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Tidbits–Part 4-It’s About Cancer This Time

cancer article

I have a lot to say about natural healing vs. chemo and radiation, so, let’s get started!


You need to get a mammogram every year like you need a hole in the head!  According to the LA Times: 


“For every 10-percentage-point increase in screening rates, the incidence of breast cancer rose by 16 percent…” 

Sounds to me like mammograms are actually causing breast cancer!  The British Medical Journal reported on the largest mammography study done in recent years, which concluded that mammography had no advantage over annual breast exams!2/  That is worth repeating so I will:

No advantage over annual breast exams!

Plus, here’s something else you should know about mammography, something called “over-diagnosis”.  Apparently–and this was a revelation to me– 25% of diagnosed tumors, even though meeting the criteria for “cancer”, never grow and never materialize into anything!  And if you hadn’t gotten a mammogram, you never would have known about them; but because you’ve been duly “diagnosed”, you are now aggressively treated with surgery, chemo and radiation and endure needless suffering and disfiguring.  

False-positives are another problem.  They occur 20 to 56% of the time according to the Archives of Internal Medicine.  The Cochrane Database Review says that mammography leads to a 30% rate of over-diagnosis and over-treatment.3/

The Lancet Oncology in 2011 reported on a study that showed that the more mammograms women got, the more breast cancer they developed in later years compared to the controls.4/

Is it really hard to believe that radiation causes cancer? 




Alan, my editor, and I were talking on the phone tonight, and he was telling me about MSM and how important it is to cancer treatment.  Then he sent me this information in email.  I thought, Why waste it on just me?  Everyone should know about this!  So, I give you now, our editor-in-chief, Alan Schmukler!

Hi Elaine,

Here is some info on MSM and vitamin C.  MSM is used for a wide array of health issues.

According to the website, MSM enables your cells and tissues to release toxins that have built up over time.

Interesting!  You know Alan, I was in Essene’s Natural Foods today, and I see they’re selling MSM there in the vitamin department!  Apparently, people are finding out about MSM and are asking for it.

If you take too much MSM, though, your body will release the toxins too fast for your kidneys and liver to handle.  This can cause cleansing reactions, so start on MSM gradually and drink lots of water.

OK, thanks for that heads-up!

Most of this information comes from the alternative cancer website:  This is one of the best websites for this information, so support it!  MSM is mainly used as an oxygen transport, to remove lactic acid from the bloodstream and as a pain killer.

Wow!  I did not know that!

As far as cancer is concerned, MSM is used for oxygen transport, to kill microbes, to help remove lactic acid from the bloodstream and thus to prevent cachexia (extreme weight loss).  It also helps get anti- cancer substances into the cell.  It has anti- inflammatory properties and helps reduce pain.

Wow, that’s really important.

The “lactic acid cycle” in cancer refers to glucose entering cancer cells where it’s converted to lactic acid and is released into the bloodstream, where it goes to the liver to be changed to glucose…which then re-enters the cancer cells.

A vicious cycle, in other words.  Any hints on dosage?

First, the vendor I recommend is:

MSM is sometimes referred to as organic sulphur.  Only the correct kind will work.  There’s a recommended dosage on the container, but people usually build up SLOWLY to a higher dosage.  Here’s something I found this morning: How much MSM should I take?  Best to start with 500 mg daily.  This for about one week and then rise to 1000 mg daily and take this for a week.  Go on like this for several weeks adding 500 mg at one time, until you are taking 10,000 mg daily.  This will make up for the years of deficiency that your body has experienced.  Then reduce the amount to a maintenance level for whatever works for you.  This is a balance between addressing what you want to address and being able to sleep as well as you would like at night.  For most people the maintenance level is between 1 and 2 teaspoons (4,000 to 8,000 mg) per day.  Always drink LOTS of water when starting on MSM or when increasing the amount you are taking.

Here’s something about vitamin C: At normal doses it acts as an anti- oxidant.  At very high doses it acts as an OXIDANT and kills cancer cells.

Wow!  Now, luckily, since you mention high doses, there’s a new product on the market called Sufficient-C.  To read about it, see my interview with the owner of Sufficient-C, Caralyn Vessal.  The article is called: “High Dose Vitamin C–It’s Finally Here!”  

You can order Sufficient-C from  

It’s non-GMO, contains no sugar and no artificial ingredients.  I was shocked to read that the most popular Vitamin C brand, “Emergen-C”, actually contains sugar and fructose, they’re the first ingredients listed on the box!  I have Sufficient-C right here in my house and it’s delicious and very easy to drink; 4,000 mg. of vitamin C per glass, just what a cancer patient needs!  A cancer patient does NOT need sugar!  And by the way, how much vitamin C does a cancer patient need?  Probably at least 10,000 mg. a day according to Dr. Linus Pauling, in divided doses (not all at once).  Thank you, Alan, for that special report on MSM and Vitamin C!  


Chemotherapy: a Total Flop!

The failure rate for chemotherapy is 97%.  Why?  It doesn’t work on solid tumors.  Please see this video for details, it’s called “Chemotherapy: Fact Vs. Fiction”; Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez is being interviewed by Jonathan Landsman:  


Radiation: Not Such A Great Idea Either

Researchers used to believe that radiation could kill cancer cells.  Now they’re discovering that all it does is cause cancer to spread!  After initial regression of the tumor, the cancer rebounds with a vengeance!  A study done at UCLA found that radiation, instead of killing cancer, actually promoted it!  Radiation also turns normal cells into cancer stem cells which then produce their own tumors.  And then there are the side effects: look for nerve damage with pain and numbness; if the treatment was near the head or neck, look for throat and mouth sores, look for the glands to be damaged; look for damage to any near-by organ.  For more details, click below: 

10 Questions to Ask BEFORE Accepting Radiation Therapy for Cancer

Fruits and Vegetables, the things that can actually cure cancer, are Completely Worthless (according to law-makers).



According to U.S. federal law, no natural substance is allowed to be advertised as a cure for anything!


Chemotherapy Unacceptable (so say oncologists!)

From Cancer-Free (p. 74):  “In Canada…the prestigious McGill Cancer Center in Montreal, Quebec, did a study of oncologists to determine how they would respond to a diagnosis of cancer.  On the confidential questionnaire, 58 out of 64 oncologists (91%) said that ALL chemotherapy programs were unacceptable to them and their family members.  The overriding reasons they gave for this decision were that the drugs are ineffective and have an unacceptable degree of toxicity.  These are the same doctors who will tell you that chemotherapy treatments will shrink your tumor and prolong your life!  A similar and more recent study conducted by the Los Angeles Times found that 75% of the oncologists stated that chemotherapy and radiation were ‘unacceptable as treatments for themselves or their families.'”

Many people think that chemotherapy targets cancer cells.  That is not true!  Chemo targets fast-multiplying cells.  But cancer cells aren’t the only cells in the body that are fast-multiplying!  Many normal cells are fast-multiplying.  Obviously the cells on the scalp that grow hair are one such example!  But so are the cells lining the intestines!  What happens when these cells get killed off?  Malabsorption!  The chemo patient cannot absorb the nutrients from food!  It’s just sheer insanity, the biggest embarrassment “modern” medicine has to offer!

The War On Cancer

In 1971, the United States declared a “war on cancer”, pouring 100’s of billions of dollars into research.  Over 40 years later, virtually NO PROGRESS has been made in curing the most common forms of cancer!  More Americans are dying of cancer today than ever before.  So what accounts for this?  Why does this situation continue to remain unchanged over decades?  Because…  oncologists are allowed to profit from the sale of chemo drugs!  Look at this:

“Unlike other doctors, oncologists make most of their income by buying chemo drugs wholesale and selling them to patients at marked up prices.  Ethicists see a real problem with this structure.  NBC’s Rehema Ellis reports.”  To watch the video, click here.  This is NBC Nightly News:

NBC: Cancer Docs Profit from Chemotherapy Drugs

This ensures that nothing in the field of cancer treatment ever changes!  When you say “no” to chemo, you’re taking a big bite out of your oncologist’s pay check!  This will not endear you to him!

You have to get off of this hamster wheel, drop out, as Timothy Leary said over 40 years ago, of mainstream commercial culture, which is all about profiteering!

Biopsies for Diagnosing Tumors?  Well, as Judge Judy is fond of saying:

Not very smart!


Actually, I have no idea what Judge Judy, herself, would say; only what I HOPE she would say if she had all the facts, as a biopsy means literally poking a hole in your tumor.  Does that sound like a safe idea?  It sounds very reckless to me.  Breaking the protective wall around the tumor frequently results in the spread of cancer cells.  Removing the tumor surgically can bring about the same thing. You know what else isn’t such a great idea?  The undue and excessive pressure from the mammography machine! 

There are less invasive ways to diagnose cancer.  My choice would be to avoid all “procedures” and begin the process of detoxifying and boosting your immune system so that your own body can dispose of cancer cells as it used to before you overwhelmed it with junk food, soda, alcohol, tobacco, imitation “juice”, and toxic drugs and personal hygiene products!  Oh, and tattoos!  The ink is so toxic, it actually contains cadmium, one of the worst carcinogens on the planet, I can’t believe anybody seriously thought this fad was harmless!  Anything that goes on your skin gets into your blood stream, which reminds me, cosmetics?  Buy them from the health food store!  Deodorant, skin cream, lipstick…to quote Dr. Mercola:

New research examining parabens found in cancerous human breast tissue points the finger at antiperspirants and other cosmetics for increasing your risk of breast canceri.

Cancer is rarely an emergency.  It took years, perhaps decades, for it to get to the point where it is now, you’ve got plenty of time to read up on how to get rid of it using natural, non-toxic means; but, realize, your doctor knows this too.  That’s why patients so commonly hear, “You have no time!  You’re in big trouble!  You’re right on the edge, you have to act now!”  Maybe you do, but, most likely, you don’t.  We’re going to talk about quick solutions to this cancer emergency, we’re going to talk about treatment that really works.

Begin by not making things worse!  Clean up your lifestyle, stop smoking, drinking, taking drugs, eating junk food; replace white flour products with whole grains, introduce raw fruits and vegetables into your diet; buy a juicer and start juicing, start taking vitamin C and start buying your personal hygiene products from the health food store or Whole Foods—including deodorant, mouthwash, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc.  These are all common sense first steps!  And no, a blender is not a juicer.  For more information on juicing, please see my “Convalescence” article:

Tidbits, Part-8 – Convalescence


Flaxseed oil and Cottage Cheese

AKA, “the Budwig Diet”, founded by Dr. Johanna Budwig.  A little flaxseed oil mixed with cottage cheese.  This combo kills cancer cells by the billions!  The cottage cheese is a carrier for the oil.  It oxygenates the cells.  Cancer hates oxygen!  Here are your instructions, from Bill Henderson’s book, Cancer-Free:

“Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese is very simple to prepare.  You mix 6 ounces (about 2/3 cup or 170 ml) of organic cottage cheese (no preservatives), 1% or 2% fat, with 6 tablespoons of flaxseed oil.  The 6 tablespoons are about 3 ounces (1/3 cup or 85 ml).  Both ingredients are readily available at most health food stores in most parts of the world.  This is the cancer patient’s dose – every day.  It can be divided in half to make two servings – morning and afternoon to make it easier to eat.  However, since it does oxidize quickly, it should be eaten as soon as possible after it is mixed.”  You can add blueberries or strawberries or other fruit if you like.

Go to and type in Budwig Diet to see lots of demonstrations on how to prepare it.


     Coconut Water!


The following comes from an excellent website,

Coconut water is the water inside of “young coconuts,” which have not had their shell harden yet.

This product is amazing at getting rid of the symptoms and damage done by chemotherapy.  It is an electrolyte, it oxygenates the blood, it restores the ANC count, white blood count, hemoglobin, platelets, etc.

As if that weren’t enough, because it is an antimicrobial, it can also kill microbes inside of cancer cells and revert them into normal cells.  In other words, it can be a cancer treatment!!

Generally you need to buy these “young coconuts” at health food stores, but some grocery stores may be able to obtain them.

Note: The coconut water that comes in a box will not work, you must use fresh “young coconuts” and extract the coconut water.  And also, coconut water, I’m sorry to say, does not taste as good as it sounds.  Maybe you can disguise the taste by pouring it into a smoothie, or, you can blend it up with the coconut meat and make real coconut milk.  In a video below, Chris Wark demonstrates how to make coconut milk.  Just a warning, you will need a really sharp knife!

Stop Feeding The Cancer!!!!!

The cancer cell actually needs to eat!  But don’t become a catering service for them!  Do you want to know what cancer eats?  This should come as no surprise to you–JUNK FOOD!  It’s sugar-dependent!!!!!!  We all know what sugar is but do you know what else sugar is?  Anything made of white flour!  White flour turns to white sugar in your stomach!  So does white rice!  We’re looking at three “foods”, right off the bat, that have to go — sweets, white flour products and white rice—basically, all processed food!  Learn to cook from scratch with whole foods!  

Now let’s talk about meat.  First of all, under the best of circumstances, meat is hard to digest.  It contains no fiber, it’s acidic (and cancer loves an acid environment!) and it takes a lot of energy to digest meat, energy that could be used to kill cancer cells!  Now, added to that, what if the meat you’re eating comes from restaurants, the supermarket and fast-food joints?  Such meat is exclusively the product of factory farms!  Do you know what they feed their cattle and chickens?  JUNK FOOD—to fatten them up!  The only safe way to eat meat is to make sure you’re buying organic!  My guess is that most of you aren’t; so, eating meat is something that you’d seriously want to cut back on. 

What else?  Packaged/processed foods full of chemicals?  Very bad.  Don’t buy them! 

The microwave oven?  Close it up for good!  

Milk and dairy products?  If they come from the supermarket, they’re from factory farms, the cows are sick, under-nourished; the milk is over-processed and full of hormones and antibiotics…don’t buy it!  Raw milk from pastured cows and goats, on the other hand, is a different story.  If you can get raw milk, great.  You can also think in terms of almond milk, hemp milk and flax milk; be sure to read the labels though and make sure there’s no added sugar. 

Generally speaking, there are two types of food that are healing:  Raw Juices, smoothies and Raw Food, like salads!  This is where the healing is, people!  Invest in a juicer and one of those personal blenders.  

It might just well be that the cancer patient is anorexic and refusing to eat.  With raw juices, that is not a problem because raw juices need no digestion and the nutrients get right to work!  So, rather than force-feeding your cancer patient, make juice for him!  However, I have to add in a word of caution:  Go Slow!  Too much healthy food at once can give a cancer patient diarrhea!  I know it sounds counter-intuitive; but, the digestive systems of these people have been corrupted for years!  You might have to go very slow in introducing raw juices to these patients.

Now, about coffee enemas, and this is very important!  Why?  First of all, they stop the pain!  Secondly, they cause the liver to dump its toxic accumulations, and this is essential; otherwise, the dead cancer cells will overwhelm the liver and the patient will become toxic and sick!  Here is a great video showing you how to do a coffee enema:

At the Gerson Clinic, they do 4 coffee enemas a day!  

Gerson Therapy

They also do 13 cups of raw juice a day, that’s approximately one cup of juice an hour.


According to Charlotte Gerson, after three days on this regimen, all the cancer pain is gone!  It should be mostly vegetables and an apple to make it tasty so the patient is more inclined to drink it.  For instance, carrot/kale juice with one apple.  Your cancer cells will be in a panic once you start juicing!  They’ll be saying, “McDonalds!  You need to go to McDonalds!”  Just ignore them, because, well…they’re dying.

Don’t forget large, huge salads to cleanse your digestive system.  Charlotte Gerson says the only oil or fat you can have is Flax oil, though Chris from seemed to have had no trouble with olive oil.  Anything else encourages the growth of cancer cells, says Charlotte Gerson, and if you need to, a modest amount of organic animal protein can be added: eggs, chicken, fish; in general, steer clear of any “food” with a corporate label on it, and steer clear of soy, it’s a highly processed food!  Trade in your table salt (sodium chloride) for this:



Himalayan Pink Salt.  This is ancient sea salt.  It contains all the minerals and it’s actually good for you!

Eat sprouted bread, like Ezekiel bread. 

Ezekiel Bread

You’ll have to look for this bread in the freezer section of your natural food market.

Garlic kills cancer cells, so do these really hot peppers, habanero peppers.


Here’s an idea, twice a day, make an anti-cancer sandwich:  Ezekiel bread, flax oil, fresh garlic and habanero peppers.  Ginger kills cancer cells too!  You can substitute ginger for the peppers if you want.  Do that for two weeks and Pow!  Bye-bye cancer!  As much as I would like to take credit for this sandwich, I actually learned about it here:

The directions for making the sandwich are as follows, though please read the whole article, which is called “How I Cured My Stage 4 Cancer in Two Weeks…” (see above link)

“(1) Grate one habanero pepper each day, putting it on bread. Yes, you use the seeds. (2) Grate two cloves of garlic each day, putting them on bread and covering with butter. (3) One tablespoon of Emulsified cod liver oil once or twice each day.* TwinLabs makes some wonderfully flavored cod liver oil.

The cod liver oil is not put on the sandwich.  One serving of the oil may be taken before or after eating the sandwich with the same meal

I used the cod liver oil because I was not losing weight or dealing with fluid retention.  If I had either of those conditions, I would have used evening primrose oil or borage oil instead of the emulsified cod liver oil, taking 6,000 mgs a day in divided doses.

(4) Smother the grated garlic and habaneros peppers with real butter [keep in mind the Gerson Clinic uses only flax oil] and eat it. Organic or raw butter is best. No margarines of any type, including Smart Balance, etc.

If hot peppers didn’t agree with me, then ginger is what I would use – and yes I trust the ginger just as much as the habanero to do the job.”


Mushrooms deprive tumors of their blood supply, so, add mushrooms to your menu every day!

Make a stew out of real vegetables, like this one I made:


Make a big pot so you can eat it all day long, don’t over-cook the vegetables (but, I concede that they have to be soft enough to sink a fork into).  You can serve it over brown rice if you want but use the rice sparingly. 


Dr. Jim’s Cancer Cure

Basically, it’s like this:  Cancer requires an acidic environment.  The way to deprive the cancer of this environment is with baking soda!  Here’s how you do it:  You heat up 3 parts maple syrup in a non-toxic sauce pan like stainless steel, and one part baking soda, mix it up and take a tsp.  The cancer cells gobble up the maple syrup and are clobbered by the baking soda which kills them!  


Mix 3 parts organic maple syrup with 1 part Aluminum-free baking soda (like Red Mill Brand) stir with low heat (not over 120 degrees) for 5-10 minutes and take 3 tsp per day for 1 to 2 months. If it tastes terrible, you burned it, which is easy to do, so be careful.  Change diet to no meat and especially no sugar!! and no white flour.

So listen everybody, I have to start dinner now, but… what have we learned today? 

We’ve learned about MSM, Vitamin C, the Budwig Protocol, Dr. Jim’s cancer cure, coconut water, how to eat right for cancer including a very special anti-cancer sandwich, juicing, coffee enemas, and how to not use toxic products for personal hygiene; and I should add, are you cooking with aluminum pots and teflon?  That’s a problem too!  Is this all there is to say?  Probably not, but it’s a great start for an article modestly called “Tidbits”.

Don’t forget my two companion articles that help round out this subject:

Why Do We Have To Talk About Diet?


Why Do We Have To Talk About DietAgain!

Here’s a great video by a former oncology nurse named Valerie Warwick and her journey out of oncology and into natural healing.  She’s being interviewed here by Chris Wark from which in my opinion is the best anti-cancer site on the web and I encourage everyone to visit it, read the articles and watch the videos showing what he ate and juiced that cured his late-stage colon cancer at age 26; very inspirational.

The Giant Cancer-Fighting Salad:

Homeopathy for Side Effects of Chemo and Radiation

You will be wanting to buy on Amazon:

1.  Ipecac 30C

Boiron - Ipecacuanha 30c, 30c, 80 pellets

2. Cadmium sulphuricum 30C

Sponsored Ad - BOIRON USA - Cadmium Sulfuricum 30c [Health and Beauty]

These 2 remedies are for the nausea and vomiting caused by chemo and radiation.  It’s not clear which one will work better, that’s why I’m mentioning both of them.  Homeopathic remedies work best if you drop 2 pellets into a half-filled bottle of spring water and shake well before each dose which is a sip.  Once you feel better, stop dosing.  If you start to relapse, dose again.  You should take a dose before chemo or radiation and a dose after.  Try one remedy, if it doesn’t do the job as well as it should, give the second remedy a try and see which one works better.

3. X-Ray 30C

Boiron X-Ray 30C Homeopathic Medicine for Itching or Skin Rash - 80 Pellets

Homeopathic X-Ray is for anemia, fatigue, low vitality, sick feeling, etc. after cancer “treatment”.  Hopefully, you will stop cancer “treatment” altogether before it kills you.  Remember, it’s oncologists themselves who have said it’s too toxic to be suitable for them or for members of their family!

If you have any questions, let me know.


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases.  Email her at [email protected]

Visit her website:

About the author

Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at [email protected]
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  • I have to say I am very disappointed that you have just cut and pasted from other websites to support your viewpoint, furthering suspicion about mainstream medical treatments.

    The cause of Homoeopathy is hurt by this regurgitation of misquoted and misunderstood studies. I have looked up the original study and note the conclusions for myself. How many others would put this work into trying to understand just a little of what takes more than 10 years of study by the brightest minds to really comprehend.

    I am committed to homoeopathy as a lay user. I vaccinate, I would use chemo, but I can also think for myself and I will not be reading rubbish articles like this one again. What a shame to make Doctors seem like money grabbing murderers. all the more shame that the people you seek to serve by this article, those who have cancer, are those most vulnerable! It is simply immoral.

  • First of all, the link you posted? That was a different survey than the one I referred to, but even so, it showed that 84% of the doctors surveyed would reject chemo for colon cancer, for themselves or their family! I mean, colon cancer is just about the most common form of cancer there is! I don’t know how you helped your case by linking to that survey. And referring to my article as “copying and pasting”? You could more aptly and respectfully have called it “researching and reporting” but clearly, your position is that people should not be trying alternative cancer treatments, which is sad because clearly, the medical profession has no cure for cancer, and the reason is, they’re relying solely on poisons as treatment; it’s preposterous, outrageous and deadly.

  • Elaine, Can you please provide me with the issue number and the Author of the Clinical Oncology Journal?. The pages starting from 449- is “Conformal rotation therapy with central axis beam block is a feasible alternative to intensity-modulated radiotherapy for chordomas of the cervical spine”
    Am I missing something?

  • very informative and helpful for those suffering from cancer. These things at least can be added simultaneously. the sites are really good. I have used these informative sites in past also. Few else like Essiac tea are also available. The article is quick shot and easy to understand. Atleast it opens a window to explore further for the cancer patient. Though angle of money grabbing by sites is to be taken caution of by the sufferers . But most of the treatments are of home made article or other readily available substances. Also would like to point out about Urotheraphy ( taking self urine ) as a tested method of treatment for cancer . I have witnessed atleast 3 cures with this ALONE !

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I know that a lot of German doctor collegues share the meaning of American oncologists concerning chemotherapy because the therapy is too toxic. A homoeopathic good friend of mine introduced the Budwig diet to me . She lived very healthy, only organic food, has never eaten junk food, did not drink or smoke and she died of bladder cancer. The Budwig diet gives the European bodies a lot of energy and you feel really good if you eat it. But I do not believe that this diet is able to kill cancer cells. I believe in Hahnemann who said: everything depends on the life force.

    • Thanks for commenting, Dagmar. I don’t think our focus needs to be on “killing cancer cells”. Chemo kills cancer cells but look at what it does to the patient! If the Budwig diet made your friend feel more energetic, this is what’s important. Dagmar, sooner or later, something has to take us out of here; we’re all leaving here some day; but, we can leave quietly or in agony. HOW you leave is just as important as whether or not you achieve a “cure”. If the Budwig diet enables a person with cancer to feel well, I think that’s great news! Thanks for sharing that.

  • Smith A, what article are you referring to? Please remember, when oncologists talk about “cures”, they are referring to 5-year survival rates. According to them, if you’re alive five years later, you’re cured, even if you’re in terrible shape. They never care about your health. It’s not an issue for them. They care about test results and numbers, it’s what they go by.

    • The very same journal you refer to says that its 63%, and yes, 5 years is not a bad thing for someone grabbing on to the last straw. Anyway, some people don’t give up without a fight, especially if they are young. Read this: a rare exception

      • Ya, 5 yrs is not bad, esp. when your day-to-day life is full of energy and happiness but it really sucks when you live but in hell, emaciated, bedridden, depending on someone for a glass of water. You can find live examples of survival much much more than 5 yrs with a easy life in every corner of India, treated with natural alternative therapies.

        • Well, I know that many homeopaths and natural healers in India claim that they can cure cancer, AIDS, and all the diseases known to man. Western Homeopaths are more cautious and are more frank/honest to admit that perhaps cancer is not something that easy to task for homepaths and usually most of them will only advice natural treatments as adjunct to conventional therapies (palliative). I think thats more sensible and honest approach towards helpless patients. I heard a story of a very staunch natural healer who rushed his daughter to an oncologist when she was detected with cancer, although he himself advised others not to seek conventional treatment. When it happens to you, things are different…

          • No comments for AIDS, Cures on cancer are not stories(I heard a story of a very staunch natural healer who rushed his daughter to an oncologist when she was detected with cancer, although he himself advised others not to seek conventional treatment. ) but facts that saves life and of-course unnecessary wastage of money! You are always welcome to my place, if you really wanna verify the effects of natural medicines including homeopathy, A 1TB data store is very low if you wanna record them.

            And have you heard about yesterday’s happening in my clinic? An eye specialist(Honored as best in my city, which is the biggest medicalhub in east india) recommended homeopathy to her daughter-in-law for her just-started arthritis saying “Chance of cure is there but only with homeopathy”.
            Thats what they do when it comes to their own family!

            BTW the google search thing is for Mecchan and not for you 🙂

            About the survival rate, i am not sure why they were N are moving forward with Chemo N Radiation n gods knows what, if there is a 63% survival with their medical intervention. Is it just another example of robbery by allopathic community?

      • Relative Survival Rate : The relative survival rate shows whether or not that specific disease shortens a person’s life. And not necessarily related to any treatment.

        From the Study://
        The overall contribution of curative and adjuvant cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the USA.
        As the 5-year relative survival rate for cancer in Australia is now over 60%, it is clear that cytotoxic chemotherapy only makes a minor contribution to cancer survival. To justify the continued funding and availability of drugs used in cytotoxic chemotherapy, a rigorous evaluation of the cost-effectiveness and impact on quality of life is urgently required. Morgan, al.

        • “Relative Survival Rate : The relative survival rate shows whether or not that specific disease shortens a person’s life. And not necessarily related to any treatment”
          Rephrase to: disease & intervention. It would be in-humane to test survival of people without any medical intervention. The mere fact that they were recorded at a medical facility implies they recieved medical intervention.

  • Lovely article, Elaine, thanks! The Vitamin C tip is useful, esp. since I don’t know where you’d find a mainstream doctor ready to give a patient IV Vitamin C. 🙂

    It does seem to me that the first comment is by a troll – obviously has not read up on this topic and does not think for herself. But if she really believes what she’s saying, too bad for her!

  • Dear Dr
    The article is very long one. But where is SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR OF Dr Hahnemann
    dr shekhae

  • Dr. Gupta, thank you for commenting. In my opinion, we should not let people with cancer think that all they need is a homeopathic remedy. Cancer is a disease of toxicity. This is why smoking is so famous for causing lung cancer–because it’s full of poisons, including cadmium and carbon monoxide. When you’re so toxic that your body is forming tumors, you have to detoxify. You have to relearn how to eat and what products are too toxic to put on your skin as well, because whatever goes on your skin gets into your bloodstream.

    All of us homeopaths are going to get cancer patients sooner or later; and then, what are we going to tell them? What are we going to do, take a constitutional case? Do you think that’s appropriate? Maybe they need remedies for their pain and their local complaints; but, we also need to talk to them about detoxifying and eating and drinking those foods known to fight cancer and steering clear of those foods known to feed it.

    • Thank you for sharing great information Elaine! This is another great article to your credit!

      I am proud that Sufficient-C has been mentioned in your article. Being a real advocate for vitamin C does not mean in any way that I do not think that homeopathy isn’t powerful. We all know that a well chosen homeopathic remedy can be magical. However According to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, in the Organon of Medicine, “…if the physician, in each case, knows the obstacles to cure and how to remove them, so that recovery is permanent, then he knows how to treat thoroughly and efficaciously, and a is a true physician.” Sometimes a deficiency of vitamin C, as well as a deficiency in other vitamins, minerals, amino acids, poor PH levels, poor diet and exercise habits, building up of toxins etc..alone or in combination with each other can leave us unwell and contribute to this tricky disease.

      Vitamin C amply and consistently ingested HELPS to fortify the body in the fight against cancer but also to to keep our immune system strong so that other diseases have less of a fighting chance.

      P.S. I always like to remind our consumers that Sufficient C is not JUST about vitamin c. Our recipe consists of L-Lysine, Bromelain, and patented green tea extract…Each ingredient has studies that show their efficacy.

  • Elaine, what a great article! Cancer treatment is so difficult. You’ve done great research and I have learned about a few things that are available that I didn’t know about. We need all the tools we can find that help us, individually, or as homeopaths. Thank you for sharing.

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