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Tidbits-6: A Multiplicity Of Emergencies

From drug overdose to head injuries and more, a collection of emergency situations and their homeopathic remedies.

From accidents to hangovers, Homeopath Elaine Lewis shares what she knows.


Remedies for Drug Overdose and Poisoning

Nux vomica— #1 remedy for hang-overs!


The Nux vomica person is toxic, cross, ill-humored, impatient, irritable and sensitive to light and noise.  Almost any time drugs are involved in a case, you can think of Nux vomica especially if the symptoms match.

Ipecac— When nausea and vomiting are uppermost.

Gelsemium— Semi-conscious from drug over-dose.  Double-vision, dizziness, in and out of consciousness, slurred speech.

Arsenicum— Diarrhea, nausea from drugs; restless, anxiety, fear.

Opium— Morphine/heroin overdose.  Codeine overdose.  Pale, shallow breathing.  Lifeless, coma, flash-backs.

Cannabis indica  — LSD, psychedelic mushrooms, hallucinations.

Stramonium— Animal-like behavior from drug withdrawl.

Lachesis— Violence from alcohol, jealousy, paranoia.


Head Injuries


GIVE ARNICA FIRST.  If person is scared, give Aconite, then Arnica.

Natrum Sulphuricum (Nat-sulph)– This is our main remedy for ailments after head injuries.  It’s for anything, including seizures, dizziness, headaches, change in personality, asthma, suicidal depression, etc.

Cicuta— Convulsions, brain damage after head injury.

Hypericum— Spine, neck or head becomes hypersensitive.  Shooting pains in head.

Helleborus— Mental impairments, memory loss, spaciness, loss of train of thought, can’t concentrate.

Gelsemium— Dizziness, weakness, fragile feeling.


Altitude Sickness

Coca, Carbo veg., Silica, Opium.


Neck Injuries


Give Arnica first, as always; or Aconite if there’s fright.

Hypericum— Shooting pains, numbness, tingling in the neck and down the shoulders, spasms, contortions.  “If I move a certain way, I get a pain.”

Bryonia— Sharp stabbing pain in the neck, worse motion, better firm pressure.  Severe aching.

Rhus tox— Neck stiffens up, better continued motion, better heat, better massage, worse cold, worse damp.

Causticum— Combination of Rhus tox, Hypericum and Bryonia.  It has the stiffness of Rhus tox, the shooting pains of Hypericum and the worse-from- motion of Bryonia.  Damage to ligaments, tendons and muscles.  Deep, raw, burning pain, goes into the shoulder.  Muscle locks, atrophy, contractures, carpal tunnel syndrome.

Ruta— Neck gives out easily, vertebrae are weak.

Arnica — whiplash with sore, achy, bruised sensation.



Phosphorus — Bright red blood.  Nose bleed, uterine hemorrhage, bladder.  Wounds.  Desire for cold drinks.  Antidotes ill-effects of anesthesia.

Ferrum phos. — Non-specific hemorrhage.  When Phosphorus doesn’t work.  Think of Ferrum phos. 6X for anemia.

Ipecac — Bright red blood with nausea.  Heavy periods with nausea.

Millefolium — Hemorrhage from injuries.  Combines Arnica and Phosphorus.  Coughing up blood.

Lachesis — Dark, thin blood containing dark particles.  Hemophilia.  Nose bleed.  Bloody urine.  Small wounds bleed much.  Vicarious bleeding.

Sulphuric acid — Extensive bleeding beneath the surface.

Crotalus h. — Hemorrhages from every orifice of the body.  Dark blood.  Slow oozing of thin, dark blood, no clots.

Sabina — Uterine hemorrhage, bright red blood with dark clots.

Secale — Dark blood and dark clots.  Passive oozing.

Hamamelis — Passive venous hemorrhages.  Exhausting.  Bruised soreness of affected part.  Open painful wounds with weakness from blood loss.  Prickling, stinging pain in veins.

Calendula — Cuts, scrapes, stab wounds that won’t stop bleeding.  Clean out wound with Calendula water.  Do you know what Calendula water is?  First of all, you have to buy Calendula in potency (30C and 200C).  Drop a 30C pellet in a cup of water and pour it on the wound.

Millefolium and Arnica — Hemorrhage from trauma.  Clots from blows.

Never well since hemorrhaging:  China, Ferrum phos. (anemia), Carbo veg. (person is lifeless, cold, hungry for air).


Hypericum = Nerves

Ruta = Tendons and Ligaments

Arnica = Soft tissue, bruised and swollen

Rhus tox = Joints, muscles, tendons

Calc-fluor. = Ligaments

Ruta weakens

Rhus tox stiffens


Allergic Reactions

Apis — Anaphylaxis.  Throat swells shut.  Eyes swell shut.  Hives worse heat.  Allergy to bees, wasps, fire ant bites.  It would be a really good idea to carry Apis around with you in your pocket, along with Arnica, of course.

Urtica urens — Anaphylaxis.  Shell fish, strawberries.  Skin reactions, hives, etc.

Histaminum — When Apis doesn’t work.

Arsenicum alb.– Allergic asthma.

Allium cepa — Itchy, runny eyes from hay fever.

Rhus tox — When Urtica doesn’t work.  Poison ivy (Anacardium, Crot-t.)  For poison ivy, dry the rash with a hair dryer, then apply aloe gel.  Everyone should have an aloe plant at home!  The sap of the aloe plant is great for cuts and burns!


Vaccination Reactions


Your first reaction should be to say NO!  But if you can’t, for some reason….

Ledum — 3 times a day for 2 or 3 days after the shot and once right before.  P.S.  Any time you’re going to take more than one dose of a remedy, put two pellets in a small bottle of spring water, and always succuss the bottle 5 times before each dose/sip.  Otherwise, you risk antidoting the previous dose.  Trust me, I’ve done it!

Apis — Allergic to the vaccine.  Screaming in a high-pitched scream.

Belladonna — Fever after vaccination.

Cicuta — convulsions.  High-pitched scream.

Hepar sulph — Local site doesn’t heal, extremely painful, forms pus.

Pyrogen — Blood poisoning.


Helpful Hint

When you get a case consisting of multiple complaints, find out which one of them is causing the most suffering and start there; take the case of that.  And what do I mean by “take the case of that”?  I mean, find out the etiology (the cause) because if it’s one of our famous etiologies, that may be all you need to know!  Then ask, what’s the sensation, the location (sides of the body mean a lot to us), the modalities (things that make the complaint better or worse) and the concomitants (the “along with” symptoms), like: dizziness with nausea, or dizziness with double vision, or a discharge with itching and so on.  When you’ve knocked off that complaint, you can ask what the next worst thing is and take the case of that.

Puncture Wounds

Hypericum –Especially palms and soles of feet

Ledum — Especially stomach and softer tissues

Calendula — (In potency)  Punctures, tears.

Silica — Will expel splinters, etc.




IN A FRENZY FROM PAIN — Aconite, Arsenicum, Chamomilla

Aconite pains —  Sudden, numbness and tingling, palpitations, electric-like, anxiety and fear, fear of death, pains unbearable.

Arsenicum pains — Burning, restlessness, better heat, needy, desperate, clingy, dying pains, given up, despair, weakness.

Phosphorus pains — Burning, electric, nerve, numbness, tingling, better consolation, impressionable.

Aurum pains — Desperate, suicidal, worse at night, despairing, hopeless.

Chamomilla pains — Irritable, in a frenzy, anxious, despairing, hopeless, fainting from pain (Ignatia), unbearable, high-pitched screaming, desperate.

Coffea pains –Unbearable, hypersensitive, despair, sleeplessness.

Opium pains — So much pain, they go tranquil.

Arnica pains — Sore, achy, bruised sensation.

Colocynthis — Screaming and yelling with abdominal and menstrual cramps, bent over double, appendicitis, pancreatitis, indigestion, ovarian cysts.


Nausea and Vomiting

Argent-nit.– Chocolate and sugar poisoning; air-sickness from fear of flying.

Pulsatilla — Ailments from fatty, rich food.

Ipecac — Severe nausea, no relief from vomiting; vomiting of blood, thought or mention of food causes gagging.

Cadmium sulph.– Radiation sickness, chemotherapy.

Sol — Radiation sickness

Cocculus — Nausea, dizziness from “night-watching” (staying up with sick loved ones), car sickness.

Tabaccum — Sea sickness, worse movement, dizzy, cold sweats, sinking feeling, better fresh air, better cold water on face.

Glonoine — Sunstroke (Nat-mur, Nat-carb)


Sun Allergy

Nat-mur. and Sol — headaches and photophobia.


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Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases

Visit her website:  https://elainelewis.hpathy.com

Write to her at [email protected]

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Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • The neck injury cartoon is hilarious. ha ha..This is always the first article I read..If at all you remember, I am a fan of yours and requested you many times to please compile all your articles in a book .Otherwise I will have to work hard and get a printout of your articles…….

  • Dear dr,
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    – Vamsi Sudha

  • Elaine — Would you expand upon your “P.S.” regarding repeating dosages, specifically about how a repeated dose can antidote the previous dose? “P.S. Any time you’re going to take more than one dose of a remedy, put two pellets in a small bottle of spring water, and always succuss the bottle 5 times before each dose/sip. Otherwise, you risk antidoting the previous dose. Trust me, I’ve done it!” If repeated dry doses antidote the previous dose then every remedy to be repeated must be made into a wet remedy and potentized — under normal circumstances, e.g., at home, this method is practical, but what about during travel or emergencies when water may not be available? I’ve been at accident scenes when repeated dry doses seem necessary, and only one potency is available. Thank you!

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