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Tidbits-62: What Remedy Is Jess Mariano?

Tidbits-62: What Remedy Is Jess Mariano?
Written by Elaine Lewis

Do you watch “The Gilmore Girls”? Well maybe you should! It’s an excellent show, and one of the characters–Jess–is a great study of a certain remedy — and I want you to tell me what it is!

OK, once again, this is for Maria–only this time, I’m not going to tell you the remedy like I did in Tidbits-61, this time you have to tell me!  Here’s the video:

[Oh great, the video is missing for some reason.  OK, you know what?  You might as well just click below and go straight to the answer page because I’ve set the video back up over there:]

Tidbits-63: The Answer To “What Remedy Is Jess Mariano?”


The title of the episode is “Keg!  Max!”

“The Gilmore Girls” is a serial story, a “soap opera”, as they say, but not in the usual sense; because this one is written for people who are educated!  Your job is to find the remedy of the character pictured below, Jess.

He looks like a “smart-ass” doesn’t he, a real “wise-guy”!  Well, here’s how Jess happened to breeze into town; he’s living with his uncle Luke because his mother, Luke’s sister, couldn’t handle him.  So already he doesn’t want to be there; he feels like he doesn’t fit in–though I’m not sure where, exactly, he does fit in!  And his attitude isn’t going to win him any friends; for one thing, he thinks he’s smarter than everyone else (always has a book in his back pocket–just never the one he’s supposed to be reading for school!), and he’s not above letting everyone know his displeasure–usually through sarcasm.


Luke owns a diner that The Gilmore Girls (Rory and her mother) eat at every day.  Actually, there’s another Gilmore Girl–Rory’s grandmother, Emily.  Maybe we’ll do her remedy some day.  But anyway, unbeknownst to Luke, Jess has been cutting school and working at Walmart so he can afford a car.  He–Jess– is also the boyfriend of Rory Gilmore, a very sweet girl–and yes, they truly are opposites!



Rory Gilmore

Rory’s mother, Lorelai

(that’s pronounced Lor-uh-lie)  She can’t stand Jess and really preferred Rory’s first boyfriend, Dean, who was a nice boy.  Nice, caring and considerate:

Lorelai owns an Inn, The Independence Inn, which, it so happens, just caught fire and somewhere in this episode you’ll find Luke at the Inn, on the kitchen floor, trying to get the stove up and running.

So now that you’ve met the main characters in this episode, here’s a brief synopsis.  It begins with Lorelai and Rory lamenting that they have nothing to do on a Friday night.  Rory calls her grandparents only to discover that the elderly couple is having a party!  Rory and Lorelai continue sitting on their living room couch, musing over all the things they could be doing but aren’t.

The scene switches to the next day at Luke’s diner, (which I believe is called “Luke’s Diner”), where Jess is supposed to be helping out.  Instead, we find Jess and Rory at band practice.  Rory’s best friend, Lane Kim, is in a band and they’ve gotten their very first “gig” (engagement) and there’s much excitement about it.  Lane is the drummer.  The band is all excited despite the fact that the “gig” is merely at a friend’s house–their friend Kyle–whose parents left for the weekend, so naturally, Kyle has planned a beer party his parents know nothing about!  Likewise, Lane’s very strict mother has NO idea her daughter is in a band!

Rory and Jess discuss the Prom and Rory reminds him that the dress for the occasion is a tuxedo!

There’s a meeting at Rory’s school of the parents who are on the Graduating Committee which Lorelai got roped into joining.  The faculty advisor shows up and he happens to be Max, Lorelai’s old boyfriend, whom she broke up with–but now wants him back, and Max is determined not to get back with her!

        Max Medina


Now!  I’m glad you stuck with me this long because it’s about to get interesting!  Jess tries to buy prom tickets but gets sent to the principal’s office instead!  Here’s how that went:



 Principal:  Come in.  Well, well; Jess Mariano, what a pleasure, sit down.

Jess:  I was trying to buy prom tickets and they told me to see you.

Principal:  Sit down.  So…  The prom, huh?  I wouldn’t have taken you for someone who wanted to go to the prom….

Jess:  My girl friend wants to go.

Principal:  That’s too bad.

Jess:  What?  Why?

Principal:  Because you FLUNKED OUT!

Jess:  What?

Principal:  You’re not graduating, Jess!  Prom tickets are for graduating seniors only.  Guess your girl friend is outta luck!

Jess:  Wait a minute, I’m just a little behind, I can catch up, no sweat!

Principal:  You can’t, you missed too much.

Jess:  It hasn’t been that much!

Principal:  Thirty-one days you’ve been out, the cut-off is 20!

Jess:  So that’s it?  Just like that?

Principal:  That’s it.

Jess:  Thanks for the warning!

Principal:  You mean the 9 warnings we gave you weren’t enough?  All the meetings I tried to set up with your guidance counselor…[the meetings I set up] between you and me, that you blew off?  That wasn’t warning enough?

Jess:  I can catch up, I’m smarter than anyone here!

Principal:  And humble too….

Jess:  I can catch up, you’ll see!

Principal:  There’s nothing to see, you’re out.

Jess:  Fine!  I’ll take summer school if that’s what you want!

Principal:  It’s good, but not enough.  You have to take the whole year over.

Jess:  The whole year?  No way!

Principal:  Then no diploma.

Jess:  At least let me go to the prom, what’s the big deal?

Principal:  We’re done here.

Jess:  Come on!

Principal:  You wanna talk about coming next year?  My door’s open.

Jess leaves, saying, “Not gonna miss this place!”

“Vice-versa”, the principal says.


So now Jess is very sullen, as you can imagine; but he never tells Rory what happened!  All Rory can see is that his mood has changed, she has no idea why. 

They’re now at the party–Kyle’s beer party.  Funny, but Dean is there too with his new girl friend, but, he’s never really gotten over Rory.  Jess is being uncivil to everyone.  Eventually he disappears.  Rory finds him sitting alone in Kyle’s parents’ bedroom.


Rory:  Are we allowed to be up here?  Kyle was discouraging it.  You were looking forward to this party, something happened; tell me.

Jess doesn’t tell her, instead he kisses her and moves her toward the bed.  He gets on top of her.  Rory tries to get his attention but can’t, finally she has to throw him off and jumps up.  Jess says, “Geez!”

Rory says, “Not here, not now.”

Jess says, “Fine!”

Rory:  What’s wrong with you?

Jess:  Nothing is wrong with me!

Rory:  Someone could have walked in that door!

Jess:  And Santa Claus could have come down the chimney!  Whatever!

Rory:  You didn’t think it [sex] was going to happen like this, did you?

Jess:  I don’t know what I think anymore.

Rory:  Jess!

Jess:  Rory, just stop, just stop!  I did not invite you up here!  You came up here on your own!

Rory starts to cry.  “I don’t know, I don’t know what I did….”  She leaves the room hurriedly, crying softly.  Jess feels bad; he says, “You didn’t do anything,” but no one was there to hear him.  He goes after her, but Dean has found her first.  He says, “Rory, are you OK?”  She says, “No, I don’t know.”  “What happened?” Dean says.  “Rory,” says Jess.  But he sees her with Dean.  “Figures!” he says, and keeps on walking.  That so enrages Dean that he charges after him, spins him around and punches him right in the face!

Now all heck breaks loose!  Dean and Jess are fighting, punching, toppling over furniture, breaking things… people are yelling, “Stop!  No!”  They tumble out the front door onto the lawn, still swinging when the cops arrive!  The party is busted, Kyle’s parents are called.  Jess shoots Rory an angry look and walks off into the night.

This is where the episode ends. 

Now!  What do I always tell you to do?  Make a list of the elements of the case and then try to find rubrics for them.  For a good reference to see what I mean, see Tidbits 61:



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