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Tidbits – Part 15 – Your Homeopathy Emergency Kit

Elaine Lewis
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What remedies should you be carrying with you and why?

I just bought Shana a new pocketbook.

How do you like it?  OK, so we wanted to make sure her homeopathy emergency kit would fit in it.  That was when I realized I couldn’t read any of the labels on those tiny half-dram bottles!  Look at the size of this first-aid kit–it fits in my hand!

Here it is opened up.

Do you see what I had to do?  I had to rewrite the names of each remedy in big black letters because, after all, what good is a first aid kit if you need a magnifying glass to see what’s in it?  The next question is, what good is a first-aid kit if you don’t know what the remedies are for? Many people have asked me that; hence, this article!  I think we all know that Arnica is for injuries, for blunt trauma, falls, etc., but what about the rest of them?

Here are the 18 remedies in Shana’s emergency kit, the first one, going alphabetically, is Aconite.  What is Aconite for?


In a word, fear!  Fear and anxiety (or fear and anxiety as concomitants in the case–meaning that along with the complaint, you have fear).  One time I had a “near-miss” while driving.  A car was coming right at me and I had to make two dramatic swerves to avoid an accident!  When it was all over, I stopped the car as my heart was pounding and I was totally freaked out!  That situation called for Aconite!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any Aconite …. But, an Aconite situation doesn’t always have to be so dramatic!  I remember a state of anxiety I was in while driving to a wedding some years ago (come to think of it, I could have used Aconite for my OWN wedding!)  Anyway, I was driving to a wedding and got apprehensive about seeing my relatives since I hadn’t seen them in years, especially my mother who was flying in from Texas.  I took a dose of Aconite 30C and in just minutes I was happy-go-lucky and even singing!  

Now, I know what you’re thinking!  “What song were you singing, Elaine?”  Well, since you ask….it was “I’m So Young” by The Students, recorded 56 years ago this month on the Checker label out of Chicago: “I have a boyfriend…he says I’m his only one….”

See?  This is what Aconite can do for you!  No one sings after Valium, I’m pretty sure!

We all know that Arnica is for injuries, but if a person seems to be panicking after an injury and can’t think straight, he may need a dose of Aconite first to calm him down before giving Arnica.  Don’t be surprised if your Aconite patient is restless, wants fresh air and a drink of cold water.  

Aconite is also known as the “Arnica of the Eyes”.  Any injury to the eyes, give Aconite!  Once while sitting in the parking lot at Genuardi’s supermarket, something got in my eye, I don’t know what it was or where it came from but it became increasingly disturbing and then I remembered–oh, right; Aconite!  I took a dose of Aconite 30C and within minutes, the whole problem was gone!  I said, “Wow! It’s really true!”  Of course we all should know about Aconite’s famous indication: “Ailments from cold-dry winds”!  And by that we mean that your cold or sore throat or headache came on after being out in cold, windy weather.  It could even be that your cold or headache came on after you were forced to sit in front of the air conditioner in a restaurant!  That’s Aconite too!



Apis is the honey bee.  So, what do you think you need Apis for?  Bee stings, of course! And wasp stings and anything similar.  Oh, let me tell you, when you get stung by a wasp, you don’t have time to go looking for remedies or pop into the health food store to pick up Apis, you have to have it with you!  Every summer I have Apis in my pocket along with Arnica!  Plus, it’s for anything that “feels” like a sting–like the time I bumped into a cactus plant at a garden center!  Apis worked for that too, and luckily, I had it in my pocket; and because of that, I was able to go right on with my shopping!  But what else is Apis good for?  Anaphylaxis, which is a severe allergic reaction!  Often the throat swells shut and the person can’t breathe, and what do bee stings cause?  Swelling!!!!  That’s why Apis is just the remedy for this; and more often than not, it’s a bee sting that caused it!  Also, if you need to apply cold applications to feel better, that’s all the more reason the remedy is Apis.  When you think of Apis, think of bee stings, think of allergies, hives, swelling… especially if cold makes you feel better and heat makes you worse.  Oh, and P.S., I hate to have to tell you this, but, if your child gives a high-pitched scream after a vaccination?  That’s the “brain cry”, it means there’s swelling in the brain, and once again, the remedy is Apis.  For heaven’s sake, give it right away!



It’s for any injury, OK?  Internal or external.  Just give it!  JUST GIVE ARNICA!  Don’t even think about it!  Don’t agonize over it or how many pellets to give!  “Is it more appropriate to give Hypericum at this moment?….Or should I give Bellis Perennis, which is from the same plant family as Arnica? …gee, I just don’t know….maybe I’ll call my homeopath.”  For heaven’s sake!  JUST GIVE ARNICA!  Shana’s kit has Arnica 200C in it.  It’s a little stronger than the rest of the remedies, we don’t want to have too low a potency of Arnica in a dire accident situation!  One time the trunk lid of my car fell down on my head outside of Whole Foods; I guess the wind blew it shut; I actually saw stars!  I told myself, “Don’t worry, you have Arnica in the car!”  I hurried into the car, took a dose of Arnica 200C and in five minutes I was driving away like nothing ever happened!  The pain and everything was gone!  For the average person, this incident would have marked the end of their day, to me it was practically nothing!

What else is Arnica for?  If you see someone having a heart attack or a stroke?  JUST GIVE ARNICA!  Don’t forget that a woman in labor may need Arnica and so may the baby when it comes out if the birth was difficult or traumatic.  How do you give Arnica to a baby?  Put a pellet of Arnica 30C in a disposable 1/2 cup of water, pat some water on the baby’s lips, do it just once; that’s it, no swallowing is necessary.  Do that for any unconscious person.

Don’t forget bleeding from an accident, and don’t forget to give as needed after surgery.  The Arnica person may be depressed or stuporous after an accident but answers correctly when questioned.  How often should you repeat it?  Don’t repeat it mindlessly.  Give a dose of 200C and wait.  Repeat only as needed.  Subsequent doses should be given in water and succussed or stirred before each dose/sip.  

In fact, do this for all your complaints: Subsequent doses should be given as follows:  Drop two-or-so remedy pellets in a disposable cup of water, or half-filled water bottle; stir the cup with a straw or plastic spoon before each sip, or shake the water bottle before each sip/dose.  Why do we do this?  To raise the potency ever so slightly which makes the remedy more likely to continue working.  

Arnica is also a flu remedy!  The feeling is bruised and sore as if run over by a bus!  If you see an indication that the remedy is working, then stop dosing and redose only if the case stalls or relapses.

Let me repeat that!  If you see an indication that the remedy is working, stop dosing and re-dose only if the case stalls or relapses!

 If you repeat a remedy too soon, while the first dose is still working, you could cause an accidental antidote and be right back where you started from!


Arsenicum Album

It may not look like much, but I can’t say enough good things about Arsenicum.  It’s hard to over-state how valuable Arsenicum is.  First of all, you have to think of food poisoning, you have to think of viruses like the flu when there’s a gastro-intestinal component, you have to think of any illness where fear of dying is part of the case and also a desperate need for company and hand-holding.

You may hear the patient say, “Can’t you stay a little longer?”  Or, “Can you come over and stay with me?”  Think also about agitation as a concomitant or desperation or anguish!  Arsenicum patients often want a glass of water by the side of their bed and they take frequent sips from it but don’t drink it down all at once.  They’re weak, restless and they don’t lie quietly.  They’re usually chilly and may also be fault-finding and irritated over minor imperfections–like pictures being crooked, or a piece of lint on the floor.  Here are some key words for Arsenicum:

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom. Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at LEWRA@aol.com Elaine is a graduate of Robin Murphy's Hahnemann Academy of North America and author of many articles on homeopathy including her monthly feature in the Hpathy ezine, "The Quiz". Visit her website at: http://elainelewis.hpathy.com/ and TheSilhouettes.org

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  • Very helpful. As always, so lucid.
    Liked the bit about Ruta for tendonitis, fibromyalgia etc… Would you think of it for myofascial pain that people that occurs due to excessive exercise, computer use, or other repetitive activity but also relieved by some stretching, gentle movement and massage?
    Thanks, punit

  • Thank you Janice and Punit! Yes, any repetitive stress disorder problem might call for Ruta. Again, you’re always wondering if it’s Ruta or Rhus tox. I’ve noticed that Ruta has some very strange pains. I guess it falls under the heading of “neuralgia”. Also, Ruta is worse from movement unlike Rhus tox which gets better from movement; Ruta gets lameness, weakness the more it moves. Ruta doesn’t seem to have the etiology of Rhus tox–ailments from lying on damp ground, ailments from swimming in a lake or river, ailments from rainy weather, cold damp weather, jumping in a swimming pool on a hot day, ailments from too much exertion–running, sports, racing, etc. The etiology of Ruta seems to be injuries–to bones, joints, tendons, ankles, wrists.

  • GIVE ARNICA (after accidents/injuries) is right on! We can’t stress this enough in the case of head injuries (as with your incident with the car trunk lid). As someone who suffered a serious head injury, I can’t say enough about the importance of Arnica in the case of head injury.

  • Thanks for all of the great ‘tid bits’.. Is there a remedy for ‘not being able to read the labels on those tiny half dram vials’ ? (I have that same issue) 🙂

  • This article was amazingly helpful and a great educational tool. Emergency kits are certainly not a new idea, but with your refreshing explanations this is a must have for every family. It is easy to understand and very thorough. Thank you thank you Elaine.

  • Long live Elaine, there is not going to be an other person like you let alone a homeopathic doctor.
    God sent gift to us all. Thanks once again.

  • I AM SEARCHING FOR APPROPRIATE WORDS. OF. APPRECIATION, BUT…, how to say ? May God bless you many hundreds of years of life span to write more like this.

  • Very informative, if potency is given against each medicine, it will add a feather in the cap. Thank you very much . Regards

  • OK , I am not talking about MT but potency to be administered . You replied as 30 C at least of each medicine as case required.

  • Right, at least 30C. Sometimes I think an acute needs a 200C or 1M; sometimes I’m surprised the 30C worked so well when I thought it wouldn’t be enough, other times I have seen the higher potency cause an aggravation. I guess the ideal situation is that you have on hand more than one potency of these remedies and start with the 30C and if it doesn’t work, go higher.

  • very nice article, one more medicine should be add in emergency kit, RESCUE REMEDY(a bachflower med.) very effective along with homoeopathy.