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Tidbits 66: A Second Look At Donald Trump

Written by Elaine Lewis

In Tidbits 37, we did “Let’s Look At Lachesis”, using Donald Trump as an example. Now I’m starting to wonder…

When I did “Let’s Look At Lachesis” in March of 2016, Donald Trump was running for president.  Many people believed that most of what he was saying was true, that he was a Great Businessman, that he knew how to make deals, that he knew the “Best People”, that he was full of energy (unlike his “low energy” opponents), that he wanted to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. and rebuild the country’s crumbling infrastructure, and he wanted to “Drain The Swamp” (get money and corruption out of politics) and was doing all this for us!  He had made his fortune, was no longer interested in making money, it was all about the American People, he’d be working for us now!!!!

During the debates, he told former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, that the War In Iraq his brother, President George W. Bush, had gotten us into, was a “Stupid War”!  He told the nation that Hillary Clinton was “owned” by Wall Street investment firm, Goldman Sachs!  I thought, “OMG!  Is Trump going to tell on everyone?”  He even held out hope to many that he was going to stand up to the pharmaceutical industry’s over-zealous vaccination schedule!  (He didn’t.)

Now, three years later?  Good heavens!  We have to re-think the whole thing!  What has he done?  What have we learned about Donald Trump? 

Trump Appoints Foxes To Guard The Hen House

His cabinet appointees are antithetical to the mission of the departments they’re heading!  The Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, doesn’t believe in public education.1/  The head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Andrew Wheeler, is a former coal lobbyist who’s been rolling back environmental protections faster than you can say “Climate Change Is A Hoax!”2/  The head of the Department of the Interior, David Bernhardt, is a former oil industry lobbyist involved in 17 different scandals including mismanagement and neglect of 500 million acres of public land!3/  Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, has been called by Nation Magazine “Trump’s Most Corrupt Cabinet Official” for never divesting from his considerable business interests as promised and for his calendar consisting largely of meetings with businesses he has an interest in.4/

What Has Trump Done In Office?

Nothing!  Donald Trump hasn’t, actually, done anything except sign a self-serving tax “reform” bill that benefited no one but himself and his fellow billionaires!  In fact, here’s exactly what he said to a gathering of his rich friends at a Mar-a-Lago holiday dinner just hours after he signed the bill:

“You all just got a lot richer.”/5

In fact, this seems to be the whole raison d’etre of the Trump presidency–to make a lot of money for Trump and his loyalists!  More money for him, for his family, his hangers-on and his donors!  Listen, you have to remember, no American banks would lend Trump money anymore because of his failure to pay back loans/6 and then there’s his son-in-law who over-paid for 666 5th Ave. and was in over his head!  You don’t want people in high office who need money and can easily be “bought”, have an incentive to be bought, and so can easily be influenced by special interests and foreign countries who need favors!

Trump Using The Presidency To Grow His Businesses 

Trump didn’t divest from any of his businesses–none of his hotels or golf resorts, etc.  He announced at the G-7 Summit that in the future, they should meet at his Doral Golf Club in Miami! 

Saudi-connected lobbyists booked 500 rooms in the Trump International Hotel between 2016-2017!  This is like saying, “Look!  We did you a favor, now here’s what we want in return!”  

The Air Force has re-routed its flights in order to re-fuel and stay at Trump’s Turnberry Golf Resort in Scotland, and on it goes with the many ways Trump has cashed in on the American presidency.

What Does Trump Do All Day?

Nothing!  He watches Fox News and he tweets about what he’s seen.  According to the Los Angeles Times:

By Eli Stokols, Chris Megerian

Sep. 4, 2019

4 AM


 President Trump’s daily Twitter feed in recent weeks has been a torrent of personal attacks, news commentary, weather reports, unfounded claims and congratulatory notes. But when it comes to his day job, the American people have seen little of him.

 This week, aside from daily intelligence briefings and private lunches with Cabinet members, Trump has only one event on his schedule — on Thursday he will award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to [Basketball] legend … Jerry West.


Suffice it to say, Donald Trump is the exact opposite of everything he claimed to be and said he would be on the campaign trail.  He’s averse to responsibility, he’s negotiated no deals with the Democrats (the opposition party), he hasn’t brought back a single manufacturing industry, he hasn’t negotiated or signed an infrastructure bill, he’s done nothing on health care as promised and he certainly hasn’t “drained the swamp”!

Mass Exodus

His erratic behavior 7/ has led to a record number of firings and resignations in his presidency!  It starts with General Flynn being forced out in scandal just weeks into his presidency, and ends in Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s resignation this week, with 54 resignations and firings in between!  It includes 2 chiefs-of-staff, the Attorney General, 2 “acting” Attorneys General, the head of the FBI, the assistant head of the FBI, 3 press secretaries, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Labor, the Director of National Intelligence, 3 Secretaries of Homeland Security, the Secretary of Defense, the Ambassador to the U.N., the White House Counsel, the National Security Adviser, the Secretary of Health and Human Services and as I speak, the 4th Secretary of Homeland Security is resigning!

Lies, Lies and More Lies

The Washington Post has kept track of Trump’s lies since taking office, and they now number at over 12,000!  His own lawyer, John Dowd, called Trump a f***ing liar.” 8/

 According to Business Insider:

“He’s like a bull seeing red….There’s just no getting through to him, and you can kiss your plans for the day goodbye because you’re basically stuck looking after a 4-year-old now.”9/

The Best People!

Trump promised us that he knew only “the Best People”!  It turned out he didn’t know anyone!  Most of the positions in the Trump administration aren’t even filled!  He hires people he sees on Fox News.  That’s where he got John Bolton from, who later quit in disgust and whose tell-all book is due out any day now, and Deputy Chief-of-Staff, Bill Shine, who has resigned as well!  In fact, people go on Fox News deliberately to audition for positions in the White House!

According to Business Insider:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s favorite TV network is increasingly serving as a West Wing casting call, as the president reshapes his administration with camera-ready personalities. 10/

I Didn’t Do It!

 You all remember the “Zero Tolerance Policy” that resulted in Mexican children being taken away from their parents at the Mexican border?  With no way of tracking their where-abouts for the sake of their parents ever getting them back?  Trump’s defense to that?  “I didn’t do it!  It was Obama!  He did it!”  Trump has since turned his attention to deporting immigrant children with terminal diseases who are in this country legally:

 … the Trump administration recently told families who were granted permission to stay [in the US] for medical care that their permission to stay has been rescinded and they have 33 days to leave the country.11/

After a huge public outcry, Trump said it was all a mistake.

Neo-Nazis Are “Very Fine People”

Everyone remembers that he couldn’t tell the difference between the White Nationalists marching to save Confederate (pro-slavery) monuments in Virginia and those protesting against them in 2017.  “There were very fine people on both sides,” he said, “and I have no doubt about it, and you have no doubt about it either!” 12/  One of the nazis actually drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, injuring many and killing one of them. 

Trump also famously referred to certain African countries, Central American countries and Haiti as “sh*t-hole” countries, and told 4 Congresswomen of color to “go back where they came from” even though they came from here!

His Problem With Women

The judge he appointed to fill a Supreme Court seat, Bret Kavanaugh, was credibly accused of sexual assault by more than one woman and he, Trump, himself, is credibly accused of rape by Elle advice columnist, E. Jean Carroll.  In fact, over 25 women have accused Trump of sexual assault.13/

His Problem With The Environment

Trump has rolled back 85 environmental regulations, including the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act.  According to the New York Times:

President Trump has made eliminating federal regulations a priority. His administration, with help from Republicans in Congress, has often targeted environmental rules it sees as burdensome to the fossil fuel industry [Big Oil and Gas] and other big businesses. 14/


And, as if you didn’t already know, Donald Trump is about to be impeached for “shaking down” the president of Ukraine, telling him in a phone call that the military aid Ukraine was promised is actually contingent upon the Ukraine “investigating” Trump’s Democratic opponent in the upcoming election–Joe Biden.  As you can guess, this is against the law.  You can’t ask for help from a foreign country in an American election.  And then, when he was caught committing this crime, he responded by asking China to do the same thing! 15/ 

Here’s the point: If Joe Biden has committed a crime or a corrupt act, the place to go is the Justice Department or the State Department for an investigation–foreign countries cannot “investigate” American citizens!!!!


Trump has refused to cooperate in the Impeachment investigation, which means he has refused to turn over documents requested by Congress and has ordered his staff not to testify and to ignore all subpoenas as well.  Can you imagine if you or I refused to appear in court in response to a subpoena?  OMG!  We’d be arrested!  But Trump has said that according to the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, he can do whatever he wants!  Really?  This is what the 2nd Amendment says:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

Breaking Our Promise To The Kurds

The latest outrage?  Yet another humanitarian crisis!  We had roughly 2,000 soldiers in Northern Syria protecting the Kurds who helped us defeat Isis (a terrorist group) in that part of the world.  The Turks don’t like the Kurds.  Turkey is on the border of Syria.  Turkey wants American soldiers out of Syria.  Trump owns 2 Trump Towers in Turkey.  The president of Turkey asked Trump to pull his soldiers out of Northern Syria and Trump said, without consulting anyone, “OK,” and thus ushered in the ensuing Turkish military assault against the Kurds going on right now as we speak, causing thousands of people to flee for their lives.  Even Trump’s own party is distraught over this.

According to NBC News:  “Bolton said he believes there is a personal or business relationship dictating Trump’s position on Turkey because none of his advisers are aligned with him on the issue…”


But at least Trump is modest.  Have you seen his latest tweet?

Donald J. Trump


 As I have stated strongly before, and just to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve done before!). They must, with Europe and others, watch over…17/

OMG!  What???  “In my great and unmatched wisdom”?  Is he serious?  And he will destroy the economy of Turkey?  He’s done it before?  What is he talking about????

He Can’t Read

 Finally, here’s something that you would think would disqualify anyone from being president:  He can’t read!  The Presidential Daily Brief is brought to him every day and he doesn’t read it!  The Atlantic writes in an article called “The President Who Doesn’t Read”:

“He didn’t process information in any conventional sense,” Wolff writes. “He didn’t read. He didn’t really even skim. Some believed that for all practical purposes he was no more than semi-­literate.”

 Wolff quotes economic adviser Gary Cohn: “It’s worse than you can imagine … Trump won’t read anything—not one-page memos, not the brief policy papers, nothing. He gets up halfway through meetings with world leaders because he is bored.”18/


Homeopathically speaking—since this is a homeopathy journal—with everything we’ve learned about Donald Trump over the past 3 years, do I still think he’s a constitutional Lachesis?  Let’s make a list of the elements of the case.  You can do this at home and see if your list agrees with mine, and then repertorize to see which remedy comes out on top.

  1. Lying
  2. Boasting
  3. Ego
  4. Cruelty
  5. Lawless
  6. Aversion to responsibility
  7. Selfish
  8. Lascivious
  9. Dictatorial
  10. Averse to reading
  11. Bored
  12. Impulsive
  13. Erratic behavior

And here it is:


It appears the president of the United States may be a Medorrhinum!  Good lord!  (I apologize for this making no sense to readers not familiar with homeopathy.) 

But, I have since added 3 more rubrics to the repertorization now that the impeachment trial is over, mainly because newspapers have been reporting that Trump is on a “Vengeance Tour”–getting even with White House officials deemed to have been “disloyal” to him, replacing them only with “loyalists”; and also because Trump has been saying, “The government is full of SNAKES,” and he just called Governor Jay Inslee of Washington a snake and, in fact, he is very fond of reciting a poem that ends in the words, “You knew I was a snake when you took me in!”  So, I have added the following rubrics to my list: 

  1. Vindictive, 2. Fear of Snakes, 3. Fear of Being Betrayed

Now the “totality” analysis of my repertorization has Medorrhinum in 1st place and Lachesis in 2nd place!  The “weighted” analysis has Lachesis in 1st place while the “expert” analysis has Medorrhinum in 1st place!  In other words, it’s almost a tie! 

But Trump’s constant references to snakes (of which Lachesis is one!) and his being on a “vengeance tour” after the impeachment, is pushing me over toward Lachesis. 

Lachesis is a very aggressive snake!  It will chase you down and exact revenge if you cross into his territory, even in the slightest way!  Notice Trump set his “army” of insurrectionists loose on his own vice-president on January 6th because Vice President Pence decided—correctly—that he could not break the law by throwing Biden votes out and declaring Trump the winner, as he was told to do!  (Clarification: the Vice President presides over the final vote count, it’s a ceremonial role which conveys no actual “power”.)  Pence even conferred with former Vice President Dan Quayle, saying, “Can I do this?  They want me to declare Trump the winner.”  “NO!!!” said Quayle. “Forget it.”


For this act of “disloyalty” (refusing to break the law for the benefit of Donald Trump),  Pence had to be whisked out of the Capitol by the Secret Service as the mob began chanting “Hang Mike Pence!  Hang Mike Pence!”  Trump had given the “order” through a tweet, saying that Pence didn’t have the courage to act.  A make-shift gallows had been erected by the mob on the steps of the Capitol Building. 

This is vengeance!  Is Medorrhinum in that rubric?  (Mind: vindictive, vengeful)  No, it is not! 

Do you remember why Trump fired FBI director James Comey?  (Pronounced COH-ME)  In a private dinner, Trump demanded a pledge of “loyalty” from him.  Comey said, “I can only promise to always be truthful.”  For that he was fired.  Trump, the pathological liar, was not interested in a promise to always be true.  (Trump, Comey in image below)

Pence was ordered to break the law for Donald Trump.  When he wouldn’t do it, he came close to losing his life.  I would have to say, this behavior goes more for Lachesis than it does for Medorrhinum.  I’m starting to think I was right the first time.  Moreover, we have this:  Bob Woodward released his taped interviews with Donald Trump.  AOL News writes:  “The tapes allow listeners to hear Trump repeatedly interrupting and at times mocking Woodward as they speak about the most pressing policy issues of his presidency….”  Interrupting and mocking are Lachesis words.


If you want to see the original article I wrote on Trump as an example of Lachesis, click below:

Tidbits 37: Let’s Look At Lachesis!



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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at [email protected]
Elaine is a graduate of Robin Murphy's Hahnemann Academy of North America and author of many articles on homeopathy including her monthly feature in the Hpathy ezine, "The Quiz". Visit her website at:
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  • Whew! Excellent column. Thanks so much for laying out a sample of the destruction the Trump wave has left in it’s wake. I wish the democrats would post that on an internet board every day. Medorrhinum sounds like a likely suspect. Lachesis also looks good. If only we had a remedy for unbridled greed.

  • I am a 40 year researcher. I have done in depth research of Trump. Your comments on president Trump were made in abject ignorance as to accomplishments. Stay with homeopathy please for Gods sake.
    Flaws aplenty yes. Many wanted a ‘chainsaw’( l have seen this type called in to save large failing corps -were they nice? no, the other failed CEOs were ‘kind,’and liberal but the corporations were bleeding and depleting it was the chainsaws that cleaned house – profits went way up ,new jobs were saved ,new hiring,etc. , became the norm, etc,) to get things that were severely lacking in this country.
    For example, and l could offer many such examples; China was bleeding us dry. I studied our history with trade with China mainly when they were accepted ,but not neglecting before this time of China entering the WTO and examined all the graphs,etc.We were running over 500 billion trade deficits year after year! They were stealing our valuable technology running into the multiplied billions.I was stunned. Then l looked at how each president dealt with this horrifying situation. I gave them C- most a D and that was generous. I knew we needed a chainsaw!

    I have studied many famous people behind the scenes. Most had serious character flaws, with many being able to enshroud these quirks from public view, but their work in many cases was phenomenal.
    No fool could accomplish this! I researched this conglomerate and interviewed people that worked for Trump.


    I researched each. Many were left out by mistake or the list cuts off too soon as they were just listing and didn’t keep up. I did and no president in our history ever accomplished so much!
    I already stated he has many flaws to be sure.
    But significant accomplishments is not one of them. l suggest a public debate.But every reference must document each assertion.

    • Jim, thanks for writing. You seem to be very upset about China. I’m upset about China too and its notorious undemocratic rule. I can’t believe that our own corporations left America to set up shop in a dictatorship in order to dodge union wages and safe working conditions, leaving American workers high and dry. What a scandal. Trump alluded to this scandal but has done nothing to correct or off-set it by facilitating a new green economy and an infrastructure over-haul that would create millions of good paying jobs. You didn’t contradict anything I said in the article. You didn’t say, “Trump did not separate kids from their parents; he didn’t order sick children here legally to leave the country in 33 days; he didn’t tell the president of Ukraine to “investigate” Joe Biden if he wants any US aid or weapons.” Maybe it’s just that none of those things concern you. But thanks for reading and commenting.

    • Jim,
      Elaine is analysing the constitutional remedy of Trump, based on his characteristic personality traits. Trump is a textbook narcissist – grandiose self-image; overinflated ego; childish need to be the centre of attention; lack of empathy; hardhearted selfishness; obsessive and irrational behaviour; vicious aversion to criticism and critics; etc. These ‘character flaws’, as you so glibly call them, are helpful in determining the constitutional remedy. Whether they qualify your ‘chainsaw’ hero to be the POTUS is a question for a different forum.

      • Peter, wow! You summarized Trump so well! I’m going to make a note of that: grandiose self-image, over-inflated ego, childish need to be the center of attention, lack of empathy, hard-hearted selfishness, obsessive and irrational behavior, vicious aversion to criticism and critics. Perfect!

  • It is not a good idea mixing morality and homoeopathy- even less politics and homoeopathy. And for all Trump’s faults, he amongst all politicians has raised concerns about vaccination. Whether he will get round to doing anything about it is, of course, another thing all together.

    • Kevin, as I said above in the beginning of the article, during the campaign, it looked like Trump was going to do a lot: standing up to the pharmaceutical industry was one such hope he held out. Since that time, he’s been a no-show while mandatory vaccination marches on. As for me not expressing my opinion, of what value is that? “Hey, the house is burning down but I’m keeping silent… give me an award!” Highly regarded and respected Baltimore Congressman, Elijah Cummings, just died. In one of his more famous speeches he said, “When we’re dancing with the angels, the question will be asked, in 2019, what did we do to make sure we kept our democracy in tact? Did we stand on the sidelines and say nothing?!” I don’t plan to do that.

    • Really? So while we look to character and personality in Homeopathy, we are supposed to divorce these from morality? That does not compute. We assess our moral choices by our beliefs but we moderate our behavior thru our characters and personalities. A narcissist, for example, may know the right moral choices and may rationalize their behavior as moral but their actual actions are informed by their personality disorder. Whatever your belief system is, even if it’s no belief, you can’t separate it from your personality and character or emotions.

  • While I love your analysis for actual homeopathy cases and am usually a fan of your column, this article is not worthy of your actual skills. You have not taken a complete case. Your sources you have listed all skew heavily left in their coverage of political news and “these rubrics” are pieced together with bias for your conclusion. Worse yet, using a homeopathic remedy to label someone like a personality profile is a misuse of remedy profiles. If a homeopath uses medorrhinum for her own treatment is she/he now unworthy of being a homeopath because of her remedy? Should people with syphylitic remedy profiles all be removed from office? You have used pyrogen for some of your teeth issues…should I stop reading your column? Remedy profiles are used to understand a remedy, not to label or judge people.

    • Hello Lynette, thanks for reading so many of my articles, I really appreciate it, truly. I can see how a person might get upset over this article on Donald Trump. In truth, I do a lot of “famous people” materia medica. I’ve done Spongebob, Beethoven, Homer Simpson and countless others. It would be hard to over-look Donald Trump, the most famous individual on the world stage. Let me begin by saying I don’t consider the Washington Post, Newsweek, Business Insider and the New York Times, etc. to be “skewed heavily left” at all. These are respected news organizations. Tell me, what did I say that was incorrect? Please let me know. Did the Trump administration NOT order sick and dying children to leave the country in 33 days despite being here legally? Did Trump NOT separate hundreds of children from their parents with no way of tracking their where-abouts? Did he not refer to countries in Africa and Latin America as “sh*t-hole countries”? What did I say that was factually incorrect? Does Donald Trump own even a single book? You say I pieced together rubrics to support my conclusion. Lynette, could I find rubrics like these on any average person? Rape? Kidnapping? Lying on such a gargantuan scale that his own lawyer said ‘you can’t testify, you just make stuff up’? Broken promises? Endangering our water and air safety? Who does this sort of thing, what kind of person? If I took any average person… you, for instance; and tried to dig up dirt on you for an article, could I find crimes? kidnapping? Sexual assault? Racist attacks against people? Probably not. What would I find? Maybe lying on a job application, or maybe lying about your age… But who has stuff like sexual assault and unimaginable cruelty to children in their background for anyone to easily find? I would submit to you, practically no one has this kind of record! As for impugning the reputation of Medorrhinum as a remedy, you make a good point. There are very good reasons to be taking Medorrhinum that have nothing to do with bad behavior. Thanks for commenting and making that point, and I hope you’ll remain one of my readers despite your feelings about this article.

      • Really great article.!! No one else would have analysed Trump so critically. Hope he would take the medicine and get healed for the good of America

      • Elaine, don’t let the “that’s so judgemental” people get to you. They are doing just that themselves. What else is a diagnosis but a judgement call? If we’re dealing holistically, of course it includes aspects of personality and morality. And the man is being judged. That is what a Bill of Impeachment is, an indictment to determine guilt or innocence. I thought the article was interesting and worth considering. I’m American but live abroad so I don’t watch media news and choose not to pay the WaPo to read it. I haven’t had a really good handle on Trump. I am cautious because I think all politics is dirty and the fact is Hitler did a lot for war ravaged Germany when he first came to power. That is not to praise him. The fact remains he was a monster. Should we say, “yes, but…” in such cases? I say no, but then, I’m what the allopaths used to call an Aspie, so maybe my pov is skewed.

    • Is it “bashing” when you tell the truth about somebody? What did I say that was incorrect? Did he not take kids away from their parents with no system in place for reuniting them? Did he not send out deportation notices to sick children who are here legally? Has he not told over 12,000 lies since he took office 3 years ago? Did he not ask a foreign government for help in winning the 2020 election–which, by the way, is illegal? Has he not told his staff to ignore all subpoenas regarding documents and testifying before Congress? Have 100’s of Isis prisoners not escaped as a result of the Kurdish guards fleeing northern Syria? Please tell me if anything I said was incorrect. Donald Trump is not a sacred cow, and we have free speech in this country, still, I think.

  • Elaine,

    That was a bold article and you alone could have done it.

    Reading through the comments I feel people have started taking it personally.

    Homeopathy can only be understood by personification, and when we have LIVE examples which depict a person so well, why not read it that way..

    I bet, no readers will never be able to forget MEDORRHINUM henceforth, as you have personified it perfectly.

    Your examples Bart Simpson, Drake from “Drake and Josh”, Alvin are perfect for understanding a homeopathic drug. When people had no comments on these comic characters, why is there lot of noise on a real character ? I guess all need to be open and accept it a case manifestation, rather take it personally.

    Elaine, wonderful and a great initiative as always..!!! Kudos. !!

  • I’m struggling to keep a professional posture after this article. This is utterly, completely unfair & unprofessional.

    Did you take his case? Or are you going by what the ‘lame-stream-media’ is saying about him? It’s obvious that is where you get your ‘case’ from. They are so far from any sort of truth that it’s pathetic. The guy could find a cure for cancer and outlaw any form of medicine other than homeopathy and he would still be assaulted with this kind of crap!

    This is really really disappointing. I truly have had it to my eyeballs with the homeopathic community is leaving it’s professional boundary and publishing this kind of non-relevant, fact less temper tantrum. There are homeopaths out here that have waited a life time to turn the light on ‘lame-stream-media’s’ bias that never quite has the guts to look at both sides.

    as far as your beef about the separating children from parents, he was following the existing laws that were there, the same one’s that Obama followed. Your going to have to check that out with some one other than main stream media, they have been distorting that to create an agenda.

    Gosh it’s hard enough to tackle this thing called homeopathy. Healing the sick. Some times the suffering that walks in the door is overwhelming. And we have to listen to this in magazines, seminars. Enough already. Enough.

    • The “Lame-Stream Media”? And you’re referring to the New York Times? Newsweek? The Atlantic? The Washington Post? Now I’m the one struggling to keep a professional posture! Sue, you got this epithet from Trump himself, and you can’t figure out WHY he would smear such a highly respected profession? It’s because they might find out what he’s doing and report it. That’s what it’s all about. If you’ve broken as many laws as Trump has, and engaged in enough lies and double-dealing as he has, the last thing in the world you want people to do is read the newspapers! Sue, no American bank will lend him money! Think about that. His “university”–Trump University–was a fraud and he had to pay out 25 million dollars to settle all the law suits against him because of it. Yes, for sure, he does not want people reading the newspaper! So he makes up insults: “the lame-stream media”, “fake news”…. You’re supposed to be smart enough to say, “Wait a minute, WHAT news is fake? Everything? Everything in the newspaper is fake? ALL newspapers and ALL news magazines are fake. Really? Where’s the proof? What, exactly, is he talking about?” The New York Times published The Pentagon Papers which blew the whistle on all the lies about the Vietnam War. The Washington Post brought down the corrupt presidency of Richard Nixon. How is the press “lame”, exactly? Here is a man, Donald Trump, with an awful reputation–for example: not paying the people he hires, being investigated by the Nixon Justice Dept. for discriminating against black people in apartment rentals, accusations of sexual misconduct, etc.–and this sleazy character says, “Don’t read the newspapers!” and you believe him? It doesn’t occur to you to say, “He’s probably afraid of what they’re going to dig up on him.” That would be a rational assumption.

      • And, as Columbo was fond of saying, “Just one more thing.” If I give you the benefit of the doubt, that the child separation policy was all Obama’s fault, why did Trump go along with it? Do two wrongs make a right? Do we have to condone Trump’s separating 5,000 children from their parents because he inherited the program from President Obama? Does that make it OK? I’m surprised to hear that you think something Barack Obama did was worth imitating. So just to be clear, you’re not denying that Trump has separated hundreds of immigrant children from their parents with no way of tracking them so that they can ultimately be reunited. It doesn’t bother you because you think his predecessor did it first. That’s a very interesting moral code, Sue. The unthinkable is OK if someone else started it. Separating children from their parents, for no reason, is indefensible, outrageous, cruel in the extreme and frankly, Sue, I would really love to know, why are you supporting this man?

  • Elaine, thank you for giving us Trump’s constitutional remedy. I was wondering what remedy could possibly match up with the person psychiatrists have labeled a “malignant narcissist.” He’s a sociopath, extremely greedy, childish, incompetent, and barely literate. It’s still shocking to me that there were so many people who actually believed what he said during his campaign! How could they be so gullible, so blind as to his character? He hasn’t changed – he’s still the same con artist he was on the campaign trail. Clearly, every single person who voted for Trump approved of a man who makes fun of those with a disability, grabs women by the genitals, stiffs his workers, refuses to rent to people of color, is beholden to Putin, loves cruel dictators, was scamming people out of millions of dollars in his fraudulent school and foundation, can’t understand climate change, can’t read, throws tantrums like a child, and the list could go on and on.
    If Obama had done any one of those things, he would have been run out of office immediately.
    Trump provides a memorable example of Medorrhinum, so thank you, Elaine!

  • Obviously this isn’t an actual “taken” case. It’s armchair homeopathy that serves to entertain but also looks at archetypal remedy manifestations. Many famous homeopaths have speculated on remedies for the likes of Hitler, Sadam Hussein, Nelson Mandela. In school I had a teacher that used Marilyn Monroe as an example of Platina—not because she pretended to really know the depths of MM but to give us an understanding what the remedy could look like.

    Medorrhinum is an interesting choice for Trump. But Mercury fits as well and syphilitic seems more likely than sycotic. We fooled around with this a while back in a group I belong to. The consensus was reptile most likely and my rep was for Lachesis. However, I think Lachesis would typically be more sharp and clever than this man.

  • I agree the medicine is actually Mercury. It is a very similar pattern to that of Sadam Hussein or Robert Mugabe. Defiant, kill or be killed, they are stabbing me in the back,degeneration, Syphilis. You can see it lurking about in your repertorisation.
    Look at Mercury by Scholten-Everybody is my enemy, and I am alone with decline of my empire.

    • Very interesting, Henry; Mercury did come up number-3 in my chart. But regarding Trump’s miasm, I’m reminded of what I learned from Sankaran about the sycotic miasm–secrecy and hiding! Think about that as a theme and then examine Donald Trump in that light. He’s “hiding” his tax returns, he has a “secret” foreign policy being carried out by Rudy Guiliani. The “Zero Tolerance policy” of taking Mexican kids away from their parents was a secret and no one was meant to find out about it. He’s hiding documents from the congress (won’t turn them over), hiding witnesses who have been subpoenaed; hiding from the public and the press (will only go on Fox news, will only speak at his rallies); hiding from the people he’s fired (Comey found out on the news, Tillerson found out by a tweet, or he asks others to do the firing for him), he’s famously hiding the bald spot on his head, he’s hiding his grades (told Michael Cohen to make sure none of his schools released his grades), meeting secretly with Putin, tells the translator to throw away his notes; complains if anyone is taking notes at a meeting and so on; so, let’s not forget “hiding” and “secrecy” if we’re going to evaluate Trump’s miasm.

  • Its interesting to note that most American homeopaths seem to be “Left-liberals”, while Indian homeopaths are generally “right-religious conservatives”

    • That actually explains a lot. I’ve noticed that Indian homeopaths don’t tell the patient what remedy he’s getting, give high potencies, don’t explain case-management, prescribe placebos so the patient thinks he’s dosing every day… This can only be described as paternalism, elitism, and definitely wouldn’t fit into my approach.

  • Another very helpful article, Elaine. I’m thankful the pathetic Demented Don is out of office but he’s still trying to be the center of attention. Please keep describing public figures to exemplify various homeopathic remedies – it’s really helpful.

    • And he’s obsessed with revenge, Linda, yet another reason I think he’s Lachesis. He’s obsessed with how he’s going to punish one person and another for not being “loyal”. Yeesh!

  • How bogus can this be???? you have nothing but interpretations. Mainly yours. You have none of his story. not one single word. All your ‘opinions. No physicals from his life. No history. You are just another biased judge. Just awful

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