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Tidbits 16: Your Homeopathy Emergency Kit, Part-II

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The rest of the emergency remedies

Last month we talked about the 18 remedies in Shana’s homeopathy emergency kit; but, most remedy kits contain 36 remedies–at a minimum!  So, here, then, are 21 more first aid remedies:

Allium Cepa

The red onion–a great hay fever remedy!  The nose is streaming, the eyes are streaming!  The watery discharge from the nose is acrid, excoriating and burning the upper lip, the tears are bland.  It’s very similar to Euphrasia (see below) but with Euphrasia, it’s the watery eye discharge that’s burning while the nasal discharge is bland.  But it doesn’t have to be hay fever, the common cold can go for this remedy as well.  The nasal discharge is like a faucet, better as the person walks outside, worse as soon as he returns to a warm house or room (like Pulsatilla, but the Pulsatilla discharge is not watery, it’s thick and creamy).  Laryngitis from mucus in the throat.  Cough makes the patient grab his throat, feels as if it might tear.  Evening aggravates.

Antimonium tartaricum

The main thing this remedy is known for is rattling respiration, rattling cough with difficulty raising phlegm.  This is our emphysema remedy, our drowning remedy… let me tell you, whenever I “swallow wrong”?  Have you ever done that?  The water goes down the wrong pipe?  Grab your Antimonium tart!  For people who are constantly clearing their throat over and over again, like they can just never successfully cough up all the phlegm, it just keeps coming and coming?  Antimonium tart 30C!  It’s all about your lungs being filled with fluid, phlegm, mucus for whatever reason.  A very useful remedy, especially in elderly patients!


Think of Baptisia as a thirsty Gelsemium.  Constant desire for water.  We generally use Baptisia for viruses, such as the flu, stomach flu, that have come on suddenly.  Patient feels sick all over with soreness of muscles.  Like Gelsemium, the patient is apathetic, dull, disinterested.  He may be cold, but too apathetic to reach for the blanket.  He may want something but doesn’t ask for it.  In a sense, he is stuporous, prostrated, falls asleep in mid-sentence or doesn’t finish answering (Gelsemium).  Here’s something you may find in a Baptisia case–all discharges are foul smelling: breath, stool, urine, perspiration.  You’ll see the droopy, besotted look–Gelsemium has this too. 

“Painless sore throat” is another keynote of this remedy.  The throat looks awful, but the patient says it doesn’t hurt!  Patient can’t get comfortable in bed, the bed feels too hard, every place he lies makes him feel sore (Pyrogen, Arnica).  Think of this remedy in blood poisoning, septicemia, gastric fever, septic fever, high fever, sudden onset.  Heat all over with occasional chills.  As you can tell, this is a very sick patient!  A lot of people don’t have this remedy which I think is a mistake.

In my list of 100 cases that I posted in the Hpathy ezine (“Today’s The Day, Elaine Turns 100”–https://hpathy.com/homeopathy-papers/todays-day-elaine-turns-100/), 3 of the cases were Baptisia cases.  You may think that’s not a lot, but, Baptisia was tied with Pulsatilla, Arnica, Ignatia, Carbo veg. and Veratrum alb.  That’s pretty solid company.  So, to me, that means Baptisia is a common remedy and you should order it if you don’t already have it.  My very first Quiz case was a Baptisia case, it was a stomach virus.  Here it is if you want to read it: https://hpathy.com/clinical-cases/revisiting-its-maddie-again/


Our great children’s fever remedy!  Why parents are giving Tylenol and Ibuprofen when they could be giving Belladonna, I don’t know!  Here’s the picture:  The feverish child is putting out a dry heat which you can feel before your hand even touches the child’s skin!  However, the hands and feet are cold!  (If the feet are hot, think of Sulphur.)  The fever is high, comes on suddenly, the eyes are glassy, the pupils are dilated.  The child will not be stuporous like Gelsemium and Baptisia.  His senses are very alert, active.  He may seem very intense.  Parents often feel panicky and frantic when their child has a Belladonna illness.  The child may be screaming about the pain being too extreme–whether it’s a headache or appendicitis, etc.  The child will not want to be bumped or jarred.  Pains come and go suddenly.  There may be redness of the affected area, red face; in fact, when you see red, you can think of Belladonna. 

There may be a sensation of fullness and throbbing.  Full, bounding pulse.  Rush of blood to the head.  Thirstless despite fever and dry mouth; OR, there may be great thirst for cold water but dread of drinking.  Remember, Belladonna is one of our rabies remedies.  Right-sided complaints.

Aggravations: touch, motion, noise, draft of air, light, lying down flat, summer sun, after 3 PM, after midnight.

Ameliorations: sitting up, warm room

What conditions might you see Belladonna in?

Ear infections
Sore throat/tonsilitis
Childhood diseases
Menstrual cramps with violent bearing-down pains
Nosebleeds with red face


This is Spanish fly.  I have two thoughts when I think of Cantharis: bladder infections and burns.  Intolerable urging before during and after urination.  Patient passes just a few drops.  Violent pains in bladder, worse drinking water.  Burning, cutting pains in urethra.  Burning pain and intolerable urging to urinate.  Urine is burning, scalding.  There’s a lot of violence in this remedy.  Inflammations are violently acute.  Raw, cutting, smarting, burning pains.  Painful urination as a concomitant in any disease.  Burns, scalds, severe sunburn.  Blood-streaked mucus, blood in urine. 

Interestingly, my only Cantharis case was for fire ant bites!  https://hpathy.com/clinical-cases/fire-ant-bites-another-picture-case/  The key to the case was burning pain, plus Apis was tried and didn’t work.


Aka Cinchona bark, aka Peruvian bark.  This was the first homeopathic remedy; consequently, it’s very famous.  It’s known primarily as a malaria remedy; in other words, chills and fever.  Hahnemann took Peruvian bark (wondering why it was so famous in malaria) and he broke out in chills and fever!  He said, “Oh!  So that’s why!”… and so here we are!  China has periodicity, complaints come and go at predictable intervals–every four hours, every 7 days, etc.  China is also famous for bloating after eating, flatulence that doesn’t relieve; and, of course, chills.

I only needed China once but boy, was I ever glad my emergency kit had it!  (And thank goodness I had an emergency kit–hint, hint!)  I spent the night at a friend’s house, I was really far from home.  The night before we had eaten at a seafood restaurant, which I knew was Trouble!  Sure enough, the next morning, I woke up with an irritable abdomen, suggesting that diarrhea was lurking in the not-far-distant future!  I jumped for the Arsenicum alb. but it didn’t do much good.  You really don’t want to get sick at someone else’s house, especially if there’s only one bathroom!  I had to really think about this case!  I noticed two things that were peculiar–one was flatulence after which there was no relief, and secondly, I was cold!  My teeth were actually chattering!  I thought, “This is certainly unusual, I don’t think I’ve ever had the chills before!”  Then it hit me!  Chills, flatulence–China!  One dose of China 30C and I immediately started feeling better!  I never needed China for anything ever again but, was it ever a life-saver that day!

Here’s a China case from one of my Quizzes.  Notice the gas and bloating and periodicity:

“Gabi’s friend, on the other hand, is Sudanese with a rather unusual problem. His complaint is that every time he eats, he feels awful; “all food burns”, he says, and eating aggravates–he bloats every time he eats! Also, every day in the late afternoon, he gets a fever and becomes irritable. Gabi asked, ‘Have you ever had Malaria?’  He replied, ‘Yes.'”

So what do we see here that goes for China?  Bloating after eating, periodicity (fever at same time every day) and history of malaria.

Now, here’s what you can expect in a China case:

Debility  (Even I, with my acute illness, felt debilitated.  Sometimes with diarrhea, you just have a localized problem–you feel fine but with a sudden urging.  That wasn’t the case with me, I felt really weak and sickly.)

Ailments from loss of vital fluids (think of hemorrhaging, diarrhea, excessive nursing, etc. and if the remedy is China, you might expect debility, bloating, burping that doesn’t relieve or flatulence as concomitants.)

Gallstone colic (worse after eating, better bending double).

Ailments after gallbladder surgery.

Sensitive to pain, to touch, to drafts, to noise.

Post-operative gas pains

Food poisoning, bad water, bad fruit, bad meat, fish…

Hemorrhages with faintness and ringing in the ears

Eating aggravates

Insomnia from fantasies (building castles in the air, as they say; having grandiose plans which, in the light of day, are instantly discarded)






Spleen disorders

Tympanitic abdomen

Flatulent colic

Ringing in the ears

Menses with abdominal distention

And now, heeeeere’s Hahnemann, describing China:
“… behold his earthy complexion, his bloated countenance, his languishing looks!

Behold how difficult it is for him to breathe, see his hard and distended abdomen the swelling of the hypochondria, see how his stomach is oppressed and pained by everything he eats, how his appetite is diminished, how his taste is altered, how loose his bowels are and how unnatural and contrary to what they should be, how his sleep is restless, unrefreshing and full of dreams.

Behold him weak, out of humor and prostrated, his sensibility morbidly excited, his intellectual faculties weakened….”


Well, here’s the idea with Cocculus, you’ve stayed up all night with your sick child, you’re over-sympathetic, worried; you’ve missed your bed time, your biological rhythms are off, you’re feeling dizzy, nauseous, headachy, weak and trembly… grab some Cocculus 30C! 

What else is this remedy famous for?  Motion sickness!  Dizziness and nausea from riding in a car, boat or plane.  Dizziness from watching moving objects.  Also, consider this remedy for jet lag.


When I think of Coffea, I think of excitement!  Picture a child who knows the school fair is tomorrow!  (I’m thinking of myself, of course!)  But, is that child going to be able to sleep?  Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!  Give him Coffea 30C!  What about a child who just got in from a birthday party and is all wound up, is she going to be able to sleep?  No way!  Sleeplessness from joy, that’s Coffea!  Children up playing in the middle of the night.  All excited, full of ideas!  But excitement can be a bad thing too when your nerves are involved!  All of Coffea’s senses seem to be enhanced.  The slightest noise is too loud, odors are too much, their skin is too sensitive to touch, pain is felt too acutely; they can be overly sensitive in all areas, over-reacting to normal stimuli, suggestions, questions, over-reacting to trifles; laughing and crying easily.


The Bitter Cucumber.  So, here’s the deal with Colocynth, regardless of what’s wrong, the patient is bent over double!  The reason he’s bent over is because the remedy is better for hard pressure and bending double is a way of creating that.  This patient has very bad pains–pains along nerves, stabbing pains, clutching pains, cutting pains…the worst!  While they’re bent over double they may be screaming and thrashing about. 

You can think of menstrual cramps, kidney stone colic, ovarian pains, diarrhea pains, sciatica, facial neuralgia…. It’s a left-sided remedy, so, it will be a left-sided sciatica, a left-sided facial neuralgia, etc., and the other important modality aside from better pressure is better heat.  The patient will either be bent over or he will pull his left knee up to his chest in sciatica or kidney stone colic and lie on the painful side like Bryonia.  Also like Bryonia, they are thirsty for cold drinks.  If you see someone bent over double with pain or bent in half or walking in a bent position or leaning forward, think of Colocynth right away.


This is Eyebright.  Profuse discharges from the eyes and the nose.  It’s the opposite of Allium cepa.  Here the eye discharge is burning, nasal discharge is bland.  Again, think of hay fever, allergies or the common cold.  Conjunctivitis.  Fluent bland coryza by day, nose stopped up at night.  The eyes water all the time.  When these eye symptoms are the concomitant in the case, think of Euphrasia.   Worse evening, worse indoors, worse wamth, better in open air–a lot like Pulsatilla.  Yawning when walking in open air.

Eupatorium perfoliatum

This is Boneset.  I’ve actually never prescribed this remedy!  But it’s for a special kind of Malaria, Dengue fever or Flu: the bone pains, the bones feel like they’re breaking!  The muscles feel very sore and bruised.  Any condition where there is a great deal of bone pain, even broken bones.  Insatiable thirst for cold drinks, then the chill comes on.  Despite being chilled, patient is still thirsty.  Drinking leads to vomiting, like Phosphorus.  Painful cough, supports the chest, like Bryonia.  Sore, aching eyeballs with headache.  The pains cause restlessness.  Restless, chilly, nauseated.  Worse cold air, motion, lying on painful part, the smell or sight of food.  Better indoors, covers, conversation (Bryonia does not like conversation).

Ferrum phosphoricum

The first stage of all inflammations.  In other words, do you feel a cold coming on?  An earache?  A sore throat starting?  Take Ferrum phos!  I have Ferrum phos. right next to my bedside.  If I wake up in the middle of the night with a sore throat?  In goes the Ferrum phos 30C and when I wake up the next morning, it’s gone!  (If I wake up in the middle of the night with a cough?  The remedy is Phosphorus!) 

Anyway, the idea here is, right at the beginning of a cold when the symptoms aren’t clear, that’s Ferrum phos.  Also think of hemorrhages of bright red blood, nosebleeds, bloody expectoration with cough, and think of Anemia–take Ferrum phos. 6X four times a day for that.  Finally, iron poisoning (think of someone who has taken too many iron pills.  They should have taken Ferrum phos!)  Vomiting of undigested food or bright red blood.  Fevers of unknown origin.

Hepar sulphuris calcareum

You have to think of abscesses here.  The thing about Hepar abscesses, or any skin or mucus membrane affection, is they are so sensitive to touch!  So painful!  So sensitive!  They say lower potencies enable suppuration, the higher potencies abort it.  You have to think of inflamed mucus membranes and resulting mucus formation. 

Think of the common cold, cough, sinus infection, sore throat, painful middle ear infection.  Cold air aggravates, very sensitive to cold air.  Ailments from cold dry winds, like Aconite.  Deep barking, choking cough, especially when uncovering; hoarseness, rattling of mucus, worse cold air, cold drinks.  Chilly.  Splinter-like pains.  Sensation of a fish bone or splinter in the throat.  Thick, yellow, acrid, stringy/ropy mucus discharges.  Post-nasal drip.  Profuse sweating day and night without relief.  Worse open air, slightest draft, anything cold, uncovering, and touching the affected part.  Thinks there’s cold air blowing on him.  Better warmth, covering the head, damp/wet weather.  Ear infections, worse touch, worse draft of air.  Disharges may smell like old cheese.  Deep cracks on hands and feet.  Ringworm, urticaria, ulcers–all worse touch.

Here’s a Hepar sulph case for you, see if you can spot all the Hepar sulph indications.  If you found 6, you did great:

Good afternoon, Elaine. After the last dose of the aggravation zapper last night, I think the case turned a corner. He was sweating all night without relief. The cough has changed. It’s no longer a cough in the sense of bronchial spasms and is more like a hacking and choking and hawking of much thick clumpy mucus, both clear and yellow, a result of post nasal drip. He has a very stuffy head with a feeling like the brain is too big and the head will split open, the eyeballs pop out. Some of that was relieved by a hot shower. He’s cold, and very sleepy. Very sensitive, especially to touching the raised parts of the rash. He said he had a feeling like he had swallowed a splinter in his throat. He asked me to close the blinds because the small eye pillow he has covering his eyes was too much pressure. Edema is reduced from last night but still present. Still better with regard to being able to walk and the burning pain of the rash on his leg is still better.


This remedy is all about nausea and vomiting and any case where nausea and vomiting are the concomitants, like menstrual cramps with nausea or vomiting, migraines with nausea or vomiting, nausea from loss of sleep.  Think of this even for Ailments from Chemotherapy and Radiation.  We all know how bad the nausea is for these people. 

In Ipecac, vomiting leads to more vomiting instead of relief.  Ipecac has a clean tongue, excessive salivation, uterine hemorrhages of bright red blood with nausea, morning sickness, asthma, wheezing, trouble breathing, cough with rattling mucus, violent incessant cough, coughing up blood, threatened suffocation from mucus.  Worse at the mention, thought, sight or smell of food.  Worse warm rooms.  Summer heat causes fainting.  Fainting in warm rooms.  Worse drugs, morphine.  Better from open air, cold drinks, rest, closing eyes.

Kali bichromicum

As Robin Murphy always used to say, “If the mucus is thick, use Kali bich!”  This is for stopped up noses and sinuses and sinus headaches from sinus catarrh, could be from allergy or just a cold.  “My whole head is stopped up!  My face hurts!  I’ve got a sinus headache!  My sinuses are killing me!  I can’t breathe!  There’s a pain or fullness at the root of my nose!  I’ve got thick post-nasal drip, I’m constantly hawking!  I can’t breathe through my nose at all!  My nose is running but it’s stuffed up too!  And I’ve been sneezing, especially in the morning!”  These are all things Kali bich people would say.

The Kali bich mucus is thick, ropy, stringy, comes out in long strings, is very adherent, can be stretched out, and is often green or yellow or yellow-green.  It’s even been described to me as “Electric Yellow”!  Any mucus you see anywhere from any cause that’s bright yellow, think of Kali bich.  Any mucus you see anywhere for whatever reason that’s long and stringy, think of Kali bich.

Kali bich has this peculiar symptom: pain in one spot.  A person might say, “My pain is right here,” and point to it, and that’s where it is, just there, and that’s it.  Another peculiar symptom–as if a hair is on the tongue, in the nose, etc.

Natrum sulphuricum

When you think of Nat-sulph, you should think of head injuries more so than anything else, concussions: ailments after head injury, never well since head injury, depression after head injury, headache after head injury, epilepsy after head injury, blindness from head injury.  Spinal meningitis.  Asthma, worse 4 and 5 a.m.  Every cold or exertion brings on an asthma attack.  Green, ropy expectoration.  Desire to take deep, long breath.  Painful cough, holds chest.  Thick yellow discharge from the nose.  Stopped up nose.  Sinusitis.  Always worse in humid weather, near the water, rainy weather, damp environment, damp basements, damp houses, damp soil, weather changes from dry to wet, becoming wet.  Spring time aggravation.  Music aggravates.  Violent pains in neck and base of brain.  Desire for ice and ice cold water.  Sensitive to sunlight.


I needed Podophyllum just two nights ago!  And thank goodness I had the 200C here because the 30C didn’t hold!  (Make up your minds to start ordering the high potencies of these remedies because you WILL need them!)  There’s only one reason to have this remedy as far as I’m concerned and that’s diarrhea!  But, a very special kind of diarrhea–yellow!  It has never failed for me that as soon as the diarrhea turns yellow?  It’s Podophyllum!  Stool is watery, gushing and offensive.  Worse hot weather, summer, early morning.  Thirst for large quantities of cold water.  Drinking water agg.  Stools involuntary during sleep, involuntary when passing flatus.  Sudden urging (I can vouch for that!)  I understand the color can also be green but I haven’t seen that.


What’s the main reason you’d be carrying Pulsatilla 30C with you?  Digestive troubles caused by eating fatty rich food! 

It may be from eating a greasy pizza, it may be too much cake and ice cream or a big fatty cheeseburger!  You’ll be fine if you’ll just reach for the Pulsatilla!  No, you don’t have to be crying to reach for Pulsatilla in such a situation, which reminds me of what else we use Pulsatilla for–Children!  The childhood diseases!  It’s in bold for chicken pox, measles and mumps.  Why would Pulsatilla be such a great children’s remedy?  Because it matches the mentals that most children have–mild, affectionate, crying easily, laughing easily, easily reassured, fear of abandonment, clingy, better from sympathy, better being carried…you can see how this fits most children.

Now, here’s what you should look for in a Pulsatilla condition:

Thick, bland yellow or green discharges
Desire for sympathy, open air (even if they’re cold)
Worse heat, warm rooms, hot baths, evening, sun
Changeable symptoms
Desire for cold things like popsicles
Desire for butter, may eat it directly off the stick
Chilly but worse warmth
Wandering symptoms

Some Pulsatilla illnesses you might be on the lookout for:

Otitis media (ear infection)
Conjuctivitis, itching burning eyes, profuse lachrymation
Ailments from getting the feet wet
Prostatitis with thick, yellow, bland discharge
Stomach feels heavy
Childhood viral illnesses with the usual Pulsatilla keynotes
Vertigo as if turning around in a circle
Any illness where Pulsatilla keynotes are concomitants; for example, PMS with crying, strep throat with desire to eat butter, etc.
Never well since puberty
Food poisoning from fatty, rich food


Aka Pyrogenium.  It’s rotten meat.  To make this remedy, they took meat and left it out in the sun for 2 weeks.  Yikes!  So what’s it for?  Fevers!  Septic fevers.  Sepsis means bad odors, muscle aches, sleepiness, muttering and confusion.  Think of this for post-surgical fevers, post-childbirth fevers, ruptured appendix, staph infections. 

Shana once needed this remedy for Strep Throat.  The clue to the prescription was bad breath and Mercurius didn’t work.  I needed it for a flu once.  The key to that prescription was the bed felt too hard and I couldn’t get comfortable.  But I have needed it many times for toothaches, especially the upper right molars.  I assume an abscess was present, but I don’t know.  “Teeth: abscess, roots”–Pyrogen is a 3, along with Hepar sulph, and Silica.  Hecla lava is a 4.  What are some keynotes of Pyrogen?

Restlessness due to sore achy muscles
Offensive discharges
Obstinate, offensive ulcers of old people
Blood poisoning
Aching, bruised sensation, sore
Bone pains
Bed sores
No appetite or thirst, least liquid is immediately rejected.
Bed feels too hard
Bad breath, bad odors
Sceptic wounds
High fevers, sore limbs and delirium
Sweating does not relieve the fever
Abscessed tonsils

Rescue Remedy

This is a Bach Flower 5-remedy combination.  I have it in a spray bottle.  You can take as needed.  The purpose of Rescue Remedy is to restore balance and calm in emergencies; in fact, it can be the first remedy you give when you arrive at an accident.  Think of it in shock, panic, faintness, trembling.  The five flowers in the combination are:

Star of Bethlehem–for shock, trauma and sadness
Rock Rose–for terror and panic
Impatiens–inner turmoil, tension, impatience
Cherry plum–for desperation and fear that events are out of control
Clematis–for faintness

You can also give this remedy before a stressful event, such as public speaking, surgery, doctor visits, job interview, etc.  I have a great Rescue Remedy story–please forgive me if you’ve already heard it.  I was driving back from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and stopped to eat at a road-side restaurant.  This always spells death!  When I got back in the car after eating, I started getting abdominal pains.  Oh no, I thought!  Why did I think I could eat somewhere?  I took Arsenicum alb.  That helped somewhat but I had a lingering nagging feeling that kept me from being able to drive off.  Kind of in an act of desperation, I took Rescue Remedy, and within minutes, if not seconds, a complete recovery ensued!  I confidently drove off!  All I can say is, who knows what Rescue Remedy may be good for!  Maybe you should just always have it with you!


I guess everyone knows it’s a sponge!  There’s one main reason to have this remedy–coughing!  And it’s got a special kind of cough:  like a saw sawing through a pine board!  It can also sound “wheezing”, “barking”, “whistling”, “ringing”, “hacking”, “crowing” or “raspy” but always dry, no mucus.

Aggravations:  sleep, sweets, candy, cold/dry winds, cold drinks, talking, swallowing, warm room.

Better: warm drinks, warm food.

Dry asthma after midnight.  Asthmatic cough with suffocation, worse cold air.  Awakes in a fright with fear of death from suffocation.  Flushed face, hard, rapid breathing, great alarm with agitation and anxiety.
Some might say it feels like they’re breathing through a sponge.

Dry chronic cough of heart disease.  Enlarged heart.
Rawness in the chest


About dosing:  You can take your first dose directly from the remedy tube or vial; but, if you plan to take subsequent doses, you should put two pellets in a small bottle of spring water and succuss the bottle 5 times before each dose, a dose being a sip.  Or you can put two pellets into a disposable cup of water and stir with a straw or plastic spoon before each dose.  For more clarification on that, see:
“Why Do We Have To Put The Remedy In Water?”

Repeat as needed; but always remember, a striking improvement precludes further dosing, as does an aggravation.
That about does it for me.  These remedies won’t help you unless you have them!  I hear all kinds of excuses for why people don’t have a 30C remedy kit!  Don’t be one of those people!

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases! Write to her at [email protected]

Visit her website: elaineLewis.hpathy.com

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at [email protected]
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  • Doctor, you don’t need to acquire the five Bach Flower remedies yourself. Dr. Bach has done it for you and combined them into a mixture he calls “Rescue Remedy”. Are you sure that your homeopathic pharmacy doesn’t carry it?

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  • Tamhom, thank you very much! Dr. Shekhar, do a google search for Rescue Remedy. I think you’re still confused about it. It’s not really homeopathy, it’s closer to herbology–though maybe a little bit of both. When I did “Your Emergency Kit” part 1, someone scolded me for leaving out Rescue Remedy; so I thought, “I better not make that same mistake this time!”

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