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Tidbits — Part 3

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Written by Elaine Lewis

Homeopath Elaine Lewis gives us more helpful hints in Tidbits – Part 3. Bits and pieces of natural healing.


Don’t Panic!

Remedies for panic attacks from low blood sugar:

Acute- Aconite

Chronic- Argent-nit., Phosphorus, Lycopodium, Anacardium

Strobe Lights Aggravate — Belladonna

Severe acutes in childhood–Carcinosin

Color of Mucus:

Yellow: Hepar sulph., Pulsatilla, Kali sulph., Blatta, Hydrastis, Silica, Sulphur, Kali bich., Phosphorus, Nat-mur, Nux v., Sepia, Belladonna, Calc-carb, Kali carb, Graphites, Arg-nit, Chamomilla, Lyc, and others.

Green: Kali bich., Pulsatilla, Thuja, Mercury, Phosphorus, Sulph, Veratrum a., Arsenicum, Drosera, Carbo vegetabilis, Lycopodium Sepia, and others.

Flu Case Short-Hand:

Stiff, restless–Rhus tox

Worse least motion and irritable–Bryonia


Malaise/apathy/sleepy and thirstless–Gelsemium

Besotted, indifferent, bad odors and thirsty–Baptisia

Feels like run over by a truck–Arnica

Bone pains, eye pains and thirsty–Eupatorium perf.

Ferrum phos. 6X as Iron Supplement:

Take four pellets three times a day as per directions on the bottle.

Got Sciatica? Consider Gnaphalium.

Stop Carbs For 2 Weeks!

If you stop all carbs for two weeks, your body will “reset” and be able to tolerate reasonable amounts of them without putting on weight. Cutting back moderately won’t work. And by carbs, I’m referring to sweets, starches and grains. What are you left with? Meats, fats, and vegetables–basically, the Atkins Diet. Check the labels of everything you buy for sugar!

Avoid White Flour!

Any “food” made out of white flour turns into white sugar in your stomach!

Play it safe and eat whole grains, avoid white flour at all costs. (Ignore that angry piece of white bread standing there!) It becomes a paste in your intestines, hardens, and then really messes up your digestion and ability to absorb nutrients from your food and causes constipation!

Mental Problems?

Your so-called “mental patient” may, in fact, just have low blood-sugar caused by eating too many carbs and skipping meals. Ask your patient to describe his eating habits including how often he eats. You might find that he skips meals, eats nothing but white flour products like white bread and buns, donuts and pasta and meat with hardly any fruits or vegetables; oh, and lots of soda too which is full of sugar (and, incredibly, salt!)

Symptoms of Low Blood-Sugar:





Waking after 3 or 4 hours sleep


Migraine headaches

Peptic ulcers

Rheumatoid Arthritis







Panic attacks

Poor concentration

Cause: over-consumption of carbs, white flour and white sugar, lack of fruit, vegetables and whole grains, and missing meals.

What’s New?

Sugar and grains, that’s what! Candy, cake, cookies, pasta, bread, cold cereal, rice, corn and hot cereal are relatively new inventions that didn’t even exist a few hundred years ago. They stimulate your pancreas to release insulin, but in these amounts, the insulin is soon exhausted, resulting in diabetes and leading to kidney failure. Cut back on sugar and grains and live longer!

Low Thyroid?

The birth control pill and Premarin depress thyroid function.

Diarrhea from:

antibiotics–Nitric acid, Arsenicum

emotions–Argent-nit, Gelsemium, Ignatia

Weak Bladder Since Hysterectomy?Bellis Perennis

Phosphoric acid–Sunken features, blue circles around the eyes.

China–Never well since blood loss, hemorrhaging.

Surgical Menopause–Sepia

Silica–ringing in the ears since a loud noise,

plus migraines from suppressed sweat.

Tabaccum–vertigo with nausea

Frozen Shoulder

Ferrum metallicum–left sided frozen shoulder

Sanguinaria–Right-sided frozen shoulder.

Chamomilla–headaches from coffee, morphine and heroin, and heroin withdrawal.

Plumbum–ALS, muscles with jerks and spasms, atrophy of muscles.

Zinc–head nodding, weak memory, repeats the question before answering, restless feet.

Health Care System Not Healthy

“Over 250,000 people a year die from physician activity or therapy in America alone. The number who don’t die but become disabled or develop diseases could exceed 3,000,000 a year.” JAMA Vol. 284.

Here’s a Hospital Favorite!

Ensure! As a “health” drink, it’s supposed to impart nutrition to those needing it the most. Ensure contains 12 teaspoons of sugar, more than a can of soda!  White sugar is physically addicting and no hospital should be offering it as part of patient care!  The first four ingredients in Ensure are water, sugar, corn syrup and maltodextrin–all carbs!  Essentially, you could say, in the final analysis, there is nothing here but sugar!  If you want to know what a real health shake is made of?  See my Convalescence article.  It’s on my website under “Food Fight! (Healing with Nutrition)”.


Antibiotics cause candida (yeast) over-growth which can be the cause of every symptom you can imagine, including headaches, fatigue, gas, nausea, depression, constipation, allergies and inability to lose weight. Candida causes food cravings and makes you eat when you’re not hungry. Did you know that antibiotics are worthless against viruses which is usually what people have when they get sick? Antibiotics are only effective against bacteria. Most people don’t get the distinction between the two which is why doctors are only too happy to prescribe them for either one!

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases. Write to her at [email protected]

Visit her website: elaineLewis.hpathy.com

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at [email protected]
Elaine is a graduate of Robin Murphy's Hahnemann Academy of North America and author of many articles on homeopathy including her monthly feature in the Hpathy ezine, "The Quiz". Visit her website at:
https://elainelewis.hpathy.com/ and TheSilhouettes.org


  • Thank you so much for this. The information is given against a backdrop of the many current negative nutritional practices in our current culture.

  • Thanks everybody! I just wanted to add, also ask your patients how much coffee they drink. Coffee is another “food” that can cause blood sugar to drop, which causes the adrenals to release adrenaline which creates anxiety and feelings of panic. Some people drink this stuff all day long! It’s ridulous that these people wind up in psychiatrists’ offices for anxiety, and the doctor never asks what they eat or drink, which amounts to malpractice as far as I’m concerned, because they wind up with addictive prescriptions when they only needed to stop their coffee! Also, coffee is very hard on the bladder, so, you might expect to see bladder complaints in these people as well.

  • Thank you for a wonderfully informative piece. I think I’m going to save this and keep referring to it… 🙂

  • your information about the antibiotic increases candida(fungal infection) is highly deserving.

  • Every bit of information in this post is highly valuable , hope to see many more Hints coming from you on these pages . Thanks a ton. And God bless!

  • Please do not forget Syphillinum when treating bi-lateral frozen shoulder.It has helped many patient.

  • Dear Elaine, we all of us thank u for this great work you do. All your articles are very useful for the new Homeopaths. Please let me know what we can use instead of sugar. It’s a real problem for me. Unfortunately I can avoid sugar till now. What do u think of Stevia instead of sugar? I a looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Warm regards
    Vasiliki (Vicky Zora Petrakis)

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