The doctor scared me! … The nurse scared me! … The doctor said there’s polio in the Amish community! … The doctor said there’s fatal whooping cough in the area, a child has already died!” 

I have heard these stories so often that I am starting to think that someone has actually told pediatricians, “Here is how you handle the parents who won’t vaccinate!”  You know, parents who don’t fully vaccinate their children cost their pediatrician his year-end bonus from the insurance companies!  So doctors have absolutely no sympathy for any concerns you might have about vaccinations!  Your concerns are costing them money!


About Polio

Now, here’s the other thing about polio, if you live in the United States, polio is out of the population!  (I can’t speak for all countries.)  In fact, according to Jonas Salk himself, the only way you can get polio nowadays is from the vaccine!  Here’s what he said in Science, April 4, 1977: “The live polio virus vaccine [the Sabin vaccine] has been the predominant cause of domestically arising cases of paralytic polio myelitis in the United States since 1972.  To avoid the occurrence of such cases, it would be necessary to discontinue the routine use of live polio vaccine.”  In other words, stop getting vaccinated for polio!  Look at this chart.  It shows there was absolutely no justification for the introduction of the Sabin vaccine as polio was already out of the population at the time it was introduced!

What About Tetanus?

People are also concerned about Tetanus, so here are the facts: Tetanus is extremely rare and has been declining due to improvement in wound hygiene for decades.  For example, in the American Civil War, 205 cases of tetanus per 100,000 wounds were reported.  In World War II, 80 years later, .44 cases of tetanus per 100,000 wounds were reported (that’s .44, not 44, .44, meaning less than 1 case in 100,000 wounds!  It would be more accurately stated as almost 1 case in 200,000 wounds), making this a nearly non-existent disease.  Look at this graph from the CDC:


It’s saying that in 2010, there was roughly .01 cases of tetanus per 100,000; that’s an amazingly low number!  Now, weigh that with tetanus vaccine side-effects which include: stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, muscle aches, joint pain, chills, muscle-wasting, fever, shock, nerve damage, abscess formation, inner ear damage, loss of consciousness and more….and ask yourself, is it worth it?  Finally, all you really need to know is, if you get a puncture wound or animal bite, all you need to do is take the homeopathic remedy Ledum 30C three times a day for three days or one dose of Ledum 200C.  If the wound is highly painful, switch to Hypericum 200C.

Clearly, the greater risk is the vaccine itself!  And the same can be said for Polio and Hepatitis B, a disease you can’t even get unless you’re sexually active or an IV drug user, and consequently, the Hepatitis B vaccine should never be given to a baby, there’s no justification!  All risk, no benefit!  If you had known that Hepatitis B is a disease of prostitutes and IV drug users, would you have consented for your baby to have it the day after he was born?  I wouldn’t have!  Where’s the common sense?  Shame on the medical profession for being so reckless and mindlessly obedient to drug company interests!  And here’s a warning, if you give birth in a hospital, you may think they have to come to you for permission to give the Hepatitis B vaccine–they don’t!  Whatever papers you signed at admissions gave them the right!  So, don’t let the baby out of your sight is all I can say!

…so…if you got one of these viruses then, Elaine???–would you use homeopathy to treat it?

Yes, that’s exactly what I would do!

How would one know if it is one of these serious diseases?

Mrs. Ricardo, as I said, they’re trying to scare you to make you believe that there are viruses that are “OK”, that aren’t even worth paying attention to, and the others which you MUST be vaccinated against or heaven help you….. and I have to tell you, I was never so sick in my life as I was when Shana was in pre-K and she came home with all these viruses and gave them to me!  And it was never one of the “vaccination viruses” either.  So why was it OK for me to get them but not OK to get measles, that’s what I’d like a pediatrician to explain to me!  If you want to give my child a dangerous vaccine, you have to be able to explain why virus-X going around kindergarten is in no need of a vaccine but measles is!

…what about flu-like viruses, are they dangerous or …

You see, there is no distinction, this is what I’m trying to tell you.  This is the fear-tactic, the propaganda, that has people believing that there are the “ordinary” viruses that are “OK”, and then there are the “bad” viruses, for which you should be vaccinating against or you could die!  But the good news is, as a homeopath, I fear no virus at all, in fact, they are very easy to find a remedy for!  Shana had some sort of virus when she was 2, we thought it was just a cold, and then she broke out in a rash!  I thought, “OMG!  Could this be the measles?”  I gave her 1 dose of Rhus tox 30C.  The next day it was gone!  I didn’t even have a chance to get a diagnosis!  How’s that for impressive medicine?


And also, here’s a fallacy.  You can’t call a virus “dangerous” in the absence of other factors that play a role.  Is the child well-nourished, is there over-crowding, is there adequate sanitation, and fresh air, is the drinking water safe?  These are all factors that play a role in the seriousness or mildness of disease.

And one would need to act very fast on these right?

One should act fast regardless of what’s wrong.

I am worried about that Elaine.

You are just simply a victim of Big Pharma’s relentless multi-million dollar propaganda campaign to keep you dependent on your doctor and his dangerous drugs!  I haven’t seen a doctor or taken a drug in ages!  Buy the book I told you about by Dr. Mendelsohn, How to Raise a Healthy Child In Spite Of Your Doctor.   You can find it on Amazon.com.


…i don’t understand these diseases,

That’s what they’re counting on!

I don’t know what symptoms to look for,

They’re just viruses!  They’re all alike–headache, body aches, cough, sore throat, possible rash, runny nose, fever, chills, diarrhea….and variations thereof.  Now, if you do get a virus, you simply take the homeopathic remedy that matches it!  Or you take vitamin C.  Or both.

I wouldn’t know what remedy to give…

Buy an acute prescribing book, like Alan Schmukler’s Homeopathy: an A to Z Home Handbook.


Or, you can give the case to me like you always do!  In time, you’ll catch on.

….and time is very critical here right…

They want you to be so full of fear that you can’t even think to ask even the most basic question: “What’s the likelihood that my child will even get mumps or diphtheria at all?  Is that even in the population anymore?  Where is it, exactly?”  He probably doesn’t know, but he’s not above making up a story like, “It’s in the next town!!!!  And a child has already died!!!!”  His year-end bonus is at stake here, remember?

…can’t spend days to figure it out…

That wouldn’t happen because you would contact me as soon as your child got sick like you already do.

We will be going to India in Dec/Jan….My husband is worried about Polio,

We have remedies for that too.

…whooping cough, measles, etc…and so said the doctor too.  She also said something about DTaP

That’s the tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough shot.  It’s an extremely dangerous vaccine!!!  One of my clients once told me that she had never been the same since she got a tetanus shot.  She rued the day.  All of these illnesses you mentioned can be cured homeopathically and have been historically.  Look at this graph:

Diphtheria vaccine introduced in 1949–after it was already over!  In fact, it appears in some of these graphs that the disease spiked after the vaccination was introduced!  What the heck?!  Are you seeing a trend here with these graphs?  Do vaccines really work or are they just coming in on the tail-end of things and declaring victory?


I feel good after reading your email 🙂

Well that’s very interesting because no one’s ever said that before!

And I am so glad to see that you will always be there for me.

That is sooo true!  And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to catch a plane.

I am going to talk to my husband.  I hope he will support me on this.

Yeah, well, good luck with that!

He has ’til now.  But since we are talking about the trip to India, he keeps suggesting we give them…

Vaccinations are simply ineptly-done homeopathy, always remember that!  Why, when you have a homeopath, would you allow some pretender to “homeopathy” attempt to treat your child?

Look, there is no precedent for this kind of “treatment” in nature.  It has no foundation.  The idea, the concept, of injecting foreign toxins, grown on the tissues of other species, into the bloodstream, of all places, as a kind of disease “prevention”, is actually bizarre and makes no scientific sense and is right up there with all the other crazy ideas doctors have had throughout the ages, like poisoning people with mercury and arsenic and bleeding them with lancets.  George Washington was actually bled to death by his doctor as a treatment for sore throat.  And these are the same people who came up with the bright idea of vaccines!  Remember, vaccination is not modern medicine, it’s 100’s of years old!  You know, “vacca” is Spanish for cow, meaning you’re being injected with cow serum.  Maybe we should go back to attaching leeches to people too, since it’s all from the same era!  It’s bizarre!

Babies have no immune system!  How are you supposedly “informing” the immune system if the baby’s immune system is undeveloped?  Babies are supposed to be using their mother’s immune system, through her breast milk!  And if the mother isn’t breast-feeding, then the baby is twice as vulnerable to disease!  Why aren’t doctors on a crusade to get mothers to breast-feed?!



Some might say, “Well, Elaine, vaccinations must work because otherwise we’d still be over-run with infectious disease like in the old days!”  Really?  Well, I’m glad you brought that up, because it’s time we got to the root cause of these epidemic diseases in the first place, and that cause is–FILTH!  Let me explain about the “old days”!  Most of you don’t even know it, but, with the fall of the Roman Empire, a backlash ensued in Europe against Rome, and its “baths” and its obsession with cleanliness and sanitation.  Post-Roman Empire Europeans decided that bathing was bad, that “dirt” protected you and that getting wet made you sick, so they only bathed once a year!  No, I am not kidding! 

Can you imagine?  Now, this “tradition” of not bathing was brought over to America with Columbus and all the Europeans after him!  Can you imagine what the Indians (native-Americans) must have thought of Europeans as a first impression?  OMG!

So, on top of the “bathing is bad” concept, there was the fact that there was no plumbing!  No plumbing, no refrigeration, none of the things we take for granted today that keep our food and water safe!  Feces were thrown into the street!  I kid you not!  And there was immense poverty, there was no middle class, just the very rich and very poor, and over-crowding… think of a Dickens novel.  Is anyone at all surprised that when you put all these factors together, the result might be an outbreak of infectious disease?  A spate of epidemics?  Now, get this: in 1835, in Philadelphia, they passed a law forbidding bathing in winter!  In 1845, Boston outlawed bathing!  Chicago’s sewage went into the Chicago River, which went into Lake Michigan, which provided drinking water for…guess who… Chicago!  Can you imagine now why there was so much “dread disease”?  I know, you’re thinking, “No way!  How come I never knew about this???!!!!”  There’s probably a lot we don’t know!


This is all behind us now for the most part—here, in America; but, in other parts of the world, they’re still waiting for the plumbing to arrive!  And instead of us helping them?  We’re providing them with vaccines for diseases that would go away if they only had plumbing!  Bill Gates, for example, is pouring all his millions into vaccine campaigns instead of helping people get clean water!  

Now, here’s an addendum:  The Plague.  Do you want to know what caused the Plague?  Again, medieval Europeans, with their “brilliant” ideas, thought that cats were the creation of Satan!  The Catholic Church said so, so it must be true!  So all the cats were killed!  They even killed a number of dogs too, just being on the safe side, I guess.  The result was that rodents ran wild and multiplied!  Rodents were carrying the fleas that were causing the Plague!  There were no cats left to kill them!   Well, more great ideas from Europe….



No Studies!

There are no double blind studies showing that vaccines are either safe or effective where the control group consisted of unvaccinated children!  There are questionable studies where the “control group” was given a different vaccine, or aluminum as a placebo!  This is to muddy the outcome so that no conclusion can be drawn.  For the full story, see Vaccines: A Reappraisal by Richard Moskowitz, MD.  There’s no study showing that the individual ingredients of the vaccines are safe to inject in a child’s body, or that giving numerous vaccines all at once causes no harm.  There has never been a study comparing the health of vaccinated children vs. the health of unvaccinated children over a long period of time; so, there is actually no proof that vaccinations work; there is just the widely held supposition that the deadly epidemic diseases are gone and it must be because of vaccines; but, the graphs tell the real story!


Do you want to know the truth?  Vaccination is a gigantic windfall for the pharmaceutical industry and the pediatric profession (the veterinary profession as well)—it’s a guaranteed income.  You HAVE to keep coming back to the doctor because it’s time for your vaccination again!  Wouldn’t you like to own a business like that, where people believed they had to come to you?

I wonder if Edward Jenner ever imagined what he was setting in motion when he observed that cowpox protected milk maids from getting smallpox?

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases! Write to her at [email protected]

Visit her website: https://ElaineLewis.hpathy.com

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Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • Another straight forward, plain talking,easy to read, hard hitting, vitally important article from Elaine.

  • Interesting and informative article as always, Elaine! I’ll be emailing your article to some of my young friends with small children, so they can share it with their friends. Young mothers in my city are being told by their doctor that if they refuse vaccinations for their child, they will be reported to Child Protective Services to have their child taken away from them. What a sad state the USA is in, all thanks to Big Pharma’s greed.

    • Holy Mary Wilson Mother of Motown! Do you live in the state of Washington? Are vaccinations mandatory there now? Or are doctors still trying to scare parents into compliance? Are there no longer any religious exemptions in the law?

  • “Finally, all you really need to know is, if you get a puncture wound or animal bite, all you need to do is take the homeopathic remedy Ledum 30C three times a day for three days or one dose of Ledum 200C and you’ll be fine!”

    Great article to combat all the fear-mongering out there about vaccines!

    This right here (above quoted) is exactly what I did after getting a deep puncture wound in the fleshy part of my forearm! Here is my story of how I avoided tetanus — the vaccine AND the infection. The last time I had my tetanus shot updated was long before I had kids (or knew of homeopathy), so at least 20 years ago. There I was, dusting some knick-knacks in my bay window when I leaned over a little jar containing three 12″ long porcupine quills that I received as a birthday present from my mother long ago (don’t ask!) They are super-cool but look up a porcupine quill to see what they look like close-up. Sharp as a needle at the point! I had lost my balance reaching into the depth of the bay window to dust (why was I bothering with dusting?) and fell upon the quills, before catching myself. I was wearing a white shirt and suddenly realized I had a quill stuck firmly in the fat/muscle of my forearm, just dangling there! It was deep enough in that it didn’t just poke and drop off. This was quite a spectacle for the kids, but like those brave pioneer women of yore, I fearlessly pulled it out with my bare hand, which actually took a little effort, it was in there deep! Blood began to color my shirt (more drama for the kids) and as I applied pressure, I sought out my Ledum 30c. I took a dose right then, washed the wound, and kept an eye on it while continuing to take Ledum over the next few days. After the first dose, which was dry (a few pellets), I made a solution using a couple pellets of 30c in about 6 oz of water and gave myself water doses. The wound healed quickly and without any of the signs of infection. I thought nothing more of it and avoided a pointless trip to the doctor! Everybody needs Ledum in their remedy stash!

    • Thanks Claire, great story! You’d have spent all day in the ER and gotten a tetanus shot with all its attendant risks and who even knows if it would have done any good in terms of healing the wound, stopping the pain, etc.; you are among the very few who knows how to get through life without being dependent on a very corrupt and expensive medical system.

  • Dear Elaine, What a wonderful article. !!!

    Mahatma Gandhi Quote on the very top of your article was very very impressive. I am touched !!!
    He was a great person who envisioned the hazardous effects of vaccines. He was a believer of Ahimsa ( Non-violence) and Vaccination is just the reverse. Building up soldiers when there are no enemies in the body, ultimately ruining our own system.

    Your many articles on Vaccination are really masterpieces. Elaine, why don’t you message it to the world of USA.? I have decided to tweet our Prime Minister, regarding this article, so that atleast India is saved from the harmful effects of Vaccinations. At india we had the MMR vaccination drive and I pity the kids who were vaccinated.

    Once again kudos to your struggle against vaccinations. I am also a part of your struggle for a better future. Lets form an army ” vaccination to be wiped out”.

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